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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Important answers to consumers concerns

Top of the morning out there to you!  I'm Donna J Jodhan at the business desk.
It's another week and our e-bag is bulging with so many questions but I can only answer so many of them and to those that I am unable to answer, my sincerest apologies.
Thank you for all of your feedback and comments and please keep them coming because it is only with you and through you that we can get better.
Time now for me to open our e-bag.
Answers to consumers concerns
Question from Nick Gallella:  What does one do if per chance their pen drive falls into a cup of coffee?
Answer:  Nick, First you fish it out of course.  Then?  I am going to refer you to an article that I just found.  It is very good and you should really read it.  This should help.
  Data Recovery in Computer Forensics
  By admin
  Most home users are blissfully unaware of what to do if the hard drive falls into a bowl of soup (and likewise if it was an office hardware like a pen drive). It does not come as a surprise when we hear that all the major cases of ...
  Top Software -
Question from Michelle Christoff:  Donna, how much do you think that seniors are really interested in new gadgets and new techy things?
Answer:  Michelle, I think that many of them are interested in new gadgets and I think that as more and more persons become seniors the so-called youth market is only going to grow.  As a matter of fact, I think that this would be a wonderful type of business for someone to venture into.  New gadgets for seniors and others.  Give a read to my reference below.
  New gadgets for the elderly
  International Herald Tribune - France
  "Baby boomers provide a perpetually youthful market" and are looking for technology "to stay independent, engaged, well, and vital," he said. ...
For more detail check out:
Question from Kim Danson:  I am really concerned about identity theft.  Do you have any tips to pass on?
Answer:  Kim, Here is something which may be of help to you.  I found this article a few days ago.  We all need to be concerned about identity theft and the more we know about it the better it would be for us to avoid it.  Or at least defend ourselves against it.  This article is extremely informative.
  Identity Theft - Nine Threats & Nine Steps To Protection
  By jaycesblog8453
  In an article titled, "US Banks Complacent Toward Identity Theft Solution," by PR Web, the single largest national security threat is a terrorist attack on our banking system. An attack aimed simultaneously at millions of user names and ...
  Jayces Blog -
Question from Jamie Rikoff:  Donna, I am seeking some info on doing business in China.  What do you have to offer?
Answer:  Jamie, here you go.  Try this article.  There are some very useful points in it and it discusses some of the hardships of having to deal with the language barrier when doing business in China.
  James Fallows: China Makes, The World Takes | James Fallows
  By Brad DeLong
  He makes a point of telling people that he does not speak Chinese¬ómost business visitors who try, he says, have to work so hard to cope with the language that they forget what they're negotiating about. But at useful points in meetings ...
  Egregious Moderation -
Question from Brent  Straum:  Do you know if Google has any language translation facilities?
Answer:  Brent, I believe so.  I found this article for you but you would need to check it out plus a bit more to find something that suits you.  Hope this helps.
  How to Use Google's translate keyword for on-the-fly translations
  By $ugar(ShaDow)
  Google has quietly added another new feature to its basic search box--single-word translations between English and nine different languages, including French, Italian, and Spanish. You can just search for "translate", followed by a word ...
  The High Tech Blog -
Question from Eric Grant:  Donna, do you know if Windows Vista is a more secure operating system than the previous Windows versions?
Answer:  Eric, some say yes, and some say no.  I don't really know but the reference that I have provided below has some interesting things to say about a more secure Windows Vista.  Give a read.  Hope it helps.
  Consumer Reports has major article on home computer security
  By Bill Boushka(Bill Boushka)
  The overall picture of home computer security is improving. CR seems to believe that Windows Vista represents an improvement and is likely, over time, to result in fewer serious problems for home users than has XP (or previous operating ...
  Bill's Internet Safety Tips -
Question from Dominic Verigo:  I am new to the Internet and would like to bone up on the basics of Internet security.  What can you tell me?
Answer:  Dominic, Here you go.  I think that the reference below is a good starting point for you.  It covers the very basics of Internet security.  Hope it helps.
  internet security - getting the basics right
  By coleehmke(Juliet - Southeast Area Community Development...)
  You should take precautions to protect your computer from unauthorized access and use. A good Internet security plan begins at home. Here are a few tips to help you safeguard your personal and account information when using online ...
  Wyoming Money Talk -
Question from Aldo Marrini:  Donna, I am fluent in French, Italian, and English and am seeking opportunities to use my French.  What do you advise?
Answer:  Aldo, Here is an article that you should check out.  This came across my desk a few days ago and may be just what you are looking for.  Give it a read.
  French Speaking Business Development / Account Manager - Paris
  Here you will find exciting opportunities that challenge you on a daily basis. By rising to these challenges, you will reap the rewards on both a professional and personal level. We are always seeking outstanding and diverse candidates ...
