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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Online banking may not be as reliable as we think

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
This morning I'd like to raise a mild alarm about online banking as I recently read that a report published in Canada last week by a leading consumer group stated that on average there are about 1000 online glitches that take place on a daily basis.  Now, you may first think that this is not too much but let me try to put this into a more sober perspective for you.
Canada's population is about 10% of ours so if this consumer group is saying that there are about 1000 online banking glitches daily we may venture to say that in the U.S there could easily be about 100,000 glitches daily.  This could become a very irritating thorn in the side of our hundreds of thousands of banks in America but we as customers have to be more watchful and don't depend on the banks to always catch these glitches. 
What can we do to play our part?  For starters we can pay closer attention to our bank statements and monitor them more closely.  What would we be checking for?  Well, those pre-authorized payments.  Make sure that the correct amounts are taken from your account each month.  Check to make sure that duplicate amounts are not taken and that only those pre-authorized amounts that you have authorized are taken and nothing else. 
If we play our part then the banks would have to play their part too and this would certainly narrow the opportunity for those always lurking scammers to take advantage of our laxness.
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Friday, April 28, 2006

Tips for your upcoming garage sales

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk.
With a fast approaching summer I am sure that many of you will be thinking of holding those garage sales in order to rid yourselves of unwanted stuff.  However, what you should keep in mind is that there are several prowlers and identity thieves just waiting to pounce on you if you do not take the right precautions. 
First, be careful when you hold a garage sale and have several pairs of eyes watching over your stuff.  Make sure that all times that the doors to your  house are always closed and that no one can just wonder in and out.  For so many times when your back is turned these grubby and creepy folks would slip unnoticed into your house and quickly obtain important info about you.  IE your bank statements, address book, and personal IDs and credit card numbers are some of their favorite targets.
Here are some other tips for you to consider:
Hold your garage sales on weekends or on evenings when more people are around to help you monitor who comes and who goes. 
Try holding your garage sales together with other neighbors so that you can look out for each other. 
Don't sell big ticket items such as pianos and washers because most people would rather buy these items at stores that sell them. 
Don't sell clothes because people won't have anywhere to try them on and even if you could provide a place for them to try them on, it's not a good idea unless you can guarantee yourself that you are able to monitor the areas set up for trying on stuff.
Don't sell baby strollers and high chairs because the safety requirements have changed for these types of items and it may be better for you to stay away from selling these types of items.
Of course there are other things for you to watch for when planning your next garage sale but I hope that these tips help.
Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Wounded soldier finds new career

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis co-author of "Untapped Wealth discovered."
With the permission of Marty who now lives in San Francisco I'm going to tell you his success story and how he has managed to pull himself out of the dumps into a very thriving business.
You see, Marty was one of the first American soldiers injured in Iraq in 2003 and due to the extent of his injuries he was given an honorable discharge from the army.  However, when he returned to San Francisco he like many others slipped into a deep depression and for a time he was at a complete loss as to how he would resume a normal life.  Marty had lost an eye and part of his face had been damaged by shrapnel.  Marty was in trouble and his young wife Denise knew it only too well. 
Marty struggled for over year but one day his wife got a bright idea and after turning it over in her mind for a while she decided to seek help from a guidance counsellor.  She knew that Marty loved carpentry and that he also loved kids so she thought that if somehow she could get him interested in making wooden toys for kids it may just do the trick. 
Denise discussed her ideas with the guidance counsellor and he contacted us in the summer of 2004 to seek our help.  We met with Marty and Denise and at first we had to work very hard to get past his mental barriers but we wanted to help this young couple and we kept chipping away at Marty till one day some six months after we first met him Marty decided to work with us to go into the toy making business.  I'm not sure if the Christmas holiday season helped but whatever it was in mid January of 2005 Marty was ready for action and so we worked with him to develop a business plan.
We helped him to develop a business plan and from this came a request for a business loan which he got.  Then Marty, Denise, and our team worked for the next three months to put things in place.  Denise took care of the Internet side of things using her skills as a website developer.  We worked with Marty to develop brochures and ads which he distributed among friends who also helped.  We gave him consulting support and helped him to network.
Marty and Denise opened for business in the fall of 2005 and by Christmas they had their little home store up and running well stocked with wooden toys plus a bit more.  Marty and Denise have been in business for just six months now and they have already been able to pay back half their loan to the bank.  They work long hard hours but we are confident that they will be successful because they have chosen to go into business in a niche market where competition is not so heavy in their area, and demand is healthy.  We expect Marty and Denise to break even for this year and this in itself is a great start.
There is much to say for Niche markets and how you could take advantage of them just like Marty and Denise.  I can show you how to do this through the book that I have co-authored with Kerry J Harrison "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
Our book will help you to identify and develop suitable businesses in niche markets where demand is healthy, competition is light, and growth is expected to continue for a very long time.  Just look at the niche market that Marty and Denise are in.  A niche market where demand will continue to grow because kids will always be around to demand wooden toys and Marty wanted me to tell you that even adults are asking for wooden toys as collector's items.  Items such as doll houses, hand painted wooden Christmas ornaments, model boats and ships, wooden soldiers, plus more.
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Motorola as a good company to invest in

