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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Important answers to consumers concerns

Top of the day to you out there!
I'm Donna J. Jodhan at the business desk.
I'd like to start by thanking all of you for your feedback, comments, and suggestions.  I truly appreciate all of it and I will continue to use it to improve my responses to you.
My e-bag this week is not too heavy to carry so let me get started.
Answers to consumers concerns
Question from Danielle Ruesseau:  Donna, is there really a demand for language translation services these days and how popular is English as a spoken language?
Answer:  Danielle,  Yes, there is a demand for language translation services.  English may still be one of the most popular spoken languages but there are other large segments of the world where other languages like Spanish and Chinese are spoken as the first language.  So, the demand for language translation services is very much alive and growing.  Please check out my reference below.
Language Translation Services for Global Business - Article by ...
There is a great demand of language translation service these days. If you think that English is a universal language which is spoken every where then you are wrong in your thinking. There are also such countries that do not speak or ... The language Spanish is widely spoken in all the regions of America like in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Mexico etc. Portuguese is also important but this language is only spoken in Brazil which is also the biggest economy in ...
Business and Management - 
Question from Jack Hall:  Do you think that given this economic recession, it is possible to keep eating healthy while on a budget?
Answer:  Jack, I am doing it and I am staying on my budget.  I just found an article that talks about this very subject and yes, according to this article, it is indeed possible.  Please read my reference below to get a better idea.
Eating healthy while pinching pennies
Post Searchlight - Bainbridge,GA,USA
As the economic crisis continues, many Americans are eating out less and closely watching what they spend on groceries. Eating healthy food within a budget ...
Read more at:
Question from Marc Gastineau:  Donna, do you think that it is feasible to find a good Internet business where I can work from home?
Answer:  Marc, I do not see why not.  Recession or not, the Internet continues to present a lot of viable opportunities for us to work from home but we need to do our research very carefully and come up with a sound business plan that will fully utilize both personal skills and financial resources.  A good business plan can certainly help to avoid many business headaches.  Please read my reference below.
Toms Home Business Blog » Blog Archive » Making Money With A Best ...
By Bricktown Tom
With a good internet business opportunity, you can make money from home. The logic is simple; you get to work from home and thus make money from home! But how does this work? Let's face the facts; the world has become a global village. ... In short, the internet has made your world so small that you can touch its ends! This is certainly true with making money. By just having to work from home, you can make millions of dollars. And as said earlier, ...
Toms Home Business Blog - 
Question from Neil Freigberg:  So many times we get confused when it comes to finding ideas for profitable home based businesses.  Do you have any ideas to pass to us?
Answer:  Neil, I am going to let the reference below speak for me.  This article is well written, has some very insightful strategies, and the author here seems to know a thing or two.  Please give him a try.
your Own Profitable Home Based Business: Write your Way to Work at ...
By Tom Wallace
My blog is here for internet marketers to browse, research, learn and put into action strategies that will explode their home business earnings! I have had massive success online and I am looking for people to pass this information to! ... Thomas Wallace: Brisbane, QLD, Australia: I was born in tamworth in 1988 and moved to a small town called laurieton in 2000. I grew up there till i joined the army at the age of 17 and was posted to brisbane. ...
Your Own Profitable Home Based Business - 
Question from Anita Powers:  Will the government spending package benefit small businesses?
Answer:  Anita, I along with many others sincerely hope so.  However, this being said, any small business owner seeking assistance will have to do a lot of homework in order to locate the necessary resources.  Please read my reference below.
Independent Street : Get Ready For the Government Spending Spree
By Kelly Spors
But for a small business, it does take some homework to make sure you have proper registration and know where to look for contract opportunities. It's a good idea to start reading up as soon as possible. ... Independent Street - 
Question from Katie Langden:  Donna, what are the pros and cons for getting into a home franchise business over a home based business or networking marketing?
Answer:  Katie, I am a bit confused by your question so I am going to refer you to something which I feel may be close enough to answer your question.  I hope it helps.
Why get into Network Marketing? « Eddy Borg
By eddyborg
This is where network marketing and home based business become very compelling. For a small fee you can setup a franchise company that offers great products and run it from the comfort of your own home, and work the hours you choose. ... When I was introduced to the business opportunity I understood it right away and luckily I had never heard of the company before. I say luckily because not only did I meet some of the most generous people and phenomenal ...
Eddy Borg - 
Question from Brian Geldorf:  Do you have any tips for how to improve website accessibility?
