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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Foreign language obs and careers identified

Hello there!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk and today I am going to focus on bringing you headlines on translation services.  Please read on.
Week of May 08
Foreign language jobs and careers identified
Would you like to learn how to design your website in multiple languages?
If so, which languages should you be targeting?
Please read on.
Web Design in Multiple Languages | Nblak Studios
By admin
1. English is no longer the dominant language. Agreed, that the internet started off as an invention by english speaking people and for long it was dominated by the english speaking users and their websites. ... Probably, get the translation done by an expert. This will ensure that you know and respect different languages, cultures and sensibilities. 9. Multi National Company. To be a multi national company, it is absolutely necessary that you communicate with different ...
Nblak Studios - 
Could Google apps really break the language barrier via phone?
If so, how so?
Please read on.
Google app could break language barriers via phone
Ventura County Star
"The idea is — with the help of technology and machine translation — can we actually break down the language barrier so that anyone can access any ...
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Where can one go to find some of the top online translation services?
How difficult is it to find?
Please read on.
Top 10 Online Translation Services
By Young
I often use Google Translate to translate Chinese into English, or to translate English into Chinese, and one day I just wonder if there are any other online translation services that like Google Translate. ... PROMT Translator supports text translation and webpage translation. The text translator supports 7 languages, including English, German, Russia, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French. The website translator supports 4 languages, including English, German, ...
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