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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Important answers to consumers concerns

Top of the day to you out there!  I'm Donna J. Jodhan at the business desk.
A new month, a new week, a new president, and hopefully we can start to tackle our economic problems.
Today my e-bag is open and ready to go so let us get started.
Answers to consumers concerns
Question from Bruce Devlin:  I am a new computer user and would like to learn more about social networks.  Where can I go?
Answer:  Bruce, here you go.  This article may be just what you are looking for.  Hope it helps.
Press Releases | Press Release Distribution | Submit Press Release ...
Computer performance, privacy and security, and social networking are among the topics tackled by the Tiplet team. Besides addressing questions of relatively new computer users, Tiplet will also take on topics geared toward more ...
Press Releases | Press Release... - 
Question from Gene Pannol:  Donna, can you shed any light on a Microsoft virus that seems to be making the rounds?
Answer:  Gene, I can only tell you what I have read and I am including a reference for you to read.  Please check it out.
Microsoft Windows virus that has infected 9million PCs leaves ...
Almost nine million PCs have been infected by a computer virus that could leave Windows Microsoft users open to digital hijacking, according to an online security company.
Home | Mail Online - 
Question from Carolyn Wren:  What should I do if my computer starts to run slowly?
Answer:  Carolyn, there could be several reasons for this.  This is a very general question and I think that the reference below could help you.  Please give it a read.
Computer Runs Slowly–There Is A Simple Easy Fix - Tips and Guides ...
Tips and Guides: Would you like to know how to get your balky,slow computer running fast and smoothly again? Like to get a free online scan to see if you really do have registry problems? Like to know what is available to do this .... Work from home scams are popping up all over the internet these days it seems. Only a few years ago it seemed there were just a few people had to watch out for. But with the advent of the internet more and more are coming into the spotlight. ...
Tips Guides DOT com - 
Question from Gary Krislick:  Donna, I am seeking professional translation services for my website.  Do you know of any professional translation companies?
Answer:  Gary, here you go.  Please check out this one.
Professional Translation and Free Translator for websites and text
FREE Text translation - from English to Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Simplified Chinese. Get a FREE quote or call +44(0)845 367 7000 from the UK | +1(800) 579 5010 from the ...
Free Downloads Softwares and Games - 
Question from Edward Mifkane:  How can one tell if their document has been properly translated especially so if they are unable to check for themselves?
Answer:  Edward, I believe that my reference below will help you to deal with this problem.  This is a very common problem for many companies and one that needs more attention to be paid to it.
Translation Profession
How can companies know whether a translation done by an outside service is accurate when the document is in accurate when the document is in a language they don't understand? ... The company then judges the quality of the Chinese to English or "back translation," by its similarity to the original English. While this desire for quality control is understandable, back translations are not in companies' best interests, says Siri Karm Singh Khalsa, ...
financeloansmarket's Blog on - 
Question from Joan Right:  How will this latest market crash affect those wanting to retire?
Answer:  Joan,  this present economic crisis is affecting everyone in some way or other but for those wishing to retire, and for those already retired, it is hardest.  For seniors who are poor, it is even more difficult and I am going to provide you with an article where someone shares his story.  Please give it a read. 
Market crash will affect retirees - - The Pocono ...
Mike Hosick, who founded a nonprofit social service agency that helps handicapped people get disability payments, says he had toyed with the idea of taking early retirement next July, and possibly moving along with his wife, Terri, ... Latest Headlines - 
Question from Lucie Galerie:  Donna, how could I learn more about the standard of living at seniors facilities?
Answer:  Lucie, not sure if I understand your question and I apologize if I do not.  I hope that the article that I am send you to will help.  If it does not, then please send us an email and I will try to answer it more clearly.
10 top design trends in senior living facilities- 1/19/2009 ...
The surge of silent generation retirees and the impending burst of baby boomers marching toward retirement age are creating a burgeoning market for senior living. What is less widely appreciated is how much creativity is being applied ...