  Top Language Jobs -
Question from Jenny Holt:  Donna, I am wondering if you can give me any info on how credit cards can replace taking out loans?
Answer:  Jenny, I am going to refer you to my reference below.  Check out this article.  It has some very interesting views to offer.
  Credit Cards Replace Small Business Loans
  Get currency options trading ideas with Trading Central's free FX Options Trade Alert. See opportunities as they arise, based on technical analysis. SMART ANSWERS KAREN E. KLEIN >>. Starting a Business Development Center in Nigeria ...
  Business Boss -
Question from Brad Sercheso:  Does a bad economy really lead to more depression and stress?
Answer:  Brad, I believe so and there are many case studies and articles to support my belief.  I am going to give you a reference to check out and I think that it may help you to find your answer.
  Economy depresses Michigan well being - Detroit,MI,USA
  Both private medical and social service agencies say demand is up for treatment of anxiety, depression and substance abuse as a gloomy mix of steep fuel ...
For more detail check out:
Question from Sandy Cranston:  Donna, I recently read an article about a possibility of a shortage of lawyers in the not too distant future.  True or false?
Answer:  Sandy,  According to my reference below, we are headed for a shortage of lawyers when the present lot of baby boomer lawyers start to retire.  According to the report that I have listed below, over 70% of partners in law firms across America are baby boomers.  So, this is the evidence.  Please read my reference below.
  Retirement issues loom for firms as boomers age
  The aging baby boomer work force is an issue throughout corporate America, and law firms are no exception. Seventy percent of law firm partners are baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, according...
  Seniors News latest RSS headlines... -
Question from Gina Masconi:  Donna, I am seeking some info on how to deal with stress.  Do you have anything that I can refer to?
Answer:  Gina, here you go.  An article that has a lot of information for you to read and relate to.
  Stress and Anxiety - Recovery and Healing
  By admin
  My stress load had exceeded my stress coping ability and the negative balance had reached overload. As I began to relax, an extreme negative reaction suddenly exploded and I was in serious depression. If someone had asked me days before ...
  Am I Depressed? -
Question from Stephen Pearson:  What are the benefits of having websites in different languages?
Answer:  Steven, as more and more consumers around the world gravitate to the Internet to conduct their business, the need and importance for multi lingual websites become more of a must and necessity and the languages that you choose to translate your website into would depend on where you are located.  For example, if you are doing business in the United States, then you would need to have your website in both English and Spanish.  If you do business in Canada, then it would be English and French.  If it is in Asia, then it would be the dialects of the country in which you are doing business.  I think that my reference below will help to clarify things for you.
  Why Websites Need Translation
  By admin
  English. Spanish. Chinese. Arabic. German. Obviously these languages will change based on your particular business. If you are located in Asia, you will probably need to consider translating your web content into Thai, Vietnamese, ...
  All The Credit Card -
Question from Dan Duncan:  I just turned 65, a senior, and facing some stiff challenges.  What do you think are some of the most serious challenges facing my group?
Answer:  Dan, I would think things like:  Health care, paying off a mortgage if you have one, other debts, and having to deal with living on fixed incomes.  I'd like for you to check out an article that I recently found.  It may answer your question.  Hope it helps.
  A Senior Care Option For Baby Boomers
  North American Press Syndicate - New York,NY,USA
  These boomers are facing many issues, including how they will pay for retirement as they age. More and more seniors are forced to declare bankruptcy because ...
For more detail check out:
Question from Nick Fowler:  Donna, I would really like to know what type of online info seniors are most seeking these days.  What say you?
Answer:  Nick, very good question and if I had a ready answer then I would be doing a better job at providing more appropriate services to the seniors market.  This being said however, I think that you should give a read to the referenced article below.  Despite the fact that most of them did not grow up in the age of the Internet, more and more seniors are now turning to the Internet to find information and with this comes a need to provide Internet based courses for them along with online shopping services that are easy to surf.
  Old News: What Boomers Are Reading Online
  U.S. News & World Report - Washington,DC,USA
  Baby boomers didn't grow up with the Internet, but this youth-seeking generation has adopted it as a second home. Although only 35 percent of seniors 65 and ...
For more detail check out:

I am out of time for this week but before I go, here is my tip of the week.
There are wonderful opportunities for anyone with a furtive imagination.  Especially so for:  With food shortages becoming more and more acute, prices are rising and with it comes the need to eat more economically and healthy.  So, a new type of career is born, a new type of professional is being sought.  One who can use this mix to help consumers shop more effectively and eat more healthily.
At the business desk, I'm Donna J Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week ahead.


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