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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Important news on stress, anxiety, and depression

Good morning!  I'm Kerry J Harrison at the business desk and my goodness!  It is the middle of the week already.  I have some very important tidbits and headlines to share with you and some stories that you may find very interesting when it comes to taking care of your mental health.  It is never too often to do some housekeeping when it comes to your mental health and this is why we present you with our weekly feature.
Please take a few minutes and review our selection.
At the business desk, I'm Kerry J Harrison wishing you a terrific day.
News on stress, anxiety, and depression
  Hot weather seen as causing more stress
  Bangkok Post - Thailand
  The average age of patients suffering from stress was a little more =
than 40. Initial symptoms included difficulty sleeping, anxiety and =
depression. ...
For more detail check out:
  Insomnia: sleep you can only dream of - United Kingdom
  Now an American study has shown that the effects are worse for women - =
we experience more depression, hostility and anger than men. ...
For more detail check out:
  Addex Pharmaceuticals R&D Day on April 24
  Ad-Hoc-News (Pressemitteilung) - Germany
  ... of depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD);and an =
mGluR2 NAM program with potential for treatment of Alzheimer'sdisease =
and depression. ...
For more detail check out:
  Interesting posts from the forums
  By (Jacob)=20
  So would "biologically-based treatments, botanicals, and nutritional =
supplements for enhancing cognitive function and mood in patients with =
trauma spectrum disorders, including TBI and/or PTSD, depression, =
anxiety, and/or substance ...
  Parapsychology articles and blog... -
  Addiction to internet 'is an illness'
  By frresh=20
  Have you lied to family members, a therapist or others to conceal the =
extent of your involvement with the internet? =B7 Do you use it to =
escape from problems (eg, feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety, =
depression)? ...
  Politics As Usual -
  How To Live A Panic Free LIFE
  By admin=20
  There are medicines which can give you a feeling of ... issues =
relating to anxiety, depression, stress, anti-anxiety treatments such as =
and other issues associated with ... the website =
Keywords: buy xanax, ...
  News Today -
  By xovelwmafs914(xovelwmafs914)=20
  Relagen is an 100% all natural product that effectively addresses the =
diverse and debilitating symptoms of STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION. =
Channel: Health & Fitness Tags: weight loss stress coritsol. Bizwiz =
Hoodia Gordonii Plus is ...
  Singles In Onenoa As -
  Managing Stress Can Lower Heart Death Risk
  Washington Post - United States
  In addition to anxiety, the questionnaire also measured depression, hostility and physical complaints. "These findings should reinforce to cardiologists a ...
For more detail check out:
  Mental, physical health can be positively affected by owning a pet
  Terre Haute Tribune Star - Terre Haute,IN,USA
  Owning a pet also can reduce hyperactivity and anxiety. A study in 1984 discovered that watching fish in aquariums worked as well as hypnosis in reducing ...
For more detail check out:
  Stress Exhaustion – Signs and Symptoms of Stress Exhaustion
  Los Angeles Chronicle - CA, USA
  Mainly a symptom of anxiety and stress, excessive worry means the sufferer worries about even the smallest of life´s events. A sufferer will be unable to ...
For more detail check out:
  High Blood Pressure and Tai Chi Therapy
  By e-Barn(e-Barn)
  Tai Chi is proven to be a beneficial therapy that not only has no bad side effects, but dramatically improves immune function, respiratory function, lowers the incidence of anxiety and depression, and profoundly improves the balance of ...
  ebrns -
  Good news to report! I got a little more milk this morning from ...
  By Heather(Heather)
  It doesn't help that I have depression and anxiety anyway! So I think I might go to a post partum support group this week while I still have some help at home (mother in law arrives today). I don't really like groups. ...
  Trying for Baby -
  Researchers: Managing Worry, Stress, Anxiety Can Reduce Heart Risk
  Daily News Central - Las Vegas,NV,USA
  ... a link between stress and heart ailments it is the first one that looks at the effects of treating anxiety or depression on cardiovascular risk factors.
For more detail check out:
  Vital: New Plan To Attack Panic
  Glasgow Daily Record - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
  "It also appears to be really effective for complaints such as anxiety, stress and insomnia." Chris says he is proof the treatment works as he has battled ...
For more detail check out:
  Presenting my blogroll and some link love
  By crazyasuka
  Eating Disorders, depression, grief, anxiety, love, joy, and emotions we don't usually show in real life… not like this anyway. I don't remember how I found this blog… one of my random trips on the blogosphere I guess. ...
  The World According to Me -
  Major depression, 5HTTLPR genotype, suicide and antidepressant ...
  British Journal of Psychiatry (subscription) - UK
  Influence of the serotonin transporter promoter gene polymorphism on =
susceptibility to posttraumatic stress disorder. Depress Anxiety 2005; =
21: 135 -9. ...
For more detail check out:
  Free Stress Test Reveals Personal Stress Level (press release) - Levittown,NY,USA
  ... 2008 --( A new do-it-yourself stress test provides help =
for the tens of millions of Americans overwhelmed by stress, anxiety and =
depression. ...
For more detail check out:
  Is working in the City getting too stressful? Head to... - United Kingdom
  Half a million people admitted that work-related stress made them =
physically ill. Nearly 13 million working days were lost to stress, =
depression and anxiety ...
For more detail check out:
  Students go it alone under uni stress
  UQ News - Brisbane,Queensland,Australia
  ... at a large Queensland urban university last October, reported mild =
to very high levels of psychological distress, including depression and =
anxiety. ...
For more detail check out:


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