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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Important answers to consumers concerns

        Top of the morning out there to you!  I'm Donna J Jodhan at the business desk.
Ah, the last week of August and just a few days to go before the long holiday weekend.  This week our e-bag is bulging with questions and I'd like to answer as many as I can.
Thank you all for your feedback and please keep your comments and questions coming.
Answers to consumers concerns
Question from Jay Berger:  Donna, I'd like to know this; why do you think that more and more persons are paying attention to anti aging health issues?
Answer:  Jay, It all has to do with our aging baby boomers.  We are dealing with a rapidly aging population who are demanding more and more anti aging health products and services and this trend is only going to grow as more and more of our population grows older.  Right now, it is the aging baby boomers who are fuelling the demand, but wait!  After them will come the kids of the baby boomers.  Please see the 
reference that I have provided below.
  By admin
  Anti-aging health is powered by the ever-increasing Baby Boomer population. In the United States alone, there are 80+ million Baby Boomers, a large segment of the US population. Between the years 1995 
and 2010 the US population over 45 ...
  One Great Opportunity -
Question from Shayne Kemp:  Donna, where do you think the best type of health insurance could be found for seniors these days?
Answer:  Shayne,  Well, a very powerful question and I don't really know but I can provide you with a very interesting reference.  Please see below.  I found this article a few days ago and thought it might help
to answer your question.
  Mexico Is Our India for Medical Tourism and A Strong Contender for ...
  By traveling4health
  More good news for seniors, is that American insurance companies offering expatriate medical insurance for American retirees are now facing stiff competition from private Mexican medical providers offering 
very affordable urgent care ...
  Traveling4Health -
Question from Carolyn Sudder:  I am very interested to know what kind of cost could be, or what types of costs are companies incurring these days because of stress related issues in the workplace?
Answer:  Carolyn,  I am glad that you asked because this report just came across my desk and I think that it would be of great interest to you.  Hope it helps.
  Cost of workplace stress hits $14.8b - Australia
  With health concerns including nervousness, tension, anxiety, depression and heart conditions also stemming from workplace stress, the report found ...
For more detail check out:,27753,24179057-5012426,00.html
Question from Richard Gascay:  Donna, I am looking for some info on India.  Specifically, their readiness to do business with the West.  What can you tell me?
Answer:  Richard, here you go.  An insightful article that I found and the reference is below.  Hope this helps.  India is quickly developing into an economic giant and most experts in the West are watching the 
progress of this particular economy with great interest.
  Indian suppliers at the world's fingertips
  Livemint - Delhi,Delhi,India
  I have no doubt that Indian SMEs will seize the opportunities before them. We look forward to working with our local members to support their expansion and ...
For more detail check out:
Question from Scott Evans:  Donna, would you say that America is becoming a multi lingual country?
Answer:  Scott, definitely so.  America is still a predominantly English-speaking country but we now have Spanish as a second language, and more and more new Americans are speaking Chinese and other Asian
dialects.  Please see my reference below.
Multilingual America is here - Madison,WI,USA
None of us spoke English when we arrived, and spent the first couple of years struggling to navigate the public institutions that defined our new existence ...
For more detail check out:
Question from Denise Osmond:  I need to learn more about how hackers can affect me on Facebook.  Please give some suggestions.
Answer:  Denise, Here you go.  An article that you can find in my reference below.  This is a broad question so I hope that my reference can help you. 
  Hackers want to be your (malicious) friend
  USA Today - USA
  Last week, computer security firm Sophos detailed an attack in which messages posted on the walls of users' Facebook pages urged them to view a video that ...
For more detail check out:
Question from Mitch Bannaman:  Hey there!  I need some info on spy ware, and how hackers are able to hone in on our computers using our key strokes?
Answer:  Mitch,  I think that the article below will answer a lot for you.  Please see my reference.  I found this a few days ago and thought it could help you.
  Your Best Guide to Recording Devices and Computer Spyware
  By Perfect Domain(Perfect Domain)
  That's about 5 years worth of typing for the average computer user. Whether at home or in the office, you can easily fall victim to this type of spying. A hardware Key Logger is installed between your 
keyboard and computer. ... -
Question from Michael Furay:  I am trying to get some info on how to get my contracts translated from English into Spanish and other languages without having to bother about fraudulent translators or losing 
important translations?