Answer:  Brian, here you go.  A very well written collection of clips on how to do just that.  I hope it helps.
10 Tips to Improve Web Site Usability Testing | Thaidoweb 2008
By admin
Set up the Test Computer and Browser Beforehand. Make sure the screen resolution is set to a commonly used size. Clear the browser cache, turn off auto complete, delete cookies and history, and generally make sure that it is set ... Go Back to the Home Page After Each Task. This provides you with a common baseline to compare multiple users. Reset the browser each time so that there are no visual cues to guide the user that wouldn't be present normally if ...
Thaidoweb 2008 - 
Question from Ryan Jefferson:  Do you have any suggestions on how I could protect my laptop when traveling?
Answer:  Ryan, sure!  Here you go!  Some helpful hints and tips for you.
Computer-Internet Tips & Tricks: Laptop Security: Don't Leave Home ...
By Computer Tips
Computer Tips & Tricks,Internet Tips & Tricks,Computer & Internet Knowledge,Computer & Internet Guide,Printer Guide,AntiVirus Guide,Boost up Computer,Protect Computer ... The port is for transmitting data and is not the method routinely chosen by most users. But did you know that someone sitting across the room from you could actually browse your files via the infrared port without you even knowing it? You can disable the port in the BIOS, or simply cover ...
Computer-Internet Tips & Tricks - 
Question from Paul Mitchener:  I have just retired and am thinking of a business venture that is safe and secure.  Any such suggestions?
Answer:  Paul, you may want to read my reference below and check out the franchising business.  I read the article myself and was very impressed.  It looks very interesting and could be a potential for you.  Give it a read. - Franchises attract older crowd
The option will probably draw more interest as baby boomers age and, in a bleak economy, are laid off. Opportunities could be harder to come by in the recession. The nation's more than 850000 franchised businesses employed ... They paid $32500 and hope to gross $250000 the first year, aiming for a staff of 35 part-time caregivers who will provide companionship and support services ranging from light housekeeping to helping seniors with eating and grooming. ...
Business - 
Question from Logan Sandecker:  What do you think baby boomers may be looking for in a home when they go searching for a retirement home?
Answer:  Logan, I would like you to check out the reference below.  You may find some very interesting answers here.  I hope it helps.
realty Chatter: What Boomers Really Want in Housing
By Phil De Rosa
Younger and older Baby Boomers are set to shake up the housing industry. So what do they want? No grab bars in the bathroom! Please! Aging Baby Boomers hate to be reminded that they're — just possibly — getting older. ... "But Boomers do want to position themselves for retirement. They don't want to spend unnecessarily on housing. Yet after a certain age they like extras. They want all the bells and whistles and up-to-date appliances in kitchens. ...
Realty Chatter - 
Question from Gary Creiger:  Donna, I notice that you wrote an editorial recently about the need for more video games for older people.  Do you have any evidence to support your view?
Answer:  Gary, yes.  I invite you to check out my reference below.  It will give you a detailed picture of this topic.
Brain games
Palo Alto Online - Palo Alto,CA,USA
In the consumer market, Baby Boomers are buying into brain-fitness games — including those by Lumosity, PositScience (a company popularized by KQED ...
Read more at:
Question from Greg Meadlow:  How much do you think baby boomers will be able to contribute to the economy during this time?
Answer:  Greg, there are many baby boomers who are choosing to keep on working despite the present hard times and they are continuing to provide very worthwhile contributions.  There are also many who have already retired and they too are still continuing to make their presence felt.  Please read my reference below.
My Time: Baby boomers have much to offer a struggling culture
Longview Daily News - Longview,WA,USA
At the annual meeting of the Gerontological Society of America a few months ago, the title of a symposium warned: "New Economic Woes Hit Boomers, Seniors ...
Read more at:
Question from Scott Hagner:  Are more baby boomers choosing to stay in the workplace or are they choosing to retire?
Answer:  Scott, a very interesting question and I have just the article for you.  This article gives the reader a very interesting perspective.  Please read it.
DrBoyceRetirement: Rethinking retirement: More boomers choosing to ...
By group8b
As companies pare away pension plans and the future of Social Security seems increasingly precarious, more and more baby boomers are choosing to work beyond the age of traditional retirement. But others, like Dibner, ...
DrBoyceRetirement - 
Question from Carrie Gifford:  Do you think that the climate changes are affecting us mentally?
