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Monday, July 31, 2006

Drive ins on the comeback

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and this morning I'd like to start the week by telling you about the resurrection of drive ins across America.
There was a time in the 50s and 60s when drive ins were quite popular.  It seemed as if in those days most families used to use drive ins as a means of recreation.  Many parents used to make it a weekly habit of taking their kids to the drive in and there they would spend a few happy hours watching movies on the large screens, chatting, and picnicking on snacks either brought from home or purchased at the drive in itself.  Both parents and kids seemed to enjoy this type of outing as it gave them an opportunity to spend quality time together but more importantly everyone got a chance to spend some time outdoors in the fresh healthy air.
In the 70s and 80s and late into the 90s the indoor movie complexes took over and drove the popularity of drive ins right out of the ball park but with this came less time spent together as a family, more time spent in stuffy indoor cinemas, and not enough time spent outdoors in the fresh healthy air.  However, drive ins are starting to make a comeback in a very big way and they are doing this by offering some very new and interesting attractions.
In addition to offering customers the convenience of watching double and triple features from the convenience of their vehicles, they are also providing such attractions as:  Mini golfing for kids and parents, amusement rides for kids, loads of healthy snacks     and foods for all, lots of other fun activities, and they are not going to stop there.  Movie complexes are already under heavy attack from video and DVD rental stores and added to this is that it is becoming more and more cost effective to buy movies instead of going to the movies.  So, it's a trend to watch for and if you're looking for a niche opportunity you may want to do your investigation and research and see how you can build a profitable little business around this growing trend.  You don't have to look too far it's there just waiting for you to grab it and if you need some help then you can start by picking up a copy of a very affordable book called "Untapped Wealth Discovered" by visiting
Enjoy your day.

An airline scam making the rounds

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and today I'd like to alert you to an airline scam that is making the rounds. 
So many of us are using the Internet these days to book online tickets to our destinations and we're doing this because it is cheaper, more convenient, and quicker.  However, the scam artistes are at work as usual and they have found a way to encroach into the airline industry and the sooner you are aware of it the quicker it would be to stop these sickening Human Beings.  Here's how it seems to be working:
Scammers purchase tickets from airlines.  They then advertise them at a very cheap price on the Internet and of course you are attracted by these dirt cheap rates.  You as an unsuspecting victim eagerly offer to buy this once in a lifetime ticket and then the scammer closes in by asking for your credit card number.  You give it without any hesitation or thought of anything but being scammed or robbed.  You've just given out your credit card number to someone who is going to take it and use it to purchase all kinds of things using your card number.  The deed has been committed and you're now wide open to being scammed through your credit card.  However, it does not end there.  The scammers then take your credit card number and continue to purchase more tickets which they turn around and sell at cheap prices once again.
Where are they making their money?  They're making it by using your credit card.  How does an airline know that this is a scam?  When the name on the credit card does not match the name on the purchased ticket.  A very simple way to scam you.  Not very sophisticated but extremely powerful and damaging to the unsuspecting victim buying the cheap ticket.
So, when next you decide to go online to purchase your airline ticket, do please buy it from the airline in question and not through any third party that you've never met.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A niche market discovered

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and on this beautiful Sunday morning I'd like to tell you about a company in the States that is doing very well for itself because it has taken the time to use its imagination to create something very unique but also something that is very appealing and something that makes perfect sense.
So many of us are constantly complaining about sidewalks that are filled with large and dangerous holes.  Sidewalks that are always breaking up.  Sidewalks that are filled with cracks.  Millions of cities spend millions of dollars each year to repair sidewalks and it seems that they are forever engaged in repairing sidewalks.  In addition, it appears that these sidewalks don't seem to last for too long.  In short, a very tedious and costly affair for all concerned.  Moreover, joggers are always complaining about damaged sidewalks and each we hear about runners and joggers being injured because of these poor old sidewalks.
Now, this company has used its imagination to create a new type of sidewalk that it claims will last for a very long time, will not deteriorate very quickly, and would stand the rigors of all seasons from the hottest day to the coldest night.  This company is using ground up tyres to create these new types of sidewalks and they have already been contracted by over 60 cities in the U.S with several thousand more poised to sign on the dotted line.   If this concept takes off it will mean the breaking into a new type of market that is niche, extremely lucrative, and long lasting.  Although the cost of these new types of sidewalks is expected to be a bit costly to start with the company is very sure that in time they will be able to reduce the cost to meet the pockets of cities of all sizes and they are even looking towards small towns and counties. 
This is a perfect lesson in niche marketing.  A lesson that so many of us can learn from.  Just use your imagination, think of something that is needed, think of who will benefit from it, and away you go.  Not too hard if you really focus in on it and I can get you started by telling you about a book that will help you. 
Untapped Wealth Discovered is a book that can show you how to use your imagination and creativity to reach those rich and lucrative markets.  This book is very affordable, easy to read and understand, and you can purchase it at 

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The benefits of emails

Good morning!  I'm Kerry J Harrison co-author of Untapped Wealth Discovered and this morning I'd like to focus in on some very basic but very powerful benefits of emails.  I know!  Many companies these days are becoming more and more leary of emails being sent and received by their employees at work but let's look at the brighter side of things and examine some benefits to emails:
You have the opportunity to check and read them as many times before you send them.
You can copy them to others.
You can save them for future reference especially to ensure that one does as they say.
You can use them to send messages to others and this definitely cuts down on having to pick up the phone and call someone. 
Emails can be viewed as a double edged sword.  On the one hand they save lots of face to face interaction but on the other they can become very impersonal and sometimes cause more explanations to be warranted because they are not clearly stated.  The one important thing to be remembered is that once you write an email and send it you can't take it back and in so many cases one's email often comes back to bite them because the written word is there for everyone to see.
Another point to bear in mind is that when you're copying someone on an email be sure that you really want to copy them.  Make sure that when you're using the copy facility you really want that person to be copied.  For example:  When you copy your fellow employees and your boss all in one fell swoop.  So many of us often fall victim to the copy button.
Emails can also be very affective in that many people find it easier and more convenient to respond via email rather than picking up the phone.  Emails are more cost effective especially when being used to communicate internationally or out of state.  Many people these days prefer to use emails to communicate but there are still so many of us who prefer picking up the phone to call.  With emails you can copy so many persons and it helps to alleviate having to repeat the same message  to multiple persons.  The phone does not give you that option.
So, in summary, emails can be used to achieve great benefits.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ghostwriters needed

