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Monday, July 27, 2009

? Seniors find volunteer work after retirement a fresh beginning

        • Seniors find volunteer work after retirement a fresh beginning
By Donna J. Jodhan
For many seniors retirement could be viewed as a mixed bag.  For some, they spend their time catching up on things that they never had time to do while working.  Things such as traveling, taking courses, gardening, golfing, plus more; but for others the world of volunteering calls and many retired seniors are becoming more and more attracted to this world.  I guess that volunteering can be seen as filling several gaps in the lives of those who find themselves with a lot of time on their hands. 
Volunteering can be viewed as filling a need to help others.  It can also be viewed as being able to fill a gap of continuing to either use or build skills.  It can also be viewed as having the ability to socialize and in this particular case many seniors are finding that socializing fills a gap in that whereas they were able to go out and meet others in the workplace before, now they are using volunteering opportunities to meet new people.  Whatever the reason, many are saying that volunteering by seniors can bring so many new facets both to our society and even to our economy.  Seniors who volunteer are not only helping themselves but they are definitely helping others as well.  They are inadvertently passing on their knowledge, skills, and experience.  They are bringing new meaning to the positive side of life and they are finding ways to bring creativity and gusto to all of us.
I am going to close by giving you a reference to check out.  One that shows you how someone is using their new role as a volunteer to enrich their life.
        • Seniors find volunteer work after retirement a fresh beginning
        Kalamazoo Gazette - - Kalamazoo,MI,USA
        A few months after retirement, she thought, "It's time I contact them! ... Right now, RSVP is specifically seeking "baby boomers" to participate in the ...
       Read more at:
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