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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Important answers to consumers concerns

Top of the morning out there to you!  I'm Donna J Jodhan at the business desk.
A brand new month and the middle of summer.  I hope that everyone is enjoying the nice weather.
I'd like to start by thanking all of you for your feedback and comments and I urge you to continue sending us your thoughts and ideas for it is only with you and because of you that we can continue.  So now, it's time for me to open up our bulging e-bag for this week.
Question from Ryan Hart:  I am a new user of the Internet and I have a home computer.  How can I make my computer more secure at home?
Answer:  Ryan, There are practically millions of tips out there for you to research and discover but I am going to give you a kick-start and provide you with an article that I just came across.  It seems to be well written and I hope it helps you.  The one thing to remember is that as soon as you access the Internet, you become vulnerable to hackers and cyber pirates.
  A Few Important Tips About Computer Security
  Having a computer at home and being connected to the World Wide Web may be convenient but it also poses a threat to your computer security Computer security can be annoying and devastating in the worst of cases So it is important for ...
  Article Directory -
Question from Kelly Grover:  Donna, I continue to hear about the benefits of reversed mortgages.  I am contemplating taking out one on my home.  What are your thoughts?
Answer:  Kelly,  There are advantages and disadvantages for reversed mortgages.  If you have expenses to deal with or if you anticipate having to incur expenses for such things as long term care, then a reversed mortgage may be for you.  If you are contemplating doing something such as taking that longed-for world tour or a luxurious cruise, then a reversed mortgage may be for you.  If you have no beneficiaries to leave your home to, then a reversed mortgage may be for you.  However, I would caution you to think carefully before taking the step to acquire a reversed mortgage.  Please read the article below that I have chosen for you.
Long-Term Care Insurance combined with Reverse Mortgages
  By Terry Stanfield
  Many retirees are faced with the possibility of a long-term care event. How will I pay expenses if I cannot take care of myself? I do not want to put the burden of long-term care expenses on my family or children. The good news is that ... -
Question from Wendy Major:  Donna, I am very nervous about doing my banking online from home.  What can you tell me?
Answer:  Wendy, Most banks claim to have secure websites that you can visit to do your online banking.  However, every so often, there are glitches and I suggest that if you are nervous about doing your online banking from home, take a few minutes to read my reference below.  I think that it would help you to become more aware of what you should be doing in order to feel more secure.
  Online Banking _ Be Safe, Not Sorry!
  By billmullins
  Contact your hardware and software suppliers, or Internet service provider, to ensure you have the latest in security updates. Tips on safe computing practices when conducting your online banking at home, or at a public computer: ...
  Bill Mullins' Weblog - Tech Thoughts -
Question from Shayne Richards:  I can't seem to find a business model that I can use to develop a small business plan let alone find opportunities for small businesses.  Help!
Answer:  Shayne, There are many business models out there for you to review but I think that I can provide you with an article that would lead you to a very interesting type of opportunity.  An opportunity that is only going to grow with more and more persons needing the services attached to this type of opportunity.  I am referring to the home improvement industry and I urge you to take a look at my reference below.
  Business Opportunities Weblog
  If you are looking to start a business using a proven business model, have a familiarity with or a passion for the home improvement industry, and want to help people get the small jobs they want to get done around their house, ...
  Weight Loss -
Question from Larry Louvre:  I have wireless at home and want to beef up my security.  Any tips from you this day?
Answer:  Larry, I think that I have the perfect article for you.  Please read my reference below.  I hope it helps.
  Wireless Home Network Security: Hack The Hackers Before They Hack You
  By Author
  You need to address certain common wireless home network security issues including the ever-present danger of being bombarded by virus attacks. The truth of the matter is that a vast majority (at least seventy-five percent) of users do ...
  Home Security Information, Systems... -
Question from Gina Morelli:  I would like to get into direct selling on the Internet but don't know quite where to go.  Can you help?
Answer:  Gina, It's a big bad world out there on the Internet and I don't have any clear cut suggestions or answers for you.  However, I have an article which may or may not answer your question.  I hope it helps.  One word of caution:  Make sure you understand what companies are offering you as compensation for selling their products.  So often, we tend to either misread or miss the terms imbedded in the fine print.
  Products vs. Opportunity