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and today I'd like to focus my attention on Motorola, a very respected and well known player in the mobile phone industry.
Motorola has had its share of hard times during the past years but it recently announced that it expects sales of its mobile phones to continue on an upward trend with sales expected to surpass the 50 million unit mark for this year.  What this tells us as if we did not already know is that more and consumers continue to demand cell phones of all sizes and capabilities and there does not seem to be any particular age group that is demanding it more than the next.
Cell phones have literally become a part of one's daily life and its use continues to boggle the imagination.  From using it as a communication tool between and among persons, to playing games on the Internet, using a cell phone to play games as a stand alone unit, surfing the Internet, sending and receiving emails, plus so much more.  What we're seeing here is that more and more cell phone users are demanding that website developers make their websites more accessible to them and this means that if the developers listen to these demands then they will definitely be able to increase their customer base along with their revenues but if they don't listen then they will surely deprive themselves of cashing in a rapidly growing market of demanding consumers. 
For as long as the demand is healthy and the experts are saying that demand for cell phones is expected to triple and quadruple over the next few years, Motorola will continue to flourish and keep its position as one of the leading manufacturers of cell phones and you may want to think of this company as a good investment prospect.  Motorola is well positioned in the cell phone market, the market is very healthy, and it is made up of consumers of all ages.  Finally, cell phone use seems to be unlimited.  From talking to each other to playing games, surfing the Internet to sending and receiving emails, and more is yet to come.
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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Summer ideas for kids

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the Untapped Wealth Business desk and this evening I'd like to focus on answering several inquiries that we've been having for the past few weeks re parents asking fur some business suggestions for their kids for the summer.
We've been busy doing some research for you and here's what we've come up with according to several business experts that we have consulted.
First, you need to find out what your kids are interested in doing for the summer in addition to sleeping late and hanging out with their friends.  Second, you need to talk to your kids and try and figure out where their strengths and weaknesses lie re their motivation, ambition, and their propensity for becoming young entrepreneurs.  For I am going to tell you that not every youngster is cut out to become an entrepreneur, not every teenager or kid wants to become an entrepreneur, and many youngsters would rather spend the summer just lazing around rather than working because they are probably just too tired after a long school year.
We have dug up several business magazines, spoken to several business experts, and consulted with several parents, and here's a short list of possible areas that you could try to steer your youngsters towards.
Working at a golf club to collect balls that go astray when players whack them into the water or deep into the bushes.  The good old standby of babysitting.  Backyard and lawn cleaning and mowing.  Pet sitting and dog walking.  Window washing and car washing. 
Of course for the more motivated parent and youngster you could try contacting those companies who are interested in using youngsters as consultants to help them get a leg up in those markets that cater mostly to our younger consumers.  Companies like breakfast food companies, toy companies, video games manufacturers, fast food chains and other related types of markets.
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Monday, April 24, 2006

