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Friday, August 15, 2008

Now is the time to improve your lives

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk.
I would like to ask you the following:  When is the last time you gave serious thought to improving your lifestyle?  Too difficult a proposition you say?  No, not as difficult as you may imagine and we would like to help you get started.  I am going to pack this blog with several ideas for you to review and follow up on.  As you get ready to enjoy yet another summer's weekend, take some time to think about your future.
Time now for our Amazon picks of the week.
The Unofficial Guideto Starting a Small Business (Unofficial Guides)
by Marcia Layton Turner
We chose this book because of its precise and easy to read manner.  A great resource book with a lot of proven strategies.  The author has gone out of her way to provide some very choice reading.
  Your Limited Liability Company: An Operating Manual (book with CD-Rom)
by Anthony Mancuso
Yet another good resource book.  Good info is provided by this author and this is a book that belongs on your bookshelf.
At the business desk, I'm Jayna Sheffield wishing you a great weekend.
Home business opportunities, Internet business opportunities, small business opportunities, business opportunities in Asia
  Top Ten Small Business Mastermind Advisers All Small Business ...
  By Lauren PRATT(Lauren PRATT)
  If your business is not on the web and you are not selling products to the global market then you are making your life incredibly difficult and you are missing out on lots of opportunities. The internet is a fantastic tool for doing ...
  top7 or 10 tips -
  Leaving America... A Growing Trend
  By SadInAmerica
  But as Landau says, it is precisely because so much of Panama's economy has been focused on canal-related activities that opportunities in other sectors, from real estate to finance to a host of basic services, have gone largely ...
  Know The Lies - Demistifying... -
  Work From Home Australia: The Fortune Key Reviewed
  By David Morris
  To start with, the methods that The Fortune Key are not some which have been used on the Internet by small business or consumers, meaning you won't be fighting for dollars against hundreds of thousands of other home-businesspeople as is ...
  W3 Spin -
  [promote_your_business] Digest Number 27482
  By Febie "pepNo" Kurniawan(Febie "pepNo" Kurniawan)
  For so many years I tried business opportunities that just didn't work! I felt like a complete sucker because I kept buying every "Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme" I could find. I was addicted to buying money-making-systems. ...
  Online Business List -
  [Unlisted Home Opportunities] - ...
  By Febie "pepNo" Kurniawan(Febie "pepNo" Kurniawan)
  SFI has shown millions of men and women from over 200 countries worldwide how to cash in on the Internet. In fact, our system is so successful that OVER 8000 people join SFI every week! A GLOBAL HOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ...
  Cari Duit Susah -
  McAfee, Inc. Reports 26 Percent Growth on Record Revenue of $397 ...
  MarketWatch - USA
  The service, available immediately, is targeted at small business customers -- McAfee announced a new McAfee announced a new exclusive partnership with ...
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  Mayor Bloomberg's 2008 State of the City Address
  New York Times Blogs - New York,NY,USA
  The growth of our small business community has been fueled by our population growth – and together, they're adding new urgency to the need for modern ...
For more detail check out:
  Trivita Tesimonials
  As a mother it has always been my desire to stay at home with my children. Doing this successfully from a financial standpoint had always seemed out of my reach. In 2000 while working one of those "great business opportunities" I was ...
  Buy Customers Not Leads -
  Search Engine Submission Australia
  By tetetzet(tetetzet)
  If you're running an internet business in our country, you'll inevitably be faced with some search engine marketing that's for sure. You've probably heard that you need to submit your web site to various search engines in order to drive ...
  PPC And AdSense | Pay Per Click... -
  By Erny Setyawati(Erny Setyawati)
  true for small businesses with the advent of increased foreign competition at home. Entering the overseas marketplace offers exciting opportunities to increase company sales and profits. USSmall Business Administration. ...
  [a business opportunity] Digest Number 41909
  By thedeb(thedeb)
  Browse anytime, day or night. Use our search tool to find what you need. Browse by category to see the newest products on the market. 100's of home business opportunities too! Book Mark Us Now! Come Back Often! Click here… ...
  You Got an iDea ? -
  Top fruit takes world stage
  Freshinfo - London,UK
  China, India and Russia are offering producers significant opportunities, though it is not all plain sailing. "All of the above markets have supply issues ...
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  What Microfinance Means for China's Growth
  By Edmund Zagorin
  Unlike most low-risk investments, the micro-credit market in China presents unbelievable opportunities for growth, and by extension, more opportunities for investors to profit on a greater scale. As the sub-prime crisis deepens and the ...
  Black and White -
  China's Internet development history
  By fuqioop
  Internet-second leap attributed to the commercialization of the Internet, a business into the Internet this strange world, sof79db411b665ebc3b34371674390638d found it in the communications, information retrieval, customer service and ...
  fuqioo -
  [promote_your_business] Digest Number 27518
  By Febie "pepNo" Kurniawan(Febie "pepNo" Kurniawan)
  REAL HOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES THAT REALLY PAY From: timrossss. 9.1. Be a Private Millionaire. From: 10a. help during a slowing economy From: Internet Marketing Center. 11.1. EARN 300-600 DOLLARS PER MONTH ...
  Online Business List -
  [a business opportunity] Digest Number 41927
  By thedeb(thedeb)
  Life Optimized offers legitimate business opportunities to help you increase your income while working from home. Not only do we offer business opportunities, we also offer entrepreneurs inexpensive advertising options. ...
  You Got an iDea ? -
  China is Indiaaposs aposOnly Possible Threatapos BusinessWeek
  By admin(admin)
  Our agenda for this financial year includes issues like tapping opportunities through innovation building communities of best practices adopting green IT societal development and education and skills building. ...
  ufaf01' news blog -
  Home computers are more susceptible to viral attacks
  Asian Tribune - Bangkok,Thailand
  Symantec's Norton Brand line of consumer products is a market leader in desktop protection for individual users, home offices and small businesses. ...
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  Sampath asks CSE to defer rights issue
  Sunday Leader (subscription) - Columbo,Sri Lanka
  It was also ranked in Business Week's "InfoTech 100" for the 10th straight year and named "Number One in Quality and Services" by Wall Street Journal Asia. ...
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  Opportunities and possibilities
  By Editor(Editor)
  Home business opportunities, Internet business opportunities, small business opportunities, business opportunities in Asia. How I survived the growth trap - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia They are setting themselves up ... - Free Useful Info -
  Treating Day Trading Like a Hobby Versus a Business Posted By ...
  By admin
  Forex markets are priced to four decimal places. This means a very small move can result in very big wins or loses. To start your journey into forex markets it's advisable to start with small stakes. Forex Opportunities ... -
  But then, it seemed to be his God, and fear him still more by the ...
  By Judah(Judah)
  ... of homosexuality criminal justice fraturnity software for criminal justice journal article a number one criminal background check job openings in criminal justice field criminal justice job opportunities in business check background ...
  Not until he had not been for everybody, even himself
  By Kenyon(Kenyon)
  The challenges in criminal justice small business distributor background check thus criminal justice york free atlanta background check criminal justice history of death penalty papers free california criminal background check ...
  Brief -
  We look about us
  By Barbara(Barbara)
  The criminal justice research articles criminal justice campus website completed policy and procedure for ethics in criminal justice process theories of criminal justice starting a background check home business criminal justice ...
  Today -


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