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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Antivirus Internet Security Basics: How Viruses Get on a Computer ...

        Antivirus Internet Security Basics: How Viruses Get on a Computer ...
By Donna J. Jodhan
When is the last time you asked yourself these questions:  How much do you really know about viruses?  How much do you really know about Internet security?  Would you really know how to protect yourself if you were suddenly attacked by a computer virus?  Do you know where these viruses live, how they find you, and what they can do to your system if they are not dealt with immediately?
I recently read where over 80% of computer users are still very much in the dark when it comes to being able to answer these questions in an informed manner and this is what hackers and cyber pirates continue to depend on in order to keep tormenting us.  Our inability to be aware of viruses, how to combat them, and how to avoid them.  They often say that ignorance is bliss but when it comes to viruses, this statement could not be further from the truth.  Ignorance and unawareness of the dangers of viruses is one of the worst attitudes for anyone to adopt.  Knowledge is the answer and the ability to avoid is the best weapon that anyone can use in this case.
An innocent action such as browsing a website can get an unsuspecting victim into harm's way.  Innocently downloading a harmless-looking piece of anti virus protection software could also be potentially just as harmful.  So, what should you be doing?  I am going to leave you with a reference to check out.
        Antivirus Internet Security Basics: How Viruses Get on a Computer ...
        By admin
        Imagine that if billions of people could reach a home instantly – how many ill intentioned people would come by to see if the doors and windows were secured? How many con artists would knock on the door? ... If the user browses an infected website with a browser that has a security hole a virus will get into the network. If it is a certain type of virus it could start replicating itself within the local network. A computer firewall defends against this sort of problem. ...
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