Amazon on the move

Hi everyone I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and today I'd like to highlight the latest Amazon push.
This very well established organization is now thinking of selling non perishables on its very vast website and this is in to all of the other things that it is presently selling.  Good or bad you say?  I'm really not sure but it would be very interesting to see how this idea flies with consumers. 
I'm not even sure how many categories of products Amazon presently offers on its website.  I lost trace a while back but I'm pretty sure that it's well over 30.  What with books, DVDs, and so much more?  Selling non perishables may help many consumers who have difficulty dragging home those heavy tins and cans.  Especially for seniors, moms with babies and toddlers at groceries and supermarkets, special needs consumers, and so many more.  It may also be quite a convenient way of shopping.  Whatever the outcome, it would be very interesting to see how it all plays out and I for one wish Amazon the very best.
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Sunday, April 23, 2006

IBM doing well but what about those call centers in India?

Good Sunday morning!  I'm Kerry J Harrison co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
Last week I noticed that Big Blue came out with its quarterly results and although it showed that this company did extremely well last quarter re its profit results I along with several business gurus across America continue to question this company's policy of locating its call centers in India.
Up till now IBM has been known to be a good corporate citizen whereby it went out of its way to help others who needed help and by this I mean helping our special needs population to become more productive by employing them to work in such areas as their customer service departments, call centers, and help desks.  However, for at least the past decade this policy seems to have been thrown out of the window and unfortunately IBM is not the only company who seems to have changed.  There was a time when IBM prided itself on being one of the best corporate citizens in the world and it was always the dream of any graduate to gain employment with Big Blue.  Heck, even I once dreamed of working there and I know of at least 20 others who had the same dream but nowadays I have to be content with being a consultant to this maybe still very prestigious company.  To cut to the chase:  I am really glad to see that IBM is doing well but I find it very disappointing to see that it has deliberately chosen to relocate its call centers in India and they've done this in order to cut costs.  True it is that it has been able to cut costs but in doing so it has allowed itself to come in for some very heavy criticism re its customer service.
The staff at these call centers in India are still not able to provide courteous and adequate customer service.  Many of these call centers are staffed by persons whose English leaves much to be desired.  They often have great difficulty understanding questions from customers, they lack the savvy as to how to deal with customers, and they are not in tune with North American protocol.  Added to this is their way of dealing with customers and their lack of knowledge on many of the IBM product lines.  So, we have a picture of IBM doing well with the bottom line but at the same time their customer service is going in the other direction.  It would be interesting to see what they do if anything about this in the coming months and they are not the only ones.
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Friday, April 21, 2006

Programmer turned translator

Greetings everyone, I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and I'd like you to meet Lee Gravinsky who up till 12 years ago worked at IBM as a very successful programmer.  As a matter of fact Lee was a team leader and when IBM literally gave her the boot in 1993 by forcing her to take a package she was absolutely devastated.  You see, as Lee tells it, IBM at that time was in very deep trouble and in order to save itself it offered packages to employees chosen by management.  Up till her forced departure from IBM Lee had been a top performer and had even received several IBM awards for top achievers during her 12 year stint at IBM.
When Lee left she had no idea as to what she was going to do because as she put it "I never expected to be treated like this let alone lost my job without any warning!" 
Lee spent some time trying to find her feet but her attempts to re-enter the IT world were unsuccessful.  She tried her hand at becoming a technical writer but this too failed because there were persons who were much more skilled than she was who were also looking for jobs in that particular field.  Her marriage started to crumble because she and her husband could not cope with the loss in income from the loss of her job and Lee was unable to stop a total disintegration of her marriage.  After this Lee began to lose her grip on life but little did she know that she would have an opportunity to turn things around in a big way.
Fast forward to the Spring of 1996 when we discovered this very downtrodden lady at one of our seminars.  She was noticed by one of our consultants as she sat quietly at the back of the class taking notes.  Our consultant got chatting with Lee and after some doing he managed to convince her to meet with our team.  We took Lee to lunch a few days after the seminar and somehow convinced her to come in to our offices to discuss her options. 
Lucky for Lee and very delightful for us she came and over a period of a year we worked with this determined lady to develop a plan of action whereby she would craft a new career for herself.  Lee went back to school and with the help of a loan she graduated in 2000 with a degree in Spanish translation.  Since then she has been working as a very successful translator for a huge global conglomerate and today she is a very successful translator and consultant in International business where she trains Spanish-speaking businessmen to become more adept in the North American arena.  Believe it or not she received a call from IBM last year asking if she would return to them and she told them to "Shove it."
Today, Lee Gravinsky is earning a very healthy six figure income and she is the toast of the town in her field.  As she puts it:  "I saved myself by choosing to go into an entirely new career and it took a lot for me to do this.  I owe it all to the team of consultants headed by Jeff Marquis and Kerry Harrison and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.  This team really worked hard with me and they supported and encouraged me all the way.  If any of you out there finds yourself in a similar position to mine then take a leaf out of my book and think hard about choosing a new route for your comeback."
Marquis and Harrison are about to release the second edition of their book "Untapped Wealth Discovered" and their book shows you how to turn your life around if you find yourself in a similar position to Lee Gravinsky.  Visit to pick up your copy.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wanted! Kid and teenage consultants

