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Monday, February 16, 2009

Our View: Government best prepare for gray nation

Good day!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk.
Today, I would like to start off the week by asking this very important question:  How ready and prepared is our government to face our rapidly graying nation?  Are we all ready to do so or are we still fumbling in the dark?
Well, to learn more, please read on.
I'm Jeff N Marquis wishing you a pleasant day.
News for retirees, aging baby boomers, and seniors
Breaking news!          Our View: Government best prepare for gray nation       
        PA Elder, Estate & Fiduciary Law Blog: Believing, and Playing ...
        By Neil E. Hendershot, Esq.
        Flynt's fan club, who've dubbed themselves the "Sul Ross Baby Boomers" and wear buttons with a picture of him in uniform, joined the chants. Later, they started their own, merely shouting his last name. * * * [Links added.] ..... If a reader requires legal advice or services, contact a qualified attorney licensed in the appropriate jurisdictions or forums to provide personal, confidential advice or representation. The author is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth ...
        PA Elder, Estate & Fiduciary Law Blog - 
        Senior, Single, and Dating ::
        Powered by WP Greet Box What exactly is a senior today? Fifty-year-olds think of themselves as the new thirty-five-year-olds, and Baby Boomers are not planning on retiring from anything, so defining a senior is not an [...] ... Do you contribute your services to others? If so, invite your date to come with you. If you do not volunteer, maybe now is the time to lay that groundwork for future dates. There are countless non-profit organizations that need your help. ... - 
        Humana Medicare: Making Health Care Coverage Easy
        By admin
        Baby Boomers, who have been through so many changes and decisions, are now facing the decisions involved in retirement, including how to keep their medical coverage as they age. Fortunately, Medicare can do just ... Some seniors have special medical needs and will find a plan that suits their needs. With the number of humana medicare plans offered, any retiree will find a plan for them. In addition to medical coverage, humana medicare offers excellent pharmacy benefits. ...
        Looking For Cigna Medicare? - 
        Media dis&dat: Pre-school autism program in S.C. saved for now
        By BA Haller
        It's been managed by hiring freezes, employee furloughs, an early retirement program and one-time funds so far. Now it must cut deeper, he said. "We hate to have to give up a program such as this," said Berry. "There is just not enough ... Wal-Mart settles ADA complaint over service animal... Described video of Obama inauguration now availabl... Grammar Girl takes on disability language · Aging-in-place becomes a trend for baby boomers · "The Polio Crusade" on PBS Feb. ...
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        Buying Los Angeles Condominiums | Business News
        advertising business business;finance business and finance business credit card cheap payday loans Credit Card credit card debt credit cards credit card services credit score credit tips currency trading day trading debt management debt ...
        Business News - 
        Our View: Government best prepare for gray nation
        Wausau Daily Herald - Wausau,WI,USA
        We mean the baby boomers -- the population bulge of people just now beginning to collect social security, Medicare benefits and generally to enter old age. ...
Read more at:
        Boomers keep fitness industry feelin' groovy - MashGet
        Adriane Berg welcomes new members to the club for baby boomers and active seniors. A secure home based business is what you can count on when you join the Black Business Builders Club. The world's most powerful money making membership ...
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        Realty Chatter: Back to Work: More Seniors Forced to Forgo Retirement
        By Phil De Rosa
        Rinehart is among a growing number of seniors who have either delayed retirement or are returning to the work force after years away. Even before the recession, many older Americans had to work. About 40 percent of baby boomers have no ...
        Realty Chatter - 
        Remodeling to age in place
        --American Association of Retired People:  Shirey, president of Issaquah-based Shirey Contracting, has been certified by the National Association of Home Builders as an aging-in-place specialist. In a news release, ...
        AARP Bulletin Today - 
        "Welcome Home, Yankees!" Mexican Developers Target Aging Americans ...
        As U. S. Baby Boomers enter their "golden" years, watching their 401Ks and retirement accounts disappear as the current recession deepens and extends, enterprising Mexican developers are shifting their focus from traditional condominium and townhome communities to ... Additional services, including exercise facilities, tennis, swimming and lap pools, and the like are available for $80/month, with daily transportation to the city of San Miguel at $100/month. ... - 
        Hollow-ween: Active Adult Retirement Communities: Ten Things to Know
           By Hibara I
        Baby boomers have turned 60. Some will choose to sell their homes for a variety of reasons: financial, to downsize, to be closer to children. As homebuilders are building more retirement communities and discovering what features boomers want ... 8) Emergency Services and Hospitals: Fortunately, most active adult communities are located near these facilities since adult community homebuilders know it is important. However, some that are in more remote areas may not be near ...
        Hollow-ween - 
        lavaweb: Value Added: The "Move Management" Industry
        By Useful Stuff On the Net
        There are about 500 "move management" consultants around the country, ready to tap into the 78 million Baby Boomers headed for retirement, not to mention the dwindling members of my mom's generation. The Danicks started their company ... Some need decorating help and full service in between." The minimum is about $600 for a two-person crew for one day. One job involving moving out of an $11 million home took a crew of 13 all day and cost thousands. There are headaches. ...
        lavaweb - 
        Email Marketing And Its Importance | Business News
        By Jeff Dedrick
        One of the best ways to find potential clients and market your services to prospective customers is to generate leads. Generating leads and contacting a wide audience allows new businesses to thrive and get started on the right foot.
        Business News - 
        Books - Aging Parents: Retire in Style: 60 Outstanding Places ...
              By Julie
        Seventy-six million American and 10 million Canadian "baby boomers" born between 1946 and 1964 are moving toward retirement in an era of increasing affluence and mobility. Providing information on 60 of the communities that are most rich in amenities ... Careful consideration was given to the final 12 criteria covered for each placelandscape, climate, quality of life, cost of living, transportation, retail services, health care, community services, cultural activities, ...
        Books - Aging Parents - 



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