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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Surfing At Public find spots » Your Daily Computer Security Tips

        Surfing At Public find  spots » Your Daily Computer Security Tips
 By Donna J. Jodhan
Surfing at public find spots may be a very convenient thing in the eyes of many but what many do not know or probably ignore is this:  The security factor.  Believe it or not, public find spots are not as secure as you are often lead to believe.  Your computers are often at risk at these locations.  Hackers often use these spots to locate and terrorize their victims and often times the visitor to the find spot is blisfully unaware of hackers lurking let alone when they have been cornered.  Hackers often use public find spots to target and conquer innocent persons.  
So, how does one protect themself from this sort of thing when using a public find spot?  By ensuring that their security software is always up to date.  By ensuring that their computer is well protected by such things as:  Spyware, anti virus software, and software that can fend off hackers.  It is easy to say that one may never be able to totally protect themself from all of this but the most important thing is to be aware.  I am going to leave you with a reference to investigate.
        Surfing At Public find  spots » Your Daily Computer Security Tips
        By Syd Tash
        Get your computer security tips for the home user, right here. ... Your Daily Computer Security Tips. Keeping you safe & secure on the information superhighway - by Syd Tash. Sun 19 Apr 2009 ...
        Your Daily Computer Security Tips - 
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