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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Security tips for home computer users

Hello there!  I'm Matt Chadwick at the business desk.  So many home computer users are constantly having to look over their shoulder when it comes to the matter of security for their computers.  In general, obtaining adequate security for home computers is an extremely expensive matter and often times home computer users have to depend on the reliability of technicians who often times are not what they say they are.  It is a very expensive proposition for home computer users to pay a lot of money to technicians who more often than not do not deliver what they say they can.  In addition, many home computer users either simply do not have the time to do their research or they do not know how to do their research.
Let us help you.  Let us bring you the latest tidbits and headlines so that you do not have to spend precious time searching for it.  This week we have a selection of tidbits and headlines from around the world and we hope that you read them and store them somewhere safe in case you should need them in the future. 
At the business desk, I'm matt Chadwick wishing you a very Happy Easter.
Security tips for home computer users
Casual Friday: Excel Repels Space Invaders
PC World - USA
And if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or tips for what you'd like to see next week, let us know! You've probably seen your fair share of Excel macros. ...
For more detail check out:
Arrow-Tip #22 Should You Upgrade to Outlook 2007?
By MistyKhan
Second, I have Office 2007 on my home computer and quite frankly I'm not that impressed. However, now that SP1 has been released its time to give you the pros and cons of upgrading. Credits First, I have to credit Dwight Silverman of ...
Arrow Tips- Brought to you by... - 
Seminar to offer ways to avoid identity theft
Daytona Beach News-Journal - Daytona Beach,FL,USA
She also encourages people to protect their computer with an up-to-date firewall or security measure to prevent unauthorized access. ...
For more detail check out:
How '07 Changes Affect Small Business
Washington Post - United States
Hall offers these tips: Home office deduction: If you didn't claim it before, think of a place in your home that you can set aside as your office. ...
For more detail check out:
Activations and machine fingerprint (security dialog) problems
By Chuck Runquist
Make sure that the uninstall process restores your DNS activations for this computer so that when you reinstall DNS on the new hard drive, it doesn't complain that you need a "security code" in order to activate because your machine ...
Speech Computing - Where Speech... - 
How to setup Internet Connections in Ubuntu
By david_steinlage
Here are some tips to keep in mind when setting up your wireless network:. Use WPA encryption if possible, and not WEP. Consider adding MAC address filters to prevent unwanted users from attaching to your router. ...
Dave's Tech Blog - 
What is Computer Repair Technician?
In some organizations, computer security specialists may plan, coordinate, and implement the organization's information security. These workers educate users about computer security, install security software, monitor networks for ...
PROTEK Tips - Reviews and News - 
Tips combat identity theft (The Columbus Dispatch)
Paul); Identity Theft (Washington Post); Attorney general offers new tool to fight identity theft (WTHR Indianapolis); TSA security flaws exposed users to risk of identity theft (Ars Technica); New York man sentenced for identity theft ...
I Stole Your Identity - 
Compiled Shortcut for Windows
By edzzy
lusrmgr.msc - Local users and groups perfmon.msc - Performance monitor rsop.msc - Resultant set of policies secpol.msc - Local security settings services.msc - Various Services msconfig - System Configuration Utility ...
Mobile Phones and Computer Technology - 
Seven Tips to Having a Healthy Computer
By Antonella(Antonella)
But Reaves, the National Director of Computer Troubleshooters, explains that there are certain simple tips everyone could adhere to businesses and individual computer users alike that will keep our computers (and wallets) in tip-top ...
2, 4, 6, (IE)8!...I should sleep but links await!
By Claus(Claus)
I think Keypass is the single most useful tool I have at work and home in keeping our accounts secure. I am able to create high-security passwords and manage them all via an encrypted (and portable) database file. ...
Grand Stream Dreams - 
Your Business Computer is Not Secure
By ttcshelbyville
These are just a few very basic tips. Have someone look at your network set-up. Not your cousin Ed who took a class or setup his own wireless network at home. Call a true professional and ask for a penatration test and a security ...
TTC Shelbyville Success Starts Here - 
FTC pamphlet: guide for parent(s) on Internet safety
By Bill Boushka(Bill Boushka)
Nevertheless, the risk is reduced if parents practice good home and auto security, and watch their own credit and financial affairs properly. The practical reality is that many parents don't do this, and that many companies and ...
Bill's Internet Safety Tips - 
Step-By-Step Hacking Video
By (of yuh)
Today's mobile workforce poses significant security challenges to corporations. With workers accessing corporate resources from public wi-fi hotspots, hotels, home wi-fi and broadband networks, etc., the need for a comprehensive mobile ... 
Tips for Filing Your 2007 Tax Return
Town Hall - Washington,DC,USA
Intuit software TurboTax, Quicken and QuickBooks on sale at Micro Center computer store in Santa Clara, Calif., in this Monday, Feb. 13, 2006 file photo. ...
