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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Important answers to your questions

Top of the morning to you out there!  I'm Donna J Jodhan at the business desk and it's that time for me to pull some of your questions out of our e-bag but before I begin I would like to thank those of you who have taken the time to email us and I apologize if I have not been able to get to your question. 
However, please continue to email us with your feedback and questions because without you we will not be able to sustain this weekly feature.  So, here are this week's questions and answers.
Question from Ryan Gross:  Can you give me some quick tips on how to avoid identity theft?
Answer:  Sure Ryan.  Here are some quick ones.
Do not carry around unnecessary documents with you that have your name written on them.
Sign the back of your credit card.
Do not ever give out the three digits of your credit card to unauthorized persons.  These three digits are located at the back of your credit card and are separate from the other digits on your credit card.
Do not carry around your social security card with you unless absolutely necessary.
When you are next getting rid of old bills, be sure to shred them before you throw them out.
Do not throw out envelopes with your name and address on them without first either shredding the envelope or ensuring that your name and address have been fully removed from the envelope.
Always shred anything and everything with your name and address on it before throwing it out.
Question from Cathy Stark:  What do you think of getting kids into business ventures at an early age?
Answer:  Cathy, it is never too early to get your youngsters involved.  In fact, many experts feel that the younger they are, the better it is for them.  Introducing them to business ventures that will teach them how to use their imaginations to create and develop ideas can only benefit our country's economy and ensure a better and brighter future. 
Question from Frank Gascino:  I have a daughter who is blind.  I want to know if there is any technology out there for her to browse the Internet.  She's just six years.
Answer:  Frank, most definitely.  I am sure that the teachers at her school should be aware of the following technology:  Jaws, which is sold through Freedom Scientific, Hal, sold by Dolphin Computing, and WindowEyes.  If you do a search on Google for these pieces of software you'll find their respective websites. 
Question from Hayden Christoff:  I am about to retire and am looking for something to do with my time.  A home based business would be great for me.  What suggestions do you have?
Answer:  Hayden, the best advise that I can offer to you is:  There are definite opportunities out there for anyone who is seeking to establish a home business but there are some hard rules that need to be kept in mind and here is my incomplete list:
Think of something that interests you.  Next, decide if you have the skills and experience to do what interests you.  If you do not have the skills and experience, do you have a way to obtain them.  That is, can you afford to obtain what you need in order to do what you are thinking of doing.  Next, be sure to do some important analysis on whether or not what you are thinking of doing is something that persons are demanding.  That is, is there a real demand in a real market that contains real consumers.  This should be enough to start you off.  I would caution that whatever you do, be sure to spend adequate time doing your research.  Good luck!
Question from Imelda Contigos:  I want to be a Spanish translator but don't know where to start looking for clients.  Can you give me some hints?
Answer:  Imelda, there are tons of opportunities out there just waiting for you.  There are several places and sectors that you can investigate.  However, you need to focus on those Spanish-speaking Americans who are constantly seeking translation services, and those agencies and companies who are constantly seeking translation services in order to accommodate their Spanish-speaking clients.  Try looking at places like:  Hospitals, health clinics, lawyers offices, international organizations and agencies, and even community centers.  Buena Suerte.
I am afraid that I am out of time for this week.  I hope that I have answered your questions.  Please keep them coming.
At the business desk, I'm Donna J Jodhan wishing you a great day!


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