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Saturday, May 13, 2006

A possible fall out between Disney and McDonald's

    Hi everyone it's Heather DeMarco at the business desk and I'd like to begin by wishing all you mothers out there a very happy Mother's day for tomorrow May 14.
I wanted to focus on a news item that came across the news wires this past week that caught my interest and I'm going to leave it up to you to judge for yourselves. 
For many years now Disney and McDonald's have been teaming up to go after the pre teen and teen market and we have gotten used to seeing McDonald's enticing kids to their outlets by offering kids meals with those pretty little Disney toys as a bonus and true to form both kids and their parents have enjoyed this type of arrangement.  However, the news wires this past week seemed to indicate that this arrangement between these two corporate giants may be coming to an end sooner rather than later and the experts are saying that due to the push towards making kids meals more healthy and nutritious Disney may be pulling the plug on the relationship because they no longer wish to be associated with the junk food market.  Disney went on to say that they are going to continue to work with McDonald's but on a case by case basis and they were very quick to point out that there was no parting of the ways between them and McDonald's.  For their part McDonald's remained silent.
I along with several others are of the opinion that Disney may be trying to distance itself from the junk food market in light of the growing number of obesity cases among our American kids but on the other the perception is that McDonald's has been trying very hard to clean up its image as a junk food giant and they are continuing to improve the quality of their meals to all consumers.  So, if Disney is worried or concerned about their image they may want to take another look at their relationship with McDonald's because after it may benefit them to have McDonald's as a partner.  For their part I think that McDonald's is on the right path to cleaning up and improving their image in the fast food market.  It would be very interesting to watch this development in the coming months.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Summer opportunities for kids

Good day everyone, I'm Jeff N Marquis co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
Spring is here and with it comes the start of graduation or prom season and thoughts are starting to turn to the end of another school year and a summer that may or may not include employment in some way shape or form for your youngsters.  As a father of four kids I know that I am going to be working very hard to try and interest them in some sort of business venture for the summer to help them fill their time as well as to introduce them to the business world.  It is my belief that it is never too early to introduce our kids to the business world and it's what I and my co-author Kerry J Harrison strongly promote in our book "Untapped Wealth Discovered" especially so in our second edition which we released last month.
There are thousands of opportunities just waiting for our youngsters to explore and as a matter of fact our government is strongly encouraging parents to give their kids a push into the world of small business because they feel that if we can get our kids going at an early age it would help the American economy to maintain their strangle hold on the number 1 position as the biggest and most powerful economy in the world.  Yes, we are still number one in so many ways despite the present weakness of our dollar.  However, I believe that the weak dollar is only a temporary condition and that there are several things that we as parents can do to help this situation.  There are many benefits for motivating and encouraging our kids to become young entrepreneurs and these include:  Stimulating their minds and imaginations, inspiring their creative juices, teaching them how to manage their own businesses, their money, and their lives, encouraging them to earn income that they can save for their college education and/or their young lives when they are finished high school, plus so much more.
I know that becoming a young entrepreneur is certainly not limited to lemonade and hotdog stands, selling to shirts, or similar types of ventures.  There are boundless opportunities for our budding entrepreneurs in the technology field, in the service industry, and even with those hungry companies who are just dying to tap into the expertise of our kids as they continue to try and find ways to beat their competition in such markets as the toy and video games industry, the breakfast food and fast food markets, the clothing industry, and more.  I know that I'm going to be working hard to encourage my kids this summer and I hope that you too would do the same.
I'd like to close by wishing all you moms out there a very happy mother's day on Sunday May 14.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Six figure incomes for ghost writers

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and today I'd like to tell you about a ghost writer who's actually making six figure annual incomes. 
His name is Tim Reisner and he lives in Atlanta.  For the past seven years he has been plying his trade as a ghost writer and for the past three years he has been grossing six figure annual incomes.  Most of you would probably be very surprised to read this but true it is.  You see, Tim works as a ghost writer and he does such things as:  Proof reading and editing, writing of articles, newsletters, and blogs, writing of books and proposals, and even research.  Tim is kept very busy and his advertising comes through word of mouth and lots of advertising on the Internet. 
We have been working with Tim for the past year to enhance and expand his advertising and his services and he has been receiving coaching from the good folks at  Tim often hires free lance writers to help him bridge the gap but on the whole he works alone. 
This could be a very interesting career for those of you aspiring writers.  This type of career can offer you the opportunity to work with many different types of clients over the Internet and you can even get to interact with clients on a global basis.  It's what Tim is doing on a daily basis and this type of business enables him to work from home and make his own hours of work.  If you're interested to know more about how you too can be like Tim then contact me at

