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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Depression - Can Self Hypnosis Help With Depression?

Good morning!  I am Kerry J Harrison at the business desk.
Today I am going to try and answer a question that several of you have been asking for the past few weeks.  Can self-hypnosis help to deal with depression?
I am not an expert on this subject matter but I am going to provide our readers with a very good article that I recently found.  Hopefully, it will help to answer your question and concern.
At the business desk, I'm Kerry J Harrison wishing you a great day.
News on stress, anxiety, and depression
 Breaking news!          Depression - Can Self Hypnosis Help With Depression?
        Girl Talk Has Its Limits
        New York Times - United States
        Some studies have found that excessive talking about problems can contribute to emotional difficulties, including anxiety and depression. ...
For more detail read more at:
        Families Must Prepare for Mental Health Pressures of College
        Christian News Wire (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
        Mental health issues including depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and anxiety, often brought on by the heightened stress of a college environment ...
For more detail read more at:
        Call for happiness lessons as teenage depression increases - UK
        Pupils are being taught how to handle day-to-day stress, assertiveness, decision-making and how to change negative thoughts. He told the audience of social ...
For more detail read more at:
        Pray for Pressured Freshmen & Sophomores....
        By Night Watch Ministries(Night Watch Ministries)
        Mental health issues including depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and anxiety, often brought on by the heightened stress of a college environment, have grown increasingly common among college students. As recent news has ...
        NW World News Prayer Network - 
        Lose That Weight by Losing the Guilt and the Worry
        By JoLynn Braley
        This program is all about helping you reduce chronic stress, which leads to anxiety, which in turn creates depression. Remember if you work on the cause of your overeating and if the reason you're overeating and/or emotionally eating is ...
        The Fit Shack - 
        Depression - Can Self Hypnosis Help With Depression?
        By depressionhelp1
        Anxiety is a very common problem that requires guidance. Hypnosis effectively reduces stress and anxiety. This is important because depressive disorder and anxiety disorders are closely linked even though they are remarkably different. ...
        Depression Help - 
        How do stressful early life events affect children?
        By Dr. Jeff and Dr. Tanya
        Anderson and Joanne Anderson (Paperback - Jul 2004); Woman's Guide to Overcoming Depression, A by Archibald Hart and Catherine Hart Weber (Mass Market Paperback - Nov 1, 2007); Overcoming Anxiety and Depression: Practical Tools to Help ...
        Dr. Jeff's and Dr. Tanya's Blog - 
        Depression and Anxiety Relieved by Incense
        By Natural Health Sites(Whole Food Farmacy)
        This is good news for the millions who are looking for non-drug alternatives i n fighting depression and anxiety. According to the National Institutes of Health, major depressive disorder is the leading cause of disability in the United ...
        Stop Depression Naturally - 
        Smile – it's good for you! - Dublin,Ireland
        According to the book, Beating Stress, Anxiety and Depression, simple lifestyle changes such as smiling more, going dancing and eating kippers and seaweed ...
For more detail read more at:
        Storm stress
        2TheAdvocate - Baton Rouge,LA,USA
        "The stress and emotional impact of yet another major disaster can cause severe worry and anxiety," said Linda Rosenberg, a social worker by training who ...
For more detail read more at:
        Psychiatric Symptoms Tied to 9/11 Still Evident
        TheMedGuru - Chandigarh,India
        The outcome of the horrific act was thousands of cases of anxiety, stress and depression. A random study of the post attacks concluded that "American's ...
For more detail read more at:
        Recognizing Signs of Depression and Anxiety in Children
        PISCATAWAY—A child that is more bored, irritable or worried than usual, has difficulty concentrating, or is sleeping more could be experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, said Dr...
        UMDNJ News - 
        Girl Talk Has Its Limits
        By Legion of Angels
        Dwelling and rehashing issues can keep girls, who are more prone to depression and anxiety than boys, stuck in negative thinking patterns, psychologists say. But they also say it is a mixed picture: friends who co-ruminate tend to be ...
        Legion of Angels News Archive - 
        Premature Children Four Times More Likely To Have Behavioural ...
        Boys born prematurely showed a higher degree of behaviour problems, such as ADHD, and girls experienced more internalising disorders such as anxiety and depression. The study also showed that extremely pre-term boys were more vulnerable ...
        Accessibility News - Health - 
        How to Tell if It's Major Depression
        By tyhuls
        And considering the very frightening times we're living in, it's no wonder that more and more people are feeling increased anxiety and what can be called depression. Of course losing your job and facing home foreclosure or just ...
        news - 
        Frontiers In Psychoneuroimmunology: The Emotional Interface
        By admin
        Topics will include all aspects of the field from stress and immunity to the global health implications of PNI research. Learn about the links between emotions and cancer, the involvement of the immune system in fibromyalgia, ...
        Medical and pharmacy news - 
       Photos: Beat Recession Depression with Quick, Easy and Affordable ...
        MarketWatch - USA
        ... one in four Americans has been to a spa and stress reduction remains a critical reason for their visits. As consumer anxiety continues to rise along ...
For more detail read more at:
        Laser light therapy may combat anxiety
        WSBT-TV - South Bend,IN,USA
        These chemicals are known to ease pain, stress and anxiety. Rosen is the only one testing this laser for anxiety. He's now trying to recruit other doctors ...
For more detail read more at:
        Teen depression: No genes required
        Science News - USA
        Children dealing with symptoms of depression and anxiety showed noticeable emotional advances after their mothers' depression had cleared up with ...
For more detail read more at:
        Girl chatter can lead to anxiety and depression
        By Faheem(Faheem)
        Some studies have found that excessive talking about problems can contribute to emotional difficulties, including anxiety and depression. The term researchers use is "co-rumination" to describe frequently or obsessively discussing the ...
        Newspaper Articles - 
        Dr. Aafia Siddiqui diagnosed with chronic depression
        By Sajid Manzoor
        She is reported to be in "depressed mood, anxiety, and ruminative thoughts concerning her son's welfare, poor sleep, and moderate appetite." The letter also describes a hallucination: "She also reported seeing her daughter in her cell, ...
        A Pakistan News - 
        Anxiety and Male Heart Attacks
                By intactinfo(intactinfo)
        The men participated in personality surveys which documented their anxiety, anger, depression, and other negative emotions. They also noted down personal facts about education, marital status, and other personality traits, ...
        intactinfo - 
   Anxiety and Male Heart Attacks


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