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Saturday, September 30, 2006

New flight regulations could be turned into lucrative opportunities

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and on this very cool fall Saturday afternoon I'd like to plant a seed in your mind and you can do the rest if you're interested in taking advantage of a really lucrative opportunity.  I strongly believe that this opportunity is real and will probably be around for a very long time, for as long as there are restrictions on carry-onn luggage and several experts are already expressing their approval of such an opportunity. 
A few days ago the American and Canadian governments relaxed their restrictions on carry-on luggage and here's what they are:  You can now take bottled water on board only if you bought it after you've cleared security at the airport.  You can now take items such as toothpaste, liquid makeup, after shave items, shampoo, or related items only if they are no larger than 90 millilitres and they all fit in a clear plastic resealable bag that is no larger than 1 litre.  These relaxed restrictions have been issued by America and Canada but look for Britain and other European countries to follow soon. 
The restrictions have definitely been relaxed but what many people don't know is that 90 millilitres is no bigger than the stuff that you get when you go to a hotel.  Woefully small but you can now take these items on board.  
Yes, I can just hear you groaning and grumbling at me saying to yourself wo what does she mean when she says that there are very lucrative opportunities?  Please allow me to paint a very bright and very liquid picture for you.  Because of these restrictions, we are going to see a sudden increase in demand for hundreds of millions of cosmetics that are no larger than 90 millilitres and in addition this demand is going to come from hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide let alone from our very own country.  In addition, we are going to see a drastic increase in demand for resealable plastic bags no bigger than 1 litre.  Hey!  Don't expect your pharmacies to be able to fill this very sudden and tsunami like demand.  No!  They won't be able to deal with it and here's where you can help yourself if you're looking for new business opportunities.  Do your homework in a hurry and find out how you can become involved in the marketing of these types of items.  Do your research and find out how you can go about marketing and selling clear plastic resealable bags.  Do your homework and research and figure out if or how you can go about manufacturing a very unique type of clear resealable plastic bag that is no bigger than 1 litre.  Trust me!  There is opportunity here for a very lucrative type of business opportunity and if you want to use your imagination you can certainly think of other reasons for these types of items to be used.  I'm going to leave you with this gem of an idea and I hope that some of you take me seriously.
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I wish you a very relaxing weekend. 

Friday, September 29, 2006

Small business toy makers making six figure annual incomes

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and this evening, with the kind permission of one of our clients, I'd like to introduce you to a very successful small business toymaker.
I'd like you to meet Tim and Erin Kershoff one of our very successful clients.  We've known Tim and Erin for over 15 years now and as a matter of fact they were one of our first clients when we opened our doors in California so many years ago.  For the past 15 years we've been helping them to manage and run their small toymaking business and we've watched them grow from a home based business to a large warehouse full of toys.  They also have their offices there as well and this very devoted couple has been making well over six figure annual incomes for the past six years.  They have four kids of their own and they have been using the opinions and creative ideas of their kids to help them manufacture toys for other kids.  
Tim and Erin started off their toy making business in their basement and for the first few years they had to work very hard to make their wooden toys, teddy bears, and hand made dolls.  During this time they also had to cope with raising their kids but this couple were bound and determined to make things work.  
They started off by selling their toys to hospitals for sick children and built their business from there.  Then they started marketing their lines of toys to non-profit organizations and after that they started to market to Eastern European and South American countries.  As their kids grew older they started to involve them in a small way in the business by constantly asking them for their opinions and ideas and soon enough their two oldest Galen and Jana found themselves working alongside their parents.  
Today, Galen 21 and Jana 19 are actively engaged in this little toy making business and like their parents they work long hours at their warehouse.  The two younger kids Josh 14 and Kathie 12 work on weekends and are only too happy to be of help.  When Tim and Erin first started off in their basement they had one other person working with them but today they are a team of 20.  They market through their website on the Internet, through flyers, and by word of mouth.  They market to hospitals, non-profit agencies, and to Eastern Europe and South America.  They sell wooden toys, dolls, teddy bears, doll houses, and even handmade decorations for kids parties.  
For the past six years Tim and Erin have been making well over six figure annual incomes and they attribute this to being able to take advantage of a niche market.  The niche market is toys for kids.  The consumer base is made up primarily of kids, their parents, and those adults who are interested in giving toys to kids along with those purchasers of toys such as hospitals and non-profit organizations.  As Tim and Erin explain:  "We are selling to real consumers who have a real demand.  Our consumers are always going to be around for as long as we can imagine.  Kids are always going to want toys and we will always be consulting our kids along with the kids of our friends plus all kinds of other kids to help us stay in business.  For who better to be our sounding boards and our consultants than those who we will be selling to and those who are the peers of our consumer base?"
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Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The importance of universal design

