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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Director of security and privacy offers insight on bogus massmail

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk. 
So, who isn't concerned about those heaps of bogus emails?  Who isn't concerned about the security to safety that they pose to their computer system?  Very troubling questions for today and I'd like to address them head on.
Please, give a read to our breaking news below.
At the business desk, I'm Heather DeMarco wishing you a wonderful day.
Security tips for home computer users
Breaking news!             

  5 websites a Windows Vista user must visit!
  By Soumya Sengupta(Soumya Sengupta)
  This website also has tips to get the ultimate experience from your computer. From setting up the ultimate Home Theater to Hollywood quality HD movie editing, it makes sure that your experience is truly ULTIMATE. UltimatePC ...
  Computer Tips [ Must-Have Security for IE + Take The Speed Test + ...
  By ris(ris)
  No cookies, history or temporary files are stored on the computer at all. InPrivate is great for when you're using someone else's computer or using a public computer. It can also be helpful if you don't want another user in your home to ...
  All Viagra -
  9/3: AutoKitty.A Worm Makes Modifications in Windows Registry
  By Gary(Gary)
  Ten Back to School Security Tips for Administrators By Lyne Bourque - August 27, 2008 Soon students and faculty will put many schools' IT departments to the test. Schools (and businesses, too) can take steps to keep their users and ...
  Legitimate Work From Home Opportunity... -
  10 Tips to make Linux networking easier:
  By (jai)
  And with some help, the Linux operating system can be the king of networking, in both ease of use and security. But that doesn't mean the average (and sometimes even the above-average) user can't use some help. These tips should help ...
  Computer Tips&Tricks -
  Windows Xp Tips and Tricks. Increase system performance!
  By Tutor
  First, if there are any other users on your computer see if they have a similarly long log-in. If they don't the problem might be your roaming profile, which is a folder where XP stores your settings you can access them from anywhere in ...
  Directory Of Tutorials -
        New Drive Backup 9.0 Express From Paragon Software(R) Now ...
        Corporate Media News - Newport Beach,CA,USA
        This new version of Paragon's award-winning Drive Backup data and system backup software provides home PC and home office users with basic backup and ...
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        Phone Home Anti-Robber Mac Security Script
        By admin
        This section will get the host name of your computer by using the host command. This simply lets you know the ISP of the user using your computer, making the IP address easier to track down. The command accesses the host command with ...
        Mac Tricks And Tips - 
        Windows XP Security Tips - Step by Step Guide on How to Add Or ...
        By elsyed(elsyed)
        Microsoft provides security features in Windows XP that help you to keep your information private, whether at work or home. Use password protection to keep people from accessing your computer when you are not around. ...
        free software ÇáÈÑÇãÌ... - 
        Spliced feed for Security Bloggers Network
        By Jones(Jones)
        We talk about Monderman's thinking about risk in the New School, and I wanted to talk a little about the implications for computer security. The idea of giving a user experience a sense of place is a great one, if we could constrain it ...
        agribusiness - 
        Test Driving Lumifi
        By the Jester
        Lumifi implements a simple yet powerful security model that allows for user authentication, document sharing and intuitive access controls. I'm going to take Lumifi to task below for its use of Flex/Flash as the primary demonstration ...
        Disruptive Library Technology Jester - 
        12 Unnecessary Vista Features You Can Disable Right Now
        Other users appreciate the added security. While I wouldn't go so far as to lump UAC in with the other wasteful features in this article, I can certainly understand why some folks would like to turn it off--or at least minimize its ...
        Veggie & Boston Blog by Maynard S. Clark - 
        Director of security and privacy offers insight on bogus massmail
        Daily Illini - Champaign,IL,USA
        Finally, though this has little to do with e-mail, be sure to secure your home computer network, particularly those nice wireless routers we all use. ...
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        Honeywell Energy ICM to help dealers diversify, go green
        Security Systems News (subscription) - New York,NY,USA
        To see how much energy their home or business is using for its heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, users log onto a secure Web site, ...
For more detail check out:,%20go%20green
        Disaster preparedness urged; weather observers wanted
        Blairsville Dispatch - PA, USA
        Copy important documents and routinely back up on CD vital information stored on computer hard drives. Store the copies and CDs in fire-proof safe deposit ...
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        The Penultimate Google Chrome Post
        By Ruud Hein
        10 Google Chrome Tips & Tweaks. 1) Enable the Home button. Itfs been one of peoplefs first misses: where is the home button on Google Chrome? Not to worry, itfs there, only hidden. Go to the Optionsc ...
        Search Engine People Blog - 
        Review on WinPatrol - A Tool That Sniff Out Malicious Mysteryware
        By Raymond
        The knowledgebase is very useful because it gives us very detailed information about the process for mere humans to read, not just computer geeks. Some of the process information even contains links and program tips that might be useful ...
        Raymond.CC Blog - 
        iPhone Reigns
        By Alice Sy
        This unique user interface is definitely years ahead than other mobile phones in the technological race. This phone will change your perspective on mobile phones. You may immediately want to buy it once you try using it. ...
        Computer Training Blog - 
        A Few Simple Tips Can Get You Cheap DURACELL DIV. OF P & G ...
        By sigmanblog8168
        gDURACELLh LITHIUM HOME MEDICAL BATTERY *3 volt *.787 dia., 126 ht. *For use in: Wizard organizer (primary), computer memory backup (hard-wired), home security devices, pet flea collar, calculator (Texas instruments), keyless entry ...
        sigman blog - 
        Twitter Tweets about chrome as of September 5, 2008
        By John Lessnau
        pipes2plagger: In right of the EULA modification and user of Google Chrome consideration | personal computer | ????????? 2008-09-05 12:03:00 E Reply E View. youngson: google chrome is really cool ...
        The Lessnau Lounge - 
        19 essential get-started tips for Windows Vista
        By Jason
        Another former exclusive now supplied with Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate, tablet input is a new way to control your PC. Handiest for desktop users is the Snipping Tool; open it and you can drag the mouse to snap ...
        PCTips Box - 
        20 things you didn't know about Windows XP
        By wale
        Select Run... from the start menu and type 'control userpasswords2', which will open the user accounts application. On the Users tab, clear the box for Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This Computer, and click on OK. ...
        The Resource Forum The latest... - 
        By Toby Miller(Toby Miller)
        Be warned: when disposing of a computer be sure to erase the hard drive using Disk Utility, using the Security Options feature to overwrite the drive 7-35 times to prevent others from recovering your data. ...
        GreenCitizen - 
        Developing Web Applications with ASP NET and C
        By aspnetnerd
        I bought and downloaded this pdf version of the book on my work computer, but I can't download it or copy it and bring it up on my home computer. Since I'm trying to learn this stuff at home and use it at work, this limits it's ...
        ASP.Net Information and Books Blog - 
        Possiably Infected PC
        By Huntzach2005
        Any tips? My computer specs that I know of are.. Dell Home Edition XP celeronR CPU 2.53GHz 2.53 GHZ 1.25 GB of Ram I can also provide you with the log if it's necessary. Please provide me with some help before I throw my computer out of ...
        Tech Support Forum - 


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