Hey here!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and this evening I'd like to tell you about a small business that specializes in ghostwriting.
Their names are Ben, Brad, Michelle, and Anica.  They live out in California and they have found a niche market.  What is it?  These two couples are busting up the market with their ghost writing services and they'd like me to tell you that there is a growing demand for ghostwriting services.
Ben and company started their business almost two years ago after graduating from college.  They went to school together and as a matter of fact they all grew up together in San Francisco.  Upon graduation they got together and did some extensive research on niche marketing and niche opportunities and they also bought Untapped Wealth Discovered written by Jeff Marquis and Kerry Harrison.  They hit upon the idea to become ghostwriters and after reading Untapped Wealth Discovered they were convinced that they were indeed on the right track.
These four friends work out of a loft that they bought last year and their phones never stop ringing.  They ghost write such things as:  Blogs, newsletters, articles, marketing materials, brochures, and they are even venturing into the creative writing arena for children's books. 
Ben is the leader and the technical guru.  Brad is the researcher.  Anica looks after the marketing, and Michelle is the accountant.  Everyone has their own specialty but they are also quite capable of covering for each other in a pinch.  As Ben tells it:  "You have to delegate specific duties to everyone.  You have to identify your business objectives based on a real market with real opportunities.  You also have to make sure that you don't start too quickly and go out too big to start with.  We have been lucky to find a niche for ourselves but at the same time we've done our research and Untapped Wealth Discovered has helped us to refine our strategies."
It's only been a little over two years since these folks first started but they're doing very well for themselves.  They manage to cover their overhead expenses, pay down their loans, and even manage to make five figure incomes for themselves plus save some for expansion.  It's all about niche opportunities in a niche market where competition is not too heavy, demand is growing, and consumers need their services.  Ben and company have positioned themselves quite well and their clients are increasing their demand for their services.  They advertise on the Internet as well as by mouth and referrals.  They stick close to such clients as computer companies, wood-be authors, marketing and research companies, plus more.
There's a definite opportunity for anyone who's interested in ghostwriting, proofreading, and editing and I urge you to do your homework and look at this type of career if you're looking for new opportunities.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Women in the workplace

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and today I'd like to give a tiny push to our women in the workplace.
Are you tired of being told that there's a glass ceiling for us women in the workplace?  Are you tired of being told that your career will not last the pace because sooner or later you are going to have to give it up in order to stay at home with the kids?  Are you fedup of being told that the corporate world is only for men or that women don't have a place in the boardroom?  Or try this one on for size!  Have you ever been told that a woman's place is in the home and not at work?
To all of these questions my answer is usually a negative shake of the head and a very terse "Rubbish!"  I say it's time for us women to stand up and be counted.  It's time for us to show that we belong in the business world and that we have a definite and decisive contribution to make.  As a matter of fact, we can hold our own both at home and in the workplace.  We have something to contribute and we can do it.
In recent times the American government has been doing things to encourage women to become their own business women and they have also been encouraging lending and financial institutions to make small business loans more available to potential small business and entrepreneurial women.  No!  it's not just hot air being blown by our government.  They are definitely making it easier for women to open their own businesses and because of this there is a developing trend sweeping across America these days and it has to do with the small business ideas for women trend.  If you're a woman then you need to get involved in order to take advantage of this exploding trend.  If you're interested in becoming a small business owner then it's time for you to learn more.  There's a book called Untapped Wealth Discovered that you need to pick up today.  Read it, study it, and take advantage of its very simple but extremely powerful proven strategies.
Visit to pick up your copy.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The sobering effects of higher gas prices

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff Marquis co-author of Untapped Wealth Discovered.
I'd like to talk a bit about how higher gas prices are affecting us and it is definitely affecting us in many ways.
Not only is it eating into the travel industry but directly or indirectly it is also starting to affect the choice of job as seen through the eyes of recent graduates and even persons in the workplace.  The travel industry is already reeling from higher fuel costs and accordingly they have been forced to hike their air fares.  This has lead to a slide in the number of air travelers as more and more people are deliberately choosing to stay closer to home when taking their vacations.  Because of this the travel industry has been forced to use other marketing gimmicks to attract customers and this has included discounts at hotels if you fly with their airline, cheaper car rentals, entertainment packages, and so on.  However, the picture in the workplace is a bit different.  Let's examine it a bit closer.
More and more recent graduates are now opting to accept jobs that are closer to home because they do not want to spend too much money on gas.  They are choosing closer proximity to home over other considerations and this is placing a bit of a hardship on those employers who are having to come up with ways to attract the type of applicant that they are seeking.  Employers are also becoming creative with their employees in their effort to keep their present staff.  For example, they are allowing their employees to work more from home, giving them access to offices that are closer to their home, giving them the opportunity to work more flex hours so as to avoid those long hours of waiting in traffic, and some employers are even offering incentives to those employees who are willing to work odd shifts and odd hours. 
With the continuation of the rise in gas prices we all have to come up with ways to deal with it.  It won't be the end of the world in many cases but on the other hand it could prove to be a great hardship for all if we are unable to deal with it.  Rising gas prices means loss of revenue in many sectors of the economy, rising inflation, and rising prices for many commodities.  We need to become more gas smart and a bit less gas dependent.  We need to find ways to overcome these rising prices and we need to do it now.  The present crisis in the Middle East is very concerning to us here in North America and we need to be prepared for even higher gas prices if this crisis does not end soon.  Winter is not too far away and it would be in our best interests to start coming up with gas savers from now.  For example:  Car pooling, taking public transit to and from work if you can and leaving your car at home, taking advantage of vacation spots closer to home, working more from home if possible, and working flex hours so as to avoid those long lines of traffic.
Of course, if you're tired of the whole thing and are looking for a new perspective on how to find a job where you don't have to worry about rising gas prices then read Untapped Wealth Discovered.  Our book can help you to get a fresh new perspective on things.  It's cheap, very affordable, and you have nothing to lose.
Have a great day. 