Universal design: It does get easier
Kansas City Star, Missouri, September 24, 2006
Better designs serve aging consumers and those with disabilities.
When shopping for an appliance, the typical considerations are energy
efficiency, affordability, attractiveness and size. But today's consumers
and manufacturers are placing equal importance on another consideration:
Ease of use.
They are looking beyond today, too, and considering how easy the appliance
will be to operate when the consumer ages or becomes disabled. Some
appliances, after all, have a life span of 20 years of more.
Jan Jasper of Liberty recently bought a stove with front-mounted control
knobs, which eliminate the need to reach over hot burners. Her old stove had
controls in back.
"It's so much easier to use," said Jasper, who has multiple sclerosis and
uses a cane and wheelchair. "I don't have to worry about burning myself."
Jasper thinks her new stove also would be useful for her mother-in-law, who
is short.
Universal design, meets the needs of people with diverse physical abilities,
meets the Americans With Disabilities Act standards. The percentage of
Americans older than 50 is growing, and as the population ages, universal
design becomes more important.
"People probably won't notice they have a product with universal design
features, but they'll use it in a way that's more effortless," said Marc
Hottenroth, industrial design leader for GE, a company that has made more
appliances with easy-to-use features in recent years. He says many older
appliances were poorly designed.
Migette Kaup, associate professor of interior design at Kansas State
University in Manhattan, cited several appliance features that are difficult
for people to use. A person using a wheelchair or cane, for instance, has to
struggle to pull racks in and out of an oven that opens from the top.
Kaup, who teaches universal design in her classes, says some new appliances
are easier to use because of universal design features. "That's refreshing
because upper-body strength is the first thing to go for men and women as
they age," she said.
Dishwasher drawers, Kaup says, eliminate the need to stoop. The drawers,
made by companies such as Fisher & Paykel and Miele, are coming down in
price. New refrigerator drawers have the same advantage, but they're still
too expensive for the mainstream consumer, she says.
More microwaves have bigger numbers and scrolling guides to help people
through the process. People who are visually impaired can get Braille kits
from the manufacturers. Another solution, Kaup says, is placing
raised-number stickers from an office supply store over the controls.
Dish drawers or a raised dishwasher are good for no-stoop, no-bend loading.
A countertop microwave (instead of a wall-mounted microwave) is best because
it has a landing space for hot dishes and allows access for someone who uses
a wheelchair.
Look for easy-to-read controls.
A side-by-side, frost-free refrigerator/freezer allows full access for
Having a freezer drawer on the bottom is the second best option. It provides
access better than having a freezer on top.
Look for a stove with front-mounted controls, which eliminate the need to
reach over burners.
Consider a smooth electric cooktop that allows easy movement of pots and
pans and easy cleanup.
Wall ovens should open from the side and be installed with the middle shelf
at counter height.
 Look for front-mounted controls that can eliminate reaching.
There's no need to stoop with raised platforms for front-loading machines.
Look for drums that are tilted up to prevent excessive reaching.
Source: Kansas State University's universal design checklist
Equitable use - The appliance should be accessible and appealing to all in
the home.
Flexibility in use - The appliance should allow for both right-hand and
left-hand use, and accommodate people with functional limitations.
Simple and intuitive - The appliance should be easy to understand and use.
Perceptible information - The appliance can accommodate people with impaired
vision. It may have visual or audible cues for easy operation.
Tolerance for error - The appliance has safety features, such as child
Low physical effort - The appliance controls can be activated with minimal
Size and space for approach and use - The appliance is easily accessible to
someone who uses a wheelchair. A tall person wouldn't have to bend or stoop
extremely to use it.
Sources: North Carolina State University Center for Universal Design; GE
Reach Stacy Downs at (816) 234-4780 or

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cyber space hackers targeting home computers

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and I'd like to chat a bit about those pain in the but cyber space hackers who are now turning their attention to home computers.
Up till a few months ago these good for nothing people used to set their sites on hacking into corporate and government computers and servers but this is changing and now they are starting to target home computer users.  This has mainly come about because of the increased security measures that corporations and governments are taking.  Fire walls have become more impenetrable, servers are now better equipped with potent virus software, spy ware, and other types of sophisticated software, and many corporations and governments have also employed software to scan and discard suspect emails.  All of this has cost millions of dollars for corporations and governments to install but it has been making a difference to the point that whenever a worm is spotted crawling on the Internet, the big boys meaning corporations and governments are much more ready now to deal with it and they don't seem to be in too much of a panic anymore. 
Microsoft has really been working hard to help deter these cyber hackers but as I mentioned before the costs for keeping servers and computers safe and secure has been a very expensive affair.  Now, however, the cyber horrors are turning to home computers and they are attacking with a vengeance.  Sad but true, over 75% of home computer users are not really able to defend themselves against such invaders and this is simply due to the fact that they either don't know enough to help themselves and/or they can't afford to spend the necessary money in order to secure their computers.  Despite the availability of lots of free virus protection software on the Internet, there are still too many people who don't really know about the availability of these free give always, and even if they are remotely aware, they don't have the necessary knowledge as to how to download and install it.  
So, what we're dealing with here is as follows:  More and more cyber space hackers attacking innocent and defenceless home computer users.  Many home computer users who either can't afford to buy adequate software to protect themselves and their computers, or they don't possess the necessary knowledge as to how to protect themselves.  In addition, too many computer users are just very blissfully unaware of those cyber space hackers lurking out there.  
I have some advice for home computer users and it's very simple.  Be careful which websites you visit, and be very cautious when opening emails that you don't recognize who the sender is.  If you visit a website where you are asked to download free software that will help your computer to become faster and work more efficiently, ignore the offer and leave the website immediately.  If you visit a website where you're asked to take advantage of free spy ware don't take up the offer.  Leave the website  immediately.  If you receive pop-ups offering you any type of free or bargain offers then just ignore them.  If you receive emails from unknown senders delete them, don't open them.  If you receive emails with attachments from someone you don't know, delete these emails without opening them.  If you receive an email with an attachment from someone you know check with the sender to ensure that they did indeed send you an attachment. 
Finally, get yourself some powerful virus protection software and spy ware and make sure that they are adequately installed.  Go the extra mile and spend some additional money to ensure that you are properly protected.  The number of reported security breaches against home computer users has risen by over 50% in the last 18 months.
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Have yourself a wonderful evening.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Toys R Us initiative