Answer:  Carrie, according to the reference below, yes.  I am going to let this article tell you all.
Climate change takes a mental toll
Boston Globe - United States
After Hurricane Katrina, rates of severe mental illness - including depression, PTSD, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and a variety of phobias - doubled, ...
Read more at:
Question from Tim Cajo:  I just got divorced an I am looking for ways to overcome my depression.  Can you help?
Answer:  Tim, I am not an expert in this field but I do have an article for you to check out.  Please give it a read.
How to Overcome Depression: Depressed Over an Impending Divorce ...
You may be running a gamut of emotions, including anger, hopelessness, anxiety, sadness, and even relief. Sometimes symptoms of depression such as sadness, hopelessness, feelings of anxiety, loss of enjoyment in activities, ...
How to Overcome Depression - 
I am out of time for this week but before I leave you, here is my tip of the week.
The next time you go to choose a hosting company, make sure that they provide you with round the clock support.  I have found that there are several hosting companies out there that give the appearance that they offer round the clock support but in essence they do not.  They do not have phone support round the clock and if you wish to reach them via email if your email is not working or their server is down, then you are in big trouble.
I'm Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week ahead.
I hope that everyone is having a great week thus far and I thank all of you who have taken the time to send us your feedback.
My e-bag this week is really heavy so without much delay, I will get to work.
Answers to consumers concerns
Question from Franca Garafello:  What country in Europe do you think may have a good business climate for small business investors at present?
Answer:  Franca, you may want to look at France as a possibility.  I recently found this reference and it seems that the French are going in the right direction.  Please have a look at my reference.
France SMBs Spent More Than US$34 Billion on Strengthening Their ...
MarketWatch (press release) - USA
AMI's 2008-09: France Small Business Market Overview - Impact of Economy: Changing Dynamics, Opportunities & Challenges and 2008-09: France Medium Business ...
Read more at:
Question from Hannah Pavlick:  I am having so many problems establishing a business in a multi cultural setting.  Can you help me?
Answer:  Hannah, maybe.  The reference below may have some strategies for you to investigate.  Please have a look.
Online Business Networking When Cultural Communication Styles Clash
By Cindy to discover your international business opportunities. Contact me to find out how you can:. Identify the right offer; Align your products with different cultures; Get sales from new international markets faster. 40km south of Paris, ...
Cindy King - 
Question from Sophie Gareau:  Donna, I am in search of a lawyer who deals with technology cases.  Do you know of any?
Answer:  Sophie, I may have just what you are looking for.  The reference below will point you to someone who deals with a wide range of matters pertaining to small businesses, technology cases, plus more.
BizzBangBuzz by strategic business lawyer, technology attorney ...
By Anthony Cerminaro
BizzBangBuzz by strategic business lawyer, technology attorney, mediator Anthony Cerminaro. Law blog focused on small business, technology startups, entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies ...
BizzBangBuzz by strategic business... - 
Question from Julie Jeffreys:  Do you have any info on how to develop business plans for small enterprises?
Answer:  Julie, I am not sure if my reference will help you but give this one a read and see what you think.  I hope it helps.
Business On-Line Cafe Small Enterprise Gold
By jllyman Group...from the Business On-Line Cafe' - Commercializing small enterprise into a golden small enterprise may require you to explore assis. ... of products and services are long-term, maintain a vision of the end result versus the ever present "if success will come," ensure your small enterprise convenes and enjoys the socio/business opportunities and networking relationships across all cultures and commerce. Small Enterprise Gold is a vision to the means. ...
Business On-Line Cafe - 
Question from Matt Wambak:  Donna, when I search for something on the Internet, I'd like to be able to taken to pages that are more specific to my search.  How can I do this?
Answer:  Matt, the following reference may have the answer for you.  This reference contains some neat strategies for narrowing down your search and being able to go to more relevant pages without having to spend too much time on accessing a whole bunch of pages before finding what you are really looking for.
9 Effective Tips for a Better Landing Page
Search Engine Journal - USA
For instance, if a user searches for "waterproof camera" – instead of taking him to the Home page of a website that consist of a variety of cameras, ...
Read more at:
Question from Ryan Steffaniac:  How can we stop those computer worms from spreading like wild fire?
Answer:  Ryan, if I had the answer then I would be a millionaire but unfortunately I do not.  However, I can offer you a reference to check out.  Please give it a go.
PC Performance Clinic Blog » Blog Archive » New worm slithers and ...