Monday, July 24, 2006

Drive ins on the comeback

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and this morning I'd like to start the week by telling you about the resurrection of drive ins across America.
There was a time in the 50s and 60s when drive ins were quite popular.  It seemed as if in those days most families used to use drive ins as a means of recreation.  Many parents used to make it a weekly habit of taking their kids to the drive in and there they would spend a few happy hours watching movies on the large screens, chatting, and picnicking on snacks either brought from home or purchased at the drive in itself.  Both parents and kids seemed to enjoy this type of outing as it gave them an opportunity to spend quality time together but more importantly everyone got a chance to spend some time outdoors in the fresh healthy air.
In the 70s and 80s and late into the 90s the indoor movie complexes took over and drove the popularity of drive ins right out of the ball park but with this came less time spent together as a family, more time spent in stuffy indoor cinemas, and not enough time spent outdoors in the fresh healthy air.  However, drive ins are starting to make a comeback in a very big way and they are doing this by offering some very new and interesting attractions.
In addition to offering customers the convenience of watching double and triple features from the convenience of their vehicles, they are also providing such attractions as:  Mini golfing for kids and parents, amusement rides for kids, loads of healthy snacks     and foods for all, lots of other fun activities, and they are not going to stop there.  Movie complexes are already under heavy attack from video and DVD rental stores and added to this is that it is becoming more and more cost effective to buy movies instead of going to the movies.  So, it's a trend to watch for and if you're looking for a niche opportunity you may want to do your investigation and research and see how you can build a profitable little business around this growing trend.  You don't have to look too far it's there just waiting for you to grab it and if you need some help then you can start by picking up a copy of a very affordable book called "Untapped Wealth Discovered" by visiting
Enjoy your day.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Data transfer becoming a problem

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and today I'd like to focus a bit on a recent article that I came across in the New York Times re the concern over data transfer.
It appears that more and more companies are becoming concerned over the ability of their employees to illegally transfer company data and in a survey published last week it was revealed that about 40% of American managers have placed a ban on laptops being used at work and about 30% of them have placed a similar ban on MP3's.  I know that the whole topic of data transfer is a big problem and concern for companies of all sizes and with the increase in such things as identity theft, company secrets, and overall concerns over data security, it can easily be understood why companies are feeling this way.  Many experts are saying that the one way to tackle this and decrease concern over the whole concern of illegal transfer of data is to indeed closely monitor and limit the use of such types of devices that will at least tempt the employee to transfer data.  Devices such as laptops, MP3's, and any other type of hand held device would need to be closely monitored re their uses in the workplace.
However, I would caution that such monitoring and limitation could easily lead to mistrust on the part of employees, uncertainty in the workplace among employees, and most of all mistrust and uncertainty between employees and managers.  For example, employees may feel that managers are watching over them to see how they're using their laptops at work, and in the same manner employees may start to pay more attention to those managers who sit at their desks using their laptops.  The whole issue of potential illegal data transfer is a very dicey affair and needs to be handled with kid gloves.  There are many employees who use laptops at work to download info from the Internet for their own personal use and this in itself is extremely harmless but how is anyone to know this?  In the same light a manager may be sitting at his desk doing some personal stuff on his laptop and an employee happens to pass by and sees him/her working away.  Is it right for him to assume that this manager is doing something illegal?
Whatever the outcome of this concern, whatever the potential ramifications, this whole affair needs to be closely examined, all the ramifications fully discussed, and both sides re employees and employers should be brought into the discussion over how companies should go about initiating and developing policies on illegal data transfer.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A success story for kids

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk, and as a follow-up to my blog of last week where I discussed various possibilities for kids, I am going to give you a kids success story.
Meet two very successful entrepreneurs who go by the names of Ken and Barbe but their real names are Sheldon and Maya and these two teenagers live in San Mateo California.  After reading the first edition of "Untapped Wealth Discovered" written by Jeff Marquis and Kerry Harrison they decided to look for an idea that would help them to make some money for their college education.  They read this book from cover to cover and were quite taken by the niche market concept.  So they put on their thinking caps and after much thinking and a bit of research they came up with a novel idea to offer a barbecue business which they started last summer.  I have to tell you though that these two youngsters were quite determined to make this work and before they even started they did their homework.  They did most of their research on their own and only consulted their parents when they felt it necessary to do so.
They started by canvassing their neighborhoods going to seniors homes, households, and even to some smaller restaurants to see how people would feel if they were to offer a service whereby they would throw barbecues on behalf of those who wanted it.  They pitched their services as follows:
They would throw barbecues on behalf of their clients.  They would go to the intended place of the barbecue and there they would prepare a very sumptuous meal as per what was required.  They would shop for the food stuffs, cook, serve, and clean up.  Their services would also include the provision of all utensils and condiments.  
Sheldon and Maya who by the way are friends approached their parents for help with the financial side of things and both sets of parents decided to take a chance on their kids because they felt that their kids had done enough research and read a book that was very telling in strategies. 
Sheldon and Maya got started in late July of last year and by the end of August they were starting to do a brisk business with the help of their parents and other friends.  They took their business well into the fall and were quite surprised to discover that customers were asking for their services well into December but more than this many of their customers were repeat customers.
It was fine enough to do a fulltime business when school was out but during the semester they had to limit their business to weekends.  However, they were determined to make a go of this and so they organized their friends and with the help of their parents they were able to keep the business going during the so-call cooler months of January/May.
Sheldon and Maya AKA Ken and Barbe have managed to offer their services to such clients as families, seniors homes, small restaurants, beach picnickers, and now they are going after pool parties and small office parties.  They even dram of going after golf club parties and overall social club parties.  Their parents are behind them all the way and their peers are also supporting them.  They and their parents do most of the work re the planning and scheduling, the buying of the food stuffs, the utensils, and the condiments  and the cooking of the food.  Sheldon and Maya have taken cooking lessons to help them along and are also planning to sell their own brand of barbecue sauce some day soon.   Their friends help with the serving and cleaning up.
These two vibrant and go getting youngsters have used their imaginations and creativity to build a very interesting kids business.  They are smart and determined and their parents are just as eager to help them.
"We are really happy that we decided to go in to our own business.  We came up with the name of Ken and Barbe because we felt that it would suit the type of business that we were going into and the authors of Untapped Wealth Discovered did talk about the importance of choosing an appropriate name to suit the type of business.  We really believe that kids can succeed at their own business but it's lots of hard work and determination."
To pick up a copy of Untapped Wealth Discovered please visit

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Best month to take your vacation

