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Thursday, September 25, 2008

7 Online Blunders That Threaten Your Identity

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk.
How many times of the day do you stop to think about how you can better protect your identity?  How many times at night do you wake up in a cold sweat worrying about how to stay ahead of those relentless identity thieves?  How many times more are you going to worry about all of this before deciding to take concrete action?
This week, I would like you to help yourself by taking a long hard look at our headlines and references.
At the business desk, I'm Matt Chadwick wishing you a terrific day.
Security tips for home computer users
 Breaking news!          7 Online Blunders That Threaten Your Identity
        avast! 4 Home Edition Free antivirus
        By excogitator
        This is truly "install and forget" antivirus with acceptable resource requirement without any compromise on quality and security. avast is free for home users for non-commercial use. Just download the software from avast website, ...
        Software, Tools, Tips, Tricks - 
        Time Technology Tips and Traps
        By admin
        Having these items before you in writing can allow you, the computer user, to do stuff on your computer while talking, great for multi-tasking. You can instant message someone without really interrupting what they are doing, ... - 
        7 Online Blunders That Threaten Your Identity
        By Steve Dasseos
        9% of home Internet users who responded to our survey said they used a single password for all their accounts. Bad idea. What you can do: Using different passwords need not be burdensome. Do what 15 percent of the respondents to our ...
        Travel Insurance, Travel And... - 
        Practical tips to maintain security even after a termination
        By Reed Tinsley
        Revoke the individual's computer access (including all user IDs and passwords); Obtain keys/card-keys; Obtain badge; Obtain any software or work documents (including those at home) belonging to the organization, if any, ...
        Reed Tinsley, CPA - 
        Computer Tips [ Safely Protect Your Router + Practice Makes ...
        By ris(ris)
        If you feel like you will have signal issues in your home, wireless N is the way to go. But, there's also a catch. When it comes to wireless G and N, they work the best when connecting to a computer that has a network card of the same ...
        All Viagra - 
       Broadcom WLAN Network Adapters For Home And Enterprise
        By Spring(Spring)
        These products are specially designed to act as a component on the devices which are interoperable, provide the best possible security and still are really easy to use. These products are able to satify all the consumer demands. ...
        Computer Tips - 
        Broadcom WLAN Network Adapters For Home And Enterprise
        By Spring(Spring)
        These products are specially designed to act as a component on the devices which are interoperable, provide the best possible security and still are really easy to use. These products are able to satify all the consumer demands. ...
        Computer Tips - 
        10-Step Security Tips for your Computer
           By devin
        ... every user needs to take control of his computer's security. While it's essential to keep your antispyware and antivirus definitions up to date, it's also vital to take charge of your computer's security and keep these tips in mind. ...
        The Resource Forum The latest... - 
        Choosing an eBook Compiler
        By 101WaysToIncome(101WaysToIncome)
        Thomas is confident and passionate about the strong economic reasons to have a computer based business at home and he provides expert guidance and tips on how to start or grow an existing work at home business. ...
        Work At Home on a Computer Based... - 
        YOUR LINUX TODAY NEWSLETTER FOR September 11, 2008
        By vetkasi(vetkasi)
        "Citadel is a great choice for the majority of users who need a groupware and messaging server. It's easy to fling up a working server in a few minutes for a small home network, and it scales up nicely for business." ...
        Information Technology - 
        Center for internet security. Get help with security in windows ...
        By antonich8z6(antonich8z6)
        Center for security (cis) security and privacy research center: the national infrastructure protection center - computer security tips. explorer has its own security settings windows vista security center will alert you whenever these ...
        mouse lemur - 
        Keep your personal details under lock and keyboard
        The Gazette (Montreal) - Quebec,Canada
        The following are a few tips for computer users. - For websites that require a password - like your banking institution, company site or social networking ...
For more detail read more at:
        Kan. gov. seeks renewal of energy tax credits
        Arkansas City Traveler - Arkansas City,KS,USA
        He said the office also has developed training for bank personnel and law enforcement, as well as placards for bank tellers, with tips and signs to catch ...
For more detail read more at:
        Top Ten Tips for Computer Security
        By redgsr
        Have you ever wondered why there is a huge increase in online fraud Well the main reason its happening, is that most computer users are not protecting themselves properly. When you follow the top 10 tips for online and offline ...
        Full text computers articles... - 
        Exploiting 101 - The Basics
        By Faze
        Since the web root is /home/users/ You still may not be able to read it because it might be forbidden through some other method, say only accessible from certain IP addresses, or . files are not accessible through their ... - 
        How to create a password reset disk for XP?
        By magakos(magakos)
        If the related tasks does not show up you are not double clicking on the user account or you are using a LAN with domains. *If your computer is on a domain, you can create the Domain Password Reset Disk as follows. ...
        Tips and Hacks - 
        Spliced feed for Security Bloggers Network
        By Jones(Jones)
        An implementation issue in the handling of emergency calls allows users with physical access to an iPhone to launch an application without the passcode by double clicking the home button in emergency call. This update addresses the ...
        agribusiness - 
        Zone Labs vs. Windows XP Service Pack 2 Firewall
        By (veeraphong)
        Windows XP computer users fall into two categories: those who have personal firewall software and those who do not. Knowing that the majority of computer users go without a firewall, Microsoft has included an internet security firewall ...
        Computers and Technology Tips Online - 



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