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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Important answers to consumers concerns

    Top of the day to you out there!  I'm Donna J. Jodhan and I am delighted to be here with you again.
This week I have a very heavy e-bag to work with so let me get started.
Answers to consumers concerns
Question from Cliff Charles:  What is your take on online chat rooms and online chatting?
Answer:  Cliff, I do believe that online chatting can be both good and bad and it all depends on how it is used.  On the one hand, it is a way and a very good one for people to exchange ideas and expand both their social and business horizons but on the other hand, if not used in the right way it can be potentially distracting and harmful.  I have managed to dig up a great reference for you and invite you to read it below.  There are some very interesting opinions expressed in this article.  Great question.
Online chatting reaches new heights. But is it dangerous?
The Comment Factory - London,UK
"Business opportunities abound in the online chat realm abound," said Andrew Crook, a journalist at the Business Spectator in Australia, ...
Read more at:
Question from Danny Woo:  I wonder if entrepreneurs can really survive on the income from their own business or do they need another job to support themselves?
Answer:  Danny, when I first started out as an entrepreneur, I definitely needed another job to support myself for the first few years.  If I did not have another job then it would have been very difficult for me.  However, with great care and careful planning, I used my second job to support my entrepreneurship and I have successfully managed to grow my entrepreneurship into a full fledged company.  The reference below has some very insightful opinions to share with the reader and I urge you to read it.
Independent Street : Do Entrepreneurs Need a Second Job to Get By?
On one hand, entrepreneurs tend to see business opportunities everywhere they look, and it's great to capitalize on them when they arise. That's an entrepreneur's specialty, no doubt. But how many small-business owners these days are ... Independent Street - 
Question from Rita Gardener:  Do you have any predictions as to what the future may hold for small and medium sized businesses?
Answer:  Rita, this is a very general question.  No one can really predict what is going to happen tomorrow let alone in a month's time or a year's time.  So many large companies are struggling just to stay alive and the same could be said for the smaller and medium sized companies.  I have a reference for you to check out below.  I hope it helps.
Sustainable Business Design: Greener Printing From Your Computer
Issues That Every Sustainable & Responsible Business Must Consider. Tomorrow's Markets: Global Trends and Their Implications for Business • From Challenges to Opportunity: The Role of Business in Tomorrow's Society ...
sustainable Business Design - 
Question from Jenny Lee:  When it comes to mortgages, can you give me some advantages of taking out a mortgage versus paying cash for a home if you can afford it?
Answer:  Jenny, I am going to leave it to the reference below to address your question.  This is indeed a very interesting one and I would rather leave the answer to the real experts.  Please check out my reference below.
The Facts On Jumbo Mortgage Loans | Business News
If you dream about the day when you will be able to purchase a big, beautiful, luxurious home, you might want to know that unless you have the cash to buy the home outright, the mortgage required to buy the home is a little different ...
Business News - 
Question from Janet Leacock:  Do you think that the Internet has improved the chances for home businesses to succeed?
Answer:  Janet, I am not very sure but what I can say is that the Internet has opened up many new opportunities for persons to venture into home businesses.  There are many factors that need to be considered when it comes to determining the success or failure of a home business and I believe that my reference below will back up my theory.  Give it a read.
Business Web Directory Blog » Blog Archive A Work At Home Business ...
There are many older type home based businesses, Such as, child day care, candle making, catering and a good deal more. However the internet has for the most part improved the home based business opportunities. ... It is not the easiest of jobs beginning a work at home business. First you must consider what the hazards are, as well does it require a large or small investment to begin it. You could always look for the aid of a small business adviser, ...
Business Web Directory BlogBusiness... - 
Question from Jim Fisher:  How can I avoid those ugly money making scams?
Answer:  Jim, here you go.  A perfect article for you to read.  Check it out.
Money Making Scams - Avoid 5 Internet Money Making Scams By Kok Choon Kow There are many Internet business opportunities available online, and the scams follows them around! In this article, I will help you identify the 5 common money making ...
Lowongan Kerja - 
Question from Diane King:  Donna, would you have a list of the more well known female bloggers and can you tell me how I can go about becoming a successful blogger?
Answer:  Diane, here you go.  I believe that this reference will help you immensely.
NxE's Fifty Most Influential 'Female' Bloggers | BlogBroker24-7
With her strong experience and background in running businesses, Campbell is widely accepted as one of the leading experts in small business issues on the internet today. Her blog provides small business operators with an insight into the ... on how blogging can lead on to bigger opportunities in the industry. Her success story is an inspiration to all the bloggers out there. No. 21. Wendy Piersall. Source. Spark Plugging formerly eMoms at Home - ...
BlogBroker24-7 - 
Question from George Gavin:  I am looking for ideas to start a business for seniors.  Can you help?
Answer:  George, here you go.  My reference below should point you in the right direction.
Three Business Ideas for the Seniors Market | IDDICTIVE.COM
As 'baby boomers' enter retirement the seniors market is growing in importance. Here are three quick business ideas to appeal to the 'grey pound' (or dollar if you prefer). Personal Trainer for Seniors - 60 is the new 50. Seniors are increasingly aware of the ... For an even nichier niche you could start a temping agency staffed exclusively by seniors and catering to a particular need - ex. retired teachers providing tutoring services. The importance of the seniors market ...
Question from Mico Sunstrum:  What do you think retirees would be wanting most in their retirement years?