Good morning!  I'm Kerry J Harrison co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
I can bet you anything that if I were to ask you which month of the year you think would be the best to take your vacation most of you probably point to any of the three summer months.  That is, from June to August.  Some may say December and others may say March.  Those looking for winter get always may choose a month from December to February.  Those with kids may choose March because of the spring break.  While others would choose any of the summer months for obvious reasons.
According to recent results published by a CNN survey it was revealed that July came out on top for the following reasons:  July is one of the slowest months in most workplaces.  July is the month when many garment and clothing companies actually close their doors because of slower activity in the garment industry.  It is also a very slow time for lawyers and medical specialists because may of their patients would rather not have surgery during the month of July. 
July is also smack in the middle of summer and it's the month that most parents would choose to take their kids on vacation.  According to our watchers in Europe it's the time when most choose to travel across Europe because of the fine weather.
When it comes to one of the worst months for vacation time December wins hands down and this is so mainly because of the busy holiday season.  It's the time that if one does choose to take their vacation they have to ensure that they leave a backup in place, tell the boss way ahead of time that they want to take their vacation in December so that the boss can make arrangements to back fill, and it's the month that is probably the shortest work months because of the statutory holidays.
Finally, take note of April.  It's the time when most people feel the most pressure because of income tax season.  Persons feel pressured because they know that their tax returns are due, and most accountants view April as a month from hell because they are almost always under the gun to complete tax returns.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The sandwich generation - our baby boomers

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and this morning I'd like to focus on our baby boomers also known as the sandwich generation.
Experts call them the sandwich generation because they seem to fall smack dab in the middle of a generation made up of our seniors at the upper end and our youngsters at the lower end.  For those of you wondering who our baby boomers are?  They are the very powerful group of consumers who were born between 1945 and 1960.  That is right after World War ii (1945) and somewhat at the beginning of and may be a bit into the era of the Beatles.  This generation is poised to be one of the most powerful that we may see for a very long time.  They are financially influential, financially successful, and by 2010 it is estimated that they will probably make up about 60% of our population and own about 70% of our banking assets in North America.  However, this generation is not without its challenges for as we speak a recent survey published in America shows that three in every five of our baby boomers is supporting elderly parents and about 25% of them are also supporting grown kids who are still living at home.
Many experts are saying that this generation, despite its financial affluence, is going to need help from financial planners and advisers to help them deal with a crunch whereby they are being placed in a very precarious position of having to support both parents and kids at the same time.  For this reason we are probably going to see our baby boomers being forced to make certain types of buying choices such as the purchasing of larger and more expensive homes.  Homes that will be large enough to accommodate elderly parents, baby boomers, and adult kids and in accordance with this the mortgages are going to be larger, the down payments less, and the principle steeper.  However, the mortgages are going to be shared among generations.  That is, the parents are probably going to pass down mortgages to their kids.  There was a time in the past where parents were able to pay off their mortgages before they reached their senior years but no more.  With our baby boomers taking on more financial responsibility it is only logical and natural that they will have no choice but to pass on the mortgages and other financial responsibilities to their kids. 
What does all this mean?  It means that we are going to see a new trend in spending, buying, and selling when it comes to purchases and sales such as houses and other big ticket items and with this will come the demand for more skilled financial planners and advisers.
If you're interested in pursuing such types of careers or related careers then this may be the time for you to jump in and with this in mind you may want to purchase a copy of "Untapped Wealth Discovered" written by Jeff Marquis and Kerry Harrison.  This book is filled with strategies and ideas to spark your creative juices and it is well priced.  Visit to purchase a copy.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wanted! Security experts

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and today I'd like to zoom in on a growing demand for security experts. 
It appears that more and more companies are looking for a new type of security expert and by this I mean that they are looking for experts who are more like security monitors.  With identity thieves and scammers using the Internet to scam both companies and individuals out of their savings and assets companies of all sizes who can afford it are now turning to security monitors to help them keep a very close eye on outgoing and incoming emails.  More and more companies are using security monitors to watch over incoming and outgoing emails.  In addition, they are using them to help keep an eye on those employees who use laptops and MP3s at work because they are concerned about employees using these devices to illegally transfer company data.
There are also some other techniques that companies are using to keep a closer eye on their employees and these include security cameras, security badges and cards, and GPS systems and for this they are turning to human security monitors and experts. 
This may be a good time for you to investigate this type of career if you are in the market for either a new career or a change in career.  The experts are saying that this type of career has the potential to produce hefty annual incomes for both small businesses and entrepreneurs alike and it can only get better because this type of career and accompanying skills are going to be more and more in demand and will be driven by the rapidly expanding world of technology along with the Internet.  The experts are predicting that if you choose a career either as a technology security expert, a security monitor, or any other related field, your financial and personal future will be assured for a very long time.
So, do your research and think hard if you're looking for ways to improve your life style, your financial position, and your personal satisfaction.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Selling your knowledge can be very lucrative

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
Today I'd like to give you a jump start on a trend that is starting to pick up pace across America and I can bet you anything that many of you would be quite surprised when I tell you about this trend.
For the past five years there has been a growing trend towards using one's knowledge to create lucrative opportunities.  Many people are using their knowledge to write self help, how to do, and you can do it books and for many it is paying off quite nicely.  With a rapidly aging population there are more and more retirees who are looking for ways to get involved in various types of hobbies ranging from playing golf to gardening, carpentry to cooking, interior decorating to cake making, and so much more.  In addition, there is a swelling number of consumers who are looking for self help and how to do books that would teach them how to surf the Internet, create and develop websites, set up and install servers and workstations, and basically learn more and keep up with the rapidly growing world of technology.  There is a very real demand out there for self help, how to do, and you can do books in various formats such as electronic, hard copy, books on cassette and CD, and even on DVD. 
More and more people are using the Internet to market their books and they are either going the self publishing route or using online publishers to get their books marketed.  The trick of the trade is to find the right way to do this and in order to do so you need to evaluate a few important facts before you decide to strike out on such a venture.  I have prepared a list of considerations for you to think about because as an author I have had the opportunity to learn through trial and error and now I would like to help you avoid some of those common pitfalls that I fell into when I first started out.
Before you decide to be a self published author you need to ensure that you have the necessary support behind you that you can use to market yourself.  If you have the resources to create and develop a website to sell your book then it's half the battle won.  You need to be able to develop a website that is eye-catching, savvy, and technically able to carry out online transactions.  If you don't have these types of skills readily available then you may not want to go the self publishing route.  Your website needs to be marketed through such channels as search engines, the use of Google ad words, using media outlets to market your book, getting readers to write book reviews for you after they have read your book, using press releases to help expose both you and your book, and even using radio programs to talk about our book. 
If you choose to use an online publisher to publish and market your books you should still use a website of your own to help market your book.  Then, when you decide to go the online publishing route you need to make the right choice when choosing your online publisher.  You need to research this very carefully and choose the one that gives you the most exposure to book sellers.  As most of you already know most books are sold on the Internet through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Another important thing to keep in mind is the format of your book.  If your book is over 100 pages then you may want to go the hard copy route but if it is anything under 100 pages you may want to use both e and hard copy.
Finally, you should choose a title that best describes the contents of your book and if you decide to set up a website to sell your book then you should choose a name for your website that is either the same for the title of your book or close enough to the title of your book.  I hope that these tips help to spark your creative juices and I look forward to seeing some spanking new authors on the scene very soon.
If you'd like to read my book then please visit