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Computer card games gaining in popularity

Good evening, I'm Kerry J Harrison co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
I'd like to zoom in on a very interesting trend which seems to be growing very quickly among our young American males and by young American males I mean those ranging between the ages of 25 to 40.  A recently released stat in the United States reveals that about 40% of American males between the ages of 25 to 40 admitted that they play certain types of computer games on a daily basis and to that end the types of games that they play are not video games.  No!  They are the card types of games ranging from Poker to Solitaire, and other types of card games.  Whereas you will find more young Americans engaging in video games on a daily basis these persons in this age group are choosing to play card games and other types of board games that have been adapted for the computer.  Several of these young males also admitted to playing games like chess, checkers, and similar types of games and they play these games at work during their lunch break and whenever they can. 
I know that maybe about 30 to 40 years ago many persons in this age group used to play lots of card and board games among themselves and at that time card and board games were extremely popular and used to be one of the chief pastimes on weekends, curing vacation time, and even on evenings after work.  Then the age of video games arrived and it appeared that card and board games were in jeopardy of being made extinct but now there is a revival of card and board games and I'm very sure that board and card game developers must be breathing a very deep sigh of relief.
I guess that the lesson to be learned from this is that one should never give up on something even if technology may seem to have pushed it out the door.  What I'm saying is that even if technology may seem to have mechanized the video game industry, there is still room for our traditional board and card games.  So don't give up on something even if it may appear to you that a new trend is threatening to sweep a long standing tradition out of the marketplace.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Trouble brewing in the watch industry

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk.  This morning I'd like to alert you to some potential trouble and concerns brewing in the watch industry.  For the most part this industry has been very stable for many years and there have been a few big players dominating but some very interesting trends are threatening to cause some havoc and the big players are very aware and watchful.
What we are seeing is that more and more younger consumers are using their cells and i Pods as time pieces and as a result more than 50% of this age group are now abandoning their watches in favor of cells and i pods.  A recent report published in the US revealed that more teens and persons in their twenties to late 30s are going without watches on their wrists because they are finding it more economic and convenient to use their cells and i Pods.  They are telling us that they can use their cells in multiple ways such as for communication with others, for playing games, for surfing the Internet, and for keeping tabs on the time.  I Pod users are also telling us that they too can utilize their i Pods for multiple uses such as for playing their music and for staying in touch with the time.
The big questions here for watchmakers to ponder are whether or not this trend is here to stay and if so what are they going to do about it.  The experts are saying that maybe the watchmakers may want to fight back by designing watches that can be used in multiple ways.  It is also telling us that no market is really safe these days when it comes to the development of new products that can cause big waves.  Technology is certainly marching to new drums these days and because of this many markets are going to see drastic changes in the years to come.  I believe that if one possesses a vivid imagination, the right type of skills, and a bit of financial backing along with a flare for the business world, then the world can certainly be theirs for the taking.  It's what many others are predicting as well and what you'll find in the book "Untapped Wealth Discovered" written by Jeff N Marquis and Kerry J Harrison.  The second edition of this book has just been released and it's a must read for anyone looking for opportunities to expand and enhance their businesses.  "Untapped Wealth Discovered" is packed with common sense ideas, is very affordable and is based on real opportunities that are safe, logical, and free from scams and scammers.
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Monday, May 08, 2006

American workers tell us what's bugging them in the workplace

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and this morning I'd like to tackle the growing concerns over stress in our workplace. 
In a report released last week it appears that over 50% of Americans in the workplace complained that they felt stressed out on the job and a very high 77% of them complained of being burned out.  It was revealed in this report that the three main reasons being expressed by our workers for their dilemma included:  Their co-workers, an unrealistic work load, and interfering bosses.  Within the last 10 years stress on the job has grown more than five fold and things have reached a breaking point according to several health agencies.  More and more of our American workers are calling in sick due to stress related problems, companies are losing more and more hours of production due to worker absenteeism because of mental health problems, and more and more Americans are consuming medication in order to help them cope.  However, there is a growing trend to more people turning to such alternatives as yoga in order to help them fight the iron grip stress but on the whole both employers and employees need to band together in order to defeat those increasing stress problems.  It's not really going to help if we blame our problems on our co-workers or if our bosses fail to realize that work loads are too much or if they feel that they need to intervene on a constant basis. 
Stress is an  age old problem and has been around for too long but with am ever increasing need to earn enough income to keep everyone happy it's time for us to take a deep breath and start looking after our mental health before it's too late.  If you're thinking of changing jobs because you're looking for something less stressful, or if you're thinking of becoming your own boss, then you should read "Untapped Wealth discovered" written by Jeff Marquis and Kerry Harrison.  These authors just released the second edition of their book and it's quite unusual for a second edition to be released in only seven months after the first one.  "Untapped Wealth Discovered" is a book that you should read before you make any important decision re a job or career change but most importantly it can also help you to stay away from those  murky scams that so often do nothing but help you to lose your hard earned savings.
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Saturday, May 06, 2006