For more detail check out:
My Start-up disk is almost full.
By Brendan McKenna
Those who had relocated Users to another partition had problems installing this update. Consequently, we do not recommend moving either your Home or Users folders to a different disk or partition.However, if you want to throw caution to ...
AuburnCom Weblog - 
By Internet Security(Internet Security)
Home users ·Any non-IT person using computers in their office Certification Exam Students will be prepared for EC-Council's Security 5 exam 112-12 on the last day of the class. Course Outline Version 1 Security Fundamentals ...
Internet Security - 
Web, Email, Chat, Password and Childrens Safety
By Paul
Internet Safety Tips; Parental supervision and age-based guidance; Protect with parental controls - How to safeguard your computer; Streetproof your kids for the web; Technology guide for parents. Kids Web Browsers, Web Sites & Search ...
Tech Talk - 
PROFNET EXPERT ALERTS: Business & Technology (subscription) - Birmingham,MI,USA
Multiple security systems mean additional layers of security protection for the user. Interesting note: As an overall category, self-prepared online tax ...
For more detail check out:
Guest Author/PC Security Specialist: Susan Gable
By Helen Brenna(Kathleen Eagle)
(Seriously, there are popups that demand money from computer users before they will return use of the computer to the owner.) Bog things down. Break things. Interfere with the normal use of the computer. 8. Wireless Network Security ...
Computer Tips [ New Browser Security Tips + Get Rid of Useless ...
By Amelie(Amelie)
For Word 2007 users, you need to click the Sort button found in the Paragraph section on the Home ribbon. If you're using older versions of MS Word, you need to select the Sort choice from the Table menu. ...
christmaspresentsforyou - 
Security guide to customs-proofing your laptop
CNET - San Francisco,CA,USA
Turning off your computer is especially important for OS X users, at least until Apple patches a security glitch that keeps account passwords in RAM. ...
For more detail check out:
The Best of Lifehacker in Upgrade Your Life [Feature]
"A home PC connected directly to the internet—especially with an always-on broadband connection like cable or DSL—is a prime target for malicious software attacks." Related posts:. How to portscan your computer for security holes ...
TechBlogger - 
Computer Tips [ Amazing Browser Download + IM Fun On Phones + E ...
By Amelie(Amelie)
PCdefense from Laplink Software aims to differentiate itself from other security programs by including a disaster-recovery tool." California Computer News "PCdefense takes a new approach to protecting PC users and it addresses ...
christmaspresentsforyou - 
Windows XP Tips and Tricks
By Dinesh(Dinesh)
If you're using XP Professional (sorry, Home Edition users), the Group Policy Editor (Start > Run > gpedit.msc > [Enter]) hides an obscene number of settings that you can use to control your PC. If you're a domain administrator, these ...
Welcome to Desktopglitz - 
Episode 02 - Home Business Tips & Tricks - How to generate free ...
By Tristan W. Rineer
Hello, and welcome to the second episode of my Home Business Tips & Tricks series. This episode is part one of my "Free Lead Generation" series. In this episode I will cover free lead generation through the use of Skype. ... - 
Identity theft: It could happen to you
Helena Daily World - Helena,AR,USA
For tips from the federal government and the technology industry about protecting yourself from Internet fraud and securing your computer, please visit ...
For more detail check out:
Antivirus Software Suites
By Tim Watson(Tim Watson)
While AVG can not be installed on a server operating system and there is no technical support, it still makes a good choice for many home computer users. The best part is that since it is free, you can try it with no further obligation ...
Down Payment Blues - 
Computer Tips
By 48103(48103)
Bashir manages this website Networking Tutorials and regularly writes articles on various topics such as Computer Networking, Network Troubleshooting Tips Wireless Networking, Computer hardware, Certifications, How Tos, Network Security ...
44106 - 
Security guide to customs-proofing your laptop
By Klark Cent(Klark Cent)
Turning off your computer is especially important for OS X users, at least until Apple patches a security glitch that keeps account passwords in RAM. In the default configuration, the account password is the keychain password and yields ... 
Computer Tips [ Check For Secure Sites + Decipher Error Messages + ...
By Amelie(Amelie)
Most computer users search for the error on the Web with their favorite search engine. However, that means you have to copy down the entire error message and then go off and search for it. Well, not anymore! Today, I'm going to show you ...
christmaspresentsforyou - 
Macro Recorder - A Task Automation Tool For Everyone
By scoobydoo
... security features available; ability to batch process and batch script. In conclusion, macro recorders are not only for advanced computer users, but also for any PC users in general. For those at home, using a PC as a pass time, ...
ScoobyDoo - 
As Two Worms Multiply, CERT Releases Security Tips for Home ...
As Two Worms Multiply, CERT Releases Security Tips for Home-Computer Users. A Web Exclusive from Windows IT Security Mark Joseph Edwards ...
For more detail check out:


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