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Companies employing techniques to monitor their employees

    Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and on this glorious Saturday afternoon I'd like to interrupt your weekend to pass along some very interesting tips to you.  This was supplied to us by our New York bureau and I thought it would be a good idea for me to discuss briefly.
According to a recent survey published in New York this past week, it appears that many large and medium sized companies have entered into a very new age of monitoring the activities of their employees.  They are now using emails, cameras, gps tracking, and security cards to monitor the comings and goings of their employees.  They are now using email monitors to check incoming and outgoing emails from their company and these monitors are a combination of software as well as human monitors.  They are asking or rather demanding that their employees use security cards to badge in and out of work.  They are using video cameras to watch over their employees at work and they are using GPS tracking to monitor the vehicles of company personnel.
I can fully understand why so many companies feel the necessity to use these techniques but on the other hand companies need to ensure that they don't cross the line when it comes to encroaching in the privacy of their employees.  What we have here is companies using every possible weapon in their arsenal to protect themselves from such things as Internet scams, identity theft, theft of private and confidential company information, security breaches, and more.  However, employees also need to ensure that companies don't cross the line when it comes to the protection of their private and personal lives.  If a company uses these methods during work hours then I really don't see a problem but if they are used to monitor employees after hours then we move into a very uncertain area. 
Then, we have to look at how far should a company go when it comes to monitoring their employees during work hours.  Should a company be allowed to monitor the personal emails of its employees during work hours and if so does this mean that an employee should expect its employer to monitor emails that they receive from and send to friends, emails that they send and receive during the course of online transactions, plus more?  Does this mean that employees may be subjected to video cameras spying on them in washrooms?  Does this mean that employees could be caught on camera nodding off in their cubicles, picking their noses, biting their nails, or so on and so on?  How are companies going to ensure that they do not cross the line when it comes to using these methods and what criteria are they going to use when it comes to determining what is relevant and what is not re the protection of their company?
Whatever the outcome of this let us hope that the American government will step in to provide some clear guidelines that will protect both employers and employees.
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Friday, July 14, 2006

Call centers in India depriving Americans

Hello There!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and this week I'd like to discuss a bit about those call centers in India.
For the past few years many large corporations have been shifting their call center operations to India because they are telling us all that they are doing this in order to reduce their overhead costs.  This may be fine from their point of view but I along with thousands of experts across America and millions of very upset and unhappy Americans are seeing this quite differently.  For starters  Let me put forth some very sobering facts and I'll let you be the judge.
First, these call centers in India are being staffed by employees who don't speak English very well as English is their second language. 
Second, these folks in India employ very different ways of marketing their companies to us.  They are abrupt, rude, and don't know very much about how to interact with us as they seem to be very unaware of our culture let alone our geographical areas.  I'll give you two examples to back up my opinion.  They phone late at night asking or rather demanding that you sign up with their companies for such services as long distance  connections and when you try to be polite to them they keep demanding and demanding and finally you end up hanging up on them.  Then when they phone they ask for the owner of the phone and if you're a female answering the phone they are extremely rude to you as if they would prefer not to speak to a woman.  Then they would even dare to phone on Sundays and when you tell them to please leave you alone they become very belligerent.
When I refer to them not knowing much about our geographical areas I say this because I recently had an experience where I phoned IBM to get the number of a friend.  The call center in India received the call and when I told them that I was seeking the number of my friend in Austin Texas they had no clue where Austin Texas was and I had to spell Both Austin and Texas.  I spent over 10 minutes attempting to get this number and at the end I had to hang up because the call taker could not help me.
In addition to this many of these call center staff members are woefully weak in their knowledge of the different products and services that they are supposed to know about.  You phone looking for info on a product and these poor call takers have no idea what you're talking about.
So what we have here is a picture of these call centers in India providing woefully inadequate customer service because:  They cannot speak English efficiently enough to communicate or help us, their knowledge of the products and services that they're supposed to know about is almost zero, and their customer savvy or lack of it is a big problem.  Whereas these large corporations are telling us that they are doing this to cut their costs, they are falling down on the job when it comes to customers service.  There is also another very important point here and that is:  With many corporations such as IBM, Sprint, AT&T, and others moving their call center operations outside of North America, they have affectively taken away jobs from millions of Americans.  Persons such as special needs persons, those who do not possess the necessary qualifications to land those high paying jobs, part-timers, plus so many more.  They have taken away opportunities of employment for millions of Americans who need these types of jobs in order to make ends meet as they say.
It's time for us to speak up about this particular issue.  We must not settle for second rate customer service and most importantly we should not allow these corporate giants to get away with this.  What really gets me annoyed is when these corporations proclaim their willingness and readiness to help our economy but in essence what they are doing is selling jobs at cut rates to others rather than to their own.  They are taking their call center services to India and paying next to nothing for Indian labor but in reality they are paying for shamefully poor customer service that will eventually come back to bite them.