By admin
The computer security researchers have said that they are waiting for the instructions to show up, so that they can determine what impact the virus would have on computer users. The virus might also operate in the background, ...
PC Performance Clinic Blog - 
Question from Jamie Killinger:  Donna, my home office is literally plastered with tons of computer cables.  How can I get rid of most of these and maybe I could become more wireless?
Answer:  Jamie, here you go.  A perfect article for you to check out.  Maybe after reading it you may think of going the bluetooth route.
Computer Software Free Download and Internet Tips
By meila
Any users like you would ever have the trouble like being entwined by lots of cables? You could not let yourself feel free, and you can just do one thing during the busy time. Now, BlueSoleil 6 will bring you a new wireless Bluetooth ...
Computer Software Free Download... - 
Question from Jane Peatson:  Where can I go to find some free anti virus software and anti spyware software?
Answer:  Jane, here you go.  This reference may be the key to your question.
Computer Tips, Techniques, Anti-Virus Spyware, Technology Updated ...
By admin
Tips Techniques, computer tips, hardware, software, internet, training, trouble shooting, free antivirus and freeware download. - 
Question from Doug Riece:  Do you have some quick computer security tips that you can pass on?
Answer:  Doug, I am going to let the reference below do the talking for me.  Please check this one out.  It is well written.
A Major Milestone Is Passed » Your Daily Computer Security Tips
By Syd Tash
In December, the number of monthly Internet users passed one billion for the first time. China had the largest online audience, not surprising given their 2 billion population. The U.S. was second, followed by Japan. ...
Your Daily Computer Security Tips - 
Question from Laura Ponder:  How do you think families and family life are fearing during this recession?
Answer:  Laura, as this is not my field of expertise, I am going to direct you to a reference that I found very interesting.  Please give it a read.
As economic fears rise, families on verge of unraveling
USA Today - USA
"I've never seen this level of anxiety and depression in 22 years of practice," says Nancy Molitor, a psychologist in Wilmette, Ill. "The mental health ...
Read more at:
Question from Ian Groves:  Donna, I am under a lot of money stress and am looking for some tips on how to deal with my stress.  Got any suggestions?
Answer:  Ian, here you go.  This reference offers some very insightful reading.
Recession Anxiety: 8 Tips to Manage Financial Stress - World of ...
By (Dr. John M. Grohol)
This entry was posted on Sunday, February 1st, 2009 at 8:28 pm and is filed under General, Personal, Anxiety and Panic, Depression, Industrial and Workplace, Stress, Men's Issues, Minding the Media. You can follow any responses to this ...
World of Psychology - 
Question from Marilyn Franks:  On every anniversary of my dad's death, I have so much trouble coping.  Do you have any tips as to how I can deal with this?
Answer:  Marilyn, I am going to refer you to a reference that could help you.  This is not my area of knowledge so I hope that I chose an appropriate article for you. 
Therese Borchard: Recession Anxiety: 8 Tips To Manage Financial Stress
By Therese Borchard
Just like I said in my post "8 Ways to Manage Anxiety on an Anniversary," one of the worst things you can do for your amygdala, or fear system in the brain, is to keep the TV and radio tuned into the latest news on the recession--the ...
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed - 
Question from Mark Dingle:  True or false!  When a recession comes around, anxiety goes up.  True?
Answer:  Mark, true.  I am going to provide you with a reference to check out that will back up my opinion.
Recession anxiety
The Post-Standard - - Syracuse,NY,USA
Psychologists around the country say they are seeing more and more people with anxiety and depression because of the recession. At ComPsych, the nation's ...
Read more at:
Question from Glen Colter:  Where can I go to find more affordable health care coverage?
Answer:  Glen, here you go.  Try out this reference and let us know your feedback.
Humana Medicare: Making Health Care Coverage Easy
By admin
Baby Boomers, who have been through so many changes and decisions, are now facing the decisions involved in retirement, including how to keep their medical coverage as they age. Fortunately, Medicare can do just ... Some seniors have special medical needs and will find a plan that suits their needs. With the number of humana medicare plans offered, any retiree will find a plan for them. In addition to medical coverage, humana medicare offers excellent pharmacy benefits. ...
Looking For Cigna Medicare? - 
Question from Tony Roma:  Is our government ready and prepared to face the growing demands of aging baby boomers?
Answer:  Tony, I believe that they are moving in the right direction and I urge you to read the following reference.  I hope it helps.