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and this evening I'd like to share an article with you that was sent to us by our bureau in Florida.  I especially like this article because it pertains to a large company who is doing something for those parents of kids who really need help when it comes to finding toys and games that their kids can use.  I hope that this article can help those parents who are looking for specific types of toys for their special needs kids, and those special needs kids who are constantly hunting for appropriate types of toys and games that they can have fun with.  Congratulations Toys R Us!  
Toys R us publishes "Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids"
The Ledger, Florida, September 24, 2006
NEWARK, N.J.- Like most 5-year-olds, Nicholas loves to play. But not every
toy is fun for Nicholas, who is autistic.
"It's hard to find something just for him. It's pretty aggravating shopping
for toys for him, at times," said his mother, Jennifer Navarro. "Some toys
that are meant for his age group are too complicated, but some are too
Two years ago, Navarro got some help in finding good choices for Nicholas by
consulting a guide compiled by experts at the nonprofit National Lekotek
Center and distributed by the New Jersey-based retailer, Toys R Us Inc.
"I thought it was wonderful. I've never seen anything like that before,"
said Navarro, 32.
The latest version of the free guide will be available Monday at Toys R Us
stores and online.
The family, which lives in Naplate, Ill., did not have good luck with items
from catalogs aimed at special needs children.
"He's advanced over a lot of those and they don't hold his interest,"
Navarro said. And Nicholas also wanted to play with toys like those used by
his brother, Peyton, 3.
Navarro said the right toys help with the development of Nicholas, an active
boy who loves to play outside as well as with laptop computer learning toys
such as LeapPad.
"If I gave him a set of blocks, instead of making a building or making a
castle, he will line them up from one end of the room to the other," Navarro
said, adding that this is typical of many autistic children. Nicholas will
also line up other toys, such as miniature cars.
"He doesn't play with them (toys) like other kids," Navarro said, so she has
found toys that help him learn to read and speak, including those that play
rhyming Dr. Seuss stories.
The 85 toys in the guide are sold nationally, with just six available only
at Toys R Us stores, said company spokesman Kelly Cullen.
The company is printing 600,000 copies of the "Toy Guide for
Differently-Abled Kids," about 100,000 more than last year, and absorbing
all costs, which will not be disclosed, Cullen said. Wayne-based Toys R Us
started the guide in 1994.
The guide arrives as the struggling toy industry prepares for the holiday
shopping season, when most sales are recorded. Children are increasingly
turning to video games and other gadgets. Sales of traditional toys fell 4
percent to $21.3 billion in 2005, from $22.1 billion in 2004, according to
NPD Group, Inc., a market research firm in Port Washington, N.Y.
Each toy in the 52-page guide includes a detailed description of how it can
be used, along with icons indicating whether the toy can stimulate
development in such areas as creativity, self esteem, vision or hearing.
The guide can be useful to people buying toys for many of the more than 6
million children in the United States who have disabilities, said Diana
Nielander, executive director of the Chicago-based National Lekotek Center.
The group, which operates 38 therapeutic play centers in eight states,
evaluated some 200 toys over the past nine months to select those included
in the guide, Nielander said.
Certified play specialists observe families and children with the toys, and
determine which would work, for example, for a child who is blind, or for a
child who can't close their hand, she said.
"A lot of times, people look at play as being very simplistic. And it is
simplistic, unless it's your child that has trouble with play," Nielander
Lekotek chose a variety of toys, including some new toys "because those are
the ones that their friends and neighbors are playing with ... and everyone
wants to fit in," Nielander said. "We try to get all the fun ones that are
going to be on TV and will be hot for the holidays."
The criteria include toys that are easy to handle or manipulate, and don't
have a "right way" of being used.
"These are things that are good for all children, but especially good for
children with challenges," Nielander said.
"We want to see toys that are great for the most amount of children. And
sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest difference," she said,
such as knobs that allow puzzle pieces to be lifted easily from their board.
Nielander noted that the guide features photographs of disabled children
playing with the toys, adding, "One mother told me that her daughter sleeps
with this guide because it's the first time she saw children who look like
On the Net:
National Lekotek Center:
Toys R Us:

Monday, September 25, 2006

A changing landscape on the Internet

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk and today I'd like to briefly discuss a changing landscape on the Internet.  It was not too long ago when we used to think of Google and Yahoo as the two top search engines on the Internet and as a matter of fact many of us used to use terms like "Let's google this and see what comes up." Or "Look in yahoo and see what you can come up with."  In like manner, many of us were used to using Amazon and eBay to do our online shopping and these two Internet companies were very good at providing us with what we were seeking.  They still are, but things have started to change and within the last year Amazon's revenue has declined by about 30% and eBay's has declined by about 38%. 
The experts are quick to point out that the decline in revenues for these two companies really has nothing to do with how they're doing business, they're not really doing anything wrong.  What's happening is that other companies are building more elaborate websites with more things to sell and they are taking advantage of key search words to better position themselves in the eyes of the search engines and thus improve their ranking.  It's going to be very challenging for Amazon and eBay to keep pace but I'm sure that these two giants will give it a good old college try and you can bet your bottom dollar that they're not going to give up without a ding dong fight.  In like manner, both Google and Yahoo are going to do the same and they better than anyone else are very mindful of other competitors breathing down their necks.  Competitors such as Microsoft are really making bids to take over the pent house of the search engine world and it would be interesting to see how Google and Yahoo handle their competition. 
There is much for us to learn here and the one important lesson that we should be all aware of is that we should never take our consumers for granted and that we should never stop trying to come up with new and creative ideas to satisfy the marketplace.  Some experts have quietly been saying that maybe Amazon and eBay were a bit too smug when it came to not paying enough attention to their competitors.  These two companies really broke onto the stage in a big way and they did it with a big bang and their ideas were fresh, creative, imaginative, and innovative.  No one can say that they did not try and are not continuing to try and come with new ideas on a daily basis but maybe, just maybe, they were a bit too comfortable when it came to paying attention to other competitors.  Be that as it may, the landscape on the Internet is changing and we shall all be watching with bated breath to see what happens next.  Don't count Amazon and eBay out as yet.  No, not by a long shot.  These two companies may just be able to weather the storm and resurface at the top of the heap.  However, they're going to have to pay more attention to others.
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I wish you a very pleasant evening.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Workers over the age of 50 being sought

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and I'd like to end the week on a high note for all you workers 50 amd over.
In a recent survey reported by ABC news, it was reported that more and more companies across the United States are turning to workers over the age of 50 to help them stay in business.  According to this survey, more than 80% of those companies surveyed said that on the whole, workers over the age of 50 are more committed, more dependable, and their stress levels are much less because they don't have to deal with the challenges of a younger family.  There used to be a time when most companies were busy chasing after younger workers because they felt that these workers would be able to stay the course much longer, would have more smarts, and would be more savvy.  However, the tide seems to be changing.
There could be arguments for both sides and I'll try to outline each briefly. 
Let's first look at those workers over the age of 50:  Many experts agree that in general they are indeed more committed, more dependable, and are faced with less stresses.  These workers may be more committed because they are less apt to want to change careers because they feel that it would be better to retire in their present job thus safeguarding their pensions.  They may be more dependable because they don't have as many distractions.  They also have much more experience than their younger counterparts but they are probably not as technically savvy.  They are also probably more willing to stay longer in the labor force as this survey also revealed that the majority of workers over the age of 50 expressed the wish to keep on working way past the mandatory retirement age of 65. 
Younger workers are probably more technically savvy, they are paid less than their older counterparts, but they are more apt to change jobs more frequently in search of greater job satisfaction and higher salaries.  Younger workers do have more distractions to contend with such as the challenges of young families and older parents, plus more.  
This is indeed an interesting survey as the experts are also saying that by the year 2008 a huge batch of baby boomers are expected to start retiring and it would be interesting to see how companies in America deal with this.  Will they choose to try and keep their older workers who are more dependable, more committed, but more expensive to pay?  Or will they try to entice their younger workers who are less experienced, more technically savvy, and less expensive to pay?
Stay tuned.
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Have a nice weekend.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Wal Mart initiative

    Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and this evening I'd like to tell you about an initiative that is being embarked upon by the Wal Mart chain.  In recent times Wal Mart has come under heavy criticism for the way they treat their employees especially so when it comes to benefits packages.  However, they are hoping that this new initiative will help to improve their image in both the eyes of the public and their employees.
This initiative is scheduled to start in Florida and here's the deal.  Wal Mart is going to offer over 300 generic types of prescription drugs at a cost of four dollars to their employees as well as to their customers in Florida.  This comes at a time when the cost for most of these types of drugs range from $10 to $30 and at the same time health care in the United States is rising at an alarming rate.  Wal Mart is hoping that this would attract more customers to their stores as well as put them in a better light with their employees. 
In recent times Wal Mart has been under the gun for the way they treat their women employees, the types of benefits packages they offer to their employees, and their overall high handedness in other matters but the experts are saying that this new initiative could have some very interesting and positive effects for the Wal Mart corporation.  It was revealed last year that thousands of female Wal Mart employees were suing the corporation for millions of dollars with regard to such things as sexual discrimination, pay inequity, plus more and at that time Wal Mart seemed to be struggling to maintain its corporate image.  Then it was revealed that Wal Mart was not a very good employer when it came to the types of benefits packages that it offered to its employees.  However, this new effort on the part of one of America's largest corporations may indeed pay big dividends if the initiative can be sustained.  If this initiative is successfully run, it stands to help improve employer/employee relations and it could not come at a better time because of the rising costs for drugs across the United States.  It will certainly also help to attract new customers to Wal Mart because they too will be looking for cheaper ways to purchase prescription drugs and it only serves to follow that if you attract customers in this way they will certainly be looking to make other types of purchases.
Good thinking on the part of Wal Mart and we will all be watching closely to see how this initiative develops.
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Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Scammers! They come in all sizes, shapes, and forms

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk and this evening I'd like to zoom in on the increasing number of scammers playing havoc with our lives.  On the phone, on the Internet, on our doorstep, and almost everywhere.
A few weeks ago I read an article off the news wires where they talked about two senior ladies who managed to scam millions of dollars from some insurance companies out in California.  These two innocent looking ladies managed to carry out their scam for over seven years and they did it in the simplest of ways.  I like many others was quite surprised to read this and I guess that my surprise came about because I did not expect two older ladies to do this.  However, I should not be surprised and you too should not be because of the rapidly increasing number of scammers all over the place.  These days they are cropping up in all sizes:  From the youngest to the oldest.  Male and female.  Acting on their own or working with others.  Posing as charitable organizations or showing up at our doors campaigning for charitable causes.  Selling bogus tickets for non existent raffles or prizes.  Offering vacation trips that do not exist.  Promoting contests, hard to turn down offers, and dream of a lifetime moneymaking schemes, and on and on.  
A recent survey revealed that the number of known scams rose by over 40% in America last year and it is estimated that somewhere in the world a scam is hatched every five seconds.  Very scary and very concerning for us all.  We need to become more watchful and much more cautious.  We need to do our research much more before entering into any type of relationship with any type of marketer or marketing agency.  If someone phones you offering you the opportunity to buy enticing shares from a very profitable company, just hang up.  Don't even entertain the idea of wanting to know more.  If you are uncomfortable hanging up then ask for their phone number and call them back.  When you call them back do your best to ascertain as much info as you can about the offer and tell the person at the other end of the line that you need time to think about it.  Next you should tell someone about it and ask their opinion.  Tell the person you trust most and a person who can help you to make a safe and sound decision.  You will find that nine out of 10 times no legitimate company would ever make you an offer over the phone.
If you receive a similar type of offer on the Internet via email, just delete it and forget about it.  If you receive an email asking you to verify your banking details then simply ignore it.  Under no circumstances should you even attempt to login and verify any of your banking details, your password, or your email address or username. 
I can go on and on but I hope that this is enough to get you starting to be more watchful and on the lookout.  If you'd like to read the article that I mentioned above then visit and check out the September issue of their free online magazine.
Have a good evening.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Successful aroma therapist making six figure incomes

