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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dishonest companies in the long distance business

Greetings!  It's Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and today I'd like to bring your attention to a company that seems to be rubbing many customers the wrong way.  In fact, within the last three months, we have received over 500 emails from dissatisfied customers about this particular company.
The company in question is one called Telehop and this company is located in Toronto Canada.  According to our emailers, this company has been in business for at least the last three years.  Opinion has it that Telehop is advertising very cheap rates to call around the world but truth be told their services are lousy both to their customers and the type of communications that they provide.
We have sent our investigators to look into this and unfortunately for Telehop we have to agree with their customers.  It appears that Telehop runs several commercials on popular radio stations across Toronto and as well they advertise in the newspapers.  They are telling their listeners and readers that they can provide them with dirt cheap rates to call the rest of the world.  Their familiar slogan is "Call the world for less than a dollar" but they are not being very honest in their advertising.  As a matter of fact, many customers are calling their advertising dishonest and fraudulent because what Telehop does not do is to tell their customers that if they do not have a contract with them it would cost them one dollar for the first minute of their call.  In short:
Telehop is placing numerous printed and radio commercials in newspapers and on radio stations advertising their very low rates to customers.  They are saying that you can use their service without having to sign a contract and you can call the world for less than a dollar.  So, if the customer chooses, they can dial 1010620 before their long distance number and bingo!  They can call places like the rest of Canada for less than 3 cents, the U.S for around the same rate, and Europe and Asia anywhere from 5 cents to 29 cents.  This rate is a per minute rate.  However, what they're not telling the customer is that if they do this without first signing up with Telehop, the first minute will cost them one dollar and even if they speak for less than a minute, this dollar charge would be applied.
This is bad enough, but the communication that Telehop is providing with or without a contract is simply appalling.  Hundreds of emailers are telling us that the communication being provided by Telehop is so poor that when they make their calls, they can barely hear the voices of those that they are calling because of the terrible static on the phone lines.
This is bad enough but many emailers are also telling us that the customer service being provided by Telehop is extremely poor.  For example:  Telehop does not return any calls when customers phone in to complain nor do they respond to emailers with complaints.  Their customer service reps can barely converse in English let alone be able to communicate enough to provide support.  Telehop says that they provide service in English but this is not entirely true.  Our investigators  have confirmed all of this first hand.
I think that it's time for someone or some group to take this second rate company to task.  If Telehop is providing sub par service and getting away with false advertising, then it's time for Canadians to do something about this.  The communications industry as a whole really cannot afford to have one bad apple spoil the bunch.  We will continue to monitor this situation very closely for as long as we continue to receive emails.  We are fully committed to helping our readers know more about companies like Telehop because if we do then companies like Telehop will not get away with this kind of behavior for too long.
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At the business desk of, I'm Alix Shadonnay wishing you a very pleasant evening.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Workers now in the driver's seat?

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and this evening I'd like to focus in on an interesting pattern that seems to be developing across North America and that is:  We are seeing a growing trend of workers starting to be in the driver's seat.
Not too long ago we saw where workers had to dance to the tune of their employers because of economic conditions.  The marketplace was crowded with hungry workers hanging on to their jobs for dear life and employers having the luxury of picking and choosing which employees they wanted to keep and which they wanted to down size.  We had to deal with workers working overtime to keep their jobs, stressing out themselves in order to satisfy their employers, dragging themselves to classes in order to keep up with the necessary skills being demanded by their employers, and even taking pay cuts in order to help their employers stay in business.
Now, however, and thanks to red hot economies in America and Canada, employees now find themselves in the driver's seat.  What does this mean?  Let's try and put this in perspective.
First, a red hot economy means more jobs are now available and workers have the luxury of being able to pick and choose which jobs they want more freely.
Second, because of the growing number of baby boomers retiring, more and more jobs are becoming open and workers can now have greater choices.
Third, because of all of this more and more workers are choosing to job hop quite a bit more in order to gain experience and augment their bag of skills.
Fourth, employers are now finding that they have to come up with more creative ways to keep their employees.
I think that all of this can only be good for workers in the marketplace.  For so many years workers have been the under dogs when it comes to the balance of scale between employers and employees.  For at least the last 10 years employees have had to put up with having to face unexpected down sizings, loss of jobs due to economic conditions, and bad management on the part of so many companies.  Now the tide is turning and it would be interesting to see how workers manage their careers, and how companies manage their employees. 
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Very fast growing market in India