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and today I'm putting a call for kid and teenage consultants. 
With the rapidly approaching Summer vacation some companies have started to seek out kid and teenage consultants.  They are looking for those enterprising youngsters who are interested in working as consultants.  The type of company seeking these services include:  Breakfast food companies, toy manufacturers, video games developers and manufacturers, fast food chains, and even clothing manufacturers.
Many of these companies realize that in order to grab the brass ring in the youth market they need to listen to the opinions and ideas of the consumers themselves and they are willing to pay well for the opinions of our youngsters.  So moms and dads, here's something for you to think about and please do not take too long in making up your minds.  What we have here is some wonderful opportunities for your young ones to get a taste of the business world and believe me when I tell you that they would have an opportunity to gain some very important and valuable experience as well as make some very useful income that they can save for their financial futures and college education.  I know that the American government is very interested in the development of this trend because it is going to help nurture and foster the development of our future generation in the business world and in addition it will help to stabilize and secure our position as the number one powerhouse in the global economy.
If you'd like to learn how you can help your youngsters to become entrepreneurs then you definitely need to pick up a copy of "Untapped Wealth Discovered" written by Jeff N Marquis and Kerry J Harrison.  This book is very unique in that it is the first that I've seen where the authors pay particular attention to helping to develop our young entrepreneurs.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wine now being sold in tetra packs?

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
It seems as if there is a very new and interesting trend sweeping across Europe and Canada these days and it all has to do with the wine industry.  Yes indeed and I am very sure that environmentalists are just rubbing their hands with glee!  Why?  It all has to do with wine now being made available for sale in tetra packs.  These packs are very environmental friendly, are much lighter than glass, and more convenient to carry around. 
The tetra pack trend is apparently going guns in Europe and some liquor outlets in several major cities in Canada have started to follow suit.  Personally I like this new trend because it would mean being able to carry my wine around more conveniently and I don't have to worry too much about breaking a glass bottle and most important of all it would give a huge boost to environment friendly packages.  It would be interesting to see if the tetra pack trend catches on here in the U.S.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Nerds Onsite company

Good evening!  I'm Kerry J Harrison co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
I am absolutely delighted to see that there is a company out there that has found a very niche market and they are taking full advantage of it.  They are called Nerds Onsite and they have branches across North America and even in England and Europe.  What do they do?  They come to your home and help you to install software and hardware, set up Internet connections, and they also deal with all kinds of computer problems.  No job seems to be too small or too big for them and they have been in business for just eight years.
These nerds as they call themselves are geared to bring their services to you instead of you bringing your problems to them.  This is a very lucrative and expanding niche market because more and more aging baby, seniors, and special needs consumers are demanding these types of services and there is lots of room for more companies like Nerds Onsite.  It's exactly what my co-author Jeff N Marquis and I talk about in our book "Untapped Wealth Discovered" and we tell you how you can use very lucrative niche markets that are made up of spiralling demand, short supply, ballooning numbers of consumers, and expanding growth to your full advantage.  Our book can show you where to find these niche markets and how to take advantage of them to make very comfortable income. 
"Untapped Wealth Discovered" is very affordable, a best seller, and is fully backed by the American, British, and Canadian governments. 
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Monday, April 17, 2006

