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Thursday, June 29, 2006

An overweight nation

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and this evening I'm going to blow the trumpet of alarm because of a stat that I recently came across.
I recently read that two thirds of Americans are overweight and this stat is climbing rapidly and has been climbing very quickly for many years now.  The thing is that for too many years Americans have been dealing with the issue of overweight children, overweight women, and overweight men.  Too many of us are just not heeding the danger signs and we are continuing to go along our merry way stuffing our faces with hamburgers, hotdogs, pizzas, fried chicken, and piles and piles of junk food that are overflowing with trans fats, calories, and substances that are no good for us.  We see that the Wendy's food chain is making an effort to be more conscious of what they put into their foods, and McDonald's is really trying.  burger King too is making an effort but we simply cannot depend on these food chains to do it all for us.  We have to do our part and this entails being more conscious and aware of what we put into our bodies.
It's simply not enough for us to eat wisely and healthily.  We need to make ourselves more fit by embarking on some very meaningful exercise programs.  We need to frequent the gyms and fitness clubs in larger numbers.  We need to jog, walk, cycle, swim, and do other physical activities more frequently.  We need to watch what we eat and how often we eat.  We need to be scared enough to start taking better care of our bodies.  We need to understand that being overweight can lead to some very serious ramifications such as diabetes, heart diseases, plus so much more and that diabetes can lead to blindness.
Please America, please pay attention before it's too late.
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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A virtual office business making six figure incomes

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and today I'd like you to meet a very successful small business owner who has been making six figure incomes for the past five years and he is aspiring to surpass the seven figure mark by the end of this year.
His name is Sean OKeath and he lives in Dublin Ireland and he is a prodigy of our small business venture consulting.  About eight years ago Sean wrote to us from Dublin and through the long process of emails and phone calls we helped him to identify a niche market for himself and to set up a virtual office business.  Sean was a quick study and he enlisted the help of his family namely his wife and three sons who at the time were in high school. 
Sean started small by operating out of his home and he opened his doors to his customers in the spring of 1998.  He started by offering faxing and copying services to his customers but things started to happen quickly and before he new it he was offering other types of services such as printing services, mailbox services, courier services, and tele conferencing services.  At the beginning of the new millennium he had to make the decision to seek new premises for his business because his house was beginning to be too cramped for both his family and his business and by that time the eldest of his three sons was fully employed in the business and his second and third sons were close behind.
Sean made his first six figure income at the end of 2001 and since then he has not looked back.  In addition to those services mentioned above he now offers his customers the opportunity to hold their conferences and meetings at his offices and he also offers accounting and bookkeeping services, as well as seminars and workshops.  Sean is going guns and his customers are really happy with him.  He advertises on the Internet, through the newspapers in his county, and by word of mouth.  His wife and sons are right there with him and they have all learned to develop the necessary skills such as website development and support, customer service and support, and small business management.
Sean has found a niche market to offer his services to small businesses and households and it's working just fine.  You too can find similar types of niche markets and we can show you how to do it at a very affordable price.  There's a book called "Untapped Wealth Discovered" which you can buy at and we can guarantee you that this book will help you to discover those niche markets that are safe, lucrative, fast growing, and long lasting.  The authors of this book have written other books and dozens of articles and newsletters that show you how to take advantage of real demand and light competition. 
"Untapped Wealth discovered" is now into its second edition and it has already sold almost 100,000 copies in only 14 months.  It has the backing of the American, British, and Canadian governments as well as the backing of thousands of business experts worldwide.
This book is an excellent way for you to start.  It is very affordable, is filled with proven strategies, and you can't do anything but learn from it for literally pennies.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wanted! A special type of video game developer

