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Friday, February 06, 2009

Quite frankly, the elite option service is not for everyone.

Hello there!  Another weekend at our doorstep and we the business desk team are happy to share a very interesting article with you.
This article focuses on the qualifications of investors and why you should be paying attention to the type of investor that you choose to manage your finances.  A good investor can bring you a lot of financial security but a bad one can certainly muck up your future in a hurry.
This article also comes from a very reliable source.
We wish you a great weekend.
Quite frankly, the elite option service is not for everyone.
Not all investors have what it takes to become an "elite" option trader. Many have tried and millions have failed. If you feel you have the patience and the "brass balls" to hold an option from $2.00 to $90.00 like I have, continue reading! If you feel you do not have the "brass balls" that are required to join the "elite" and battle like a Spartan Warrior on the front lines of the battlefield, there are plenty of other services available, that will produce profit margins similar to a bank C.D.! If you are still reading that means you take the road less traveled and are not comfortable making anything less than $250,000.00 a year.
If you take the first step in the right direction and join this service, I would like to personally welcome you to the club and also give the 1st 50 people who sign up, the opportunity to exclusively work one on one with me and receive the trades before they enter my portfolio.
How the service works.... It's very simple - you will be receiving the most explosive option trades just as I am about to hit the "buy" button with my multi-billion dollar finger!!!  The basis of this service is not to overwhelm you with too many option trades, because if you do....that's when you lose control of managing your positions and spread yourself too thin. My investment strategy is more about putting quality trades in my portfolio as opposed to a quantity of trades and hoping I get lucky. The reason I am so successful trading options is my ability to seek out the most explosive trades every week and put the vast majority of my weekly investment capital into these positions. By using my investment strategy, I raise my success rate and profit margin per trade..... through the roof!!!
"APA JC" @ $5.60 SOLD @ $10.50 88%.......
"GS UT" @ $1.20 SOLD @ $6.70 458%.....
"MS UF" @ $2.20 SOLD @ $6.60 200%.......
"DVN JA" @ $3.60 SOLD @ $8.00 122%.....
"LYH UK" @ $2.75 SOLD @ $16.50 500%........ 
 I can tell you how great I am at trading options, but there is only one way to find out for yourself...... and that's by joining me in my "Elite Option Service", and if I do not meet or exceed your expectations over the next 12 months I will personally give you 6 months of service for free......on me!  That's how confident I am you will love joining the ranks of the "elite" and trading options like a stone cold killer!!!  I will see you at the top, real soon!!!
12 MONTHS FOR $199.00....



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