The Doubleday book club problem continues

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and this morning I'd like to respond to hundreds of complaints that we have received over the past few weeks in response to a posting that we published on the Doubleday book club problem.
True it is that this company has been around for many years now and seems to have a very good reputation but there are a few tactics that it uses in order to literally bully its customers.  According to our readers the Doubleday book club is employing very sneaky ways to get their members to purchase books that they don't really want to buy.  Their books are very expensive and if you make the fatal mistake not to respond to their monthly mail where they send you a list of books to choose from, they assume that you want these books and they then ship them to you.  Then when you send them back you are charged for what they are calling fulfillment fees and even if you cancel your account this clown of a book club finds it necessary to send you biweekly letters threatening to send a collections agency after you.
It is the first time that I've heard of any company let alone a book club sending biweekly letters for more than a year with threats to discredit a poor customer who has not ordered books in well over a year and who has also cancelled their account.  As I see it, Doubleday has nothing better to do with its time!  It sees it as a productive strategy to threaten a customer over a period of well over a year for fees that in my mind are definitely not legitimate and furthermore the fee that Doubleday is claiming is more often than not for less than $60.  In addition, the Doubleday customer service team is often rude, discourteous, and very high handed.  What is a customer to do if they don't owe a fee but this book club keeps hassling them?  What is a customer supposed to do if they have cancelled their account and have repeatedly told Doubleday not to send anymore books? 
Shame on you Doubleday!  Why don't you take a deep breath and try another more accepting tactic rather than spending unproductive hours and tons of wasted paper.
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Top 10 jobs in the U.S

Hello there and a very happy Easter to you!
I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk.
Today I'd like to tell you about a report that was released last week in the U.S concerning the top 10 jobs.  It appears that these preferences were chosen on the basis of money, fulfillment, and happiness and not necessarily in this order.
Surprisingly enough software engineer made it to the top of the list followed by college professor, then financial adviser and human resources advisor.  Pharmacist, physician's assistant and psychologist also made it to the top 10. 
I think that from this list we can glean that most employment seekers are becoming more and more concerned about fulfillment and happiness whereas in the past they were more focused on money.  I also think that more and  more persons are becoming more conscious of ever increasing stress factors in the workplace and they are doing their best to minimize them and if this means choosing jobs that to them are less stressful then they are going to do it.
It should be noted that by 2008 it is expected that we will start to see a shortage in the IT industry as more and more people start to retire so this may be the time for you to start looking at this industry as a potential career.
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Coco-cola ventures into the coffee market

Good evening!  I'm Kerry J Harrison co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
I was quite intrigued to learn about the Coca-Cola company's latest attempt to boost its presence in the market.  For as long as I could remember the Coke company has been in the soft drink market and has done remarkably well at it.  However, they revealed that last year they along with the soft drink industry suffered a noticeable drop in sales and it affected Coca-Cola more than its competitors.  This drop was the first in over 20 years.
The soft drink industry suffered this loss due to more and more consumers moving away from the consumption of soft drinks and graduating towards more and more health drinks and in Coca-Cola's case they presently do not have a competitive health drink on the market.  Pepsi does and this is why they were able to stem the tide a bit better than Coca-Cola.  So now, the Coke company  is going to try and bust into the coffee market to try and help themselves. 
This may be an uphill battle for them as they will have to face the heavy punch of Starbucks.  I'm not saying that it would be impossible for Coke to overcome their competitor because Coke is very well known for its marketing abilities.  However, it will have to work overtime to unseat Starbucks.
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Sending emails may be costing you in the future

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk.
Today I'd like to draw your attention to a maybe or a real possibility that may be coming soon and it concerns fees that your ISP may be contemplating in order to cut down on spam and scam.
If this trend does indeed take off and I believe that it will, it would mean that if you want to send emails to others you would be charged a minimal fee of say pennies for sending out your email and your Internet service provider would ensure that you're sending out clean emails.  Benefits you say?  Plenty.  You would ensure that your emails are being read by more people and that your intended messages reach the right persons and this potential trend would be intended to focus on interactions between businesses and individuals.  On the receiver's side whenever you were to receive an email from someone other than a friend or family member you would be sure that it would not be a scam or spam.
There is much more for you to learn about two of the largest ISP players who are already making plans to make this service available.  There is an article in the latest issue of the free online magazine at  The April 2006 issue, and the article is very informative.  It's on the free online magazine page and under the News and views section.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wanted! Masseuse therapists

