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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Important answers to consumers concerns

Top of the day to you out there!  I'm Donna J. Jodhan and today I am delighted to be back with you after a bit of a wee holiday.  Our e-bag this week contains a lot of very interesting and insightful questions and I have drawn out the top questions of the week.
I thank you for all of your comments and feed back.  So, it's time for me to get down to work and unload our e-bag.
Important answers to consumers concerns
Question from Ema Emmerson:  Donna, do you have any information on how panic attacks originate?
Answer:  Ema, here you go.  A perfect article that has some very interesting info to share with you.  I hope it helps.
Health and Well-Being: Anxiety and panic attacks thrive on stress
The Daily News of Newburyport
Anxiety, panic, phobias, depression, addiction and many degenerative diseases such as heart disease and diabetes are an outcome of the fact that we are ...
Read more at:
Question from Dave Bass:  Donna, is there any simple way to solve the problem of stress and anxiety?
Answer:  Dave, I am not sure but a very good question.  Please see my reference below.
Today's Prayer: Open Our Minds and Hearts | Healing Our World
By Dee
How to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety in Your Life. Simply Right Click and choose Save As to save to your desktop! More FREE Natural Health, Wellness and Pet Ebooks at! ... Those women who exercise on a regular basis experience less anger and depression symptoms. Exercise also helps to reduce stress and we know that stress can increase the intensity of your PMS symptoms. Women who suffer from PMS should exercise on a regular basis at least 20 to 45 minutes 3 ...
Healing Our World - 
Question from Greg Towers:  Do you think that retirement is just a dream for many?
Answer:  Greg, it may be just so but don't take my word for it.  I have found a perfect article for you to read.  Please see below.
The disappearing dream of retirement
Sydney Morning Herald
The global financial crisis has delivered a harsh reality check for the baby boomers, many of whom had not saved enough to fund their retirement plans ...
Read more at:
Question from Naresh Singh:  Is there some type of resource where seniors can go to learn more about relevant topics?
Answer:  Naresh, here is a perfect article for you to check out.  I found this one very interesting.  Please take a look.
New Site Free Senior Citizens Solutions for Usefull Information on ...
Free Senior Citizens Solutions is dedicated for the care of baby boomers with mostly wide-ranging information. Our comprehensive research has made this site more significant with information aligned with the senior citizens. This website is pioneering, original, plus comprehensive website mentioning baby boomers' questions for their finances, government assistance, health insurance, ... Most read story about News: Stars Receive Goodie Bags at Ebony's 60th Birthday Bash ...
MB Publishing Free Press Release... - 
Question from Marco Skenza:  Do you have any suggestions for good remote access applications?
Answer:  Marco, I sure do.  Here you go.  Please see below.
7 Best Applications for PC Remote Access
By QuickOnlineTips
If you hold all your business files, presentations, photos and music files in your computer and you are staying away from home – You do not have to carry your computer with you, just install any of these applications and you are sure to see ... You can also set different work modes like view only, which allows users only to view the contents on the computer. It has a high-level security. You can even shutdown remote computer or reboot and even log off remote computer from ...
Quick Online Tips - 
Question from Jenny Longman:  I can't seem to find a good reference for computer terms, terminology, and computer slang.  Can you help?
Answer:  Jenny, I think that I can.  I found this recently and it's very comprehensive.  Do give it a read if you have a moment.
Internet – Hazardous as a Pandemic?
Manila Bulletin
Computer Terms. Understand both technical and slang computer terms when referencing downloading, files sharing and other computer uses. ...
Read more at:
Question from Frank Duberco:  Are there any quick ways to weed out the good from the bad when it ocmes to find those legitimate home business opportunities?
Answer:  Frank, I don't believe that there are any proven ways.  It takes long hours of hard research and logically going through everything that comes your way.  It's always best to look before you leap.  I have a very good reference for you to check out.  Please see below.
You Too Can Work From Home | Ezine Article Directory
By Chanel Griffith
With the growth and popularity of the internet, there are many opportunities to work from home, but it does take time to find legitimate work-at-home jobs, which means that you may have to spend a lot of time looking around for jobs that ... dynamic and truthful writer on the topics of work at home and business building. If you would like to learn a secret step by step proven successful method for making money from home don't hesitate to checkout The Niche Blogger Review. ...
        Ezine Article Directory - 
Question from Greg Radcliff:  Can one make money online?
Answer:  Greg, this is a very general question and I hope that the reference that I have found is suitable enough for you.  Please give it a read.
How To Exactly Make Money Online In The Form Of The Residual ...
By publishnow
        They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau! If you would like to learn more about this site please visit the website listed below. On the left hand side of the page under the Opportunities tab, click on the second link. .... 1800.209 .248 ext89829 (Australia) 0808.234.1354 ext89829 (United Kingdom) i believe that this home based business worth trying as you can make regular income from it.However, it all depends on your hard work it is not a get rich quick scheme. ...
PaidPublishing - 
Question from Simon Klarksen:  Donna, do you have any suggestions for how I can have my e commerce site translated?
Answer:  Simon, here you go.  Give a read to my reference below.
Ecommerce Know-How: Translate Your Ecommerce Site
Practical Ecommerce
Language translation is an increasingly important part of ecommerce marketing, as many small- to mid-size businesses seek non-English-speaking customers. ...
Read more at:
Question from Tom Majic:  Can I possibly start my own business to bolster my retirement income?
Answer:  Tom, Very probable but it all comes down to finding the right type of business idea.  I am going to give you a reference to check out and I hope it helps.
        My Take On ...: Retirement put on hold: Option, start your own ...
        By Joseph Lizio
        A recent article on MSNBC titled, "The new 'retirement' plan: Keep working" kind of says it all about what baby boomers are now facing. Now, trillions of dollars of housing equity have been destroyed, retirement savings have vaporized and pension funds are ... So, instead of searching the classified for local minimum wage jobs in your area – think about self-employment. There are many resources on the web that can get you started or thinking about your business properly. ...
        My Take On ... - 
Question from Andrei Typerlin:  Are older workers hanging to their jobs longer these days?
Answer:  Andrei, definitely so and it all has to do with them ensuring that they have enough to retire on given the present economic downturn.  I have a great reference for you to check out.  Please see below.
Older workers hang on to jobs longer, often out of necessity ...
</p><p>The EBRI also surveyed active and retired workers earlier this year and found that only 6 percent of active workers and 13 percent of retirees were very confident that future Social Security benefits will be provided at the same level as .... Americans have been losing their jobs in droves, yet one group has gained ground in employment during this recession: workers 55 and older. The reason - economic necessity - says a lot about what aging baby boomers may face as ...
Kansas City Star: Breaking News - 

I am out of time for this week but before I leave you, here is my tiny tip of the week.
How's this for a business idea!  One that is based on specific holidays of the year?
The selling of products for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter, mother's day, father's day, etc?
I'm Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and rest of the week.


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