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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Security tips for home computer users

Hey there!  I'm Alix Shadonnay at the business desk and today I would like to center my attention on security tips for home computer users.
With time fast approaching for us to file our income taxes, I really feel that we should all be paying a bit more attention to such things as identity theft.  Identity thieves can sneak up on you when you least expect it and one can never be too cautious when taking the necessary precautions.  Take a few minutes and read your tidbits and headlines for this week.
At the business desk, I'm Alix Shadonnay wishing you a pleasant day.
Security tips for home computer users
  The FBI Hyperlink Honeypot, and what you can do to stay safe
  Liberty Papers - Elk Grove,CA,USA
  This brings us three more tipsÂ… Any software on your system can request any web address at any time. Well-behaved programs only do so at the user's command. ...
For more detail check out:
  The Essential Skills You Need To Run A Location Independent ...
  By Lea Woodward=20
  If you're one of them and you want to become location independent, =
then learn.and learn fast! Become a power user of your own computer:. =
Ask The Admin: Windows users. Make Use Of: Windows. Ask The Admin: Apple =
users. Make Use Of: Mac ...
  Location Independent Living |... - =
  Keeping 'wardrivers' away from your Wi-Fi
  Cape Cod Times - Hyannis,MA,USA
  Security in the digital age is not a laughing matter. In fact, it can be a strain for the average computer user because they do not have the skills or ...
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  Tips to Help Prevent Identity Theft during Tax Season
  Tehachapi News - Tehachapi,CA,USA
  Secure Computer and Files: Consumers should take proper precautions when preparing and storing tax documents on a computer by protecting them with ...
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  Senior Help
  Waukegan News Sun - Waukegan,IL,USA
  Classes on how to surf the Internet, use e-mail, word processing, play computer games or just learn the basics of a home computer system are available at ...
For more detail check out:,5_5_WA01_SRHELP_S1.article
  Facebook- A disturbance in school. Students on facebook / Social ... (press release) - Dallas,TX,USA
  Here are a couple of tips: Keep the main computer in the living room- not in their room. Give them a set time a day to use the computer, especially the ...
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  Computer ailing? Try these steps for a cure
  Orlando Sentinel - Orlando,FL,USA
  Four tips to follow that could save some money before resorting to a professional fix. NEW YORK - If your desktop or laptop is acting up, even if you're not ...
For more detail check out:,0,4324101.story
  Keeping a computer safe on the internet (Apple, Linux, Microsoft)
  By schotty
  Depending on usage of the web, at least run a manual scan weekly, bi-weekly would be best under moderate to heavy internet usage. The first barrier to defense is being a smart computer user. The following tips will aid in keeping out of ...
  Schotty's Blathering -
  Computer Tips [ Good-Bye To XP? + Keep An Eye On CPU + More Than ...
  By Amelie(Amelie)
  I was telling Gary, our tech guy, about how much I love this thing and turns out that he uses this to write up all the security articles and downloads for the tips newsletter! He's with me - after using it he wouldn't go back to MS ...
  christmaspresentsforyou -
  Travel and Your Passwords
  By BruSimm(BruSimm)
  For the general user, it seems insurmountable to break a login screen. To the professional, it can be a matter of minutes with the right software. Travel Security Tips When you know you're going to travel, change your passwords before ...
  The Northern Keyboard -
  Crown records inc
  ... security features available; ability to batch process and batch script. In conclusion, macro recorders are not only for advanced computer users, but also for any PC users in general. For those at home, using a PC as a pass time, ... -
  Changing banking
  By admin
  If you are getting rid of a computer, remember that banking data can remain stored on the hard drive after it has been deleted. Always have up-to-date security software on your home computer.And in general %26#34;just be more careful. ...
  Easy View Internet -



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