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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How to tell if it's depression or stress

Greetings everyone!  I'm Kerry J Harrison at the business desk and today I have some very interesting clippings and headlines for you to check out.  The one that I am highlighting today is centered on how you can tell the difference between stress and depression.  So many of us are unable to do this and so I have a very insightful article for you to read; and there is a lot more.
Have a great day.
News on stress, anxiety, and depression
Breaking news!          How to tell if it's depression or stress
        Study To Look at Effect of Massage on Anxiety and Depression
        WKRC TV Cincinnati - Cincinnati,OH,USA
        ... to help treat things such as stress and anxiety. "We're looking for men and women aged 28 to 65 who have minor symptoms of anxiety and depression. ...
Read more at:
        How to tell if it's depression or stress
        Independent Online - Cape Town,Western Cape,South Africa
        But depression is all-consuming and can be long-lasting. If stress leads to feelings of unhappiness that last for a few weeks you could be suffering from ...
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        Stress, depression 'worsen childhood asthma'
        By Ani
        WASHINGTON - Stress and depression could worsen childhood asthma, according to a new study. ... February 17th, 2009 WASHINGTON - Anti-social behaviour among girls and anxiety among both boys and girls of first and second grade brought on depression in early adolescence. 'Anti-social behaviour has typically been viewed as a big problem among boys, so it tends to be ignored among girls, said James Mazza, University of Washington (UW) professor of educational psychology and ...
        Simple Thoughts - Java and Web Blog - 
        Friday News Feed 7-17 « The ASSET Blog
        By andrewgregory
        Severe stress during pregnancy can damage a baby's brain and put the child at greater risk of anxiety, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder later on in adolescence, according to British research… ...
        The ASSET Blog - 
        Craig and Marc Kielburger: Healing Soliders' Hidden Wounds
        By Craig and Marc Kielburger
        It's estimated about 20 per cent of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from the illness characterized by flashbacks, anxiety and depression. In January, the U.S. army disclosed they lost more soldiers that month to ... " What we're trying to do is catch the combat stress and give the soldiers the tools to deal with it before they come back," she says. While she is still discussing this expansion, the idea is the kind of initiative that could save money, ...
        The Full Feed from - 
        New to Forums in General - Cannabis Forums Message Boards ...
        By IZeroIn
        Cannabis Forums Message Boards - Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Club, Dispensary, News ... I am currently in CA with a medical license as a disabled Gulf veteran who lives daily with chronic pain, a traumatic brain injury with seizures, and PTSD with anxiety disorder and depression. Cannabis was the only medication that took care of my overall symptoms giving me my life back without destroying my liver or kidneys from the pharmaceuticals that they wanted to give me in the ...
        Cannabis Forums Message Boards... - 
        Debbie Rowe Sues Woman Over TV Interview - Entertainment News ...
        Learn the top five signs of common mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and bipolar disorder. More · 10 Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home ... TV5 News Archives ... - Entertainment News - 
        Economic woes taking toll on mental health
        The Herald-Times (subscription) - Bloomington,IN,USA
        Medication for depression and anxiety are prescribed by a clinician, and are not available over the counter. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact number of ...
Read more at:
        Pain's pressure relief valve
        Geneva Sun - Geneva,IL,USA
        Unless a patient is being treated for related conditions, such as depression or anxiety, detecting self-injurious behavior can be very difficult. ...
Read more at:,2_5_AU19_STORYTELLER_S1-090719.article
        The Neurocritic: Before You Take That Paxil
        By The Neurocritic
        PsychCentral reprints pertinent press releases on its News page, has an Ask the Therapist advice column, runs online support groups (forums), and posts comprehensive information on symptoms and treatment of mental disorders, ... First of all, there is no evidence that women without a prior history of anxiety and depression have any increased risk of getting post partum depression. So to screen all moms as if giving birth is a risk factor for depression is ridiculous. ...
        The Neurocritic - 
        Needles – en|Gender
        By helenboyd
        Except that I struggled for a long time with the nasty evil twins of anxiety & depression after 9/11, & it was only after my sister got her acupuncturist to put a few dozen needles in me that I was able to start getting better. Before that, nothing worked, not meds, ... What it seems to help with: fertility, back pain, chronic pain, indigestion/digestive issues, anxiety, stress, insomnia = basically a lot of the things that Western medicine isn't very good at treating. ...
        en|Gender - 
        Living with Autism: "Losing My Little Boy" | The Autism News
        By The Autism News
        Just before Ryan's second birthday, Nicole's anxiety returned. Her little boy still hadn't recovered his lost words and wasn't making much eye contact. His sweet bedtime routine ended too. "I'd lead him into his sisters' rooms, ... Worried and confused, Nicole immediately sank into a depression. "I didn't sleep and became obsessed with autism," says Nicole. "I read every Website and book. When love and anger ball up in you like that, you can read faster than ever. ...
        The Autism News - 
        Treating Depression and Anxiety the Natural Way
        By admin
        The good news is that there are usually many healthier alternatives which really work well. They are not always the "quick fix', but most are a more permanent and certainly healthier alternative, leaving YOU in control! Here are a few: Exercise ... Relaxation techniques and meditation are easy to learn and are so effective in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression that I wonder why they are not routinely prescribed or even taught as a life skill at school! ...
        Natural Remedies - 



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