Good evening!  I'm Kerry J Harrison co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
I'd like to talk to you about a very fast growing niche market that is sitting right under our noses  in three years time the experts are predicting that this niche market will be worth about $55 billion.  This niche market is ripe for the taking and at the present time there is not much competition or suppliers.  Demand is very much ahead of supply and this is because there are not many persons around with the necessary skills to take advantage of this market.  I'm referring to a very small corner of the video games market and before you decide to skip my blog I think that you should read on a bit more.
There is a growing demand for video game developers to develop Christian video games and now you're probably asking what are Christian video games?  Christian video games are those video games that are free of violence and these days I can tell you that millions of parents along with hundreds of thousands of educators and health professionals and organizations are all clamoring for the video game industry to produce games that are less violent.  I'll tell you some thing else that may be very surprising and that is it costs about $6 million to produce a video game that is filled with violence whereas on average it costs about $1 million to produce a video game that is free of violence.  So many kids feel that it's real cool to play those video games that are filled with violence, terror, and fast action that leads to unpleasant and unsavory endings but I can assure you that there is a trend that is quickly starting to take hold within the video games industry and this trend is pushing video game developers to produce more Christian like games.  Many video games manufacturers are starting to discover the great difference in cost to develop a violent video game versus a Christian video game and they are also beginning to clue into the fact that more and more parents are demanding that their kids play less violent video games and afterall it is the parents who are going to be the ones buying most of these games for their youngsters.
This may be a good time for you to take a long hard look at a new type of career within the video games industry and it could very well be a career that can bring you very handsome rewards both financially as well as personally.  Don't be surprised if in the not too distant future and as early as within a year or so if companies such as Sony, Microsoft, and others don't start to put out calls for video game developers who have the necessary skills to create Christian video games.
If you're interested in learning how to discover other types of niche markets then I'd like to suggest that you pick up a copy of "Untapped Wealth Discovered" written by me and Jeff N Marquis.  Our well priced book can show you how to discover those markets that are rich, filled with consumer demand, fast growing, and long lasting.  Visit to pick up your copy.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Identity theft through emails

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and I'm going to start the week by passing on a warning to you re your emails.
When next you decide to send emails, pay very careful attention to what you're sending and to whom you're sending it.  There are increasing numbers of emails that are turning up in our in boxes from senders who are posing as your financial institution, your utility company, and so on.  These emails ask you to verify your banking details, your password, and your username among other things.  Please ignore these emails because if you make the mistake to answer them there are those scammers who are just waiting at the other end to receive these emails and then they take the info that you've provided and use it to steal your personal information.  You need to remember that as a golden rule your financial institution would never ask you to verify your account online and in like manner your utility company would never do the same because they all know and are very aware of those identity thieves.
Here's how it's working these days.  An authentic looking email turns up in your in box asking you to verify your banking details and password by logging into a website and they provide you with a link to this website in the email.  If you are naive enough to fall for this ploy you find yourself providing all kinds of personal banking details on the provided url and before you know it these identity thieves have taken your personal information and they are using it to reap havoc with your bank accounts.  Never, never, give your banking details to any sender of these types of emails and do not fall to temptation and log onto the url that is provided in these emails.  Just ignore these emails and delete them ASAP.  Then report it to your financial institution.
Identity thieves are using emails to try and catch you napping but there's something that you can do about it.  Ignore these emails and delete them.  Many of these emails look very authentic and innocent but you must keep in mind that your banking or financial institution will probably never send you an email asking you to verify your personal banking details online.  The same holds for any type of government agency.
On another note:  Looking for ways to keep your kids occupied for the summer?  Then you should think of introducing them to business ventures for kids.  Believe it or not there are many companies looking for kids and teens to act as consultants.  To learn more pick up a copy of "Untapped Wealth Discovered" written by Jeff Marquis and Kerry Harrison.  These two authors have written a book that shows both parents and youngsters how to find those lucrative opportunities that allow everyone to use their creative juices to earn income.
Visit today.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Kids businesses for the summer

    Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and I'm back after a very restful and relaxing vacation.
Summer is finally here and many parents are probably at their wits end as to what to do in order to keep their kids occupied.  I know that many kids are probably wishing that they can have the summer off just to enjoy themselves and forget about school for a few months but on the other side of the coin there are many parents who are hoping that they can find activities to interest their youngsters.
Putting your kids to work during the summer is not a new thing and there could be many benefits for all concerned if both parents and their kids can work together to create and develop business ventures.  It doesn't have to be anything elaborate  or complicated;  just something small to start with.  It doesn't have to be the business idea of the year;  Just something to capture the imagination and hold the attention of your kids long enough for them to pick up some vital knowledge and know how.
Don't think of a summer business as necessarily being a lemonade stand, a lawn mowing service, a window cleaning business, or a car wash service.  There are several ideas that you can look at and if you're not sure where to start then you can pick up a copy of "Untapped Wealth Discovered" on  This book is written by two authors who offer several very exciting ideas for kids businesses.  You can also buy this book at
Enjoy the rest of your weekend wherever you are.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Six figure incomes for a preserves entrepreneur