A very lucrative niche market

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk.
I'm going to introduce you to a very hot niche market that's expected to grow 10 fold within the next five years and the forecast for life expectancy for this niche market is literally off the edge.
I'm talking about the yoga market which grossed over three billion dollars last year and the experts are saying that this figure should triple for 2006.
As more and more persons turn to alternative ways of dealing with growing stress in the workplace and at home, they are turning more and more to yoga methods.  A growing number of North Americans are willing and ready to spend their money on yoga classes, books on yoga methods, and yoga apparel.  In addition, more and more fitness centers are offering yoga classes and all kinds of persons are eating them up like nothing.
Our aging baby boomers are crowding to these types of classes, young professionals are finding it a fad to buy the yoga apparel, and almost everyone is going crazy over the tons of yoga books to there.
Are you listening?  Are you serious about wanting to make safe and non risk income?  Then it may be time for you to invest in this niche market by opening up your very own yoga center.
I'd like to end by tipping my hat to Jeff Marquis and Kerry Harrison on the release of the second edition of their book "Untapped Wealth Discovered."  Well done Jeff and Kerry and if the second edition is anything like the first then you are well on the road to great success.
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Six figure incomes for Erik and Jane

Good evening, I'm Kerry J Harrison co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
I'd like to start by thanking all of our readers, clients, and supporters in helping and encouraging us to publish the second edition of our book "Untapped Wealth Discovered."  Our book was released on April 28 and we hope that our readers and clients continue to find their success through our safe and common sense strategies.  Above all, we owe great debts of gratitude to the American, British, and Canadian governments for their nods of approval.
In keeping with our gratitude to our clients I'd like to showcase one of our success stories in Erik and Jane Markinson who are going guns across the pond in Wales.  Three years ago I met this couple on one of our seminars in England and it was an absolute delight for me when they asked if they could talk to me about going into business for themselves.  They told me that they had already chosen their business venture but they were not sure how to go about attracting customers.  They had just finished setting up a bed and breakfast in their native Wales and their intended customers would be retired persons who would visit Wales for vacation. 
I took the time to visit their bed and breakfast and stayed there overnight and the next morning I sat down with Erik and Jane to give my suggestions.  I told them that if they wanted to attract retired persons who would more than likely be seniors, they would need to make a few changes to their facilities in order to accommodate the needs of seniors.  In addition, I told them that if they made these changes they could also attract other types of customers and I introduced them to the concept of advertising on the Internet. 
That was three years ago and today Erik and Jane are doing a very thriving business in Wales.  Their bed and breakfast is completely accessible to seniors and special needs persons but there is also something very unique about their bed and breakfast.  You see, this very enterprising couple has also introduced a crafts center whereby people can come during the day to make, buy, and sell their crafts.  It's like a huge market where you will find persons busy creating their own crafts, others buying, and still others selling.  Erik and Jane facilitate this craft center so they are constantly being kept busy both day and night but they do get time to themselves as they have employed a small group of locals to help out. 
What Erik and Jane have done here is to capitalize on a very niche market and as time goes on they will add other related services to their facilities.  For the past two years they have grossed over $100,000 and they are expecting to do even better this year.  You too can be like Erik and Jane if you're interested to take advantage of this type of niche market.  By the year 2010 it is estimated that about 60% of our North American population will be made upof persons over the age of 65 so you can definitely count on a very ready market of demanding consumers.
If you'd like to pick up a copy of our latest book then please visit and there you will find a very affordable book with lots of safe and logical strategies.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Those problematic call centers in India

