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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Breaking news! New Baylor Study Finds Clergy Dismiss Depression, Anxiety The Most ...

Greetings everyone!  I'm Kerry J Harrison at the business desk.
Today, I would like to bring your focus to how we often so easily dismiss depression and anxiety and how this could be a very fatal error in judgement.  I have a great reference on this topic for you to check out along with many other references.
Please read on.
I wish you a pleasant day.
News on stress, anxiety, and depression
Breaking news!          New Baylor Study Finds Clergy Dismiss Depression, Anxiety The Most ...
              SDNN: San Diego News Network
        As unemployment and stress rise, San Diegans struggle to find ...
        "I am noticing more people opening up about financial stress, anxiety and depression," he said, adding that the issues plaguing his patients most are ...
Read more at:
        New Baylor Study Finds Clergy Dismiss Depression, Anxiety The Most ...
        Baylor University
        Baylor researchers have now built upon that research and have found that depression and anxiety are the mental illnesses that are dismissed the most often. ...
Read more at:
        Anger and depression-two problematic emotions if excessive ...
        By admin
        Or sometimes it can be a chemical imbalance.One dangerous emotion that was shown in the news is when a man's depression turned into rage and anger.His situation is hopeless and that is the reason why his depression became anger. ... Stress & Anxiety Recommended Resources. Panic Away!After 7 Years Online Panic Away Has Become A Leading Drug Free Treatment Of Panic Attacks And General Anxiety Click Here for More Info >>. The EasyCalm Video Coaching SeriesThe Leading Anxiety ...
        Tackle Stress and Anxiety Blog - 
        Can I treat my depression without drugs?
        By WayneBrownMinistries
        news.comAU. Kate de Brito. Dear Bossy: I have recently been diagnosed with depression and my doctor has placed me on anti-depressants. The problem is, since agreeing to go on the anti-depressants I have done some research and am not sure if I made .... sensitive to criticism, unassertive shy or with low self-esteem), high anxiety , inherited or family disposition and of course medical factors, including illness and brain changes as well as illness and medical procedures. ...
        Today's News - 
        The Voice of the Cape - - ICD`s powers to be addressed
        By The Voice of the Cape News Room
        News Shows People Community Interactive Events Shop ... Given the amounts of stress and anxiety police are under, domestic violence levels have soared in the Western Cape, amongst other issues such as depression and police suicide. ...
        Vocfm news - 
 New Business Bio: Southern New Hampshire ...
        There she provided individual and group counseling to individuals struggling to manage anxiety, depression and life transitions. Fenton is licensed as a clinical mental health counselor and has earned a certificate in certified group ... local, state,... - 
        National Depression Screening Day next week
        Materials and brochures on stress, anxiety and depression will be available. -Sometimes people with depression mistakenly believe that the symptoms of ...
Read more at:
        Police need counselling, warns anxiety group
        Independent Online
        The SA Depression Anxiety Group (Saga) warned on Wednesday that policemen under severe stress needed counselling to prevent them from becoming ...
Read more at:
        Can Severe Stress Cause Stroke? | Psydir News
        By admin
        Here in the city (and all over the country), anxiety about the financial crisis is palpable and omnipresent. Thousands of people, especially within the financial services industry, have been losing their jobs. Real estate construction and development have ... Work stress was significantly associated with adverse outcomes, including depression and intimate partner abuse. >Can I Switch? ( Can I Switch? I've been given two unconditionals for psychology courses. ...
        Psydir News | Published News - 
        Insomnia and Depression: Symptoms or Side Effects?
        By E. Sizemore
        Symptoms of epilepsy include depression, lapses in memory, insomnia, unexplained accidents or injuries, confusion, and changes in behavior. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: PTSD is an anxiety disorder that occurs as a result of a very terrifying ... This information is NOT complete or all-inclusive and you should NOT rely on US Recall News as your only source for product recall updates. We suggest you pay attention to manufacturer and product distributor websites and press ...
        US Recall News - 
        10 Ways to Lower Anxiety and Find Empowerment | World of Psychology
        By (Dr. John M. Grohol)
        Know the Bad News: The bad news is if you have been dealing with anxiety for a long time and you have a family history of people who have anxiety [or depression], chances are you will be dealing with anxiety in some way for the rest of ...
        World of Psychology - 
        Cop turned pastor preaches mental health | democratandchronicle ...
        What he didn't know is that his constant anger was a sign of his depression. It's not unusual, given the stress, pressure and constant exposure to violence, for police officers to be hardened and cold, and angry, Weaver says. ... Since his retirement from the RPD, he says, he has been diagnosed with bipolar disease, obsessive-compulsive disorder and had had many anxiety attacks. He has been hospitalized several more times and knows that he will require medication and ...
        News - - 
        Chinese weathermen on guard against bad weather on National Day
        By Ians
        As 190000 dancers, politicians, soldiers and fighter pilots went on with their highly synchronized extravaganza, perhaps no one was feeling more performance anxiety than Guo Hu, Beijings chief weatherman, reports New York Times. If we make a mistake with our work, the impact will be .... May 29th, 2009 Weather system loses tropical depression statusMIAMI — The National Hurricane Center says a weather system moving over the Atlantic has lost its tropical depression status. ...
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