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We are delighted to present you with a business desk filled with informative and up-to-the-minute news clips. Check this page frequently to stay in the know and to read the insights and opinions of respected business experts and trend watchers.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Home business opportunities, small business opportunities, internet business opportunities, business opportunities in Asia

Hi everyone!  I'm Heather DeMarco at the business desk and I would like to end the week on an up beat note.
When is the last time you tried hunting for home business opportunities?  Small business or Internet business opportunities?  Or even lucrative business opportunities in Asia?  Too much trouble you say and you just give up and go away?  No, not good enough.  We want to help you with our weekly tidbits and headlines that we gather from all around the world.  Take a few minutes and read these.  I am sure that you will find something here to interest you.
Before I give them to you, here are our Amazon book picks of the week.

101 small business ideas for under $5000

By Corey Sandler

This is a perfect gift to give to anyone who wants to venture into their own business but either does not want to spend too much money or does not have too much money to spend.  This author gives you 101 ideas so there has to be something for you in this book.  Give it a try.


Riches in niches:  Howw to make it big in a small market

By Susan Friedman

Many of us still feel that in order to make a lot of money we have to go after those big markets with hundreds of thousands of consumers.  Well, this author has something new for you to consider.  Riches in niches is not a new concept but an unheralded hero.  If you take the time to read this book you will be pleasantly surprised. 


At the business desk, I'm Heather DeMarco wishing you a pleasant weekend.


Home business opportunities, Internet business opportunities, small business opportunities, business opportunities in Asia

Word of mouth' continues as valuable
Fort Worth Business Press - Fort Worth,TX,USA
... Internet blogs and other social and networking sites have increased communication opportunities and amplified the effects of word of mouth on business. ...
For more detail check out:

Office Live Workspace furthers partner opportunity
The Industry Standard - San Francisco,CA,USA
... have conversations with their customers to extend the Office experience to go online especially for home and student and small business users," he said. ...
For more detail check out:

Feedback For Participants
By Vishal Sharma(Vishal Sharma)
There is an opportunity to differentiate a primarily services-based business with online services, particularly free ones which will lead to consulting or education engagements. Rave About It. I think this is a great concept that ties ...
Startups Carnival, March 3-17, 2008 -

Franchises For Sale
By donovan(donovan)
Opportunities director is great for; entrepreneurs interested in business opportunities & franchises can find details on Internet, Travel, Consulting, Home Inspection businesses, franchise opportunities and more business for sale info! ...
franchises for sale -

  A finger in many pies - Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada
  By STEVE PROCTOR Business Editor There'sa sudden burst of laughter from a table of 10 women seated in the middle of the restaurant as one of their crew ...
For more detail check out:

  An Adventure, In Any Language
  Tampa Tribune - Tampa,FL,USA
  He works in the coffee-exporting business, and most of his transactions are in English. Libby grew up in Guatemala, so she was coming home - to her more ...
For more detail check out:

  BizBuySell - The Internet's Largest Business for Sale Marketplace
  Listings of business opportunities and resources to assist with buying and selling.
For more detail check out:

  A good Business Idea Requires Start up Capital According to Matt Bacak
  Emailwire - USA
  Information on the industry and market of the business will follow, where the maturity and opportunities available within the industry is highlighted. ...
For more detail check out:

  DigitalFX International Upgrades FirstStream Studio Allowing Video ...
  PR Newswire (press release) - New York,NY,USA
  The FirstStream suite of services significantly expands the business growth opportunities for the affiliate sales force of Digital FX International. ...
For more detail check out:

  Automotive Opportunities in a Green Economy
  Business Facilities - USA
  Florence, SC is a rural location that offers companies a low cost of doing business. It is home to Honda's all-terrain vehicle and personal watercraft ...
For more detail check out:

  Attention, Bloggers
  Wall Street Journal - USA
  Plus, small companies have a host of opportunities to cut travel costs, as hotels, airlines, car-rental companies and others try to win their business. ...
For more detail check out:

  WESST Teaches the ABCs of SEO
  PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
  "SEO offers rural small business owners a tremendous opportunity to put their brand in front of millions of people worldwide," says Zurawski. ...
For more detail check out:

  Putting the private in with the public
  The Herald - Glasgow,Scotland,UK
  Business Information Publications (BiP) was created, and Contrax Weekly (a weekly magazine listing UK contract opportunities) was published to meet that ...
For more detail check out:

  A seminar for the sisters
  This Is Basingstoke - Basingstoke,UK
  Miss Isoa admitted she did not know much about Business Link prior to the event, but was keen to find out what support and opportunities are available to ...
For more detail check out:

  What's News
  Crain's Manchester Business - Manchester,UK
  Another big pull for us is its business support service which is a real bonus for small companies." Manchester Science Park is spread across three locations ...
For more detail check out:

  Flagstaff news
  By erispes(erispes)
  top rated online business opportunity. learn about the thaksin interview guide law law legal online delving wests wests. home business business guide law law legal online. b. west's proper environment of business told businessweek at ...
  Erispes' weblog -

  china trade challenges
  By bjgs1181007
  But more is the core challenge China''s international soft power is too low, making Chinese enterprises overseas acquisitions very easily become local politicians handle, and to provide them with opportunities for gaining political ...
  bjgs1181007 -

  The Best Advice This Week I Got From My Barber (Pressemitteilung) - Wien,Austria
  There are new products and affiliate opportunities to look for. One great source for learning about online business is to read articles, like this one. ...
For more detail check out:

  Conference Welcome and Opening Keynote: Nick Carr
  Search Engine Roundtable - USA
  In turn, the media business is taking software characteristics. Media online comes from your prowess of software coding like algorithms. ...
For more detail check out:

  Glasses Direct's Phil Gates on promoting an etail start-up
  E-consultancy - London,UK
  This process also brought wider business skills to the company via non executive directors who will advise on the continued expansion of the brand at home ...
For more detail check out:

  Your First Trip Overseas On International Business
  By myarticlesblog
  The Department of Commerce also offers a great deal of expert help, free or for a nominal fee, to assist you in creating a business plan or developing export opportunities. Once you have made contacts and collected business cards, ...
  My Articles Blog -

  The Recession List - Top 10 Industries to Fly and Flop in 2008
  Earthtimes - London,UK
  Current IBISWorld partners include Hoovers, Valuation Resources, Superfactory and American Small Business Development Centers. With US headquarters located ...
For more detail check out:,320110.shtml

  High ground
  Express TravelWorld - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
  As a result of the changing dynamics, new business opportunities have emerged - developing websites, creating content for the website, new forms of tourism ...
For more detail check out:

  Illac Diaz: the Making of a Global Leader - Philippines
  ... a total of 120000 Filipino seamen beyond affordable shelter to job search assistance, creation of small business opportunities and HIV/AIDS treatment. ...
For more detail check out: Anniversary
  PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
  "The economy is not as strong as it could be right now," Dodson said, "and that means that the trades, especially small business people, have to be smarter, ...
For more detail check out:

  Nilaam Launches Pakistan's Very Own eBay
  PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
  The web site will primarily reach out to individuals looking to dispose of goods they no longer want, and as well as small business owners. ...
For more detail check out:

  Focus Media Q4 2007 Earnings Call Transcript
  Seeking Alpha - New York,NY,USA
  As those business, as that usage of mobile devices continues to grow, we believe there are a lot more different business opportunities for the mobile ...
For more detail check out:

  MLM + Isagenix + Australia = The Secret Recruiting System
  By admin
  ... business real home based internet business top home based business internet based home business legitimate home based business legitimate home based business opportunities home based computer business idea home based small business ...
  Business Professional Channel -

  Creativity Podcast Series- (Graphic Design) #2 Amber Nussbaum
  By Administrator
  It s likely that sponsorship opportunities would come through her association with the Quick and Dirty Tips Network, which has made short-term sponsorship deals in the past, initially for Grammar Girl. The network s consistent format, ...
  The Printers Place -

  Your First Trip Overseas On International Business
  By redhotchilipeppers3087
  The Department of Commerce also offers a great deal of expert help, free or for a nominal fee, to assist you in creating a business plan or developing export opportunities. Once you have made contacts and collected business cards, ...
  red hot chili peppers -




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