  By Fabio Platero(Fabio Platero)
  He adds, "The best direct selling companies have good products and also offer attractive compensation plans and business opportunities." XanGo pays distributors a 50 percent commission to its 800000 distributors on the sale of products. ...
  Neg√≥cios e Oportunidades -
Question from Robin Golding:  Is it really true or just a myth that our worsening economy is responsible for a growing crisis when it comes to depression?
Answer:  Robin, definitely not a myth.  It is a reality and a truth and I urge you to read the article below that I have chosen for you.  Our worsening economy is not just causing problems at the pumps or in the supermarkets or at the banks.  It is also causing problems with our mental health.  With a worsening economy come the challenges of having to deal with more stress, anxiety, and depression.  A worsening economy brings additional challenges of having to deal with more expensive resources and less disposable income.  A crunch in the pocket book also means a crunch of our mental health.  I hope that my reference helps.
  USA Today: Bad Economy Forcing People into Therapy
  Business Media Institute - Alexandria,VA,USA
  ... of the part the media has played in added to Americans' stress. "The struggling economy is hurting many Americans mental health: Anxiety, depression, ...
For more detail check out:
Question from Cathy Mcfee:  I am just so confused!  I am seeking an online opportunity but don't quite know how to do it.  Any suggestions?
Answer:  Cathy, I believe that the best opportunity is the one you create and I have an article for you to read where the author agrees with me.  Please take a few minutes and read it.  My opinion is that if you create your own opportunity, you set the limits and bounds, you set your own expectations, and you also get to control your personal satisfaction.  Above all, it's yours and no one can take it away from you.  Hope you find my reference of some value.
  The Dollar Forum Plus Yahoo! Group Digest Number 33077
  By Febie "pepNo" Kurniawan(Febie "pepNo" Kurniawan)
  The Best Online Business Opportunity I'm going to tell you something no one else has told you. The best online business opportunity is the one that you create. That's right, the right business opportunities are not out there to grab ...
  :: My Business List :: -
Question from Humphrey Dryden:  Are we doing enough to help new immigrants adjust to their new life in the United States when it comes to providing them with adequate translation services?
Answer:  Humphrey, the provision of adequate translation services continues to be a hotly contested debate but I am much encouraged by the recent initiatives announced by Mayor Bloomberg of New York.  There is much to be done when it comes to providing adequate translation services for new immigrants to America and there is also much opportunity for budding and existing translators and interpreters to take advantage of.  Please see my reference below.
  City to offer translation services to immigrants
  Newsday - Long Island,NY,USA
  In the next 45 days, each agency must craft a policy on translation and interpretation services. By Jan. 1, agencies must be prepared to help non-English ...
For more detail check out:,0,3957585.story
Question from Nicolas Devrise:  Do you think that in order to attract more business on the Internet, one has to produce powerful writing?
Answer:  Nicolas, definitely so.  The power of words has always been and continues to be one of the most potent ways to attract anyone to you.  Words are what make the world go around.  Words create the magic and motivate persons to reach for the sky.  Please check out my reference below.  I hope it helps.
  How To Write More Powerful Online Text
  By admin
  And now if the pressurizer asks "why" you can say, because that's how the culture of the internet has developed since the 1980s and if we go against the grain, we are unlikely to maximize our online business opportunities. ...
  Cult Couture -
Question from Brent Cornut:  I am interested in starting up an affiliate home business.  What suggestions do you have?
Answer:  Brent, I have pulled out an article for you and I think that this one may be what you're seeking.  There is a lot to read on affiliate based businesses and no doubt you can read more about this on the Internet but this article is a good start for you.  I hope it helps.
  Tips On Starting An Internet Based Affiliate Marketing Business
  American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
  Do you have enough space for a small home office (a desk for your computer)? Will you be free from distractions at home? If not, how will you handle them? ...
For more detail check out:

I am running out of time for this week but before I leave you here is my tip of the week.
Having difficulty finding things for your kids to do over the summer?  Well, how about getting them involved in learning how to cook.  The way I look at it, if you develop their interests and talents in cooking at an early age, the benefits may be many when they become adults.  You may be just giving them a huge head start in careers such as:  Becoming dieticians, caters, health and dietary  consultants, and chefs.  Yes, those much in demand chefs of the future!
At the business desk, I am Donna J Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and week ahead.


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