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Monday, October 12, 2009

Inheritance expectations unchanged despite recession, BMO ...

Inheritance expectations unchanged despite recession, BMO ...
By Donna J. Jodhan
We have just witnessed one of the worst recessions of our time but despite all of this many aging baby boomers are expressing the view that they do not expect inheritance expectations to change.  Why?  Because they believe that older generations would have inheritances to pass down despite the recession.
How realistic are these expectations?  Could it not be said that older generations have suffered just as much as the rest of us during this recession?  Could we not look at it like this:  Their financial needs still remain the same and they have had to dip into their savings and crack their nest eggs in order to stay afloat?  Should we not be trying to manage our inheritance expectations a bit better?
I am going to leave you with a very informative reference to check out and maybe it will help to clarify this picture a bit more.  Please read on.
Inheritance expectations unchanged despite recession, BMO ...
Business in Vancouver - BC, Canada
Despite experiencing one of the worst financial crises in decades, baby boomers don't expect inheritances from older generations to be affected, ...
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