Building Design & Construction... - 
Question from Don Dayberg:  Do you have a list of organizations that help disabled seniors to remain living in their homes?
Answer:  Don, No but I found this article recently and maybe it will help you.  Give it a read.
Home Evolutions' Age-In-Place Blog » Spotlight on Aging-in-Place ...
In addition, when Home Evolutions learns of independent organizations that can help seniors and people with disabilities remain living in their own houses, we like to profile them and share some their services with you. ...
Home Evolutions' Age-In-Place Blog - 
Question from Andrew Rendfuse:  How are seniors coping when it comes to needing to sell their homes in order to move into establishments for seniors?
Answer:  Andrew, here you go.  A perfect article for you to read and a very good question.
Family | I Need To Move Into Senior Housing, But I Cant Sell My ...
Or maybe we could live in a small house that is close to a doctor's offices and services. But the problem is going to be selling our home in today's market. We have a lovely brick home. ... Here's more: As Baby Boomers enter their retirement years, it's inevitable that some might start to need assistance with day-to-day activities. But they're understandably reluctant to forfeit their independence. If they have been accustomed to managing a business--or a ...
Latest Articles from - 
Question from Anna Dibinsky:  Do you think that business owners are really able to cope with the current recession?
Answer:  Anna, according to the reference below, the answer is no.  Many owners are still working with outdated business plans and I fear that the majority of them will need to develop new plans that would help them to deal with such conditions as economic downturns and recessions.  Please give a read to my reference below.  Great question.
Expert urges business owners to recession-proof their thinking
Seeking Media (press release) - Perth,WA,Australia
According to London-based Terry Murphy, a director of the Home and Small Business Centre, many owners are still relying on outdated business plans as the ...
Read more at:
http://www.seAnswer:  Anna,
Question from David Rochfeld:  What are some of the main attributes of a super achiever?
Answer:  David, here you go.  A perfect article for you to read.
Ten Qualities of a Superachiever by Dave Lorenzo, term commitments ...
The boss will always call upon the most reliable person to work on a special project, and that puts you in position for salary increases and advancement opportunities. Make your commitments top priority. Other things can wait, but the tasks ... Tags: amount, anything, behavior, Below, business associates, clock, confidence, Confident, doubts, dreams, enthusiasm, everything, fact, firm, habit, honesty, humor, integrity, internalize, investments, lead, month, opportunity, ... - 
Question from Paul Nashky:  Got any tips for me on how to work affectively from home?
Answer:  Paul, Here you go.  Give this reference a read.  It is very interesting.
12 tips for working effectively from home | Netpreneur Blog ...
Many people who shun working from home do so because of the lack of daily interaction with other people. It's important that you fill this void by seeking out other opportunities to interact. ... Most areas of Australia have federally- funded business enterprise centres, chambers of commerce or business councils. These groups are often pretty cheap to join and they offer some great benefits and networking opportunities for small businesses. ...
Netpreneur Blog - Making a Living... - 
Question from Chad Henderson:  Do you think that the Internet could remain untouched during these hard times?
Answer:  Chad, Most definitely.  If it is affected in any way, then I do not believe that the affects would be much.  Please give a read to my reference below.
Why the internet will beat the downturn - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
It's not an insignificant online business and that's off a relatively small but healthy subscriber base. We think that Quickflix has a potential to reach, ...
Read more at:

I am out of time for this week but before I go, here is my tip for the week.
This tip is for Canadians as it concerns a specific company.
If you're seeking a company that can provide you with top notch customer service, then Rogers Communications is for you.  This company really knows how to provide customer service.  From phone support to store support, Rogers Communications is the one!  I have nothing but great things to say about Rogers Communications and as a visually impaired person, they really know how to service persons with special needs.
Hats off to Rogers Communications!
I'm Donna J. Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week ahead.


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