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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Important answers to your questions

Top of the morning to you!  I'm Donna J Jodhan at the business desk and I would like to thank all of you for your continuing support and responses to our call for R.E.B. Magnetics to address the issue of inadequate or lack of instructions in the Sudoko game for blind and visually impaired persons.  We hope that our efforts will not fall on deaf ears.  We are going to leave this issue for a bit and return to our bulging e-bag because there are several questions this week that I would like to get to.
Question from Dennis Frank:  I would like to know if the rumor is true that some American corporations are finally heeding the call to bring back their call centers from India?
Answer:  Dennis, I am not sure if it is just a rumor or if there is indeed a trend quietly taking place.  I am still getting calls from call centers in India working on behalf of some American long distance phone companies and the other day I asked one of the call takers where he was calling from.  When he told me New York, I knew that he was not telling me the truth because the call display on my phone was not a New York area code and I could tell that it was a call originating outside of North America.  Like many others, I truly hope that sooner rather than much later, companies will find it necessary to bring back their call center operations from India and relocate them in North America. 
Question from Anica Berson:  Dear Donna, I am curious to know what would you say are some of the top reasons for women wanting to set up their own business?
Answer:  Anica, Off the top of my head and based on what other women who have left their jobs to set up their own businesses have told me: 
They want to create something that they can call their very own.  They seek more flexibility in work schedule.  They want to be independent of others.  They want to be their own bosses.  They want a change in lifestyle.  They truly believe that they can find better financial and personal satisfaction through the creation of their own business.  They believe this because they feel that their progress in the workplace is being hampered by the so-called glass ceiling for women.
Question from Erin Farmer:  I recently read about the credit crunch right here in the United States and I continue to read about the scary word "recession."  Do you think that we are close to it?
Answer:  Erin, from what I read and from what is being given to us each day in the news, I believe that we may indeed be at the beginning of a recession if not very close to one.  A recession is usually something that most of us don't want to see happen and is measured in terms of three consecutive quarters of negative growth.  I think that we are all hoping that if one is upon us it would just be a mild one and like you I am watching with great interest.
Question from George Le Gary:  Donna, do you share the opinion that there is a food shortage taking place in the world today?
Answer:  George, based on the increasing prices in the supermarket, my grocery bills increasing, and from what we are hearing from the experts, yes.  I am not an expert on this matter so I am only basing my opinion on what others are saying.  The experts are saying that our food reserves are falling rapidly and rising prices in the supermarkets are being caused by shortages of flour and wheat.  I think that I read somewhere that certain wheat producing countries recently had bad crops of wheat and coupled with more farmers turning to the production of other types of crops, we are going to have to do something to address this situation.
Question from Peter Lukos:  Can diabetes really lead to blindness?
Answer:  Peter, yes.  Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness today and there are certain factors that can lead to diabetes.  Factors such as obesity and certain heart conditions.  Diabetes is also hereditary.  There are two types of diabetes.  Type one and type two.  I believe that type one diabetes is where the person has to use insulin in order to deal with their diabetic condition and cannot be outgrown.  Type two is where the person has to use pills in order to deal with their condition.  I am not an expert on this so I may stand corrected.  However, I do have several clients who are diabetic and they often discuss their conditions with me.
I am out of time for this week.  Please keep your questions coming and I will do my best to answer as many as I can.
At the business desk, I'm Donna J Jodhan wishing you a terrific day and a great week ahead.


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