Good evening!  I'm Kerry J Harrison co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered" and I too am back after an overseas tour that took me to Britain and Europe.
This evening I'd like to tell you about one of our clients that I recently visited while on my trip to Britain.  She has been one of our long time clients and I'm just so proud of her accomplishments.  Her name is Jill Sproul and she lives in Sheffield England and for the past 10 years she has been earning six figure annual incomes in her business.  Jill retired from her job as a registered nurse some 15 years ago and was just not content to sit at home.  So she decided to go out and do something about it.  She first tried private nursing but she found that she did not want to stay in this field so she decided to try something new and decided to try her hand at the preserves business.  Jill chose this type of business because of her liking for jam making and as far back as she could remember she had always enjoyed helping her mom to make and sell jams, jellies, and other types of preserves.  As Jill tells it "I was only about five or six years old when I first started to help my mom in the kitchen.  Each weekend I and my sister Jane would help her to make and bottle jams and jellies and we would store hundreds of bottles of these preserves in our food larder.  Then whenever there were food fares and bazaars in our village we would help our parents to set up our stall and there we would sell our preserves.  I always enjoyed these times." 
Jill has been using her skills and experience to help her grow her business.  When she first started out she was just a one woman operation but today she has five other persons working with her.  We have helped Jill to use the Internet to advertise and we have also helped her to develop and execute other types of marketing strategies.  We have shown her how to build a website that affectively shows off her products and she has even developed an online facility to sell her preserves.  Jill also uses the by word of mouth method to advertise and she has found a niche market to sell her preserves to persons who are seeking fruit spreads.  As she tells it these persons are the health conscious consumers and they are growing in numbers.  Jill agrees that her success is due in large part to her cashing in on certain niche markets where consumers are demanding specific types of preserves.  We have shown her how to discover demand for her products and how to take advantage of it by offering what consumers want and not what she wants to offer.  Jill is constantly listening to her consumers' demand and it's paying off for her.  This type of approach will work anywhere because it means that you are offering what people are demanding and not what you would like them to demand.  Niche markets exist everywhere and if you take the time to look you would be surprised to see that they are right under your nose just waiting for you to grab ahold of them.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Changing trends in the health industry

Greetings!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and I too am back after a well deserved vacation.
I'd like to start by briefly discussing some trends presently taking place in our health industry.  It appears that more and more women are choosing to enter the health industry and at the same time more of our women are choosing to stay away from business schools.  In contrast, more and more men are choosing to opt out of our medical schools choosing instead to enter business schools.
Way back in 1969 there were very few female health professionals but by 2010 it is estimated that over 61% of graduating medical professionals are going to be women.  This means that whereas in former years whenever we visited our doctor's office were almost always met a male doctor in a few years were are going to be met by more and more female doctors. 
Many experts are predicting that if this trend continues we would probably start to see a changing health industry that may be more caring, compassionate, and gentle.  At the same time we would have to make accommodation for our female doctors who are desirous of raising families so whereas before we would have expected our male doctors to have long and uninterrupted careers, our female doctors would probably have careers that are occasionally interrupted by maternity leaves of absence. 
Interesting times lie ahead for our health industry.  Some good, some challenging, and some maybe rocky.  Whatever the situation, it appears that there is going to be a growing need for more and more female health professionals across North America.  There is a very interesting article in this month's issue of the free online magazine put out by  Check it out if you can.  I found it very interesting and you may too.