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and I'd like to introduce you to Catherine Hansen a very successful aroma therapist doing very well and making six figure incomes for the past 10 years.
Catherine came to us shortly after she was laid off from a very high paying job at IBM.  Like so many others, she fell victim to the layoff syndrome in the early 90s and when it happened she was just devastated.  She never expected it and so she was totally unprepared for the ramifications.  Accordingly, she did not deal very well with it at first slipping into temporary depression but luckily for her her family was there to help her pick up the pieces.  Catherine walked into our office in early 1994 looking for help and suggestions as one of her friends had recommended us to her.  She was very confused, extremely nervous, and lacking in confidence.  However, she wanted to move on with her life and she was very sure that she did not want to remain in the IT field as she was just too burned out to continue in that industry having worked for IBM as a systems engineer for over 15 years.  So, we had our work cut for us but we knew that Catherine would be willing and ready to learn how to find her next career.
We had several sessions with Catherine where we worked with her to discover her interests, sharpen certain skills, introduce her to life after IBM, and we explored several avenues and many possibilities.  Catherine discovered that she did not want to return to the corporate world.  She wanted to change careers and she wanted to work for herself.  We worked with her for about six months at the end of which time we came up with a plan for her.
As a team we put together an action plan for Catherine to pursue a brand new career as an aroma therapist which entailed her going to school to become one.  She used some of her savings for tuition and after 18 months she graduated from massage school specializing in aroma therapy.  Her next step was to decide whether or not to start off on her own or to look for an existing establishment to work at.  She chose the latter and worked there for two years.
In late 1999 Catherine felt that she was ready to branch off on her own and she took the next big step to becoming her own boss.  She managed to find space at a well located spot in down town Boston and soon she was advertising for clients doing this both by word of mouth and through the use of flyers.  We helped her to develop and execute her marketing plan showing her how to advertise to specific types of clients.  She advertised to such clients as:  Office workers, professionals, housewives, and fitness and health clubs.  She pounded the pavements to advertise to corporate offices, and she worked tirelessly to get her name out there.  She even advertised to health clinics, spas, and doctors offices.  She managed to work and advertise at the same time but she had help from her family who were all determined to see her succeed.
For the first two years Catherine broke even and by the beginning of 2003 her business began to really take off.  Towards the end of 2003 she had to hire an assistant to help carry the load at work and soon afterwards she had to hire two additional assistants.  
For the last two years she has grossed very healthy six figure incomes and she has expanded her business to include five additional massage therapists and her services now include:  Aroma therapy, Swiss massage therapy, yoga, and she also sells CDs of relaxing music. 
Catherine is well on her way and we expect her to crest the seven figure income mark for this year.  She is successful because she has managed to take advantage of a niche market that is growing both in consumer demand and consumer income.  This market is loaded for bear with oodles of opportunities and there are literally  thousands of similar niche markets out there just waiting for you to find them.
Take a look at our book Untapped Wealth Discovered before you leave our website for this book will show you how to find such types of markets.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The 10 top peeves in the workplace

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and today I'd like to give you a list of the 10 top peeves in the workplace.  Some time ago we published this list but due to some recent emails we thought that it would be a good idea to republish them.
So, here they are.
Pet peeves
1  A person using speaker phone in their cubicles.
2  A cell phone with an irritating ring.
3  A person with a ringing cell in a meeting.
4  A person taking a break in your cubicle.
5  A person borrowing things off your desk like pens, etc without your permission.
6  A person using your phone without your permission.
7  A person with an irritating cough.
8  A person leaning over the wall of your cubicle to chat.
9  A person talking too loudly in their cubicle.
10 A person wearing strong perfume.
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Monday, September 18, 2006

The seasonal adjustment depression

Good evening!  I'm Kerry J Harrison at the business desk.  As the fall season approaches I'd like to focus in on a type of depression called SAD.  It is also known as the seasonal adjustment depression and it affects millions of Americans and millions more worldwide.
For years now the medical profession has been trying to catch our attention re SAD but sadly enough many have chosen to ignore it till now.  SAD really exists and seems to be growing more and more among all age groups.  What is SAD?  SAD is a type of depression that affects those who are unable to deal with changes in seasons.  For example, some people are affected by fall, while others are affected by winter.  There are many who seem to go into depression after a long hot summer, when the fall arrives and the trees start to lose their leaves.  While there are others who go into depression when winter arrives because the cold weather is here. 
According to many experts, some of the symptoms of SAD include eating more, sleeping more, and an over indulgence in sweet stuff.  SAD is very real and the medical profession is pushing for Americans to make themselves more aware of what it is, what causes it, and how to deal with it.  Chances are that you probably know a few people who actually are afflicted with SAD.  You probably never paid attention to your aunt who hates fall and always seems to be more than a bit grouchy in the fall.  Or your teenager who seems to hibernate in the winter choosing to stay in his room most of the time stuffing himself with loads of cookies and candy.  Maybe it's time for us to keep a closer eye on our loved ones and our friends during the fall and winter.  Observe their behavioral patterns a bit more closely.  Maybe we are not aware that we ourselves may be a victim of SAD. 
The good thing about SAD is that it is a very treatable illness and the sooner we recognize those tell tale symptoms the quicker we can get help either for ourselves or for others.
Enjoy your evening.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Coco-Cola initiave

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and as an end of the week bog I'd like to tell you about an initiative that is presently being carried out by Coca-Cola in Toronto Canada.  This item was sent to our desk from our Ottawa Canada bureau.
You have to give the Coke company high marks for trying everything that they can to improve their market share.  A few weeks ago they started an initiative in Toronto whereby they are offering vending machines where customers can buy special types of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate drinks.  These drinks are flavored to taste like cappuccino and latté among other things and they are being offered at such locations as movie theaters, coffee shops, and they have also decided to test market their drinks at a specialty store in an upscale neighborhood. 
In recent times Coca-Cola has been losing ground and so it's not surprising that they are bringing out the big guns to help regain their former position.  However, their competitors are also stepping up their efforts in particular the Pepsi company.  Nothing is impossible when it comes to creativity and innovation and the experts are taking their hats off to Coca-Cola for doing this.  If this initiative does indeed take off Coca-Cola can look forward to attracting new types of customers.  Consumers with more sophisticated taste, consumers that are increasing in number, and consumers who are poised to become more financially influential. 
There are lessons for potential entrepreneurs to learn here.  Lessons like going after niche markets with specific consumers.  Markets that can potentially be very lucrative and financially influential.  Markets that are growing with consumers who are demanding more.  We are going to keep a very close eye on this initiative.
Before you leave us check out our book Untapped Wealth Discovered at  This book talks about niche markets that are very ripe with lucrative opportunities and  it wholly endorses  initiatives similar to those being carried out by the Coke company.
Here's wishing you a restful and relaxing weekend.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Doubleday still being a pest