Answer:  Michael,  This is a very interesting question.  You will find that more and more companies and governments are starting to pay more attention to accurate translations and this comes about as a result
of a need to ensure accuracy, proficiency, and prevent fraud.  So, I am going to provide you with some relevant material.  Please give a read to my reference below.
Auto Fraud Tricks: Spanish Language
By admin
... is primarily negotiated in Spanish, then a Spanish translation of the contract must be provided to the customer prior to signing the English language contract. This law was recently expanded to include 
Chinese, Vietnamese, ...
Dealer Fraud -
Question from Natalie O'Blinsky:  Donna, can you tell me if Ireland is a good place for foreigners to invest?
Answer:  Natalie, I think that my reference below will help to answer your question.  Ireland is certainly making healthy noises these days on the international stage and this reference supports my opinion.  Hope
it helps.
  Thursday Newspaper Review - Irish Business News and International ...
  FinFacts Ireland - Ireland
  The addition of Ireland will increase the awarness of of investment opportunities here for Chinese investors. The Irish market is in the final stages of ...
For more detail check out:
Question from Eathon Cruzmark:  Donna, do you have some interesting stuff to pass on home computer security?
Answer:  Eathon, A very broad question but here you go.  A nice little article that could get you started.  Hope it helps.
  Security for Home Computer Users: Watch out for malware - even on ...
  Welcome to Security for Home Computer Users--a monthly newsletter bringing security news, guidance, updates, and community resources directly to your inbox. If you would like to receive more technical 
security information, ...
  Security News Collected by AWSODA-SYS... -
Question from Martin Kruger:  I want to find some information on top businesses to get into.  What can you tell me?
Answer:  Martin, I just found this article and I think that you would be pleased to read it.  Have a read.
  The 2007 Hot100
  Business Tennessee - Nashville,TN,USA
  Recently was ranked as the 11th fastest growing small business in the government IT arena by Washington Technology. Ernst Construction Hendersonville Steve ...
For more detail check out:
Question from Walt Dryden:  Donna, What I want to know is this!  Is there really a need for English translators and interpreters?
Answer:  Walt, most definitely.  I my self am constantly being bombarded for English translation and interpretation services and I think that my reference below will give you more evidence of my opinion.  
Please give a read.
  Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/15/2008
  By Baron Bodissey(Baron Bodissey)
  The general director for Interpreters at the European Commission, Marco Benedetti, said, quoted by the Times: ''The shortage of English translators and interpreters is becoming serious in all international  organisations.'' (ANSAmed). ...
  Gates of Vienna -
Question from Josh Melnich:  How important is it to choose good domain names for your website?
Answer:  Josh, I believe that it is very important for you to choose a domain name that reflects the contents or business of your website.  The general rule of thumb is that one should always choose a domain 
name that most closely relates the meaning of their website.  If you think about it, it's what 99.99% of successful companies do.  They choose names for their companies that reflect their meaning of their 
business.  Please give a read to my reference below.  Hope it helps.
  Understanding Domain Names
  By admin
  It is one of those marketing strategies that search engine marketing firms implement to provide you optimum business opportunities. In this process you will have to a certain amount whenever a visitor clicks 
on your site for searching ...
  Go SEO -
Question from Kelly Majenta:  Donna, I have a teenager who feels that it is better to lock himself in a room with his computer.  He is very aloof and I think that he is headed for a date with depression.  What 
can you tell me?
Answer:  Kelly, I am no expert on this subject but here you go.  An article that contains some of the information that may apply to your question.  Hope this helps.
  Isolation, anxiety cause depression
  Khaleej Times - Dubai,United Arab Emirates
  People, who are not social and who do not integrate with the mainstream, are more prone to problems of anxiety and depression," says psychiatrist Nagesh ...
For more detail check out:
Question from Isabel Quintana:  Do you think that workers stand a better chance if they can speak a second language and if so would this mean less work for translators?
Answer:  Isabel, I believe that there can be truth to this.  I am not going to give my own opinion here but will refer you to my reference below.  Hope this helps.
  Talking the talk
  Toronto Star - Ontario, Canada
  She also says employers prefer workers who can communicate in other languages because they don't have to hire a translator in some cases. ...
For more detail check out:
I am out of time for this week but here is my tip before I leave you.
There is a growing demand for writers to help those whose first language is not English to put their information into fluent, proficient, and easy to understand English.  It does not necessarily mean that writing jobs will be moving overseas because there is the Internet to help bridge the gap.
Check out this very potent demand.
At the business desk, I'm Donna J Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week ahead.


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