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Monday, August 25, 2008

Vital information for retirees, seniors, and aging baby boomers

Good day!  I'm Jeff N Marquis at the business desk.
Are you a retiree or senior or even a baby boomer who is seeking vital information on such topics as:  Investments, health care, travel, plus more?  Notsure where to go to find out more?  Well, why not give us a chance to help you.
Please check out our headlines below.
At the business desk, I'm Jeff N Marquis wishing you a great day.
News for retirees, aging baby boomers, and seniors
  • Older folks flock to area
  The Ann Arbor News - - Ann Arbor,MI,USA
  ... is aging in place, demographers and planners say. As people live longer, birth rates decline, and the bulge of Baby Boomers ages into retirement years, ...
For more detail check out:
  Free Seminars for Baby Boomers at The 2008 Live South Real Estate ...
  Come to the largest resort and retirement real estate show in the country sponsored by Ideal Living Magazine. Compare retirement, investment and vacation properties. (
  Seniors News latest RSS headlines... -
  Surgery Helps With Prostate Cancer, Sometimes (HealthDay)
  By backfootdrivebrat(backfootdrivebrat)
  Healthfinder. [iii] Source: Aging Population Creating Higher Demand for Surgery. ANNews. [iv] Source: Baby Boomers ...
  Supplements -
  Mexico Is Our India for Medical Tourism and A Strong Contender for ...
  By traveling4health
  More good news for seniors, is that American insurance companies offering expatriate medical insurance for American retirees are now facing stiff competition from private Mexican medical providers offering very affordable urgent care ...
  Traveling4Health -
  Yahoo! News: Seniors/Aging News
  By coq1098376(coq1098376)
  Healthfinder. [iii] Source: Aging Population Creating Higher Demand for Surgery. ANNews. [iv] Source: Baby Boomers ...
  The Vitamins Minerals -
  Pioneer of California Senior Housing and Assisted Living ...
  By Cindy Holden
  "This dynamic sector has both tremendous opportunity and growth as the 78 million baby boomers start to age and move toward their retirement years. I look forward to working directly with Gary as we focus our strategy of promoting and ...
  California Newswire -
  Guest Post from Money Energy
  By BA(BA)
  Now, I am no securities analyst or economics professor, but I've done a lot of reading from many sources over the last five year – books, online news reports, business programs, press releases, company reports, and independent analyses. ...
  The Almost Millionaire -
  Snuff, spoilt Prayer Books, and the machine ready on the inside
  By Tara(Tara)
  goldenrule health insurance in the news sc health insurance rate comparason individual purchased health insurance allegiance health insurance with london private health insurance meridian health insurance his wife has california ...
  NEWS -
  Pricey health coverage eases worries for future
  Arizona Republic - Phoenix,AZ,USA
  16, 2008 12:00 AM As retirement looms for millions of Baby Boomers, concerns about illness, incapacity and other health issues loom in the background. ...
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  Aging Gracefully -- It's a Real Workout
  Washington Post - United States
  This scientific research arrives just as the graying of the baby boomers is leading to an explosive growth in medical treatments that promise a perpetual ...
For more detail check out:
  Old lives, new light
  London Free Press - Canada
  Her 11th book, set in a retirement residence, shows seniors to be in control in more ways than not. They are funny, determined and brave. ...
For more detail check out:
  Dementia Facts And Statistics: Present And Future
  By car-gps-navigation-systems(car-gps-navigation-systems)
  The news for older Baby Boomer females is even bleaker as about one-in-six females over the age of 55 could develop Alzheimer's. Why do more women than men get Alzheimer's? It's not anything genetic. ...
  anti aging botox treatment -
  By admin
  Anti-aging health is powered by the ever-increasing Baby Boomer population. In the United States alone, there are 80+ million Baby Boomers, a large segment of the US population. Between the years 1995 and 2010 the US population over 45 ...
  One Great Opportunity -
  Retirement and Senior Citizens : Aging Parents Put Emotional and ...
  Prudent Press Agency (press release) - Den Haag,Netherlands
  The Baby Boomers Retirement Club (BBRC) provides solutions for baby boomers caring for aging parents. These services include: "Too many people are trying to ...
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  Baby Boomers - Baby Boomer Die-Off - There Will Be No Social ...
  By Jim
  Retirement and Senior Citizens : Aging Parents Put Emotional and … Prudent Press Agency (press release) Baby Boomers Want to Keep Working But Many Will Not Have the … PR Web (press release) all 7 news articles ...
  My Baby Boomer Tips -



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