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and as the week draws to an end, I'd like to bring your attention to a continuing problem as being reported to us by hundreds of customers across North America.  It's probably the fifth blog that we have written on the dirty tactics being employed by Doubleday and we can assure you that we will continue to write about Doubleday until we hear otherwise.
For months now we have been receiving hundreds of emails and phone calls from our customers complaining about how Doubleday is using very dirty tactics to scare its customers into paying bills that they don't even owe.  We have sent two of our investigators to look into the matter at hand and they have both come back with very similar conclusions.  It appears that this so-called book club is using its heavy hand to bully customers into paying what they call fulfillment fees.  The picture emerging is one of scary tactics, bullying strategies and in general harassment.  Here's the general situation:
A customer joins Doubleday because they would like to buy some of those bestsellers.  Doubleday starts sending monthly lists of books for the customer to choose from.  If Doubleday does not receive a return mail from the customer with their choice of books then they blatantly assume that the customer wants to receive everything on the list.  So they mail the books to the customer.
The customer receives these books and realizes that they did not ask to have these books sent to them so they send back the books unopened.  Doubleday in the meantime bills the customer for these purchases and when the customer attempts to tell Doubleday that they never ordered the books in question Doubleday then goes ahead and bills them for a fulfillment fee.
If the customer does not pay they then start a weekly bombardment of nasty letters threatening to take the customer to a collections agency and they keep this up for quite a while.  Some customers have told us that Doubleday has been sending them these nasty letters for almost two years and one customer in Toronto Canada has even told us that after receiving nasty letters for almost two years she is now receiving them in French the previous letters being in English.  When we asked her how much Doubleday was billing her for she told us $52.
There is something very wrong here.  Why would a reputable company such as Doubleday harass customers like this?  Especially in the case of this customer for $52 over a period of more than two years?  This customer told us that she never ordered any books and that she sent all of her unopened books back to Doubleday and even took the time to write a letter telling them not to send anymore books.  She even cancelled her account but yet these nasty letters keep coming.
Grow up Doubleday!  Stop harassing your customers.  Find something better to do with your time and energy.  Maybe you should take a long hard look at how you dispense your books and how you treat your customers.
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Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Are video games to blame?

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk and this evening as I write to you my heart really cries out for that terrible tragedy that took place in Montreal Canada yesterday.
I have four kids and I'm probably one of the most monitoring parents that you would want to know.  I'm sure that by now most of the world has tuned in to yesterday's happenings in Montreal Canada and I as a parent would be very remiss if I did not comment on this very tragic event.  I and my colleagues have been monitoring this situation since yesterday and we thank our Ottawa bureau for its help and support in keeping us up to.
It appears that the killer who dared to run a rampage through a down town college in Montreal was an avid player of video games.  One of his favorite games was the super Columbine massacre, a game that was modelled on the killings at the Columbine school in recent years.  Dubbed the Dawson College killer, this young man of 25 was a very disturbed person and because of his hatred for life, his anger at authority and mankind in general, and his overall disenchantment with everything, he turned to violence. 
We may never know how much of a part the video game super Columbine massacre played in driving this killer to do what he did but I am sure that tonight many parents are probably sitting down with their kids to know a bit more about what types of video games they play on the Internet and on their computers.  We've been told that this particular game is not sold in stores but can be obtained through a download from a website.  Whatever the case may be, the Dawson killer managed to obtain a copy of it and used it to plan and model his killings. 
So, what are we as parents going to do about this?  What can we really do and how can we do it?  How can we convince video games developers that they need to take responsibility for encouraging these types of events through the development of such types of games?  What if anything can governments, educators, and parents do to put an end to this type of happening?  Should there be a very hefty fine for those video game developers who dare to develop such types of games?
We have already received several emails here at our business desk from parents who are calling for action against those video games developers who create violent games.  We need to hold these guys more accountable, and to really clamp down on them for the very irresponsible acts.  Some experts are already saying that too many video games developers are much more concerned with raking in the money and preying on the minds of our younger folks rather than taking the time to create games that are more conducive to less violence and clean fun.
Time for all of us to stand up and voice our opinions.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

CEOs cashing in

Good evening!  I'm Kerry J Harrison at the business desk and I'd like to focus in on a little clip that came across the news wires last week.  It has to do with the salaries being made by our CEOs and I'm sure that when I disclose it to you, you will be quite surprised and even a bit annoyed.
According to CNN news, in a recent survey carried out across America and Canada, it was revealed that on average, American CEOs make about 170 times more than the average American worker, and Canadian CEOs make about 25 times more than the average Canadian worker.  Stunning isn't it!  Most experts were quite stunned to learn about these stats especially in light of the fact that for the past two years or so hundreds of thousands of CEOs across North America have been tooting their horns telling us how much they had cut their salaries to be more in tune with what workers make and what their salary increments have been.  To this I say nonsense!  If these stats are for real then we have a big problem on our hands.  Have not our CEOs been listening to what we're saying and have been saying for over 20 years now?  Their salaries are way too high.  They make too much for what they claim they do.  We're not arguing the fact that CEOs don't work but what we're arguing is that they are getting away with murder when it comes to giving themselves large increases in their paycheques while at the same time they forget to give the same increases to their workers.
They are pretty good at preaching wage restraints but for some odd reason when it comes to their wages they seem to throw away the calculators and do a right turn and give themselves lavish raises.  Then there are the perks that they so openly lavish on themselves. 
We should ask the question what can we do to reverse this trend so that the regular worker on the street is paid more while their CEO bosses are paid some what less?  Is the answer that we should form groups to protest to the right persons who will listen?  Should we enlist the help of business associations and even the media?  Should it be that we create and develop our own businesses and set an example to these runaway CEOs? 
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New product in the health industry

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and this evening I'd like to focus my attention on a brand new product in the health industry.  The term product may not be the right way to describe it but it is being referred to as the GCQ system.  Here's what it is:
Doctors will have the opportunity to store all of their patients medical files on a smart phone, and they will also be able to use their smart phone to download patients records from their pc, and from secure servers on the Internet.  What this means is that they will be able to use their smart phones to port their patients records from site to site much more easily and this will enable them to have information more readily at their finger tips.  In turn, doctors could use this system to help them make decisions more quickly and efficiently.
The GCQ system is still very much in its infancy but the manufacturers of this new type of smart phone are promising to make it very secure.  If this product is allowed to take off it will surely revolutionize the way doctors store and retrieve their patients records and it can only serve to vastly improve rapid access to patients records and allow doctors to carry out their work more quickly, efficiently, and easily.
The GCQ system is presently being used on a trial basis in America and has the potential to be used on a global basis.
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Monday, September 11, 2006

Do niche markets really exist?

