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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Trillion Dollar Derivatives Time Bomb

Hello there!  It's your business desk team and we hope you have a great weekend.  Today, we would like to let you in on some very breaking news that is presently going on on Wall Street.  News that is extremely important for you to be aware of.
To learn more, please read on.
Happy weekend.
Your business desk team
The Trillion Dollar Derivatives Time Bomb

                        We will drop the bomb on Wall Street
                             There is an unstable ticking time bomb woven deep within the fabric of the American Economy,
                        and it's going to go off very soon, when it does, the already struggling American economy will be
                        catastrophically overwhelmed. Major Banks and investment firms once believed to be "too large to go under" will be left in ruins. As a result, bonds will fail. Corporate bankruptcies will rise to unprecedented heights. The Dow Jones will tumble down under 5000. The previously floundering Greenback will find its new home next to the relics of the French Franc and German Mark.
                           As these major investments fall away, a tiny cluster of seemingly obscure investments will take ascent.  Taking refuge in these investments immediately will ENSURE your financial future as the hysteria takes grip of the populace, and the American economy is undone.
                        The Trillion Dollar Derivatives
                        Time Bomb
                           Layered deep within the confines of the real economy... there is a subterranean economy, where the world's financial power brokers carry on clandestine transactions in the trillions.
                          Transactions that are hidden well away from the mainstream media. You will rarely read about them in the Financial Times, let alone see them on any 24 hour news channels, and yet they have a very real affect on your every investment; Bonds, mutual funds, your real estate, and especially your stocks.
                           This financial assembly acquits to an Ocean current, invisible to the naked eye, these currents affect everything from climate to sustenance for billions of creatures. They both also share a very real frailty, they are subject to forces they have no control over.
                           Periodically something goes wrong. A massive terrorist attack or a bank goes under, which uncovers the apocalyptic powers these institutions carry. The world spectator their effects on Black Monday, in 1987. Also in 1997 when the Asian markets were struck down, and once more in 1998 with the LTCM hedge fund debacle. But these were just the first salvos to the devastation that is to come.
                           A confluence of events is building up, when they reach boiling point the invisible currents will still. When they do, we may well be witness to the largest financial meltdown since the Great Depression, and our economy may never recover.
                           Now is the time to prepare yourself for the inevitable, to position yourself to garner the benefits of astronomical profits by investing in a tiny cluster of little known investments which will take a meteoric rise when practically all else falls by the wayside.
                           This is not simply an empty declaration; a select group of informed private investors have already taken advantage of these investment techniques, taking gains of 797% and up to 1,797%. These investments will be revealed to you in a moment, and why I fully expect equivalent opportunities this year as well. But at this time I would like to address the pink elephant in the room, a vexing development that has occurred in the worlds financial markets in our lifetime. It is an issue that could cause horrendous financial ripples, and one for which investors by and large are inadequately prepared for...
                        The Colossal Secret Economy
                        That's About To Explode...



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