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Friday, August 29, 2008

Hottest investment spots for you to discover

Greetings everyone!  I'm Jayna Sheffield at the business desk.
Okay, here's my question of the week.  Can you identify some of the hottest investment spots around the world today?  Better still, can you identify some of the top small business opportunities in America today?  Well, think no more!  We have a very potent list of headlines for you to review this week.  Please check below but before you do, take a look at our Amazon picks of the week.
At the business desk, I'm Jayna Sheffield wishing you a great holiday weekend.
Amazon picks of the week
  The 7 Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth
by Steven S. Little
Here is a book that you should really read.  If you're having problems with growing your business, then this is the book for you.  Not sure how to start growing your business, then this is the book for you.
  It's Your World--If You Don't Like It, Change It: Activism for Teenagers
by Mikki Halpin
This book is not only for our teens, it's for anyone and everyone who wants to change their world.  A wonderful motivator.

Home business opportunities, Internet business opportunities, small business opportunities, business opportunities in Asia
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  Home Stager Needed in Niceville, Florida
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  Reader Mail #62
  There aren't many startups. Your employment opportunities are limited. Even if you're a skilled software engineer in Vietnam, it's hard for you to start your own business or work for someone else who's starting a business. ...
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  How to Make Money at Home Earn Money Online Successfully!!
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  Pusat Informasi Lowongan Kerja
  By delvin(delvin reno big hope)
  The Company's strong balance sheet coupled with inherent risk management controls and significant new business opportunities means that is now well positioned to grow strongly in 2008 and the future. Therefore, we would like to invite ...
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  Indian suppliers at the world's fingertips
  Livemint - Delhi,Delhi,India
  I have no doubt that Indian SMEs will seize the opportunities before them. We look forward to working with our local members to support their expansion and ...
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  After a Franchisor Files for Bankruptcy
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  The news is not good for small business borrowers: 65 percent of banks surveyed tightened their lending standards for small firms in the past three months. That's up from 52 percent in the Fed's April surveyÉ Bottom line: fewer loans ...
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  Classic Business Transcripts August 12th 2008
  By Reuben Goldberg(Classic FM)
  It will be 10% to 12% of our business, so it will be a big sector. JOHN FRASER: Where else are you looking to expand? GARY BELL: This year huge growth has come out of African to the north - DRC, Zambia, the mining opportunities. ...
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  Is Beijing Trying to Frame Falun Gong for American's Murder? By ...
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  By embracing capitalism, the one-party state offers many citizens new opportunities to consume and work. But more liberty in the private sphere has been matched by a greater control of the public political realm where organised religion ...
  Understanding Domain Names
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  It is one of those marketing strategies that search engine marketing firms implement to provide you optimum business opportunities. In this process you will have to a certain amount whenever a visitor clicks on your site for searching ...
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  [a business opportunity] Digest Number 42208
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  REAL HOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES THAT REALLY PAY From: timrossss. 15a. Get Cash In The Next 10 Minutes …" From: Quality Ads. 16a. Send Your Ads - Yahoo Groups From: HAZARDPRO. 17a. Australia accepts migrants From: pk.hunter ...
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    Writing: Given the prevalence of English as the language of business, it's perfectly possible that writing jobs could move overseas. Given the right background information, people could certainly write news releases, correspondence and ...
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  The Inside Story of One Man's Rise From Low Budget Domain Flipper ...
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  I've known Page Howe ever since he showed up on in early 2003 looking to rebound from a .com bust that had decimated his extensive Internet business ventures. Howe was there hoping to climb his way back up the ladder by ... -


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