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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Important answers to consumers concerns

Top of the day to you out there.  I'm Donna J. Jodhan at the business desk and I am delighted to be with you today after a lovely weekend.
Today, our e-bag is full but we have managed to draw out the top questions of the week.
Please keep your feedback coming to us at
Important answers to consumers concerns
Question from Lisa Chiu:  Donna, how can I tell that I am suffering from stress?
Answer:  Lisa, I have a perfect article for you to check out.  This is a frequently asked question and one that so many of us need to get answers about.
How to identify symptoms of stress | Healing Our World
By Dee
Tags: aches, acne, anger, anxiety, balance, depression, heal, heartburn, irritability, mood, pain, pains, reduce stress, relationship, relationships, stress, time management. Comments are closed. ...
Healing Our World - 
Question from Charlotte McKenzie:  Are our care givers being affected by stress and anxiety?
Answer:  Charlotte, I do believe so and I have a great reference for you to read.  Another great question. 
              Las Vegas Sun
        Caregivers need a helping hand, too
        Las Vegas Sun
        Caregivers who are "burned out" may experience fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression. Many caregivers also feel guilty if they spend time on themselves ...
Read more at:
Question from George Hay:  Is there more of a push now to plan more carefully for one's retirement?
Answer:  George, most definitely given what we have been experiencing in the last year.  I have an excellent reference for you to follow up on.  Please read on.
TONY LAJEUNESSE: People should plan carefully for retirement and ...
Southgate News Herald
Today, many people are living longer, and with the first of a large wave of baby boomers nearing retirement, fewer new workers are paying into the system ...
Read more at:
Question from Ian Lang:  Is North America more open to the aging baby boomer situation?  I mean, the challenges beinf faced because of their pending retirements?
Answer:  Ian, I am not sure that I understand your question but I have something for you to read.  I hope it helps.
Will North America Be Crushed Under The Weight Of The Ageing Baby ...
By admin
The vast majority of the huge Baby Boomer generation are now in their 50's & 60's. In the next 20 yrs they will represent a huge Seniors population. ... In the meantime, those of us who are going to be the subject of those health services are nervously eyeing Social Security and our retirement funds, praying that we'll have enough to meet mounting medical expenses. In the last year alone, I've doubled the number of meds that I have to take, and if it wasn't for my ...
Centerarticles - 
Question from Laura LaBelle:  Donna, do you think that both parents and teens could benefit from more financial advice?
Answer:  Laura, definitely so and I have a very informative reference for you to check out.  Please see below.
Financial advice for teens and parents
To help with that, Scott Gamm, a 17-year-old entrepreneur and founder of, joined us with tips. I started this website because for the ...
Read more at:
Question from Yasmin Bliko:  Donna, how can I just give access to specific users instead of all network users?
Answer:  Yasmin, here you go.  Please read my reference below.  I hope it helps.
Full Software Collextions
By Andy Stone Cold 2009
How To Hide Yourself From Network Users, and give access to only specific users! How To Make An Animted Logo How To Make Free Phone Calls How to make key generators. How To Make Perfect Copies Of Maxis The Sims Discs, CloneCD Style! .... More Hacking/Tips on Starting Your Own BBS.1. More Hacking/undocumented DOS commands. More Hacking/UNIX Computer Security Checklist More Hacking/UNIX Use and Security - By the Prophet More Hacking/UNIX Use and Security From The Ground Up ...
Full Software Collextions - 
Question from Greta Bridgeman:  Is Britain doing more to ensure online security?
Answer: Greta, this is a very general question but I am going to give you a reference that makes for very good reading.  I hope you find it of interest.
Internet Security Alliance Review 8-15-09 : Information Security ...
By (Information Security...
UPS, the parcel service and global transportation business, has encrypted all of its British laptops and smartphones after it breached the Data Protection Act last year. It has also signed an 'undertaking' with the Information Commissioner's ... The CSCSWG serves as a forum to bring government and the private sector together to address common cyber security challenges and opportunities across the CI/KR sectors. Monday, August 17: IT Sector Coordinating Council Executive ...
Information Security Resources - 
Question from Scott Reissman:  What are some of the advantages of running an Internet business rather than something more tame such as a bed and breakfast?
Answer:  Scott, this continues to be one of the most frequently asked questions and I have found a really good reference for you to follow up on.  Please see below.
Interview with Location Independent Entrepreneur, Mike Henry ...
By John
Mike Henry is a location independent entrepreneur who has been living and traveling Asia for more than a decade. He earns his income through several websites and he has experimented with many other online opportunities. Mike shares some details on living in Bali and ... I would like to start some kind of offline business like a guesthouse or restaurant, but every time I look into it, it just seems so much hassle and work, compared with running an internet based business. ... - 
Question from Harry Yang:  Can you give me some general info on how website translations work?
Answer:  Harry, this article may help you.  Here you go.  This one talks about the breaking down of translation barriers.
Potential Problems with Website Translators | Learn Spanish All ...
By admin
Website translator programs allow visitors to view your website in their native language. Website translators are one tool that helps you break down the language barrier and enable your business to reach people that you would never be ... One of the biggest difficulties with website translators is that they run into trouble when trying to translate between symbolic languages (like Chinese) and languages with letter alphabets (English, Spanish, all Greek and Latin based ...
Learn Spanish All Here In One Place - 
Question from Anne Clairemont:  Donna, what is the difference between a work from home job and a home business?
Answer:  Anne, great question and I have a great reference for you to check out.  Many of us including me are often hard pressed to explain the difference.
Business Opportunities, Business Startup, Business News And Expert ...
By Internet Guru
Many genuine work from home jobs are advertised as such but really aren't true jobs in the sense that you aren't paid for your time, rather, you are starting your own home business. There is nothing wrong with starting a home business, ...
Business Startup- Expert Advice... - 
Question from Gary Fairfield:  Where can I go to discover opportunities for seniors to work from home?
Answer:  Gary, here you go.  Check out this reference.  It's extremely informative.
Home Based Career: Legitimate Jobs For Seniors - How To Easily ...
By Window Guy
Worries are increasing as baby boomers increase to retirement age that social security could go out of business. One large factor is that in the future there'll be more boomers drawing monthly checks than there are workers paying it in. ... Locating genuine jobs for retirees is very possible if you know what to look for and where to go. There actually are unlimited possibilities for you if you'll only learn and take complete advantage of the world wide web called the ...
Home Based Career - 
I am out of time for this week but before I leave you, here is my tiny tip of the week.
With the beginning of the fall season and the oncoming winter season fast approaching, we need to be more mindful of SAD; seasonal adjusted depression.  This is an affliction that affects many persons and it is caused by the changes in our seasons and the lessening of sunlight during the coming months.
I'm Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and rest of the week.


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