Our View: Government best prepare for gray nation
Wausau Daily Herald - Wausau,WI,USA
We mean the baby boomers -- the population bulge of people just now beginning to collect social security, Medicare benefits and generally to enter old age. ...
Read more at:
Question from Paula Fafan:  Do you think that with this recession more seniors will need to return to work?
Answer:  Paula, probably so.  I know that before now many were thinking of continuing to enjoy their golden years but with the present economic situation many now have to return to work in order to bolster their savings.  Please read my reference below.
Realty Chatter: Back to Work: More Seniors Forced to Forgo Retirement
By Phil De Rosa
Rinehart is among a growing number of seniors who have either delayed retirement or are returning to the work force after years away. Even before the recession, many older Americans had to work. About 40 percent of baby boomers have no ...
Realty Chatter - 
Question from Galen Westwood:  I have  been hearing that Mexican developers are starting to target aging baby boomers and seniors as clients.  Is this true?
Answer:  Galen, according to this article that I recently found, yes.  Please give my reference a read.
"Welcome Home, Yankees!" Mexican Developers Target Aging Americans ...
As U. S. Baby Boomers enter their "golden" years, watching their 401Ks and retirement accounts disappear as the current recession deepens and extends, enterprising Mexican developers are shifting their focus from traditional condominium and townhome communities to ... Additional services, including exercise facilities, tennis, swimming and lap pools, and the like are available for $80/month, with daily transportation to the city of San Miguel at $100/month. ... - 
Question from Kim Willowby:  With more and more boomers on the move, what do you think of a move management  business venture?
Answer:  Kim, brilliant idea.  Check out my reference below and see for yourself.
Lavaweb: Value Added: The "Move Management" Industry
By Useful Stuff On the Net
There are about 500 "move management" consultants around the country, ready to tap into the 78 million Baby Boomers headed for retirement, not to mention the dwindling members of my mom's generation. The Danicks started their company ... Some need decorating help and full service in between." The minimum is about $600 for a two-person crew for one day. One job involving moving out of an $11 million home took a crew of 13 all day and cost thousands. There are headaches. ...
Lavaweb - 
Question from Peter Parnell:  Donna, would you happen to have a list of some of the better places for one to retire to?
Answer:  Peter, here you go.  I found this for you so give it a read.
Books - Aging Parents: Retire in Style: 60 Outstanding Places ...
By Julie
Seventy-six million American and 10 million Canadian "baby boomers" born between 1946 and 1964 are moving toward retirement in an era of increasing affluence and mobility. Providing information on 60 of the communities that are most rich in amenities ... Careful consideration was given to the final 12 criteria covered for each placelandscape, climate, quality of life, cost of living, transportation, retail services, health care, community services, cultural activities, ...
Books - Aging Parents - 
Question from Marco Lopez:  Donna, is there a market for Spanish translated books in the U.S?
Answer:  Marco, according to the reference below that I stumbled across, it appears to be so.  Please check out this reference.
Large market for Spanish-language books in the US | Random Stuff ...
By Stian Håklev
They don't have anything in French (in Toronto at least, maybe in Ottawa it's different), nor in Spanish or Chinese. Certainly, in the various Chinatowns there are great Chinese-language bookstores, but I always wondered - if you are successful ... Now publishers are starting to time the release of English and Spanish versions so they coincide. Best-selling translations have helped the book market overall by alerting readers to the broadening selection of Spanish titles ...
Random Stuff that Matters - 
Question from Lee Radzkoff:  My second language is English.  I am a blogger. Would I attract more traffic if I were to have my blogs translated into English?
Answer:  Lee, definitely so.  English may not be the most widely spoken language in the world but it is still very much the language of business on the Internet and is predicted to remain so for a very long time to come.  Please check out my reference below.
Q&A: Should I Translate My Content in English?
By Daniel Scocco
This is a frequent question among bloggers that speak English as a second language. Yes you are inevitably leaving out a big audience if your content is not in English. If you consider native speakers only, Chinese is the most widely spoken ... Now you also ask about translating your blog content to English. If your objective is to increase the amount of quality traffic that you have, then you would need to have a human translator working on the content. ...
Daily Blog Tips - 

I am out of time for this week but before I leave you, here is a quick tip.
I often get asked to suggest a career that could be recession proof.  How about one that relates to dealing with our aging population?  Like:  Geriatric medicine, fitness related professions, and home care related services.
At the business desk, I'm Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week ahead.


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