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Monday, February 23, 2009 - Franchises attract older crowd

Good day!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk. 
So many of us continue to ask ourselves this question:  What is most attracting the older crowd these days?  I was surprised when I found out and now I am passing it along to you.
I wish you a great day.
News for retirees, aging baby boomers, and seniors
Breaking news!         - Franchises attract older crowd
 - Franchises attract older crowd
        The option will probably draw more interest as baby boomers age and, in a bleak economy, are laid off. Opportunities could be harder to come by in the recession. The nation's more than 850000 franchised businesses employed ... They paid $32500 and hope to gross $250000 the first year, aiming for a staff of 35 part-time caregivers who will provide companionship and support services ranging from light housekeeping to helping seniors with eating and grooming. ...
        Business - 
        Alternative Medicine: Senior Care Resource Debuts; Site Founder ...
        By sashok
        With a wide variety of information and links that range from Adult Protective Service to prescription drugs to physical rehabilitation programs to living trusts and wills, Spirit of Life has a service waiting for anyone who needs it. ... Rico admits that her fondness for not only senior care, but the seniors themselves is related to the fact that there's much to learn from those who have lived full lives, rather than taking them for granted. ...
        Alternative Medicine - 
        The Predator State and Social Security | Corrente
        By lambert
        The financial crisis argument rests on the large numbers of baby boomers set to start retiring -- on the fact that eventually payroll tax receipts will start to fall short of benefits due and that at some point in the middle distance ... The taxpayers, in losses of services and standard of living, are going to pay for it. They can't fire us, but they sure can "downsize" us in terms of standard of living. It's looking like all those leveraged buyouts of the ...
        Corrente - 
        Free email marketing
        By reklicom
        Many companies provide free email services to make it as a good advertising and marketing medium. Actually thats all they want and dont care about how it affects the email user. For an example when you log into your ...
        WSBM LLC - 
        Realty Chatter: What Boomers Really Want in Housing
        By Phil De Rosa
        Younger and older Baby Boomers are set to shake up the housing industry. So what do they want? No grab bars in the bathroom! Please! Aging Baby Boomers hate to be reminded that they're — just possibly — getting older. ... "But Boomers do want to position themselves for retirement. They don't want to spend unnecessarily on housing. Yet after a certain age they like extras. They want all the bells and whistles and up-to-date appliances in kitchens. ...
        Realty Chatter - 
        Brain games
        Palo Alto Online - Palo Alto,CA,USA
        In the consumer market, Baby Boomers are buying into brain-fitness games — including those by Lumosity, PositScience (a company popularized by KQED ...
Read more at:
        Public Courses Can Grow Local Talent | Politicker NJ
        By Patricia Quattrocchi
        ... hilly than Galloping Hill and less expansive than Ash Brook and will provide a more welcome golf environment for the expected influx of baby boomers onto the retirement scene. According to the World Golf Foundation, Inc.(April 2008), golf courses are expected to rebound fully within the next two to three years as the boomers find themselves with more free time and course owners would be wise to be prepared for the expected demand on their facilities. .... In the News ...
        Politicker NJ - New Jersey Politics... - 
        TIME GOES BY | Elder Music: Oddities and Novelties
        By Ronni Bennett
        Time Goes By - aging and what it's really like to get older. ... Retirement: Dr. Ron Evans · Retirement Rocks · Rinkly Rimes · Ripples · Robert Reich's Blog · Rockbridge Times · Ruminations · Running on Empty · Sablonneuse · Sacred Ordinary .... "...the number one 50+ blog" - Advertising to Baby Boomers "...the dean of older bloggers" - AARP Bulletin "...the quintessential seniors' blog" - Washington Post "...the best logo and header of any blog I've seen" ...
        TIME GOES BY - 
        My Time: Baby boomers have much to offer a struggling culture
        Longview Daily News - Longview,WA,USA
        At the annual meeting of the Gerontological Society of America a few months ago, the title of a symposium warned: "New Economic Woes Hit Boomers, Seniors ...
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        Strengthen financial institutions' front lines against ...
        Seattle Times - United States
        ... of our population reaching retirement age in the next few years. On Jan. 1, 2006, baby boomers began turning 60 at the rate of one every 7.5 seconds. ...
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        Governor's New Budget Plan-- Weigh In
        News Channel 8 / MyTV9 Blog - 
        DrBoyceRetirement: Rethinking retirement: More boomers choosing to ...
        By group8b
        As companies pare away pension plans and the future of Social Security seems increasingly precarious, more and more baby boomers are choosing to work beyond the age of traditional retirement. But others, like Dibner, ...
        DrBoyceRetirement - 


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