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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Money woes play havoc on people's health

Good morning!  I'm Kerry J Harrison at the business desk.
The middle of the week is always one of those important milestones for the week and one that so many of us have difficulty attaining. 
This week, I would again like to visit the topic of money woes and the effect that it is having on all of our mental health.  It is time for us to start taking this more seriously.
I wish you a great day.
News on stress, anxiety, and depression
 Breaking news!          Money woes play havoc on people's health - The Daily Journal       
        Charity appeal: how brain scans show the trauma of war - United Kingdom
        After such events, most people will suffer what is known as Acute Stress Disorder, which involves symptoms of anxiety and depression. ...
Read more at:
        Kankakee man finds he is neither healthy nor wealthy
        Kankakee Daily Journal - Kankakee,IL,USA
        Oakside Clinic, a mental health clinic in Kankakee, has seen an increase in the number of patients and a rise in cases of anxiety and depression, ...
Read more at:
        Money woes play havoc on people's health - The Daily Journal
        Financial stress from the economic downturn is taking a toll on the bodies and minds of Americans, leading to health issues such as pain, shortness of breath, depression and anxiety. At the same time, the loss of jobs and benefits has ...
        The Daily Journal Sports News - 
        Care tries to deal with vets' PTSD and addictions -
        Post-traumatic stress disorder -- which can include flashbacks, debilitating anxiety, irritability and insomnia -- is thought to affect nearly 8 million Americans at any given time. Anyone can develop it after a terrifying experience, ...
        Breaking News Impact - The Oregonian... - 
        New tactics to tackle bystander's role in bullying
        Social form of bullying linked to depression, anxiety in adults. Spreading rumors and gossiping may not cause bruises or black eyes, but the psychological consequences of this social type of bullying could linger into early adulthood, ...
        Science Current Events | Science... - 
        Spike in orders at Mormon warehouses reflects growing anxiety,...
        By Inc
        In the wake of the Great Depression, church leaders said they received a revelation from God that Mormons should keep a long-term supply (currently one year) of essential food staples, and a three-month rotating supply of food eaten ...
        DailyMe - 
        Health Discount Search » Blog Archive » Natural Rememdies For ...
        Self-Help Tips for Understanding and Managing Anxiety and Depression. Andrew Weil recommends for treating depression symptoms- well-balanced diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, nutritional supplements. ...
        Health Discount Search - 
        Middle aged women suffering most from mental health problems - United Kingdom
        Middle aged women trying to juggle careers, children and elderly relatives are suffering from depression and anxiety more than any other social group, ...
Read more at:
        Weight affects white, Hispanic kids' mental health
        Reuters India - Mumbai,India
        NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A new study adds to evidence that overweight teenagers are more prone to depression and anxiety, but suggests the effects vary ...
Read more at:
        Health Discount Search » Blog Archive » Depression And Anxiety ...
        100 All Natural and Safe Natural Supplements for Depression and Anxiety From Native Remedies. The only ailment that we hold about the detail is that it could hold been a little better. Daily News- Turkish News Portal in English, News and information about ... Relieve stress, anxiety and depression naturally with all natural Relagen dietary supplement. Dec 16, 2008 Alternative Medicine For Depression And Anxiety Naturally Anxiety, Depression, Stress Relief. ...
        Health Discount Search - 
        Anxiety and Depression | Sleep-Masters Blog
        Many suffer from anxiety and they do not even know the reason. I take a gander at our youth and wonder what happened. How can so many teens suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression? I do not remember experiencing this affliction as a child or teenager. Regardless of the reason, anxiety and depression are dilemmas that must be dealt with. ... Recent Trackbacks. People suffering from insomnia | Latest Sleep Hypnosis News: Sleeping Disorder ...
        Sleep-Masters Blog - 
        Recruitment Marketing News: Mental health effects of the recession ...
        By Kathy
        This week, CNN's House Call segment with Dr. Sanja Gupta focused on recession-related stress, anxiety, and depression. A September 2008 survey by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that 80% of Americans ...
        Recruitment Marketing News - 
        Researchers iron out new role for serotonin | Eureka! Science News
           "Because SERT is such an important drug target in treating anxiety, depression and OCD, we need to stop and think about how iron might be influencing these disorders," Blakely said. The study also demonstrates the power ...
        Eureka! Science News - Biology & Nature - 
        How do you cope with a anxiety attack? | offers latest ... delivers the latest news, information and articles on the latest top stories, finance, business, entertainment, politics, movies, games, music, technology and more. ... Depression ». How do you cope with a anxiety attack? January 27, 2009 ... offers latest news... - 



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