Good evening!  I'm Kerry J Harrison at the business desk and I'd like to draw your attention to a very fast growing market in India.  This market is real, filled with consumers with real demands and needs, and above all, the Indian government is scrambling for suppliers because demand is simply outstripping supply.  The Indian government has the money to pay for suppliers and so serious is the situation that this particular government is willing to pay way above the regular going rate for what it is looking for.
In short, the number of diabetics in India is simply skyrocketing and the demand from these consumers cannot be met from within India itself.  India has hundreds of millions of diabetic consumers who are desperately seeking products and services to help them cope with their disease.  India has by far the highest growth when it comes to the number of persons each year who are being stricken with diabetes and China is not very far behind.  It is expected that this growth is going to continue for at least the next 10 years and the Indian government is willing and ready to pay anyone for products and services.
What kinds of products and services you may be asking?  Products such as machines to test one's level of sugar, insulin, the necessary
test strips and needles that diabetics so desperately need, medical supplies, special diabetic foods, plus so much more. 
What kinds of services?  Medical services, culinary services, health care services, plus more. 
The Indian government is seeking medical professionals, culinary specialists, health care specialists, plus others who can help to treat this rapidly growing market of diabetics.  In addition, this government is looking for skilled professionals to help treat related afflictions to the effects of diabetes.
This is a market that could present anyone who is interested with potentially financial and personal satisfaction beyond expectation.  The rewards could be many for anyone who is looking for ways to either invest in business that sell and provide products and services for diabetics  or for anyone who is looking for new horizons as a small business owner or entrepreneur.  I have co-authored a book that shows you how to create and develop the right strategies in order to take advantage of a market of this type.  The book is Untapped Wealth Discovered and you can check out our best seller on either, or on this website. 
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Friday, May 04, 2007

Health news

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and I'd like to end the week with wome bits of health news.  I thought that I would publish these titbits so that you have something to think about for the weekend.
Hope you enjoy them and find them of value.
News for diabetics:
Tip on Foot care and diabetese:
This is why diabetics should never try treating their own feet. They should avoid all over=96the=96counter products which claim to remove corns and calluses.
The worldwide diabetes epidemic is continuing to grow - the
WebWire (press release) - Atlanta,GA,U= SA
Bayer HealthCare=92s aim is to discover and manufacture products that will improve human and animal health worldwide.
According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 5 million diabetics in this country are unaware that they have the disease.
Chocolate and confectionery products aimed at diabetics have been on the market since the 1960s - however they have recently come in for criticism.
The good news is that many of the risk factors are related to lifestyle and potentially modifiable. These include diet, obesity and level of physical activity. Eating too much animal fat and dairy products, for example, no good.
Re aging:
Inside skin cells, the mechanisms that clear out waste products slowly break down and the muck coalesces into a clot of gooey yellow-brown pigment known as lipofuscin. These are the age spots we see in skin.
Meat: Grill, Fry, or Broil it? 
reports say that AGEs can lead to a myriad of serious health problems, like diabetes and vascular disease.
Advanced Glycation End Products is also known as AGEs. 
Does Steaming Food Add Years to Your Life?
The toxins, Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs), are produced when animal products are grilled, fried or broiled. The AGEs have been linked to multiple diseases, including inflammatory illnesses, diabetes and more.
Diabetes Problem Continues to Capture the Focus of Healthcare ...
(Nashua, NH) -
As public health officials and practitioners continue to focus on the disturbing increase in the number of reported cases of diabetes, activity in the diabetes care products sector is keeping pace, with a number of interesting developments.
Taiwan is working on a new health center in the Marshall Islands to study and combat diabetes. Taiwan and India have a memorandum of understanding to exchange technologies; including nanotech, biotech, and satellite technology.
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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Be ware of companies that advertise falsely

