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Monday, September 29, 2008

AAFR: Skyrocketing Senior Citizen Bankruptcies "A National Disgrace

Good day everyone!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk.
There is something happening right here in the United States, right here in our backyard, and I am sure if you knew about it you too will be absolutely disgusted.
Many experts are calling this a national disgrace and if we all don't pull together to fix it soonest then I am afraid that pretty soon the rest of the world will know and then the dirty secret will be out.  So, what is this great travesty?  I urge you to read more below.
At the business desk, I'm Jeff N Marquis wishing you a pleasant day.
News for retirees, aging baby boomers, and seniors
Breaking news!          AAFR: Skyrocketing Senior Citizen Bankruptcies "A National Disgrace"
        Fitness tax credit for seniors makes sense
        Charlottetown, The Guardian - Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island,Canada
        Stanley Murray, a letter writer from Central Lot 16, says society will benefit if aging baby boomers stay fit. Here's his letter, which will be carried in ...
For more detail read more at:
        AAFR: Skyrocketing Senior Citizen Bankruptcies "A National Disgrace" (press release) - Levittown,NY,USA
        If nothing is done, we're in for an unprecedented disaster when the Baby Boomers start retiring. The next administration and Congress, whether Republican or ...
For more detail read more at:
        How Exercise Decreases the Risk of Age-Related Conditions
        By Chathura Jeewantha Ranasingha(cooldoc)
        The degree to which the risk of age-related conditions affects seniors largely depends upon how well they have managed their lives as it relates to diet and exercise. The good news is that even if you have not exercised a day in your ...
        Cool Technology blog - 
        How Retirement Community Apartments Are Becoming Popular With ...
        By kimpot
        Besides appetizing meals, seniors can interact with each other in a relaxed environment. Demand for retirement community apartments are increasing every day due to the aging baby boomer population. Thus, more and more such apartments ...
        Home and Family - 
        Economic Abyss
        By TKH(TKH)
        Baby boomers start retiring next year and their numbers will increase each year until 2040. The money to pay for their benifits will run out in 2014, after that, as the number or retirees increase, our government will have to raise ...
        TKH BLOG (or How I feel about... - 
         SEC Seniors Summit to Help Securities Firms and Professionals ...
        By admin
        \¡±The largest demographic wave in US history is approaching ¡ª Americans are living far longer than ever before and more than 76 million baby boomers are set to reach retirement age in coming years,\¡± said Lori Richards, Director of the ...
        Financial News - 
        discusion of social secruity (ZT CNN)
        Sorry Mc Cain, i dont make $500000+ a year and own too many houses to count, but I read and watch the news, which it seems a large majority of my countrymen don,t. Ron K. September 16th, 2008 2:07 pm ET ...
        Éú»îÍø| ²¨Ê¿¶Ù°æ - 
        Boomers' New Attitudes, New Lifestyles, New Opportunities
        Destination CRM - New York,NY,USA
        As Baby Boomers transition into the so-called "senior" market sector, an already diverse audience is becoming increasingly fragmented. ...
For more detail read more at:'-New-Attitudes,-New-Lifestyles,-New-Opportunities-50721.aspx
        Assisted living becomes more like a luxury hotel in today's senior ...
        Washington CEO - Seattle,WA,USA
        The demand for this type of service in the senior living market will grow as aging baby boomers want the convenience of urban living with support for at ...
For more detail read more at:
        Editorial: Important work looks to keep seniors at home
        Andover Townsman - Andover,MA,USA
        As the Baby Boomers reach retirement age, this need will become significantly greater. It's laudable that Andover residents are looking at such potential ...
For more detail read more at:
        Issues of LGBT Aging in Our Times
        By Mark Martin
        The good news, of course, is that attitudes are changing. At New York's gay pride parade earlier this year, SAGE made the rounds in two purple trolleys, amid 90-degree heat, with walking canes and colorful streamers waving out the ...
        Blogcabin California - 
        Use Storytelling to Strengthen Presentations
        By By Carmine Gallo | BusinessWeek
        The good news for recent college graduates is that, despite the slumping economy, there are still several industries that are hiring young graduates at a brisk pace, according to a new study by MonsterTrak, the student division of ...
        SalesHQ - 
        The Great American Social Security Bamboozle
        By admin
        In 2008 the first 'baby boomer' becomes eligible for early Social Security benefits at age 62, she recently applied for benefits online, but her benefits do not actually begin until January of 2008. Three years later, at age 65, ...
        eNewsMediaMagazine - 
        Rock bank concert tours. The dark side of the moon, one of the ...
        By Johnson(Johnson)
        New rock page for daily interactive music news with are among the artists set to play a special concert for the with guns n roses still delayed stinson tours. Range of experiences available including guided tours with gold as most ...
        Saye - 
        Forgetting: Is It Aging or Alzheimer's?
        U.S. News & World Report - Washington,DC,USA
        What can baby boomers do to try to prevent cognitive decline? Make sure you have good nutrition, good rest, stay physically active, and engage in a lot of ...
For more detail read more at:
        SEC Charges Unregistered Colorado Broker-Dealer for Fraud Harming ...
        Lawfuel (press release) - Wellington,New Zealand
        ... DC With more than 76 million Baby Boomers reaching the traditional age of retirement in the largest demographic wave in US history, seniors are prime ...
For more detail read more at:
        SEC Charges Unregistered Colorado Broker-Dealer for Fraud Harming ...
        By admin
        The dangers of senior fraud will be a focus of a Seniors Summit that the SEC will be holding on Monday in Washington, DC With more than 76 million Baby Boomers reaching the traditional age of retirement in the largest demographic wave ...
        Financial News - 
        Moving Can be a Taxing Decision
        By RELady(RELady)
        So, what motivates employees to move during retirement? While there may be other factors, this list covers a number of the considerations many of our fellow baby boomers and others consider important in making such a decision. ...
        Real Estate News & Views - 
        Oracle Flies High Above Wall Street's Carnage
        By by Aaron Ricadela
        Also reassuring to investors was news that sales of new software licenses, a yardstick of future revenue, increased 14%, to $1.2 billion, within the conservative range Oracle had told analysts to expect. Shares of Oracle rallied more ...
        SalesHQ - 
        Baby Boomers - Boomers and the Economy (KFSN-TV Fresno)
        By Jim
        The number: 66#x25 Gloomy boomers; Group pessimistic about future (Deseret Morning News) Baby boomers, members of the large generation born from 1946 to 1964, are pessimistic not only about their own finances but also about everyone ...
        My Baby Boomer Tips - 
        Sault Emergency Room Crisis was Avoidable
        By Zeus
        The local news is reporting that patients at Sault Area Hospitals are being warehoused in hallways, while they await treatment and/or admission in the Emergency Department. Despite the doctor recruitment programs and funding, ... - 


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