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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Security tips for home computer users

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk.  How ready are you to face off against those hackers and cyber pirates?  How prepared are you to take back what is yours from them?  Are you ready to do battle against those security hackers?
We want to help you and this week's selection of tidbits and headlines have a lot of punch and information for you.  If you can stay ahead of the game then it's one less thing for you to worry about.
At the business desk, I'm Matt Chadwick wishing you a pleasant day.
Security tips for home computer users
  Blogs start a dialog between travelers, those serving them
  USA Today - USA
  By Laura Bly, USA TODAY Starting this week, passengers cooling their heels at Transportation Security Administration checkpoints in five major airports may ...
For more detail check out:
  A little housekeeping before going online
  By kozhemyak
  If you use Vista, your computer offers you the option to designate the network type (public, home or work) when a new connection is made; this process adjusts the security settings appropriately and automatically. ...
  Internet security tips and advices -
  Leo's Answers #120 - March 21, 2008
  Computer users don't take security seriously enough. Continue reading: "How can we protect ourselves from botnets?" * * *. Is this an email hoax? ...
  Ask Leo! -
  EXHAUSTIVE review of Vista SP1 Service Pack 1
  By Brad
  I was willing to install Windows Vista on my computer at home, wich actually runs XP SP2 and I wanted to know if I could keep my XP installation after Vista installation and when would the Vista SP1 be available? ... -
  BlogBard: Text-to-Speech for Your Blog
  By admin
  As a rule of thumb, AirTran Airways recommends leaving the lighters at home. Leave the Carving Knives at Home - Security requirements prohibit passengers from taking certain items in their carry-on bags, which include: knives of any ...
  7/24 Holiday and Travel and Another... -
  wiki:fr:security - created
  If you set up permission as on permissions page, you have got file conf/local.php owned by the apache user. Problem is, if you haven't root access. If you installed dokuwiki somewhere in your home, under your user, all dirs are owned by ...
  DokuWiki -
  10001 computer tricks
  By Jake
  o Theft of Computer Software-A National Security Threat.txt 0 Mb o Thoughts on the National Research and Education Network.txt 0 Mb o Tips on Starting Your Own BBS.1 0 Mb o undocumented DOS commands.txt 0 Mb o UNIX Computer Security ...
  Whooked -
 Filing taxes via the Web is a growing practice
  Buffalo News - NY, United States
  By Stephen T. Watson Dennis C. Enser/Buffalo News Robyn Palmer demonstrates software that she used on her computer to complete her return. ...
For more detail check out:
  Tax relief for small businesses - Miami,FL,USA
  Hall offers these tips: • Home office deduction: If you didn't claim it before, think of a place in your home that you can set aside as your office. ...
For more detail check out:
  By taylor(taylor)
  Ingredient #3 for keeping your computer safe: Make sure you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed. Assuming you're all Windows users, Service Pack 2 substantially bolsters the security of Windows XP. Granted, that isn't saying much, ...
  Free Download ebooks book tutorial -
  Cole talks about McCain, debt
  Ada Evening News - Ada,OK,USA
  It mentioned parents should keep the family computer in a common area of the home and installing certain software that is capable of blocking access to ...
For more detail check out:
  wiki:fr:security - cleaned the first attempt of translation
  By grahack
  If you set up permission as on permissions page, you have got file conf/local.php owned by the apache user. Problem is, if you haven't root access. If you installed dokuwiki somewhere in your home, under your user, all dirs are owned by ...
  DokuWiki -
  The Daily Incite - March 25, 2008
  By Mike Rothman
  "5 Tips to be a Better CSO", Get Your Special Report: 6 Easy Steps to Protect Your Identity and get access to Security Mike's Portal today Security Mike's Guide to Internet Security ...
  Mike Rothman's blog -
  WiFi Hotspot Surfers Beware: Sharks Patrol These Waters
  TechNewsWorld - Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
  Fiberlink's Hoffman offered WiFi users a set of guidelines to follow to ensure safe wireless connections to public hotspots. These security tips provide ...
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  STOP • THINK • CLICK - 7 Practices for safer computing - Step 1
  VillageSoup Belfast - ME, USA
  But following these tips can help minimize your risk while you're online: • If you're asked for your personal information — your name, email or home address ...
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  Visonic Wireless Security System
  By homesecuritysystems1
  Why would i discount home security system need closed circuit television (cctv) at my business. You will see many discount home security system of the issues discussed here in action and learn many other tips. Our security group blog ...
  Home Security Systems -
  Adware Protection
  By lnjshtwcz52(lnjshtwcz52)
  1 Providing total protection against viruses, spyware, adware, malware, and SPAM, AVG Internet Security is ideal for home users and small offices. It offers easy- to-install, easy-to-use, comprehensive detection of viruses, spyware, . ...
  Singles In Trenchcamp Az -
  Computer Tips [ Be Safe On Public Computers + Quick Eye Fix + Why ...
  By Amelie(Amelie)
  Those computers may not be as secure as your home system and you need to take the proper steps to ensure your personal data stays safe. Here are five tips you can follow for securely using a public computer! 1.) Don't Do Online Banking ...
  christmaspresentsforyou -
  The Smoke and Mirrors of Server Upgrades
  By John Croson(John Croson)
  A technology that allows execution of remote processes across shared networks, usually on another computer. SAM – Security Account Manager. A database present on servers that store user accounts and security descriptors for users on the ...
  John Croson's Blog Home -
  Award Winning Antivirus Protection And It's Free To Home Users
  By LisaCarey
  If you need personal computer security, business, corporate or all around security that includes firewalls, spyware, and root kit detection Avira provides award-winning products backed by over 20 years of experience. Many home computer ...
  Jurugan Blog -
  Computer Tips [ Awesome Movie Organizer + Benefits of E-Filing + ...
  By Amelie(Amelie)
  Think about it - you wouldn't toss paperwork with credit card, bank, or social security numbers in the trash without shredding the heck out of 'em would you? Of course not! However, day in and day out, people toss out old computers and ...
  christmaspresentsforyou -


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