Be ware of those scammers

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
Today I'd like to pass on some very important tips when it comes to those very ruthless scammers.
They come in all shapes and sizes and by this I mean that it is extremely difficult to stereo type them.  They could be as young as the teenager and as old as the senior.  They could be a man or a woman.  They are prowling on the Internet, constantly bombarding you with faxes, they hang out at banking machines, disturb your supper time meal with aggravating phone calls, and they even have the unmitigated boldness to accost you in malls, on the street corners, in your driveway, and almost anywhere. 
They are up to their necks in identity theft constantly creating ways to steal your credit card info and banking details.  They even find ways to spirit your social security number away from you when you're not looking, get you to fall for those false promises of exotic vacations, and they even promise you a lottery if you get involved in their get quick rich schemes.  What I'm saying is that in order to protect yourself from these dark and dubious characters, you need to be more watchful and vigilant.  No one is safe.  Your kids are most vulnerable as you need to protect them from those sex and porn scams and you can do this by closely monitoring their Internet and after school activities.  If you're looking for such things as life and accident insurance plans and even extra health coverage insurance plans, then you are much better off to deal with a reputable insurance company.  In like manner, if you're looking for the services of a financial planner, then go to your bank and ask for their services.  If someone calls you on the phone with promises of a dream vacation then check it out before giving any info to the caller.  Finally, ignore those emails that ask you to supply your password and username and banking details by logging into an url that is imbedded in the email.  No reputable company or banking institution will ever ask you to do this.  And if they phone you asking for the same type of info then ask them for their number and phone them back.  Better still check out this call with your bank.
I hope that these tips are of some help to you.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Kid entrepreneurs on the increase

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk.
It's a really gloomy day today in my neck of the woods but alas!  Summer is here and before we know it summer will soon be gone again and we will all be wondering how come it went so quickly.  Our kids in particular look forward to this time off and how well they deserve this time.  However, there is something very interesting happening these days in the world of our kids and it has to do with a very big push that is taking place re encouraging our kids to become entrepreneurs.
There was a time when the idea of kid entrepreneurs was just a blip on our radar screens because they were much more interested in enjoying the summer, playing outdoors, vacationing at Disney World, and so on.  Now however, the American government along with several large corporations of note and even some business schools and thousands of experts across the land are beginning to tell us that we should start encouraging our kids to get involved in entrepreneurial ventures as early as possible.  The thought here is that the earlier that we can cultivate a kids entrepreneur economy, the better it is going to be for all of the stakeholders.  These would include the kids themselves, parents, schools, and even the American economy;  And there should not be an age limit.  The experts are saying that if we can get our youngsters involved and interested in business ventures as soon as they are able to read and write, the better it would be.  Believe it or not!  There are many lucrative opportunities waiting out there for our kids and thousands of potential clients of all types.  From the American government to other global governments, large international corporations and conglomerates to medium sized companies, and even millions of individuals.
Did you know that several companies such as food companies, toy companies, video games companies, marketing research companies, Uncle Sam, and millions of individuals are looking to tap into the skills and knowledge of our kids?  Did you also know that your youngsters can earn literally thousands of dollars just for providing their knowledge, technical savvy, and creativity?  Did you also know that your kids could potentially earn income year round?
If you're not yet convinced then please pick up a copy of "Untapped Wealth Discovered" written by Jeff N Marquis and Kerry J Harrison.  This book will provide you with the necessary evidence and show you how to get started.  Next week I am going to tell you a story of how some very enterprising youngsters are using their imaginations to take advantage of the kids entrepreneur concept.  In the meantime, visit to pick up your copy of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A travel agent making six figure annual incomes

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and this evening I'd like to share a success story with you.
Kristian Seaberg has given us permission to share his story with you and he owes a lot of his success to Jeff Marquis and Kerry Harrison authors of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
For the past six years Marquis and Harrison have been helping Kristian to take advantage of a very potent and lucrative market that is rich in demand and consumer growth, very financially influential, and extremely healthy growth wise.  Kristian has been able to tap into a relatively untapped market in Europe and he has been using his creativity and people skills to help him move along.  In addition, he has used his interest in the travel industry to build his business.  For as long as he cam remember Kristian has always been interested in travelling and growing up in the Netherlands his dream was to travel around the world especially so to America.  So, upon graduation from high school he decided to go into the travel industry and worked for about 10 years with a travel agency.  Then he decided to go it on his own and after much research he decided to write to us and seek our help. 
It was not hard for us to work with this very enthusiastic and ambitious young man.  Kristian was eager to learn as much as he could and we helped him to carve out a niche market for himself.  We introduced him to the special needs consumer market in Europe and in short order he caught onto the types of services that these consumers were seeking.  Today, the special needs consumer market is going guns as more and more seniors and special needs persons across Europe are seeking travel agents who are willing and able to plan special trips for them, offer them specialized services, and offer them door to door assistance and service.  Kristian operates a very successful travel agency in the Netherlands and employs a 15 member staff one of whom is his brother Karl and his wife Helga is also a part of the team.  He offers cruises and tours across Europe and his staff provides service in English, Spanish, French, and Italian.  He is planning to expand his services to include German and his primary customers are seniors and special needs persons.
Kristian has taken full advantage of a niche market that is loaded for bear with demand, consumer growth, financial influence, and tons of opportunities.  "Jeff Marquis and Kerry Harrison have helped me to build my business around a specific type of demand and customer.  They have mentored me all the way and I am very appreciative.  Niche marketing is what they have introduced me to and it's working just fine."
Kristian has been enjoying six figure annual incomes for the past four years and we expect him to expand at a very healthy rate.  For more information on how to use niche marketing to your advantage pick up your copy of "untapped Wealth Discovered" at

Monday, July 10, 2006

How to save money in the workplace

Good morning and I'd like to start by congratulating the Italians on their world cup soccer victory.
I'm Kerry J Harrison co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered" and today I'd like to answer a query from Josh Creigher in Kansas City.  Josh would like us to give him some suggestions as to how he can cut some corners when it comes to cutting down on some unnecessary expenses both at home and at work.  So, here goes but before I start I am very sure that many of you are already aware of most of these suggestions. 
You can brown bag to work more often if you are already not doing so.  If you are in the habit of eating lunch out at work then you can cut expenses here by taking your lunch to work and while you're at it you can pack some healthy snacks to help you cut down on those extra cups of coffee and muffins.  If you do it right you can save about $2000 annually and you don't have to do it by brown bagging it every day.  Just make sure that you brown bag more than you eat out.
If you're a smoker then stop smoking and if you are an average to medium high smoker then you can save about $5000 annually.
If you can, leave your car at home and take public transit as often as you can.  Not everyone can do this but if you can then give it a whirl.  You can save on expenses here by not paying for gas, parking fees, and wear and tear on your car.
You may even want to try the car pool option as this can also go a long to help you save some money.  If you are unable to take public transit then you may want to travel to and from work during those hours where traffic is lightest.  This would mean less time spent on the road and consequently less gas to burn. 
You may also want to use a smaller car that burns less gas when driving to work.  Like I said before, most of you are probably very aware of these types of savers but I hope that this helps Josh.
Thank you Josh for your query.
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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Calling all fitness instructors

