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Monday, February 09, 2009

Three Business Ideas for the Seniors Market

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk.
I would like to start off your week on a bright topic and that is:  Providing you with some tips for ideas for getting into the seniors consumers market.
To learn more, please read on.
At the business desk, I'm Jeff N Marquis wishing you a great day.
News for retirees, aging baby boomers, and seniors
Breaking news!  Three Business Ideas for the Seniors Market                
        Three Business Ideas for the Seniors Market | IDDICTIVE.COM
        As 'baby boomers' enter retirement the seniors market is growing in importance. Here are three quick business ideas to appeal to the 'grey pound' (or dollar if you prefer). Personal Trainer for Seniors - 60 is the new 50. Seniors are increasingly aware of the ... For an even nichier niche you could start a temping agency staffed exclusively by seniors and catering to a particular need - ex. retired teachers providing tutoring services. The importance of the seniors market ...
        IDDICTIVE.COM - 
        Would early Medicare opt-ins be boost or burden?
        By Inc
        ... would allow someone as young as 55 to enroll in the program and pay a higher monthly premium than seniors do. Depending on how lawmakers design the program, the premiums would cost several hundred dollars a month. The services would be the same as those for current Medicare beneficiaries. ... Between 2000 and 2010, as the oldest baby boomers approach or reach retirement, the number of Americans 55 to 64 will increase 50 percent, from 24.4 million to 36.2 million. ...
        DailyMe - 
        Fabulous Women Over 50: Local Store Locations
        By Shirley W. Mitchell
        ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE TODAY - WE HAVE GREAT PACKAGES TO HELP YOU GET A PRESENCE - GET YOUR SPOT TODAY ! To See ALL the Sites that are accepting Advertising in our System visit "The Amazing System"!
        Fabulous Women Over 50 - 
              Washington Post
        Brain Fitness Classes Keep Seniors Mentally And Socially Active
        Washington Post - United States
        There is no strong medical evidence that games such as these boost mental capacity or slow the aging process, but aging baby boomers have been investing ...
Read more at:
        Retired? Hit the road, help your brain
        San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
        A 2005 study ("What Willl Baby Boomers Want from Educational Travel?") found that Boomers will want educational travel in retirement, but they have more ...
Read more at:
        GOP must adapt to welfare state - Bruce Bartlett -
        (The first baby boomer turns 65 in 2011.) Moreover, Americans' zeal for tax cutting — the Republicans' best issue for the past 30 years — has clearly waned. A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows Americans now favoring the Democrats ... Ideas - 
        vt.Buzz ~ a political blog: Active in retirement
        By vt.Buzz
        Burlington Vermont News - is the home page of Burlington Vermont with in depth and updated Burlington local news. Stay informed with both Burlington Vermont news as well as headlines and stories from around the ...
        vt.Buzz ~ a political blog - 
       Real Estate Blog - Boomers not Retirees!
        Boomers not Retirees! We are all Seniors Real Estate Specialists but each of us serves a slightly different segment of our market. As we learned in our training, there are significant differences between the wants and needs of our clients ... The younger group of 78 Million Baby Boomers is the current target market for a litany of products, services and new home communities. During this market downturn that has challenged even the most optimistic Realtor, ...
        Kathy's Active Rain Blog - 
        NJ HELOC Heaven: Reverse Mortgages Upon Death
        By NJHH
        "We have been doing counseling for reverse mortgages for four years and we have had a 400 percent increase over the last four years," [Tim Robbins, director of Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Montana] said. "Four years ago, we were counseling ... Robbins expects reverse mortgages will only get more popular as people live longer in general, and as more baby boomers - many of whom may be financially strapped in their sunset years - hit retirement age. ...
        NJ HELOC Heaven - 
        » Reverse Mortgage Is It A Smart Choice? Announced Articles ...
        There is much talk in the finance world about a supposed new service called the reverse mortgage which is designed to ease the burden on seniors when they are a homeowner. At first glance these mortgages appear to be an excellent idea but ... Probably the biggest reason for their new found popularity is the number of 'baby boomers' that will be coming up to retirement from 2008 onwards. The future number of people retiring in the United States and other Western nations is ...
        Announced Articles & Press Releases - 
        E-Marketing: BenefitsLink Retirement Plans Newsletter (plain text ...
        By My Name Is Nobody!
        service as an eligible investment expert or auditor, which the DOL chose not to further define, primarily on the ground that the task was too difficult and any examples might be unduly limiting." (Employee Benefits Institute of America) .... Chairman George Miller, D-Calif." (Pensions & Investments). ----------------------------------------------------------. Stock Market Crash Leaves State of Illinois' Pension Plans Critical Just As Baby Boomers Set to Retire ...
        E-Marketing - 


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