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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Important answers to consumers concerns

Top of the day to you!  I'm Donna J Jodhan at the business desk.
Today I would like to start by thanking so many of you for your questions, feedback, and comments.  You are the ones who continue to keep our weekly feature alive and interesting and I invite you to keep your emails coming.  Please send all emails to
Our e-bag is very heavy today so I had better get working on it.
Answers to consumers concerns
Question from Alex Sanderson:  Can you tell me if seniors are more vulnerable to bankruptcy than they were say about 10 years ago?
Answer:  Alex, I don't really have a clear answer to this but according to the article below, it seems as if some experts are expressing concern about this subject and are even calling it a national disgrace.  Please read my reference below as I think that it may give you some very interesting information.  I do think that with the present economic downturn, seniors are indeed more vulnerable to such things as bankruptcy.
        AAFR: Skyrocketing Senior Citizen Bankruptcies "A National Disgrace" (press release) - Levittown,NY,USA
        If nothing is done, we're in for an unprecedented disaster when the Baby Boomers start retiring. The next administration and Congress, whether Republican or ...
For more detail read more at:
Question from Peter Ribello:  Donna, what are your thoughts on network marketing?  More for women or men you say?
Answer:  Peter, I invite you to read a very interesting article that I discovered a few days ago.  I do believe in network marketing as an affective tool to expand one's business and get one's name out there.  Hope my reference helps.
        Your Time Is Now - Network marketing soared in the 90's... and the ...
        By Paul McDonald(Paul McDonald)
        As a result, this was often seen as a woman's business, which tended to discourage male recruits. But as opportunities in the industry have increased, more men have been attracted to it; in turn, the all-female perception has faded, ...
        The Center for MLM Education... - 
Question from Paul Low: Are retirement communities really growing in number as they say?
Answer:  Paul, definitely so and my reference below supports this opinion.  As more and more persons retire, you will see an increase in retirement communities and specially designed condos and apartments to suit the needs of retirees.  Give a read to my reference below.  Hope it helps.
        How Retirement Community Apartments Are Becoming Popular With ...
        By kimpot
        Besides appetizing meals, seniors can interact with each other in a relaxed environment. Demand for retirement community apartments are increasing every day due to the aging baby boomer population. Thus, more and more such apartments ...
        Home and Family - 
Question from Lyn Renolds:  Donna, I have a friend living in Sweden and she would like to learn more about opportunities in America.  Where can I go to learn more?
Answer:  Lyn, here you go!  A perfect reference for you to check out.  Hope it helps.
        Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/16/2008
        The US embassy in Sweden has announced a unique partnership with the city of Södertälje to help the city's young people learn more about opportunities for work and study in the United States. Södertälje's mayor Anders Lago gained ...
        The English Parliament - Building... - 
Question from Dana Scofield:  Donna, do you think that our health system is going to be able to support the growing number of retirees?
Answer:  Dana, according to the reference below, we may be in trouble and there needs to be quick and firm action to address this issue.  Please give a read to my reference below.  Hope it helps.
        Economic Abyss
        By TKH(TKH)
        Baby boomers start retiring next year and their numbers will increase each year until 2040. The money to pay for their benifits will run out in 2014, after that, as the number or retirees increase, our government will have to raise ...
        TKH BLOG (or How I feel about... - 
Question from Linda Hargrove:  I am constantly worrying about online safety.  Do you have any suggestions?
Answer:  Linda, it is good that you worry about your online safety.  What with the ever increasing number of viruses, hackers, identity theft, and more, you do indeed need to worry and I have a perfect reference for you to check out.  Hope it helps.
        Tips For Safer Computing Online
        By Movies & Music(Movies & Music)
        New computer viruses threaten the unwary user everyday. Hackers jeopardize your online security with invasive computer techniques to steal your passwords, personal information, even identity. Unscrupulous marketers bait you with free ...
        Movies&Music - 
Question from Amy Bathurst:  Donna, what do you think about having fitness credits for seniors?
Answer:  Amy, a great idea and it seems that someone else agrees with us.  Please check out my reference below.
        Fitness tax credit for seniors makes sense
        Charlottetown, The Guardian - Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island,Canada
        Stanley Murray, a letter writer from Central Lot 16, says society will benefit if aging baby boomers stay fit. Here's his letter, which will be carried in ...
For more detail read more at:
Question from Gerald Kaye:  I am searching for free downloadable ebooks.  Know where I can find any?
Answer:  Gerald, here you go.  Check out my reference below.
        Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS
        By sandy(IRecruiter)
        Computer and network systems have given us unlimited opportunities of reducing cost, improving efficiency, and increasing revenues, as demonstrated by an increasing number of computer and network applications. ...
        E-Books Download links - 
Question from Ian Commings:  Is there a tangible relationship between economic downturns and a rise in anxiety levels?