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and on this lovely Saturday afternoon I'd like to put a little buzz in your ears.
Did you know that there's a very acute shortage of fitness instructors across America?
Did you also know that several very powerful and influential parties have put out a call for fitness instructors?
Did you also know that one of these parties is indeed the American government?  Yes, Uncle Sam has just put out a call for fitness instructors and our government is offering very big bucks for anyone who possesses the skills of a fitness instructor.  In addition, several health orgs across America, the world health organization, and practically millions of consumers both at home and abroad have also started to seek the services of fitness instructors.  Things are becoming very desperate re the health of our nation and as part of the fight to bring the problem of obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes under control, the call has gone out for more fitness instructors.
If you're not sure what type of career to choose then please, please consider that of a fitness instructor.  This type of career has the potential to bring you very healthy six figure income for a very long time.
If you're looking to set up a part-time or sideline business, then you should give serious consideration to getting into the fitness instructor business.  If you're looking for a home based business then the fitness instructor business may be what you're looking for.
Consider this:  A fitness instructor is in extremely high demand these days and demand for fitness instructors is threatening to blow out of proportion.  If you're a fitness instructor you can work either for yourself or for practically any type of health club, spa, clinic, gym, plus more.  The American government is willing to pay you big bucks.  Hundreds of thousands of health orgs are also willing to pay you very well, and millions of Americans are also willing to pay you substantially.  In addition, many world governments are seeking the services of fitness instructors.
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Friday, July 07, 2006

Six figure incomes for a party throwing business

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and this evening I'd like you to meet Sheldon and Erin Spitz.  Sheldon and Erin live in Arizona and they asked us to pass on their success story to you as a means of motivating you to reach for the stars as they have.  You see, Sheldon and Erin have been long time clients of ours and they started their own business over 12 years ago as party throwers.  Straight out of college they decided to go into business for themselves after getting married and three kids later along with countless hours of hard work and tedious time spent building their business they are now able to enjoy their six figure annual income which they have been making for the last four years.
Sheldon and Erin are party throwers and here's what they do.  They plan, arrange, and throw parties of all sizes.  From parties for two to parties for hundreds they are right there in the mix of things.  They do things like help the young couple to plan and enjoy a quiet evening by cooking a sumptuous meal for them, decorating the dinner table with candles, serving the wine, providing the romantic music, and so on.  They throw parties on behalf of large corporations.  They hold parties to celebrate wedding anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions.  They plan and hold pool parties for friends and families, throw receptions for sporting clubs, and so much more.
Sheldon and Erin employ 15 fulltime staff and eight part-time workers and their business is growing by leaps and bounds.  They have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in Arizona and they have been able to create a high demand for their type of services.  We have shown them how to take advantage of niche marketing and it has paid off handsomely.  "Niche marketing is what it's all about and once you identify your intended niche market along with the potential consumers then it's half the battle won." Says Sheldon.  "You have to use your imagination but you also have to go after something that you enjoy doing and don't choose something that you hate doing."  Says Erin.
Sheldon and Erin have found a niche but they have to work very hard to constantly stay ahead of their competition.  When they first started there was practically no competition but for the past two years competitors have been slowly creeping into the market.  "What you have to do is to constantly pay attention to what your customers are asking for."  Says Sheldon and we as a team are constantly helping them to find creative ways to attract new customers.  They utilize the Internet as well as other channels to advertise their services but in addition they have to use their imaginations fulltime to come up with exciting and interesting innovations and ideas.
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Internet providers monitoring the websites you visit

Good evening!  I'm Kerry J Harrison co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
This evening I'd like to bring your attention to a news clip provided to us by our Ottawa Canada correspondent and it concerns one of Canada's Internet providers starting to implement a new procedure of monitoring the websites visited by their customers.  I believe that this policy has come about as a result of the Canadian government's initiatives to clamp down on such things as child pornography and identity theft on the Internet and I also believe that our American government has already started to move in this direction.
The provider in question here is Sympatico and Sympatico is one of the largest Canadian ISPs at the present time.  I as a parent am very happy and excited about this as I have to be realistic and admit that it is almost practically impossible for both me and my husband to keep constant tabs on the websites that our kids visit.  In an era where those sex predators seem to be gaining in their efforts to ruin the lives of our kids and teens, we really need to find ways to protect them from these kinds of dangerous individuals.  I know that there are several various types of software out there that enables us parents to monitor the Internet activities of our kids and teens but I don't think that it is nearly enough.  Sure, it helps to a certain degree but we need more weapons in our arsenals if we ever hope to conquer such things as pornography, identity theft, plus much more.  As those sex predators and identity thieves get smarter and more savvy we need to find more innovative ways to stay ahead of them and if you're really listening then you may want to think of a career as an identity theft fighter, or maybe look at such ideas as:
A software developer to help parents and law enforcement agencies fight sex predators.  A software developer to protect companies and individuals from identity theft.  An electronic investigator to work with law enforcement agencies and companies. 
Think about it!  This can be what you're looking for if you're in the market for either a change in career, a new career, an entrepreneurial or small business opportunity, or even an opportunity to earn some additional income.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bullies in the workplace on the rise

Good evening everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
This evening I'd like to zoom in on the increasing number of bullies in our workplace and how they are causing and bringing more and more stress to the workplace.  It is estimated that one in every six workers is a victim of bullying and that most of our bullies these days are women.  In addition, they are saying that bullying is on the increase because more and more workers are under stress to produce more for less pay and those who are having difficulty producing are turning to bullying to help them get their work done.  In so many cases we are seeing that most workers are choosing to change jobs rather than face their bullies and this is leading to loss of production and higher turn over of employees.
There are so many theories being offered as to why bullying in the workplace is on the rise.  Anything from friction among employees to friction between management and employees, pressure to get ahead in the workplace,  pressure to keep one's job, pressure for managers to produce more, and so on.  More often than not managers fail to recognize the signs of bullying either because they are not properly trained to spot the signs, or because they choose to deliberately ignore it.  Whatever the reasons, there seems to be a growing concern over the increased trend towards bullying in the workplace and the experts are calling for companies to do something about it before it starts to get out of hand.
I have talked to several workers who have admitted to being victims of bullying.  Some have chosen to go along with the bullies, others have chosen to stand up to their attackers, but the majority of them have taken the path of quitting and seeking employment elsewhere.  Believe it or not bullying in the workplace can lead to tremendous stress and in turn this leads to an increase in sick days, visits to the doctor for stress related symptoms, depression, problems at home, lack of sleep, and much more.
There has to be a team effort among employees, management, and the company as a whole if we are to take this problem in hand and the sooner we do this the better it is going to be for all.
If you are tired of being bullied then it's time for you to speak up.  If you know someone who is either being bullied or you know of a bully then you need to report this ASAP.
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Are changes brewing in the weight watching industry?

