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Monday, July 13, 2009

Health News Online » Fitness This Year: What to Expect

        Health News Online » Fitness This Year: What to Expect
BBy Donna J. Jodhan
There is no doubt that the demand for qualified fitness instructors is growing by leaps and bounds and who is driving this demand?  Why!  None other than aging baby boomers and seniors.  This group of persons has become more health and fitness conscious and don't look for this trend to change for the forseeable future.  With the accent being placed more and more on healthy living, seniors and aging baby boomers are certainly taking the lead in this area.
They are eating better, crowding more and more to the gyms, working out more, and even buying more fitness equipment for home use.  In addition, they are seeking the services of professional fitness instructors to help them stay in shape and what we can look forward to is a healthier senior population.  More healthy than a generation ago.  Personal training is becoming more affordable and readily accessible and more gyms and clubs are gearing their programs towards the needs of seniors, retirees, and aging baby boomers.
This augers very well for anyone who is thinking of becoming a fitness instructor.  Anyone who desires to work with older clients and anyone interested in the fitness industry.  As time marches on, these consumers are going to be demanding more services and equipment and it can only bode well for the fitness industry but more importantly for healthier seniors.  I am going to leave you with a wonderful reference to check out.
        Health News Online » Fitness This Year: What to Expect
        By admin
        Even as personal training has become more affordable and readily accessible, people are also becoming more discerning of the services that they acquire. There is a growing demand for fitness professionals with credible certification. ... More of the retirement-age and elderly population are getting in on the action to make sure they stay in top form throughout their golden years. A lot of these programs are geared specifically to seniors and baby boomers so people are ...
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