Answer:  Ian, I do believe so and I just found an article that supports this theory.  Please check my reference below.  I would even go further to say that this theory has been around for many years now and is fully backed by many health experts.
        Economic Downturn Means Anxiety Up
        News Channel 7 - SC,USA
        ... extra stress is taking its toll on us at an increasingly rapid pace. Dr. Rhoades says, "Sure we are seeing depression, certainly we are seeing anxiety, ...
For more detail read more at:
Question from Stacey Winters:  Donna, what do you think the Chinese would say about us here in America re our business practices?
Answer:  Stacey, a very interesting question and I would like you to read my reference below.  It is a very insightful article.
        China's imploding US ally
        Asia Times Online - Kowloon,Hong Kong
        To most Westerners guanxi emphasizes personal relationships in contrast to the contractual, non-relational business practices common in America. ...
For more detail read more at:
Question from Pamela Elton:  Is the Internet really the place for one to do business?  How safe is it really?
Answer:  Pamela, I do believe that the Internet is the place to be when it comes to finding those opportunities both at home and abroad.  The Internet opens up a lot of potential for us all but at the same time one has to be extremely careful when it comes to schemes that are often disguised as lucrative opportunities.  I'd like you to read my reference below.  Hope it helps.
        By abellchampion
        The INTERNET can offer you many business opportunities and there are many people making money from work at home and online jobs, but there are also a lot of scams to beware of. If you would like to earn money and work at home and learn ...
        Abellchampion's Weblog - 
Question from Kim Stayne:  Donna, I am worried about my security because I share a computer with others.  Can you give me some tips?
Answer:  Kim, this is a very good question to ask and I am going to refer you to a reference that I dug up for you.  I think that too many persons who share computers with others do not take the time to take the necessary precautions and often time they run into problems and only realize it when it is a bit too late.  I hope that my reference helps.
        Security and Privacy on a Shared Computer
        By Jenny(Jenny)
        Are you sharing your computer with colleagues, family, or co-habitants? Do you surf with Opera on publically accessible computers? This page holds some tips for maintaining privacy within the same computer and user account. ...
        Opera - 
Question from Kirk Stinsen:  I would like to know more about Internet marketing strategies.  What do you have to offer me?
Answer:  Kirk, here you go.  A perfect article for you to read.  One that points out the pitfalls to real and false opportunities.  I quite like this one and I hope you find it informative.
        Review on Internet Marketing Strategies of Derek Gehl and Gerald ...
        By admin
        But, there'sa lot of snake oil opportunities out there that promise incredible things. While this is not some sit on the fence and do nothing type of business and while success with anything can only be achieved with a diligent and ...
        eNewsMediaMagazine - 
Question from Earl Danson:  What do you think are some of the top concerns for Americans these days and how is it affecting their productivity?
Answer:  Earl, finances and housing seem to be the top concerns these days and I would like you to read the reference below.  With all of the bad news swirling around us these days it is no wonder that these are two of top concerns.  Please give a read to my reference below.
        Mental-Health Help Lines Buzz From Recession Depression in US
        Bloomberg - USA
        Worrying about finances and housing ``causes marital conflict, extreme stress, anxiety, depression'' and can disrupt workers' productivity ``because their ...
For more detail read more at:
Question from Sean Harrington:  I know, everyone says that you need the Internet in order to survive as a business.  How true is this?
Answer:  Sean, very true and it all has to do with gaining exposure and making yourself known to others and the Internet is the perfect way to do this.  The world of doing business has changed and continues to evolve and the Internet is going to be the choice of marketplace for a very long time to come.  So, give a read to my reference below.  Hope it helps.
        Top Ten Small Business Mastermind Advisers
        By admin
        If your business is not on the web and you are not selling products to the global market then you are making your life incredibly difficult and you are missing out on lots of opportunities. The internet is a fantastic tool for doing ...
        Business Dream Blog - 
Question from Dan Long:  With all of the bad news everywhere, what can I do to manage my stress when it comes to my financial worries?
Answer:  Dan, here you go.  An article that addresses your question and yours is a good one because I think that so many of us are asking the same question these days.  Hope it helps.
        Wall Street Anxiety: 8 Tips to Manage Financial Stress - New York,NY,USA
        It's the same sort of logic I describe in my "12 Depression Busters" : when the last thing you want to do is to get dressed and say hello to some folks, ...
For more detail read more at:
I am out of time for this week but before I leave you, here is my tip of the week.
The knowledge is threatening to grow into tsunami proportions if we do not do anything about it in a meaningful way.  What is the knowledge divide?  This term refers to the knowledge, skills, and expertise that more and more aging baby boomers are taking away with them as they exit the workplace. 
At the business desk, I am Donna J Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week ahead.

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