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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Identity Theft - Nine Threats & Nine Steps To Protection

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk.
Did you know that identity theft is still one of the most talked about subjects both at home and in the workplace?  Not only that, but identity theft continues to be one of the top concerns among consumers today.  So, what are we doing about this?  How prepared are we to deal with it and defeat it?  Not sure where or how to start tackling this mountainous problem?  Well, we are here to help you by providing a number of headlines and references that will assist you to keep up to date, become more aware, and most of all, obtain tools to help you overcome.  Please read our references below.
At the business desk, I'm Matt Chadwick wishing you a great day.
Security tips for home computer users
Breaking news!     
  Consumer Reports has major article on home computer security
  By Bill Boushka(Bill Boushka)
  The overall picture of home computer security is improving. CR seems to believe that Windows Vista represents an improvement and is likely, over time, to result in fewer serious problems for home users than has XP (or previous operating ...
  Bill's Internet Safety Tips -
  Powerful Tips On Your E-book Internet Marketing Strategy (email)
  By admin
  Sharing a broadband connection using Microsoft Internet Connection sharing, this is most suitable for home and small office users. One of important benefit of this broadband connection is that it is easy to set up and does not require ...
  Mailer Magic -
  Windows to Hand Over Operating System Domination to Midori Posted ...
  By admin
  In addition to the collected information, administrators can add extra information about each machine and its user, such as inventory number, computer cost and setup date, user real name, department, position, phone, e-mail, etc. ...
  Top Software -
  internet security - getting the basics right
  By coleehmke(Juliet - Southeast Area Community Development...)
  You should take precautions to protect your computer from unauthorized access and use. A good Internet security plan begins at home. Here are a few tips to help you safeguard your personal and account information when using online ...
  Wyoming Money Talk -
  Identity Theft - Nine Threats & Nine Steps To Protection
  By jaycesblog8453
  In an article titled, "US Banks Complacent Toward Identity Theft Solution," by PR Web, the single largest national security threat is a terrorist attack on our banking system. An attack aimed simultaneously at millions of user names and ...
  Jayces Blog -
  Altec Lansing Integrates Subwoofer Into Desktop Speakers
  By Melvin
  Four Quick Tips for Choosing an IM Security Product Four simple steps from a Forrester analyst can help your company choose the best instant messaging security product for its needs–from plugging data leaks for compliance and preventing ...
  Recycle Email » | *** -
  This Week on Webopedia - How to Network Your Files With NFS
  By vetkasi(vetkasi)
  We will be implementing an NFS server step by step in this article, exploring methods for simply sharing a directory, and also briefly talking about making users' home directories live on the server. ...
  Information Technology -
  Wireless Home Networking For Dummies 3rd Edition Apr 2008 eBook-BBL
  life is also a hassle-free life! This user-friendly, plain-English guide delivers all of the tips, tricks, and knowledge you need to plan your wireless home network, evaluate and select the equipment that will work best for you, install ...
  ebookshare -
  What Is System Administration?
  By Siebel Expert(sandy)
  Only the super-user can reboot the computer (without the power switch) or stop another user's processes. Even if a system is rebooted, all of the security features will be remain effect, so restarting is not a valid means of subverting ...
  Unix FAQ's -
  Online Banking Security Tips
  By paxpods(paxpods)
  Make sure that your home computer has the most current anti-virus software. Anti-virus software needs frequent updates to guard against new viruses. Make sure that you download the anti-virus updates as soon as you are notified that a ...
  anything that earns profit -
  CONSUMER AFFAIRS: Consumers have a cyber-attack defense - Munster,IN,USA
  Information includes online publications such as "Before You Connect a New Computer to the Internet" or "Home Network Security." Tips also are offered on ...
For more detail check out:
  How to Set Up a Home Network to Share Files and Printers
  By Todd Heitner(Todd Heitner)
  Set up your home network with printer sharing and you can print to the one printer from any computer on your home network. Of course, if you're printing to a computer in a different room, you're obviously going to have to go there to ...
  Todd Heitner's blog -
  99 Speed Tips For A Fast Performing Mac
  By admin
  Encrypting your user folder is a good idea if you have a laptop, but most people don't need it turned on. By having it on your computer has to work harder to decrypt the information. Turn it off under System Preferences > Security ...
  Mac Tricks And Tips -
  Data Recovery in Computer Forensics
  By admin
  Most home users are blissfully unaware of what to do if the hard drive falls into a bowl of soup (and likewise if it was an office hardware like a pen drive). It does not come as a surprise when we hear that all the major cases of ...
  Top Software -
  20 ways to change your computing life!
  Your Web browser can save your user name and password for sites you log in to often, but you still have lots of other passwords to remember--Wi-Fi network names and passwords, computer log-ins, PINs and passphrases, even security ...
  theseus's posterous -
  Top tips to beat broadband pirates
  By Martin(Martin)
  The only trouble is that computer interfaces on all types of devices from the home to the car can frustrate many users. But most software interfaces have been designed with a one-size-fits-all approach for mass markets. ...
  science technology -


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