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk.
So many persons are seeking to find those markets that can bring them quick fortunes, lots and lots of revenue, and financial success for life.  We at the business desk are constantly being bombarded with questions on the subject and like the rest of my colleagues my answer to this question is yes!  There are definitely markets out there that can bring you safe and constant revenue, markets that are still relatively untapped and lucrative, and markets that can offer long lasting consumer growth and consumer demand, real consumers, real demand, and longevity in both life span and growth. 
These markets do exist but you need to learn how to discover them.  No, don't go looking for those large markets, start by looking for those small markets that can be described as niche markets.  These are the markets that will help you to get on your feet.  It is safer to start with a tiny slice, try it, and if you like it then start to build on it.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of niche markets out there just waiting for you to find them.  These markets are made up of specific types of consumers who are looking for specific types of products and services.  Let me give you some examples of a few very successful niche markets:
The small company in Britain that is marketing eggs that contain invisible ink on their shells so that when someone boils them they will be able to know if they are poached, soft boiled, or hard boiled based on the color of the ink displayed on the shell.  The consumer will not see the ink when they first purchase this type of egg.
The company in the United States that is using ground up tyres to make sidewalks that can stand up to the hottest day and the coldest night.
The creators of the game Trivia Pursuit.
The creator of the Rubik Cube.
The inventor of the Pet Rock and the latest is the inventor of the squirrel zap.  A little device that gives a gentle zap to squirrels and birds if they attempt to sit on electric wires or steal the buds from the flowers.  There is a very huge problem that is constantly challenging those who live in outlying areas and that is the interruption of power to households on a too regular basis whenever squirrels and birds touch those electric wires.  The creators of this newest zap have already sold over 100000 units across America.
Finding those niche markets can be a challenge for those who don't really know where or how to look for them.  In addition, if you don't know what you're doing you could end up spending thousands of research hours and come up empty.  So, if you're interested, check out our book Untapped Wealth Discovered before you leave our website.
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Saturday, September 09, 2006

More graduates living at home

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis co-author of Untapped Wealth Discovered.
I recently came across an interesting little news clip that caught my eye.  With college and university students returning to classes this month I thought that you might be interested in this little item.
In a recent survey CNN news reported that at the present time 44% of American graduates are still living at home and 48% of this past year's graduates moved back home.  It used to be in past years that upon graduation many youngsters could not wait to move out on their own.  However, this trend seems to have disappeared and now we are finding that more and more adult children are living at home.  The experts are saying that there are many reasons for this and here are some of them:
Adult children are finding it more difficult to afford the expenses of living on their own.  More and more parents and children are sharing the mortgage expenses.  More and more adult children are either getting married later on or are choosing to get into living relationships later on.  That is, the average age for marriages has been rising over the years.  In many cases families are finding it more economic and secure to share their homes hence the reason for parents and adult children to be living under the same roof.  In other cases, we are also seeing a rise in married children living with either single or both parents so as to help take care of elderly parents.
This trend could have some very interesting impacts on our housing markets in the not too distant future.  We may see a steady rise in the building and sale of larger homes, a fall in the building and sale of smaller homes, and a restructuring of mortgage payments on the part of lending institutions.  This growing trend would probably also impact the types of furniture being sought as the needs of larger homes are quite different to the smaller home.  It could also impact the way we feel about senior homes and more as more adult children may be choosing to take care of their aging parents for as long as they could thus making it less of a demand for senior home services. 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Six figure incomes for an enterprising chef

Good evening!  I'm Kerry J Harrison at the business desk.
Another week is over and as many of you are settling back to enjoy an early fall weekend I'd like to show you how you can take advantage of a growing market for personalized chefs.  Her name is Liz Cagney and she lives in Wisconsin.  She graduated over seven years ago from Chef school but long before her graduation she had a plan.  She had done her research and she had made up her mind to become a personalized chef upon graduation.
Liz had always dreamed of becoming a chef, but not just any type of chef.  As a child she used to watch all of those cooking shows on TV and as early as she could remember she wanted to be one of those chefs.  One of heroes was Martha Stewart and of how she longed to be just like her.  While still in high school she started to practise on her family and even tried out her culinary skills on her friends.  She even ventured to cook for small parties at school and at home and soon everyone was telling her what a great chef she would make.  Liz was very creative in the kitchen, she learned fast, she loved to experiment and above all she was a very determined young lady.
About a year before graduation from chef school she had it all set up in her mind and all she needed now was a small loan to get started.  Liz did her research on the Internet, wrote her business plan, and after running it by her teachers at school she approached a bank accompanied by her parents.  It did not take too much for her to secure a small loan back by her parents guarantee to step in if she needed help but she did not need it.  Liz used her loan wisely to market herself and soon found herself engrossed in developing advertising and marketing plans.  Her strategy as she told us later was to become a travelling chef whereby she would travel from home to home cooking for busy executives and families.  She made up a large travelling  kit that contained the necessary condiments, implements, and other necessities and the kit was always equipped to meet the needs of the customer of the day.
Liz advertised well and started small.  She first appealed to busy executives and single professionals and then she turned her attention to busy families.  She started by cooking simple but tasty meals.  Then she began to tackle the more difficult recipes and soon after she decided to take a wine making course.  Then she took advantage of a wine tasting course at a local liquor establishment and soon she was offering her wine making and tasting expertise along with her skills as a chef.
No one who knew Liz was really surprised to see how successful she became in such short order.  This young lady was determined but more importantly she took advantage of a niche market by using her skills and interests to become good at what she did.  For the first three years she managed to make a small profit but by the end of the fifth year she was making a little more than $100000.  She has managed to crest the six figure mark for the past three years and as she tells it:  "I went out there and researched hundreds of ideas and hundreds of potential opportunities.  I decided to go after real consumers with real needs."
You too can definitely be the next Liz Cagney if you follow her recipe for success.  Use your skills and interests to help you find a niche opportunity in a niche market.  There are literally thousands of niche markets out there that are untapped, undiscovered, and just waiting for you to find them.
If you need a push then check out our book at  This gem of a book will help you to discover niche markets that are real.  Niche markets that contain real consumers, real growth, and real demand.  Both editions of this book are also available at
Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