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and today I'd like to alert you to a newsflash.
It appears that the health industry has put out a call for skilled masseuses.  It seems that masseuses are in very short supply these days and the demand for their services is growing beyond belief.
You may be wondering why and I'll give you a hint.  It has a lot to do with more and more persons seeking relaxation methods in order to deal with spiralling stress both in the workplace and at home.  Literally millions of Americans are seeking relief from the iron grip of stress and accordingly they are turning to masseuse therapists to help them cope.
I can tell you that we have several clients who are in the massage and masseuse therapy business and they are all doing quite well with annual average earnings ranging from the low end of $75,000 to about $110,000.  This is a very niche market with real demand and real consumers and there are thousands of other niche markets that you too can take advantage of.
If you'd like to learn how to find these types of markets where safety rather than stupidity is the aim of the game then you should really read "Untapped Wealth Discovered" written by Jeff N Marquis and Kerry J Harrison.  This book is extremely affordable and it is based on reality, safe strategies, and common sense as opposed to those get rich quick schemes.
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Babies and toddlers too big for their car seats!

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk and today I'd like to voice my concern over the rapidly growing number of babies and toddlers who are unable to fit in their car seats.
According to a recent report published in the United States last week, it was disclosed that about 69% of American babies and toddlers are unable to fit comfortably in their car seats because they are simply too big to fit.  In addition, this report revealed that only 9 of 92 car seat manufacturers passed the test when it came to producing car seats that are safe for our little ones.
This is a very startling and very concerning situation for us all because what it means is that obesity is now affecting our youngest generation and it's time for us to do something about it before it gets out of hand.  In light of this situation, several health experts and health agencies and the medical fraternity as a whole are calling for skilled professionals to come forward to help develop nutritious meal plans that will help our babies and toddlers to eat properly and healthily.
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Online credit merchant going guns

Good day everyone, I'm Jeff N Marquis co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
I am very excited about an online credit card company that is doing very well and if you're a small business looking for a trustworthy company to help you process credit card transactions then I'd like to introduce you to the 2checkout company.  I stumbled across 2checkout a little over 18 months ago and I decided to check them out.  At that time they were just a small company based in the United States with operating hours from 7 am to 7 pm six days a week.  Their customer service department was very small with a handful of customer reps and operators but they were a determined bunch.  They were very helpful, courteous, and willing to help their customers.  Their business was act as a go-between for vendors who had services and products to sell and their customers who wanted to pay via credit card.  2checkout would collect the payments and their vendors had choices of receiving their payments via direct deposit, electronic transfer, or by cheque.  In addition 2checkout offered an online system whereby vendors could create a very official looking invoice which would be sent to their customers and in turn their customers could pay directly online through the 2checkout facility with their credit cards.
2checkout also had a fraud department that monitored each transaction and they would notify the vendor if any fraud alerts needed to be raised.  In addition, they paid their vendors twice monthly.
Fast forward to the present and this company has grown tremendously.  They now offer a 7 24 365 days business in both English and Spanish.  They have vastly improved on all of their services, they have had to hire many more customer reps, and they are just raking in the money.  If you're a small business looking for an online credit merchant to process your transactions then you should check out 2checkout at
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Sunday, April 09, 2006

A new Wall Mart Strategy

Hi everyone I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk.
Wall Mart is known is one of the most successful global conglomerates and one can easily say that they have done many interesting things in order to remain at the top.  They continue to be an extremely profitable corporation yet at the present time they are facing a multi million dollar law suit from thousand of their women employees who are accusing them of mass discrimination.  Say what you may this company never ceases to amaze me and in their latest stride they have decided to set up some of their stores in neighborhoods that are mainly populated by minorities and they are training minorities to become hard working Wall Mart employees.
I'm not going to criticize Wall Mart for this but what I'm going to do is to ask you to learn a very valuable lesson from this.  What this very successful corporation is doing is a very basic chess move.  They are tapping into the minorities market and using minority employees to help them establish a foothold as well as legitimacy.  Very smart indeed because by doing this they are going to build trust, loyalty, and good will among minorities in the United States and this is bound to snowball into handfuls of additional profit for this company.
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Friday, April 07, 2006

