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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No time to let depression beat you

Good morning!  I'm Kerry J Harrison at the business desk.
So many of us take the easy way out when it comes to dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression.  We often choose to bury our heads in the sand rather than facing up to what's happening around us and why?  Simply because it's much easier to do this.  However, burying our heads in the sand is not the solution to dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression.  For if we ignore it, it will not go away.  In fact, it will only get worse and if we don't deal with it, it will eventually take possession of our lives.
We are offering you a way to deal with it; our weekly news and headlines.  Please take a few minutes and catch up on how you can deal with stress, anxiety, and depression.
At the business desk, I'm Kerry J Harrison wishing you a happy day.
News on stress, anxiety, and depression
  Beat Stress Before It Beats You
  RedOrbit - Dallas,TX,USA
  Left unchecked, it often leads to depression, anxiety attacks and harmful behaviors like binge drinking or eating. Plus, Dlugokinski added, it can ...
For more detail check out:
  Possible Cause of Postpartum Depression Pinpointed
  Washington Post - United States
  ... GABA receptor levels lead to mouse behaviors akin to postpartum depression, such as anxiety and depression, with a concomitant decrease in pup survival.
For more detail check out:
  Stress linked to diabetes in men
  PRESS TV - Tehran,Iran
  Swedish scientists suggest psychological afflictions such as anxiety, depression and insomnia can increase the risk of diabetes in men. ...
For more detail check out:
  Depression And The Economy
  News Channel 7 - SC,USA
  Dr. Rhoades says don't feel bad if you are experiencing anxiety or depression, because of the economic downturn. He says it is happening to most of us. ...
For more detail check out:
  Obesity linked to anxiety and depression
  Mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression are associated with obesity according to a new study from the University of Otago, Wellington. The research involving nearly 13 000 New Zealander.
  Virtual Medical Centre Medical News -
  Americans' anxiety levels skyrocket with cash woes
  By admin
  It may increase chances of depression and anxiety and lower our immune defenses." Studies, like a 1998 joint effort by the University of California and Sweden's Sahlgrenska University Hospital, have shown that chronic stress can throw ...
  Health News Review -
  Helping You Sleep - Coping Skills for Migraine Patients
  By rain gem(rain gem)
  The insomnia, just like an anxiety or depression, often accompanies migraine. Sometimes it's caused by stress of pain, sometimes it's the by-product medications and sometimes it's because many migraine people develop a chronic stress ...
  Migraine News Network | RainGem | -
  5 Top Tips To Boost Your Spirits
  By kevin
  Until next time. Looking to beat stress, anxiety or depression QUICKLY?"Conquering Stress" reveals the powerful, effective secrets so you can beat these illnesses once and for allDRUG FREE! Click Here==>
  makeup -
  By mental
  If depression coexists with anxiety, clorazepate should be used with caution as suicidal tendencies may be present. (One of the side effects with this medication is depression; if a patient has an underlying problem with depression, ...
  Health News -
  Suicide's genetic key discovered
  Globe and Mail - Canada
  Dr. Poulter said it is still too early to say whether prolonged periods of stress and anxiety throughout a person's life may have a greater impact on the ...
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  Southcoast recovery's "dr. Bob" talks about dual diagnosis track ...
  PRLog.Org (press release) - Bucuresti,Romania
  Combined, our staff has well over one hundred years of treatment experience focusing on anxiety and depression. After a psychological evaluation, ...
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  From anxiety to action
  Agoura Hills Acorn - CA,USA
  Parents who have children in high school are already concerned about college; sometimes spending time with other parents adds to the stress. Anxiety is ...
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  Drop Your Weight Loss Expectations to Get Better Results!
  By JoLynn Braley
  I'd definitely recommend this to you if you have loads of stress in your life and you'd rather learn new life skills instead of putting a band-aid on your stress and anxiety with medications. The Attacking Anxiety & Depression isn't ...
  The Fit Shack -
  Yoga camp offers sanctuary for you
  By menalisha
  Years later, she learned she had been starving her brain as well as her body, causing a chemical imbalance through her anorexia and bulimia, which, in turn, caused anxiety and depression. She wanted to get off the roller coaster but she ...
  Yoga www: yoga mats, yoga photo... -
  Obesity linked to anxiety and depression
  Mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression are associated with obesity according to a new study from the University of Otago, Wellington. The research involving nearly 13 000 New Zealander.