New way of giving out pink slips

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and I'd like to briefly discuss one of the most unpleasant in the workplace.  Yes, they are those very unpleasant and hated pink slips and it seems as if some companies have decided to change the way they give out their pink slips.
Fairly recently Radio Shack in Texas and Arthur Anderson started giving out their pink slips the electronic way.  Instead of handing out a physical piece of paper to represent a pink slip they instead decided to send emails notifying the said employees of their dismissal. 
No matter how you look at it, receiving a pink slip in any way, shape, or form is one of the most unpleasant things for both managers and employees.  For a manager a pink slip is the last thing that he/she would want to hand out to an employee unless the employee really deserves it, and for the employee receiving a pink slip it is one of the most might marish things that they would want to experience.
Pink slips have always been one of the most hated and dreaded things in the workplace for as long as anyone can remember.  It used to be a time when pink slips were a rarity rather than the norm but since the 80s pink slips have become a part of one's working career.  Many of us would wonder out loud what would be the best way to present a pink slip to an employee that the company wishes to lay off and I am very sure that it would be difficult to come up with a definitive answer.  Would it be better to have a face to face meeting with the said employee and in a professional manner and as gently as possible give them their pink slip?  Or would it be better to send a very terse email with the bad news thus avoiding any possible confrontation between manager and employee? 
Some persons may agree that it would be more professional, kinder, and acceptable to use the face to face method to give out the pink slip while others may disagree saying that the email way may be more acceptable, less confrontational, and less unpleasant.  Some persons may also argue that the email way may even be more cowardly and that management would be taking the easy way out.
Whichever way is chosen, it may be a good idea for psychologists to be consulted so that an acceptable way could be used in this very ticklish matter.
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New types of clinics springing up across America

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and I'd like to welcome you to our fall session at the business desk.
A few weeks ago I read about a new type of clinic that is starting to make itself known across America.  The health experts are dubbing it the minute clinic because of what it is supposed to do and many are saying that the minute clinic could have great potential for helping to take the pressure off of those very crowded doctors offices, emergency wards, and walk-in clinics.  In addition, these clinics could be the answer for those millions of Americans who really either don't have the time or can spare the time to spend waiting hours for a doctor especially when their ailment may only be very minor or trivial.
Here's a brief description of the Minute Clinic.  They are being placed in store locations that are easy to access and they are being manned by staff members who are experienced and skilled enough to deal with such things as strep throats, mild rashes, insect bites, minor strains and sprains, minor cuts and bruises, and even some types of minor vaccinations.  The Minute Clinics advertise themselves as being able to serve you quickly and efficiently and hence their name.
The health experts are very excited about this new type of clinic and they are also saying that a new type of health professional will be needed to work in such types of establishments and man the stations so new types of jobs and careers are going to be demanded and the necessary training will be provided for interested parties.
Only time will tell how successful these types of clinics are going to be.  We may probably see some initial opposition coming from both medical circles as well as the American people as a whole but many are hoping that they do indeed catch on as it could prove to be a win-win situation for everyone.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Airline security

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk.
This evening I'd like to focus a bit on airline security and its fallout since the aborted terrorist attack in Britain last month.  I don't think that anyone should be surprised at the new security measures that are presently in place.  So you're not allowed to take any type of liquid on board.  Liquids such as water, perfume, any type of liquid makeup, no shaving lotion, and no eye drops that are not prescription oriented.  Baby formulas are allowed but parents have to be prepared to sample them before they are allowed.  No toothpaste, no liquid deodorant, nothing that is liquid based.
From all accounts the airlines are telling us that business has not really been hurt and as a matter of fact business for airlines has increased since the aborted terrorist attack.  Airport staff are telling us that whereas checking times are going smoothly and that passengers are being processed more quickly the time for the collection of luggage at the other end has increased.
Guess we can't have it both ways.  It would be very interesting to see how the airline industry copes over the next few months.  Both airlines and airports have to work together to make it all work.  Passengers also need to do their bit by adhering to the new rules.  Passengers need to keep in mind that when traveling to Britain the security rules are going to me much more strict and across the United States airport authorities are going to be much more watchful and in many cases very jumpy.  Other countries such as Canada and the European Union are also going to be more watchful. 
So, be prepared to put up with some more new security rules.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Overweight babies becoming a grave concern in America

Hi there and welcome to September!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and I'd like to focus some well needed attention on a growing problem in America.
There is a growing concern over overweight babies in our country these days and in addition to this more and more toddlers are unable to fit into car seats and strollers because of their body weight and their size.  There was a time when this type of problem was never even a problem but for the past two years it has become a problem and now manufacturers are struggling to find ways to accommodate our fat babies and toddlers.  Never mind our overweight babies and toddlers, the problem is also growing among our pre-teens and teens as well as among our adult population.  It is estimated that one in every three American children is suffering from some form of obesity and that over 40% of our adults are estimated to be overweight.  Do we really want to become a country filled with millions of fat and ungainly kids and adults?  Do we really want our country to be populated with millions of persons suffering from such diseases as diabetes, heart conditions, and other similar types of disabling diseases?  Do we really want our kids to become blind or visually impaired due to such diseases as diabetes?  For face it, diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness these days and obesity is one of the leading causes of diabetes.  What else do the health experts have to say or do in order to convince us that the time has come and is quickly going for us to take immediate action?  What would it take for us to start eating more wisely and healthily?  No, not those quick fix diets such as South Beach, Jenny Craig, or Slim Fast!  Wise and healthy eating is what we need in order to fix this growing problem and if we don't start now then we had better prepare ourselves for the consequences.
When airlines start talking of making their seats larger, when clothes manufacturers start making bigger sizes and even extra, extra larger, and manufacturers of baby products start to talk about making larger strollers, larger high chairs, and larger car seats, then we it's time for us to take swift and immediate action to stop the growth of overweight Americans.
Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day holiday. 

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