The refurbished computer business going guns

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk and today I'd like to bring your attention to a business that is really starting to take off. 
About a year ago this business was quite dormant but I recently came across a Canadian company that is doing extremely well in the field.  They're located in Ontario Canada and for the past three years their business has increased 10 fold.  Last year alone they made about $69 million dollars in revenues and they tell us that unknown to many 1 in every 12 computers around the world is a refurbished one.  They went on to tell us that due to financial constraints for millions of global users a refurbished computer is an extremely feasible alternative to them and when they receive their refurbished computer they can't really tell that it is not brand new.
Each year this Ontario company receives literally hundreds of thousands of computers from big businesses because these businesses are constantly updating their systems.  This company takes these computers and erases and cleans the hard drives.  Then they load new operating systems on to the hard drives and then they ship and resell them to several developing countries where technology is not as advanced as in North America.  All of the high speed networks, fast computers, and modern technology that we are used to here in North America does not exist in many countries across Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America.  Hard to believe but very true. 
This could be a very good opportunity for anyone who is technically inclined.  Here we have a niche market that is made up of millions of consumers who are hungry for computers.  It is a very growing market and at the present time demand is way ahead of supply.  So how about it?
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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Successful language coach making six figures

                Greetings everyone I'm Jayna Sheffield at the Untapped Wealth business desk and today I have a story of inspiration to share with you.  Our client has given me permission to tell her story. 
Megan Moffat has been a client of us for over 10 years now and she came to us in the mid 90s after being laid off from her job as a systems engineer at a large computer company.  She was a victim of those massive down sizings at her company  and when it happened she was totally unprepared for it.  In fact, she was very angry because it was quite obvious to her that her company had laid her off due to her being visually impaired.  Many of her co-workers agreed and our investigations uncovered that this very well-known company had deliberately bullied her into taking one of their so-called separation packages.
Suffice it to say that Megan was devastated.  She was smart, very well qualified, highly motivated, but her company did not want to be bothered with giving equal opportunity to a visually impaired person.  In short, they felt that it was better to pay her off to leave because they did not feel that a visually impaired person would fit into their restructuring plans. 
We took Megan under our wing and it took some convincing for her to make the decision to try a new career and we worked with her to develop some very dormant skills that she had unwittingly ignored while she was a systems engineer at her previous employers.
Megan went back to school and graduated with a degree in translation.  It took her two years to do this and upon graduation we worked with her to develop a business plan, secure a business loan, and literally plan her future.  When this was done she opened her doors as a translator and we helped her to design and develop a website to advertise her services on the Internet.  Together we worked to get her website into all of the popular search engines including Yahoo and Google, we developed newsletters that she could offer to her visitors at no charge, and we employed some very innovative strategies to help her get on her feet.
For the past four years Megan has been grossing six figure annual revenues and she has had to employ two other translators to help with the business.  Her visual impairment is not a hindrance to her in any way and all who have met her are totally blown away by her attitude and her willingness to work hard and please her customers.    
In addition to having her own translation business,Megan is part of the team and she has been helping them to increase their revenues, reduce their costs, and expand their customer bases.  This team is made up of a very dynamic bunch of translation professionals that offers language coaching, translation, blog, article, and newsletter writing in several languages, and transcription services plus much more.  If you'd like to learn more then pay them a visit today.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Open house may be a safety hazard