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and this morning, due to the heavy volume of emails from our readers and customers, we're going to direct aim at a long distance company. 
I'm very sure that this company is not the only culprit but due to the heavy volume of complaining emails we thought that we would put out the word.  This company is Telehop, and from what our research department has been able to garner, this company is a Canadian company based in Toronto Canada.  It spends lots of money advertising very cheap rates for Canadians to call the rest of the world but according to our many customers and readers, the service is lousy and the complaints are with regard to not just service when callers make their calls but also from the customer service and support department in Toronto. 
We've been receiving many complaints from both sides of the border!  From Canadian customers who are unable to hear their parties when they call them, and from those who are unable to hear their callers when they make calls using Telehop.
We sent out some of our staff to test the waters with Telehop services and I regret to report that for the most part our readers and customers are correct.  What we discovered is as follows:
Telehop places many ads on several radio stations across Ontario advertising extremely cheap rates for customers to call from Canada to such places as the United States, to other provinces across Canada, to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and practically everywhere.  Their rates can range anywhere from a penny to literally cents per minute and the rate does not seem to exceed 19 cents per minute. 
Their slogan is "Call the world for less than a dollar" but what they don't tell you is that the first minute would cost you a dollar and thereafter their advertised rate kicks in.  So that if you call and leave a message and your call is less than a minute you pay a dollar and not the advertised rate. 
Next, the reception being provided by Telehop is absolutely atrocious.  We carried out over 50 calls at different times of the day and almost every call was difficult to complete because of very poor reception.  Our staff was barely able to hear what their party was saying and in return they were barely able to hear their party.  When several members of our staff phoned the Telehop offices to complain, they were met with support staff who could barely speak English let alone understand the complaints being made.  In addition, when they asked to speak to a supervisor, they were put in contact with some one who never picked up his phone and even after leaving several messages, this individual never responded.
So what we have here is a company who advertises very cheap rates to the rest of the world, a company that provides very poor and atrocious communications between callers and called ones, a company that offers extremely poor customer service, a company that does not return calls when complaints are made, and a company that can easily be accused of false advertising.
Companies like Telehop spoil things for other good long distance telephone companies and have absolutely no right to be playing with the big boys.  Instead, they should be relegated to the playtime arenas where they can spend time straightening out their ads and services.  In fact, they should not even be in business.  If you can't advertise honestly and provide what you promote then you should not be allowed to be in business.  I don't think that it's fair for Telehop to be taking advantage of those consumers who depend on cheap rates to keep in touch with their loved ones across the seas.
Wake up Telehop and do the right thing and if you don't then we'll continue to tell everyone about you through our blogs. 
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Opportunities for translators

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and due to popular demand, I'd like to provide you with some news and opportunities for translators.  I hope that you find my collection of items of interest and value.
European Commission seeks Maltese translators for Luxembourg
Malta Independent Online - Malta
Once again, interesting job opportunities are available for people interested in working for the European Commission in Luxembourg.
Opportunities for translators
Immediate Career Opportunities - Freelance Translators / Interpreters
Immediate Career Opportunities. Freelance Translators / Interpreters.
The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is seeking Freelance Translators plus more. 
CG Translation and Interpreting.
A specialized translation company serving businesses and institutions: business, technical, industrial translations.
Northern California Translators Association:
Volunteer Opportunities
General Volunteer Opportunities Local Volunteer Opportunities for Translators and Interpreters
National and International Opportunities for Translators and ...
Other job opportunities for translators - English Spanish ...
Hi, As professional translators which other options have you experienced apart from freelance translation, interpreting, voiceover, telemarketer?
Translator Opportunities, Freelance Translators, Translation Jobs
Opportunities for translators, and interpreters including translation and interpretation jobs and freelance projects.
Employment opportunities for translators, foreign language ...
WTB Language Group is looking for good translators and typesetters on an ongoing basis.
Careers @ Foreign Translations: freelance opportunities...
Localization and translation company is hiring linguists, translators, project managers, freelancers for translations and web and software localization.
Career Opportunities for Freelance Translators and Editors
Career Opportunities for Translators -
Translation JobsSearch Translation Jobs and Apply Online.
Career Opportunities for Talented Translators
Find a Job that will Make you Happy.
Affordable Translations 
Employment Opportunities
Affordable Translations always welcomes resumes of qualified translators.
Translators, Use Online Business Networking or How to Make Friends ...
By translatorpower
However, it is not really a matter of numbers but rather the quality of networks and underlying relationships are what creates all sorts of opportunities, including of course business opportunities for you.
Translator Power -
Translator Planet:
News,online language translator, online ...
Recently Released translation service along with job opportunities for translators satisfaction guaranteed articles and discussions. job opportunities for...
From the business desk of, I'm Jayna Sheffield wishing you a pleasant day.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Parents and kids see things differently

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and today I'd like to focus on a recent survey that came out last week.
This survey analyzed the answers of both parents and kids who were asked the very same questions and it was amazing to see how each group viewed things.  For example:
66% of parents surveyed claimed that they engaged in physical activities at least once weekly but only about 27% of their kids agreed with this statement.
44% of parents surveyed said that they did not smoke but only 27% of the kids agreed.
65% of parents surveyed said that their kids were eating healthily but only about 25% agreed. 
Many are saying that this survey should be used as a gaging point to carry out meaningful market analysis when it comes to understanding the opinions of both parents and kids.  This survey can be used in several ways to decipher and develop products and services that both parents and kids are demanding.  Let us not forget that in the majority of instances, it is the parents who are the final purchasers of products and services for their kids and it is not the majority of kids who influence the buying habits of their parents when it comes to what products and services that parents are seeking for themselves. 
Of course, there are several instances of certain products and services where kids do indeed influence the purchasing patterns of their parents.  Examples of this would include:  Breakfast foods, clothing for kids, video games, certain types of beverages, and even vacation packages. 
What we're saying here is that no one should take for granted that parents and kids are close in their view of the world. No, not at all and this survey is proof.  So, use this survey when next you're developing a marketing plan to target both parents and kids.
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