  Virtual Psych Centre Medical News -
  Natural depression treatments advocated by eminent scientist
  A prominent UK scientist has co-authored a new book promoting diet, lifestyle changes and other natural alternatives to anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac for the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders. According to the authors ...
  The Environmental Illness Resource -
  Cambry testimonial for GNN
  By geri
  I want to tell you that your Good News Network has helped me through bad times in my life when I struggled through anxiety and depression and sometimes doubts of Read more. ...
  Good News Network (Great Kids) -
 Bruce McEwen - Beating stress with joined-up thinking on brain ...
  Scotsman - United Kingdom
  Because the remodelling of neurons by stress is reversible, researchers now believe that chronic anxiety disorders and depression represent a lack of ...
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  Anxiety In Kids: An Interview with Dr. Daniel Pine - New York,NY,USA
  It turns out that when presented with subtle signs of danger, the amygdala of kids with anxiety and kids with depression react similarly to the amygdala of ...
For more detail check out:
  Taking Depression to Heart
  U.S. News & World Report - Washington,DC,USA
  Previous studies have linked negative emotions, including depression, anxiety and anger, to a heightened risk of heart disease. But because these emotions ...
For more detail check out:
  Effect of anxiety and depression on blood pressure: 11-year ...
  British Journal of Psychiatry (subscription) - UK
  The long-term effect of anxiety and depression on blood pressure is unclear. To examine the prospective association of anxiety and depression with change in ...
For more detail check out:
  Wellness Organizations Provide Advice And Free Tools To Deal With ...
  (News News and Information) The Summer of 2008 has provided many stressors that can provoke anxiety including the slumping economy rising gas prices demanding work schedules ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan company failures and ...
  News PRNN -
  Surefire Tips To Beat Depression Out Of Your Life
  By roadside(roadside)
  It is actually easy to overcome stress, anxiety and depression the natural way. Here are seven surefire tips that can help you to kick the blues out of your system:. Find Time To Exercise. Studies have shown that people who live ...
  Health Care Guide -
  Stroke, Anxiety & The Healing Breath
  By admin
  It's helping her eliminate the stress and anxiety of what can be an enervating battle of medical appointments and therapies, slow recovery, and a lingering fear of what the future holds. It rejuvenates the spirit and puts the situation ...
  Am I Depressed? -
  Dealing with Anxiety? When life seems harder than it should be.
  By admin
  According to the National Institute of Mental Health, roughly 40 million adults have an anxiety disorder. Since stress and worry are a part of life, anxiety disorders are often more likely to be ignored, misdiagnosed, or inappropriately ...
  Medical,Health News and Articles -
  Evaluation of the psychopathological risk factors associated with ...
  By Callier Library
  Tinnitus was found to be associated with the highest subscale and index levels of the following symptoms: somatisation, obsessive compulsive behaviour, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, General Symptomatic Index, Positive Symptom ...
  COMD News -
  Home loan making you ill?
  Hindustan Times - India
  ... to cope with the financial stress caused by spiralling EMIs. ¡°They suffer from anxiety, sleep disorders and severe clinical depression,¡± said Malhotra. ...
For more detail check out:
  Healing hidden wounds of terror
  Daily News & Analysis - Mumbai,India
  Experts call this Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ? a series of reactions that range from initial shock and denial, followed by guilt, depression and ...
For more detail check out:
  By DEE
  It can help prevent anxiety-related messages from reaching the brain. Having levels of GABA that are too low can increase anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and depression.¡± Dr. Mao suggests eating a diet rich in GABA including fish, ...
  A mechanism for the development of obesity-associated conditions
  ... occur via activation of the protein CB1 in the brain, liver, or other tissues, as the therapeutic potential of agents that target CB1 is currently limited by the side effects of targeting CB1 in the brain, anxiety and depression. ...
  Eureka! Science News - Popular... -
  How to Cope With Manic Depression
  Knowing what to expect from your illness and planning, methods of coping with the symptoms goes a long way to alleviate the stress and anxiety this difficult illness. Step One: Know that it is a disease. Manic depression is not a ...
  Attention Deficit Disorder -
  By mental
  Test takers may be affected by test-related discomfort or performance anxiety. This may be particularly true when prior to testing, the examinee was not fully aware of his or her deficits, especially deficits that become more apparent ...
  Health News -
  Depression Leads to More Personal Injuries at Work
  By admin
  The trademark of depression is a unrelenting sad or empty mood, sometimes experienced as tension or anxiety. Life shortage of pleasure. People with minor depressions may go through the motions of eating, sex, work, or play, ...
  Career online Blog -



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