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and I'd like to wish each and everyone of you a very happy 4th of July!
I'd like to throw out a question to you this evening.  Do you think that changes may be brewing in the weight watching industry?  I'm asking this because of the latest news here and I'm referring to the acquisition of Jenny Craig by the Nestle company.  Now, we all know that Jenny Craig has been a big player in the weight watching industry for many years and this company has done quite well for itself evening employing the Duchess of York as a spokes person.  However, it seems very strange to have the Nestle company who is better known for its food products enter into this type of company.  The experts are speculating that Nestle may have acquired the Jenny Craig company as part of its efforts to produce and sell products that are of the weight watching variety through a ready made channel such as Jenny Craig. 
I believe that there is always a lesson for us to learn when it comes to these types of acquisitions and that is it is always possible for any company of any size to be able to retool itself in order to enter a different type of market.  In other words, just as Nestle is now attempting to enter a different type of market, so too it is possible for us to change careers and choose an entirely different career path.  For example if we are afraid to change career gears from being a software engineer to a party planner we should not be afraid.  What we need to do before changing careers like this is to do our homework and line up our ducks in a row before taking the big plunge.  That is, make sure that both financially and emotionally we are ready and prepared for a change in career.
If you're having difficulty finding somewhere to start then you should pick up a copy of "Untapped Wealth Discovered" written by Jeff N Marquis and Kerry J Harrison.  This book will show you how to start a new career in niche markets that are lucrative, untapped, filled with real demand and growth, and ballooning consumer and financial influence.  Visit to pick up your copy today.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Female workers deserve to have rides at night

Hello there!      I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and I'd like to start the week by discussing the merits of ensuring that our female employees are provided with cab rides if they work late at night.  There was an incident last summer where a female teenager was killed while on her way home from work at Wendy's.  This horrific event took place in the quiet city of Ottawa Canada and since then the Wendy's chain in Canada has moved to ensure that all of its workers who work late at night are provided with cab rides if they request it. 
The McDonald's chain has had a policy of providing rides to its workers who work late at night for some time now but the Burger King chain refused comment.  I personally have teenagers who work late at night and I am always so concerned about ensuring their safety.  My wife and I are always there to pick up our kids but there are so many youngsters who don't have anyone to pick them up after they're done working at night and many of them depend heavily on these types of jobs to help them through college and university.  I believe that there are many companies who do the right thing by providing cab rides to their night time workers but there are others who don't and this is my call to these companies to change their policy.  With safety becoming more and more of an issue and concern to both our youngsters and especially to our female population, it's time for all of those companies who run a night time operation to smarten up and provide cab rides to their workers.  There is fast becoming a trend whereby more and more workers are choosing to work for those companies who show compassion and welfare for their night time workers.  So if you companies want to attract and hold on to your night time staff then please do the right thing and provide these cab rides.
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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Promising opportunities for family physicians

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
Today, while wishing our Northern neighbors a very happy Canada Day I'd like to tell you about some very potent and extremely lucrative opportunities for family physicians in Ontario Canada.
I recently read where there is a growing need for family physicians in Ontario Canada and this is happening because of:
The present average age of family physicians in this province stands at 51 and in less than 15 years most of these physicians will be retiring.
Last year two in every 10 family physicians were accepting new patients but this year this stat stands at one in every 10.
Ontario is not the only province in Canada having difficulty finding and keeping family physicians.  However, Ontario is having the most difficulty and such is the concern that both the Ontario and Canadian governments are starting to think of ways to attract more family physicians to Ontario and Canada as a whole.  This could be a very good opportunity for those budding American family physicians who are thinking of their future.  Canada could be the answer to your decision.  Canada offers lots to anyone thinking of relocating.
For starters, Canada has one of the best economies in the world and is one of the leaders of the G 8 countries.  Taxes are lower than in the United States and with a very strong Canadian dollar the standard of living in Canada is very good at present and is forecasted to remain so for quite some time and with the oil boom Canada is in a position to pay for whatever it needs because of oil rich Alberta. 
The weather may be another thing with normally colder winters than America but there's lots to do re sports, entertainment, restaurants, and a very friendly country.  In addition, Canada is very close to the U.S when it comes to culture so anyone thinking of moving North should not have too much difficulty.  Canada is now known as Hollywood North and much of the film industry in the United States make Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Edmonton their second homes away from.
So, give some thought to this.

The Doubleday saga continues

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and to end the week I'd like to give a tongue lashing to the folks at the Doubleday book club. 
We have had several hundred complaints over the past few months from unhappy and irate Doubleday customers and we hope that this time someone at Doubleday is listening in.  This is probably the third time that we are focusing in on this book club and it gives me no pleasure to be scolding these folks.  Doubleday has been around for a very long time and on the whole they are a very reputable org but when it comes to treating their customers with respect and courtesy they fall woefully short.  Many of their customers are presently accusing them of bullying tactics and they are even saying that in many cases Doubleday is crossing the line when it comes to harassment and some are even thinking of legal action to stop the bullying.
Doubleday employs a very interesting way of billing their customers for books not ordered charging them for fulfillment fees.  Doubleday is acting childishly and is becoming more and more like the now defunct Columbia Record company.  Grow up Doubleday and do something about your present tactics or if you don't then some day soon you will find that your ex. customers will start taking legal action against you.  Why are you spending tons of time and wasting oodles of paper to bill your customers for fulfillment fees when they have not ordered the books in question?  Do something about this now before you start seeing a drastic slip on your profits.

Contact us to learn more.

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