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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Important news on your mental health

Good morning!  I'm Kerry J Harrison and today it's my turn to bring you the latest headlines on stress, anxiety, and depression.  These three monsters continue to challenge us both at home and in the workplace and I again ask you to please take a few minutes and use our research to catch up on the latest happenings.  I know, you may be a bit too busy to spare some time but believe me when I say that time spent now will be time saved and appreciated sooner than later.  In addition, our collection consists of others who have taken the time to share their stories with you. 
Have a great day.
I'm Kerry J Harrison at the business desk.
News on stress, anxiety, and depression
  Stress management therapy can improve quality-of-life for people ...
  Aidsmap - UK
  A substantial proportion of HIV-positive patients taking antiretroviral therapy have significant levels of anxiety, depression, and psychological distress, ...
For more detail check out:
  Childhood issues may blight middle-age
  United Press International - USA
  LONDON, April 4 (UPI) -- Childhood psychological stress may be linked to anxiety, depression and stress at work in the middle-aged, British researchers said ...
For more detail check out:
  Anxiety disorders and treatments
  By admin
  There is no quick fix for this kind of disorder, however over a period of time one can overcome the anxiety. A lot of people around the world are affected by anxiety disorder depression. The good news is that apart from drugs and ...
  Health Articles -
  Are You Man Enough to Seek Help for Depression or Anxiety?
  By Leah
  Rather, depression and anxiety are true medical illnesses, caused by biological changes in the brain. The good news is that both conditions can be treated effectively by a health professional, whether it be your family doctor, ...
  Living with Prostate Cancer -
  Depression in Youth May Affect Success in Workplace
  By Rick Nauert, Ph.D.
  Researchers discovered an association between living in rented accommodations, having a longstanding illness, difficulty finding employment and the absence of a partner were all linked to depression and anxiety in mid-life. ...
  Psych Central News -
  Getting Support With Depression And Anxiety
  By realinfo
  Depression is a disease which is caused by imbalance of chemicals in the body. But the good news is that you can avoid depression. First of all a patient should understand that depression is not bad mood but it is a condition which ...
  Health Fitness Information -
  Issa on 9/11 - The Full Story
  "HR 3543 includes as 'presumed WTC-related health conditions' such common ailments as anxiety disorder, depression, substance abuse, lower back pain, and 'marital problems, parenting problems, etc.' Under Section 3012(a)(1)(C), ...
  Wake Forest University Hosts Conference on Student Mental Health ...
  Diverse - Fairfax,VA,USA
  "When students are not doing well it spirals, causing anxiety, depression and binge drinking which makes things worse," Gladding says. ...
For more detail check out:
  Feeling under the weather?
  The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
  He said patients who came to him with depression or anxiety were increasingly citing climate change news as something they were having trouble coping with. ...
For more detail check out:
  Mental health problems in childhood blight adult working life
  By admin
  Mental health problems in childhood blight adult working life, suggests research published ahead of print in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. And problems in working life are associated with mid life depression and anxiety. ...
  Medical,Health News and Articles -
  The Psychopathology of Writer's Block
  By Gloria, Writer Reading(Gloria, Writer Reading)
  Flaherty posits that after depression, anxiety is the strongest link to writer's block. This is not surprising as the greater the anxiety, the greater the tendency towards procrastination. Thus, a supportive and positive writing program ...
  Writer Reading -
  Professor: Media misrepresents depression
  Jeffrey Lacasse, a visiting lecturer in the college of social work, has co-authored a new study examining the presentation by the media of the theory that a chemical imbalance can cause depression and anxiety. ...
  FSView & Florida Flambeau -
  EAP Celebrates Counseling Awareness Month
  By Shawn Lea
  ... provides employees with counseling on personal issues such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, addiction, anger management, marriage and family conflict, grief/bereavement, and managing stress. ...
  News Around the State -
  Meditate your way to happiness - Patricia Pearson
  By temporal(temporal)
  If you have ever suffered from anxiety and depression, as I have, then you will know how hard it can be to feel hopeful. The mind wanders toward catastrophe; it fixates on menace. Anxious and depressed people gravitate toward worst-case ...
  baithak -
  Managing Stress Can Lower Heart Death Risk
  Although a correlation between stress and various heart ailments has been established in the past, this is the first observational study to examine the effect of anxiety or depression treatment on a heart patient's risk factors, ...
  Health News - Medicine, Diet,... -
  Are You Sensitive About Stress And Anxiety Disorders In Children ...
  By Money Back(Money Back)
  When things start piling up and remain unresolved, children are subjected to stress. The stress soon becomes a reason for anxiety, which in turn could turn into depression, an outcome of the frustration in the child's mind to understand ...
  Mental Health -
  Link between stress and musculoskeletal disorders - UK
  Of these, 52% reported musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), and 21% reported stress, depression or anxiety. In terms of the 523000 new cases of work-related ...
For more detail check out:
  An Interesting Approach To The Treatment of Anxiety Disorders
  American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
  ... a book published by The Process Center, The Triple Process Remedy: A New Philosophy on Illnesses of Stress, Anxiety and Depression comes into play. ...
For more detail check out:
  Healthy Working Lives launches 'Save 30 Days' campaign
  Online Recruitment - UK
  To help employers and managers to better deal with the impact of stress, anxiety and depression, Healthy Working Lives has launched ...
For more detail check out:
  Stress May Lead Students To Use Stimulants
  Science Daily (press release) - USA
  Jennifer Christner, MD, an adolescent medicine specialist at the University of Michigan Health System, says misuse of stimulants can lead to depression, ...
For more detail check out:
  Taking Care of Mom: Why You Shouldn't Ignore Stress
  EVLiving - USA
  From anxiety-induced hair loss and depression to exacerbating high blood pressure, diabetes, and chest pain, stress can severely debilitate a woman's health ...
For more detail check out:
  Dance, Drum, Sing: Can Ancient Pursuits Help Heal Depression?
  By Sia
  Try something new. Oh, go ahead; dare to look a little silly. It's Spring and the hares are dancing, what better time could there be? The alternative? Depression. Apathy. Inertia. Anxiety. All the ills of our modern, guilt ridden world. ...
  FULL CIRCLE * Earthwise News & Notes -
  Depression – Simple and Natural Ways to Beat It
  By etes
  Is a fantastic stress and anxiety buster, which is a major cause of depression. Massage is deeply relaxing and can be enhanced by an aromatherapist who uses a blend of oils to help alleviate both physical and mental anxieties and stress ...
  Diabetes-Generic Online Articles -
  Testimony By Stacy Bannerman, MS - House Committee on Veterans ...
  By admin
  During my husband's deployment I had anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, and hair loss from the stress. I had to cut back on my work hours because I couldn't concentrate." When our soldiers come home, ...
  The Sanctuary for Veterans and Families -



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