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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Your Browser ? Cyber Security's 1st Line of Defence

Your Browser – Cyber Security's 1st Line of Defence
By Donna J. Jodhan
Did you know that your browser is the number 1 line of defence for cyber security?  Did you know that your browser acts as a two way street?  Yes, you use it every day to browse the Internet, download games and music, and so on and at the same time, this poor overworked piece of software acts as a line of defence against those cyber pirates.  Don't ever take our browser for granted.  Make sure that you understand all of the features of your browser.
For example, make sure that your browser notifies you whenever you try to download something from the Internet; with an appropriate warning message.  Make sure also that it warns you about pending downloads that you did not request.  Example, if you see a message about downloading some sort of spy ware or virus protection software that you did not ask for.  All good browsers should be warning you about any type of download whether or not you requested it and they also should be telling you when you are about to view a secure or unsecured site and about to send information to a secure or unsecured site.  
It is so important for anyone to know about the importance of their computer browser and I have a great article for you to read.  Please see below.
Your Browser – Cyber Security's 1st Line of Defence
By admin
Nowadays, many people seemed to have forgotten the importance (and the inherent dangers) of their computer's browser. They forgot that the browser, per se, works like a two-way street. It is where cyber security should police the two-way cyber traffic. ... Today's many browsers are mostly graphical browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL, Opera, Safari for the Macintosh, and Lynx for the visually-impaired users.) These are capable of playing video and audio clips, ...
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