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and due to overwhelming response to one of our recent blogs on call centers in India, I'm going to tell you why these centers are causing such an uproar among many of our readers, experts, and both customers and the public as a whole.
Many of our readers are of the opinion that these call centers in India are benefiting several large corporations much more than our economy.  As a matter of fact, they feel that these large conglomerates are taking advantage of cheap labor in India to cut their overhead costs but at the same time they are depriving hundreds of thousands of Americans from earning a living.  These call centers are staffed by persons in India whose communication in English leaves much to be desired.  Many customers continue to complain that these call centers are providing less than adequate customer service, and that over 90% of the time the staff at these call centers have no idea as to how to help their customers.  In addition to poor English, their knowledge of the products and services that they are supposed to be supporting is almost nil and most of the time customers are kept waiting for at least half an hour before any semblance of support from the staff could be had.
The experts are saying that whereas companies such as IBM, AT&T, and others continue to lower cost by utilizing these call centers, they are also continuing to rob hundreds of thousands of Americans of earning a living.  For there are plenty of Americans who would only be too happy to work in these call centers but for the fact the going rate in America is a lot higher than in India.
The picture at present is very liquid and filled with emotion and steeped in opinion.  The feeling is that sooner rather than later something will have to be done and certain issues addressed.  If these companies choose to continue using call centers in India then they will probably continue to lose customers who will turn to other ways of getting things done.  Nothing could be more annoying for a customer who has to spend at least half hour on the phone trying to get service from a customer rep who does not understand English very well and who also has little idea as to how to help.
I would like to close by congratulating Jeff N Marquis and Kerry J Harrison on the release of the second edition of their book "Untapped Wealth Discovered."  This book was released last week and we are all expecting sales to blossom way past the figures for the first edition.
Well done folks!  Visit to pick up your newest copy.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Be ware of those phone scams

    Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and today I'd like to draw your attention to those growing phone scams.  Most of you already know about these but such is the arsenal of weapons being used by those sleazy scammers today that now they are crafting those phone calls in such a way as to take you completely off guard and before you know it you've given away some very vital info that they can use to hurt both you and your assets.
If you get a phone call saying that your banking officer is calling you, ask them for their name and phone number and tell them that you'll call them back.  Then phone your bank and ask for the name of the person who has just called you if you don't already recognize their name.  Next phone the number that they have given you and do a check.  The best thing however is for you to say that you will come into the branch to talk to them face to face.
Similarly, if you get a call from someone telling you that you have just won a trip to somewhere exotic, simply hang up and don't even bother to ask for a name, or anymore details.
Then there are those scammers who phone and hang up waiting for you to phone them in turn.  If your call display shows you a 1900 or a number you don't recognize, or a long distance number, don't even bother phoning it back. 
There are also those who are going to phone you some time in the future asking you to participate in some sort of obscure survey on behalf of some unknown company.  Again, simply hang up.  Phone scams are growing like wild fire and it's up to us to put an end to them by ignoring them completely.  These scammers are well coached, well versed, and very convincing and they are going to try and play on your emotions.  However, you have to be prepared and the way to do this is to ignore it all.
On another note:  I would like to add my congrats to Jeff Marquis and Kerry Harrison on the release of their newest book, the second edition of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."  I am going out to buy my copy and from the rumors floating around the business experts are already buzzing with great expectations for these two authors and their newest release.  This book is hot, very affordable, and contains lots of useful info for women, entrepreneurs, and even our budding teenage entrepreneurs.
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Monday, May 01, 2006

i Pods a big question mark

Hi everyone it's Heather DeMarco at the Untapped Wealth business desk.
This morning I'd like to address a growing concern over those very noisy i Pods that seem to be causing lots of concern among our American teenagers these days.  According to a recently published report about 69% of our teenagers in America are complaining about hearing problems and one of the biggest offender seems to be those very noisy i Pods that so many of our teenagers are using these days.  They turn up their i Pods to unbearable levels and I fail to understand how their poor ears can stand this assault without protesting.  I myself have teenaged kids and I am constantly having to scold them about those ear phones in their ears that blast out the music of so loudly.  Of course there are the Walkmans, Discmans, MP3 players, and anything else that they can get to stick into their ears.
What our teenagers don't understand or realize is that all of this is very harmful to their hearing and sooner rather than later they are going to find themselves seeking treatment for loss of hearing and in many cases many of them would probably be looking at becoming permanently deaf if they don't do something about it today rather than tomorrow. 
I believe that the manufacturers of i Pods, MP3 players, Discmans, and Walkmans should also step up to the plate and start building safety mechanisms into their products so as to prevent these youngsters from setting the levels of sounds past an acceptable level.  In fact, I'll go one step further and say that it is their responsibility to help our nation avoid a situation of having or creating a generation of hard of hearing persons.  Parents should also start to do their part by helping their teenagers to understand or learn more about the consequences of becoming deaf or hard of hearing.  For it is really not very pleasant to lose your hearing.  It is devastating, heart breaking, and so unnecessary.  Time for us to treasure our sense of hearing a bit more and take care of it.
Let me now offer my congratulations to Jeff Marquis and Kerry Harrison on the recent publication of the second edition of their book "Untapped Wealth Discovered" which was released last week.  The first edition was released last September 2005 and has already sold over 50,000 copies and we are expecting even bigger things for the second edition. 
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