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Thursday, August 07, 2008

How to conquer those hackers and identity thieves

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk.
Today I would like to issue a dire warning and I hope that you take my advice and do something before it's too late. 
Identity thieves and hackers have started to step up their prowls and attacks.  They have been on the prowl and attack for too long now but with a worsening economy and more precariousness in several sectors, they are using it as a cover to plan and execute their devious mindlessness.  I really hope that you are paying attention and the one way by which you can help yourself is for you to become more aware of ways to safeguard your computer both at home and at the office.
Please take a few minutes this week to review our headlines and tidbits.
At the business desk, I'm Heather DeMarco wishing you a great day.
Security tips for home computer users
  Wireless Home Network Security: Hack The Hackers Before They Hack You
  By Author
  You need to address certain common wireless home network security issues including the ever-present danger of being bombarded by virus attacks. The truth of the matter is that a vast majority (at least seventy-five percent) of users do ...
  Home Security Information, Systems... -
  Small Business Computer Security, the Basics
  By admin
  Fighting Spyware starts with smarter use of your computer. The best defense against spyware and other unwanted software is not to download it in the first place. Here are a few helpful tips that can protect you from downloading software ...
  Mystic Toad Press Blog -
  Security Concerns on the Net
  By robsitka(robsitka)
  First, to qualify for e-rate money from the federal government some type of filtering device has to be installed on the network between the users and the internet. The purpose of this device is to protect the students from exposure to ...
  robsitka -
  Computer Tips [ Which Web Browser Is The Safest? + Help With ...
  By ris(ris)
  Whereas Beta 1, released in March 2008, focused primarily on developer features, Beta 2 will be all about end users. I'm talking about the new and improved security features that will debut in IE 8 Beta 2. Those features constitute the ...
  All Viagra -
  [Lockergnome] Computer Security ~ July 22, 2008
  Lockergnome's Computer Security ~ July 22, 2008. Online Web Conferencing for Meetings; Network Tools for Windows; Trade in Your Cell Phones for Money; Get Your Own Web Site; Get a Free Audio Book; VMware and Parallels for Virtual ...
  Security News Collected by AWSODA-SYS... -
  Tips On Starting An Internet Based Affiliate Marketing Business
  American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
  Do you have enough space for a small home office (a desk for your computer)? Will you be free from distractions at home? If not, how will you handle them? ...
For more detail check out:
  A Few Important Tips About Computer Security
  Having a computer at home and being connected to the World Wide Web may be convenient but it also poses a threat to your computer security Computer security can be annoying and devastating in the worst of cases So it is important for ...
  Article Directory -
  Online Banking _ Be Safe, Not Sorry!
  By billmullins
  Contact your hardware and software suppliers, or Internet service provider, to ensure you have the latest in security updates. Tips on safe computing practices when conducting your online banking at home, or at a public computer: ...
  Bill Mullins' Weblog - Tech Thoughts -
  [XP] Digest Number 8785
  By BollywoodX2(BollywoodX2)
  Most engineers and furniture makers aren't computer users. Nor (if > they are) are they forced to use their products for extended periods > of time. That's the only way I can explain the abundance of body- ...
  Extreme Programming -
  HP Pavilion Artist Edition DV2890NR
  By yudhablogger(yudhablogger)
  Windows Vista Home Premium is the operating system for users with advanced computer needs, and it includes all of the Windows Media Center capabilities for turning your PC into an all-in-one home entertainment center for watching DVD ...
  Computer PC Tips -
  A Few Important Tips About Computer Security
  By Chris Coleman
  Computer security can be annoying and devastating in the worst of cases. So it is important for every computer user to know that real score about computer security and the risks involved.
  Computers -
  Four uses for Ziploc bags
  Vancouver Sun - British Columbia, Canada
  Three years ago, Budget Travel magazine started a new feature, publishing 20 travel tips from readers in each issue. "It quickly became a favourite of both ...
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  Vista Registry Tweaks - Tips to Play With Windows Registry
  By solomon(solomon)
  Author is admin and technical expert associated with development of computer security and performance enhancing software like Registry Cleaner, Anti Spyware, Window Cleaner, Anti Spam Filter. Learn secrets of an efficient Vista Registry ...
  Vista-Tips -
  By Steven Henderson(Steven Henderson)
  Amazing statistic for computer buffs - over 95% of the world PC users suffer from performance degradation and system unreliability as a result of Windows Registry clutter and damage. Mostly this arises naturally through the ongoing ...
  IM Tips - Notes from an Internet... -
  Give Tech Support or Grab Files Remotely on any System [Remote ...
  By Kevin Purdy
  Today, we're looking at the best solutions for getting into a computer remotely, whether you're helping out Uncle Bif, grabbing files from home, or controlling your media server from the lounger. Photo by miguelb. ...
  Manage Life -
  Hacking My Usenext - Movies & Software All For Free?
  By Ankit(Ankit)
  The user files are hosted on a number of usenext servers and interlinked networks, thus allowing global distribution and access. The main appeal of the usenext service seems to be that it offers little to no restrictions on censorship ...
  99 tips to make you more secure and productive
  By kur3n4i
  Use a secure email client. See this IT Security article for some tips. IT Security also has a brief discussion of email security, with a link to a buyers guide that contains a list of email security vendors. 88. Encrypt emails. ...
  My Site -
  1000 hacking tutorials- The Best of 2008
  More Hacking/Tips on Starting Your Own BBS.1 8.04 kB More Hacking/undocumented DOS commands.txt 23.17 kB More Hacking/UNIX Computer Security Checklist.0 49.34 kB More Hacking/UNIX Use and Security - By the Prophet.txt 153.74 kB ...
  RapiDownloads.NET - Direct Downloads... -
  So we know that, in essence, a screensaver is a program. By ...
  By teddy suarez(teddy suarez)
  A good example of this type of screensaver is SETI@Home, which is currently utilized by thousands of computer users. This screensaver displays a graph of the radio spectrum and processes radio-signal information received from the SETI ...
  Network firewalls guard an internal computer network (home, school, business intranet) against malicious access from the outside. Network firewalls may also be configured to limit access to the outside from internal users. ...
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