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Friday, July 31, 2009

PM's speech on education for the new global age |

PM's speech on education for the new global age |
By Donna J. Jodhan
There is one country that has really taken the  bull by the horns when it comes to promoting universal home Internet access and this can only bring good things for this particular country.  I am talking about Grait Britain and referring to a somewhat recent speech that was made by their Prime Minister.  This speech really impressed me and for the following reason.  The British Prime Minister acknowledged that at the present time, Britain is running second in the fields of skills and education.
How many of our world leaders would have the nerve to admit such a thing but you have to hand it to the Brits!  They are never afraid to call it as they see it and if they are able to pull off their bold program of initiating universal home Internet access, then think about what the opportunities could be for the growth and prosperity of home based businesses.  This could mean a whole new world of opportunities for so many persons who in the normal scheme of things would probably not have the opportunity of fulfilling their dream to own their own business.  This program could open many doors for stay at home moms, housewives, retirees, seniors, and even our students and this is exactly what the Brits are hoping for. 
This program would allow so many persons to take fuller advantage of the Internet and all of the possibilities that it can offer.  Many are openly applauding this initiative because it means that Britain is taking a big step towards building a strong small and home business economy and during these hard economic times governments have to become more creative and start thinking outside of the box as they would say.  For who knows!  This type of initiative may just be what the Brits need in order to kick start their sputtering economy.
I am going to leave you with a reference to check out below. 
PM's speech on education for the new global age |
They understood that if Britain is second in education and skills we can never be first in business And that if we come second in business our young people will not have the opportunities and chances in life we wish for them ..... So from 2010 all secondary schools - and from 2012 all primary schools - will report online to parents, something that has been made possible because of our investment in universal home internet access for all families with children So the ... » Latest News - 
I'm Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week.
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