            Good day everyone, I'm Jeff N Marquis co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
Whenever we decide to sell our homes one of the most common techniques that has been a part of the selling process is for us to have an open house so that we can show off our home to perspective buyers.  The open house method has been around for much longer than we can remember and in so many other cases the open house way of life has also been used during the summer to bring friends and family together plus more.  However, it seems that in recent times some very enterprising identity thieves are using the tools of their trade to take advantage of open house events. 
What they're doing is to come to these open house events and garner information that they use to steal your identity away without you even suspecting.  For example, they get your name and address, and names of family members if they can, and they use these pieces of information to get even more information about you.  Your license number for one thing, and they can even use the info that they have picked up from your open house event to trace your social insurance number.  While you're busy answering questions from other visitors they scout around your house looking for anything and everything that can help them to invade the bounds of your personal information.
Many business bureaus are warning Americans to be more vigilant when it comes to open house events.  Keep all of your personal information under lock and key while those potential buyers go through your house.  You may even want to hire professional watchers to ensure that no one leaves your place with anything that they can use to carry out identity theft.  More importantly, don't give out too much information on yourself to any potential buyer.  Time for us all to start taking more strict precautions before it's too late. 
If you're tired of hearing about those get rich quick schemes then I'd like to suggest that you pick up a copy of "Untapped Wealth Discovered" written by me and Kerry J Harrison.  Our book is based on logic, safety, and common sense and we can show you how to create businesses that do not depend on false promises.  Our book was published last August and since then we have sold thousands of copies and now we are planning to publish a second edition in the spring of this year.  We have the backing of both the U.S and British governments and we can assure you that we are not promoting any type of get rich quick schemes.
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A change in the health industry taking place

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and I'd like to zoom in on a very interesting trend taking place across North America these days and it concerns the medical field.
There was a time when the medical field seemed to be an old boys club whereby almost every physician and surgeon was male.  In 1969 the number of female graduates coming out of medical schools stood at a very meagre 17% but in 2004 statistics revealed that this figure had climbed to a very healthy 61%.  By the same token the number of females making up MBA classes as of 2004 stood at a very dismal 28%.  So what does all of this mean?
It seems as if our medical doctors of the future are going to be made up of more and more women and this will undoubtedly change the nature of our medical work force.  Should we expect or could we expect to see a gentler approach towards patients by our female folks?  Another more important question is why is this trend taking place?  Why are more and more men choosing to enter into business schools and why are they staying away from the medical field? 
We probably won't notice this for a few more years at least not until 2008 when the first batch of women doctors and surgeons come into our hospitals and clinics and shortly after this when you go to see your physician or a consult a specialist you will probably be met by a woman medical professional.
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Monday, April 03, 2006

Special report about Congress

Good morning!  I'm Kerry J Harrison co-author of "Untapped Wealth Discovered."
There's a report that has been floating around since last December and in part it says that most of us Americans are not very happy with our Congress these days.  Now, many of you may be saying to yourselves that this is nothing new but this report focuses on the fact that most of the jobs created last year were low paying ones, and that Congress is responsible for the steep rise in health expenses for those who do not have any health coverage.  This picture does not offer a very bright future for the millions of Americans who have to work two and three jobs in order to make ends meet and in addition to this their take home pay is stretched beyond limits when they have to deal with rising health expenses and lower incomes. 
The experts are saying that sooner than later Congress is going to have to face up to the situation and do something drastic to alleviate these pressures.  What with a struggling U.S dollar, big deficits, and a very sluggish American economy things do not look very good at the moment.
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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Turn your clocks forward

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk.
Did you remember to turn your clocks forward last night before going to bed?  What is it they say:  Spring ahead and fall backwards? 
This is going to be the last year that we change the clocks on the first Sunday of April and the last Sunday of October because as of next year we will be changing them earlier in March and again early in November.  This change in how we handle our day light savings time will have lots of implications for literally millions of businesses and consumers around the world.  Security firms, computer manufacturers, banks, and so many others are going to have to scramble to deal with this come next year and it may be a good time for those of you who are interested in the IT field or the security industry to grab at this opportunity to get involved in tons of maintenance work due to this change.  One can liken this situation to the millennium changes that had to be carried out at the turn of the century. Just think of the millions of alarm settings that will need to be readjusted.  The hundreds of millions of VCRs and computers that will need to be reset.  The hundreds of millions of electronic equipment with clocks both old and new that would need to be reprogrammed.  A possible bonanza for you!
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