Answer:  Mico, a very broad question and I am going to refer you to a reference that came across my desk a few days ago.  I hope it helps.
Retired? Hit the road, help your brain
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
A 2005 study ("What Willl Baby Boomers Want from Educational Travel?") found that Boomers will want educational travel in retirement, but they have more ...
Read more at:
Question from Sean Day:  Do you agree that our aging baby boomers are probably the most popular clients for the realtor these days?
Answer:  \Sean, probably so and the reference below has much to say on this topic.  Please check it out.
Real Estate Blog - Boomers not Retirees!
Boomers not Retirees! We are all Seniors Real Estate Specialists but each of us serves a slightly different segment of our market. As we learned in our training, there are significant differences between the wants and needs of our clients ... The younger group of 78 Million Baby Boomers is the current target market for a litany of products, services and new home communities. During this market downturn that has challenged even the most optimistic Realtor, ...
Kathy's Active Rain Blog - 
Question from Ryan Gleason:  I am looking for some tips on how to safeguard my online and Internet security.  Got any for me?
Answer:  Ryan, here you go.  The reference below has a lot of tips to offer.
How to Safeguard Your Online Security
PC World - USA
To use a computer safely in the 21st century, you have to be prepared to combat a growing number of constantly evolving security threats. ...
Read more at:
Question from Marty Reisner:  Donna, have you ever heard of a rootkit?
Answer:  Marty, yes and I have a very important reference for you to check out.  Hackers use rootkits to hack into one's computer or network in order to gain administration control.  Please read my reference below. 
Computer Software Free Download and Internet Tips
By meila
A rootkit is a program that a hacker uses to mask intrusion and obtain administrator-level access to a computer or Computer network. The intruder installs a rootkit on a computer using a user action or by exploiting a known ...
Computer Software Free Download... - 
Question from Perin Scott:  Donna, do you have any tips on how to choose printers that are appropriate?
Answer:  Perin, not sure if I understand your question but I found something for you to check out.  It may help you.
Computer Hardware: Printers A Practical Buyers Guide
By Julia ROY
Buying a printer can be a complicated business, there are more shapes, sizes and types of printers available to the home and small business user than ever before. Printers have also become specialised for their intended purpose. ...
computer Hardware - 
Question from Dale Scoby:  Do you have any tips to share on identity theft prevention?
Answer:  Dale, sure!  Here you go!  A very easy to read and understand reference.  One can never have too many of these kinds of tips and it is always a great idea to keep abreast on prevention tips for identity theft.
: 11 Ways To Prevent Identity Theft (press release) - USA
Protect yourself with these tips: 1. Protect Social Security numbers. Do not carry Social Security (SS) numbers or cards. Many companies routinely ask for ...
Read more at:
Question from Chelsea Radcliff:  What are some of the most common high risk security breaches?
Answer:  Chelsea, here you go.  A great article for you to check out.  Hope it helps.
17 High-Risk Security Threats (And How to Fix Them) :: Hack In The ...
To use a computer safely in the 21st century, you have to be prepared to combat a growing number of constantly evolving security threats. But for every potential pitfall that malware hunters expose and neutralize, there seem to be five ...
Hack In The Box - 
Question from William Kennedy:  How much of an effect do money woes have on one's mental stability?
Answer:  William, as I am not an expert in this area, I am going to refer you to a suitable reference that I found for you.  I hope it helps.
Money woes play havoc on people's health - The Daily Journal
Financial stress from the economic downturn is taking a toll on the bodies and minds of Americans, leading to health issues such as pain, shortness of breath, depression and anxiety. At the same time, the loss of jobs and benefits has ...
The Daily Journal Sports News - 
Question from Amanda Corinsini:  I am seeking some info on natural remedies for dealing with anxiety and stress.  Can you help me?
Answer:  Amanda, here is what I found for you.  Please check it out and I hope it helps.
Health Discount Search » Blog Archive » Natural Rememdies For ...
Self-Help Tips for Understanding and Managing Anxiety and Depression. Andrew Weil recommends for treating depression symptoms- well-balanced diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, nutritional supplements. ...
Health Discount Search - 
Question from Robin Grigger:  How do you know if you are suffering from anxiety?
Answer:  Robin, as this is not my field of expertise, here is something for you to check out.  It may answer your question.
       Anxiety and Depression | Sleep-Masters Blog
        Many suffer from anxiety and they do not even know the reason. I take a gander at our youth and wonder what happened. How can so many teens suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression? I do not remember experiencing this affliction as a child or teenager. Regardless of the reason, anxiety and depression are dilemmas that must be dealt with. ... Recent Trackbacks. People suffering from insomnia | Latest Sleep Hypnosis News: Sleeping Disorder ...
        Sleep-Masters Blog - 
Question from Kim Tracter:  Donna, do you know how to cope with an anxiety attack?
Answer:  Kim, no, but here you go.  Please read this one.
How do you cope with a anxiety attack? | offers latest ... delivers the latest news, information and articles on the latest top stories, finance, business, entertainment, politics, movies, games, music, technology and more. ... Depression ». How do you cope with a anxiety attack? January 27, 2009 ... offers latest news... -  
I am out of time for this week but before I go, here is my tip for this week.  There is a scam going around that involves scammers sending bogus emails to persons telling them that their banking details have changed at the website.  The email invites the receiver to login and check their details.  Please ignore this email.  This is just a phishing scam.
I'm Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week ahead.


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