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Monday, September 15, 2008

SEC Announces Summit To Help Senior Investors Protect Assets

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk.
There is a very real and tangible threat when it comes to protecting our seniors against those scammers who feel that these are the persons who make the easiest targets.  As more and more seniors move to try and increase their investments and augment their savings, it is important for both our government and financial institutions to help our seniors to stay safe from these theft mongers.  What we are seeing now is an increase in support for our seniors through educational sessions and seminars and it would be in the best interest of seniors and retirees to attend as many of these as they can.
Take a look at our headlines and references below.
At the business desk, I'm Jeff N Marquis wishing you a great day.
News for retirees, aging baby boomers, and seniors
Breaking news!    SEC Announces Summit To Help Senior Investors Protect Assets
  Retirement Wreckers
  Forbes - NY,USA
  The oldest baby boomers turn 62 this year, and more than 70 million of them will likely enter retirement over the next 20 years, says T. Rowe Price. ...
For more detail check out:
  SEC Announces Summit To Help Senior Investors Protect Assets
  Exchange News Direct - London,England,UK
  "With Americans living far longer than ever before and baby boomer retirees representing the largest demographic wave in our nation's history, it is vitally ...
For more detail check out:
  In this PC age, the aged are fair game
  Northern Sentinel - Kitimat,BC,Canada
  A lot of the comments are accompanied by the subtle, but ever-present, reminder that baby boomers are aging and will soon be the predominant voting group, ...
For more detail check out:
  Getting a Reverse Mortgage: Smart Move or Something to Avoid?
  By tsaleen
  Seniors face big risks and costs. As retirement approaches for baby boomers, or as more and more of their parents are stuck in homes they can't or won't sell, a growing number of Americans are considering reverse mortgages as one way to ...
  NewRetirement Retirement News Digest -
  SEC Announces Summit to Help Senior Investors Protect Assets
  By admin
  \"With Americans living far longer than ever before and baby boomer retirees representing the largest demographic wave in our nation\'s history, it is vitally important that seniors have the information they need to be prepared for the ...
  Financial News -
        Baby Boomers Create Economic Opportunity
        Harrisonburg Daily News Record - Harrisonburg,VA,USA
        However, some developers tout the advantages of attracting retirees and senior citizens because of lower costs. Robert Janney, a Luray attorney representing ...
For more detail check out:
        Social Security gets a turn as a campaign issue
        Casa Grande Valley Newspapers - Casa Grande,AZ,USA
        The looming problem is financing the program as the huge baby boomer generation retires and starts receiving benefits. Most forecasts say Social Security's ...
For more detail check out:
        Senior housing 'a desperate need' in Kingston
        North Kitsap Herald - Poulsbo,WA,USA
        As the baby boomers age beyond retirement years, the question lingers: Where will they live? More importantly, where can they afford to live? ...
For more detail check out:
        Editorial: Finding gold in the arrival of golden-agers
        Blue Mountain Eagle - John Day,OR,USA
        But in an interview this year, he also reiterated the opportunities that retirees - particularly so-called Baby Boomers - present for both businesses and ...
For more detail check out:
        A smaller home can be a big change for retirees
        Forbes - NY,USA
        ... requiring emotional decisions by seniors and their adult children. More than 75 million baby boomers are approaching retirement, and, while most will ...
For more detail check out:
        Scam Savvy
        Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA
        Baby boomers, intent on both preserving their youth and increasing their retirement savings, make easy fodder for those offering everything from miracle ...
For more detail check out:,0,1475491.story
        Taking a look at the healthcare horizon
        Wilmington News Journal, OH - Wilmington,OH,USA
        Moreover, America's population is aging. Many Americans, especially Baby Boomers, are entering retirement and reaching the age when health problems tend to ...
For more detail check out:
        Baby Boomers Redefine Retirement Through "Village" Concept
        The first wave of baby boomers will turn 65 during the next few years, and these new "senior citizens" are re-defining what retirement means. Some are creating villages, organizations where members help each other with needs ranging ...
        WAMU: Local News - 
        US Senate Candidate Al Franken Talks Aging and Long-Term Care
        By Ecumen
        Additionally, as the baby-boomer generation ages, the needs of our communities change. Beyond healthcare, many retirees want to be active participants in their communities. I support community organizations who are dedicated to engaging ...
        Changing Aging - 
        National, Regional Retirement Experts Highlight Oct. 1-3 Myrtle ...
        "Many people and businesses have a singular view of older people as seniors in continuing care reitrement communities or assisted living communities with their AARP card," said Owens. "There is a new generation of aging boomers and ...
        Need Cheap Tickets News? - 
        Digest Number 1242
        Retirement Must Be Considered in Knowledge Transfer Practices by Agatha Gilmore Last week, we reported that less than one out of five baby boomers has saved enough to meet estimated fiscal retirement needs, according to research by ... offers, - 
        Your current issue of Expressly My Health
        Health Tip: Dental Care for Seniors 7/28/2008. (HealthDay News) -- As you age, it may become more difficult to take proper care of your teeth, especially if you have arthritis. The Cleveland Clinic offers these suggestions to prevent ...
        discovery health channel - 
        Now is the Time to Quit Smoking
        By Seniors Advisor
        The good news is that even for baby boomers who may have been smoking for decades, its always possible to quit. Sometimes its easy to decide you can never beat this addiction. You may have tried the patches and pills and even hypnotism ...
        Arcadia Seniors - Senior Living - 



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