A recent cell phone study

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis co-author of Untapped Wealth Discovered and after a most enjoyable vacation I'm back at my desk.
I'd like to start off by bringing your attention to a recent cell phone study that I came across in an online magazine.  This study focuses on the use of cell phones and points to certain concerns and drawbacks for cell phone users.  For one thing it discusses the hazards of using cell phones and discusses the link between using cell phones and certain diseases.  I'd like to focus a bit on the dangers of driving while talking on cell phones because like others it concerns me greatly that too many of us talk on our cells while driving and in all honesty can we really concentrate sufficiently on our driving while talking to others?
A few weeks ago I heard about one lady who got herself into big hot water because while driving she was busy chatting on her cell and she got into a horrible accident.  She failed to see a scaffolding jutting out on a sidewalk and she crashed into it causing the worker on the scaffolding to fall 20 feet and the entire scaffolding fell into the road.  What's most disconcerting about this is that she never even realized that she had hit the scaffolding and she only realized that something was wrong when she noticed some cars in her rare view mirror trying to catch her attention.  Luckily for the worker he was not seriously injured but what if he had been killed?
There have been several incidents over the past few years in America of persons driving and talking on their cells getting into serious accidents and there seems to be a growing demand for some type of legislation in our country to curb the high level of talking on cells and driving at the same time.  It is my hope that this type of legislation comes much sooner rather than later because if it does not we are going to be faced with more and more accidents most of them being serious and some day soon the law suits are going to start coming fast and hard. For I can tell you that if I were ever faced with an injury caused by a talking cell phone driver I would not hesitate to launch a law suit.  I just don't understand how any logical thinking person could tell me that they are able to concentrate on their driving while talking to a person on their cell.  Impossible!  How could you give your undivided attention to the road and at the same time have a sensible conversation with your party on the phone?
If you'd like to read more about the cell phone study that I mentioned above then please visit and give a read to the June issue on the free online magazine page. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Which countries treat our mothers the best?

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and I'm glad to be back after a bit of a vacation. 
I know that Mother's day has gone by for yet another year but while on vacation I came across a little tit bit that I wanted to pass along.  Most of our telephone companies agree on one thing and that is Mother's day is one of the busiest in the year when it comes to phone traffic around the world.  Flower companies tell us that it's also one of the busiest days for them too as they have to keep up with those millions of requests for flowers to be sent to mothers.  However, when it comes to which countries treat their mothers the best many would be surprised to learn that it is not the United States. 
In a recent survey it was revealed that Scandinavian countries treat mothers the best and Saharan countries treat mothers the worst.  The United States finished in a tie with Britain in 10th position and Canada finished in ninth.  Whereas most of us would agree that our mothers play a vital role in our society too many of us are not very good at being able to treat our mothers with respect, courtesy, and dignity and in so many cases we often fail to realize that without our mothers where would we really be. 
Many experts are of the opinion that companies use Mother's day as a means of pushing their business as opposed to helping society to understand the true meaning of Mother's day.  Companies seem to place more emphasis on selling their products and services rather than taking the time to show us why Mother's day is important to us.  What we need to see is a more dedicated effort on the part of companies re telling us why it is important for us to honor our mothers rather than trying to convince us to buy their products and services for our moms. If anyone is listening out there maybe it's time for you to take up the cry for a change in the way we honor our moms.  Let us take the time to understand why our moms should be honored on a special day rather than trying to buy those over priced gifts for our moms and outdo each other.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bullies in the workplace

Hey there!  It's Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and after a bit of a break we're back.
I'd like to start by giving you some very important stats about bullies in the workplace.  Did you know that one in every six persons in the workplace is indeed a bully?  Did you also know that most bullies are women?  These are very shocking stats and added to this they are saying that there is an increasing number of bullies in the workplace and that bullying is on the up and up as well.  In addition, both employees and employers are on the bullying side of things.
There are many theories floating around as to why people become bullies.  Among these theories are some of the following:
Insecurity that includes things about one's personal appearance, social graces, financial position, psychological make up, and more.  Some people become bullies in order to cover up their weaknesses and securities or lack of intelligence because as a whole the bullied are usually less smart than the bullied.  In so many cases bullies use their bullying tactics to threaten and coheres their smarter victims into doing their work for them and what so many managers fail to realize is that nine out of 10 times the bullied usually choose to leave their jobs in order to get away from their tormentors and as a result productivity falls.
Bullying in the workplace has been around for too many years and is not going to go away unless companies make a dedicated effort to deal with the problems.  In too many situations managers feel that the best solution to this problem is for them to ignore it but several experts are of the opinion that in order to solve the bullying problem we need to understand why it takes place and after this we need to find affective solutions for both the bullies and the bullied.  In addition, with the increase of stress in the workplace more bullies are more than likely going to come out of the woodwork and both managers and employees need to be mindful of this.
Lots of food for thought.

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